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Summary of reviewsHotel Adler garners widespread positive feedback for its many standout attributes. Situated in a prime, serene location near the A7 motorway, it serves as an ideal and restful stopover for travelers heading to destinations like Austria or Italy. The hotel’s accessible yet tranquil environment, nestled in a charming village, is appreciated by guests who value both convenience for transit and the opportunity for excursions.

The breakfast at Hotel Adler is frequently lauded for its excellent quality, deliciousness and wide variety. The spacious, clean and modern breakfast room embellishes the overall pleasant dining experience. Guests are particularly fond of the fresh ingredients and well-presented buffet, ensuring there is something for everyone, although some noted occasional inconsistencies in the replenishment of certain items.

Dinner experiences at the onsite restaurant, S'Michele, receive high praise when it is operational. Guests commend the quality of the cuisine, friendly service and delightful ambiance, particularly on the restaurant’s terrace. However, the restaurant’s intermittent closure can be a drawback for some guests, posing a challenge for those looking for evening dining options.

The hotel's rooms are often highlighted as spacious, clean and comfortable, appealing to both business travelers and families. While the rooms exude a cozy and elegant ambiance, some feedback points to occasional issues like dated decor or limited storage. The clean bathrooms and overall pleasant atmosphere contribute positively to guests' stays.

Hotel Adler's cleanliness receives unanimous acclaim with rooms and common areas maintained to a high standard. The staff is frequently mentioned as friendly, attentive and welcoming. Although there are sporadic mentions of less favorable interactions, the general sentiment is that the personnel provide excellent service, enhancing the guest experience.

The pool area, described as nice and clean, adds a luxurious touch to the hotel’s amenities, though some guests found the pool’s size and water temperature less favorable. Nonetheless, it remains a well-liked feature.

The hotel is also noted for its family-friendly environment, offering spacious family rooms and a large swimming pool that children enjoy. Its quiet location provides a relaxing atmosphere for families, complemented by convenient nearby dining options.

Comfortable beds round off the positive guest experience with many describing them as conducive to restful nights. Despite some guests finding the pillows or mattresses not to their liking, the overall comfort contributes significantly to the appeal.

In summary, Hotel Adler promises a delightful stay with its advantageous location, excellent breakfast, comfortable accommodations, impeccable cleanliness, friendly staff and family-friendly amenities.
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Room Types
Standard Single Room Bright room with a TV, minibar and private bathroom.

Comfort Single Room Bright room with a TV, minibar and private bathroom.

Business Single Room Bright room with a TV, minibar and private bathroom.

Standard Double Room Bright room with a TV, minibar and private bathroom.

Triple Room Bright room with a TV, minibar and private bathroom.

Quadruple Room Bright room with a TV, minibar and private bathroom.

Family Room (5 Adults) Bright room with a TV, minibar and private bathroom.

Business Double Room Bright room with a TV, minibar and private bathroom.

Guest Reviews
Very Good
Hotel Adler boasts a prime location that draws positive attention from guests, particularly for its convenience and tranquility. Situated not far from the A7 motorway, it provides easy access for travelers journeying to holiday destinations like Austria or Italy. Despite its proximity to the major highway, guests consistently highlight its quiet and peaceful environment.

This combination of accessibility and serene surroundings makes it an ideal stopover for those on long trips, providing a restful overnight stay. The hotel is nestled in a small village, adding a cozy charm to its appeal. The beautiful, pleasant surroundings and the hotel's excellent value for money further enhance its attractiveness as a comfortable stopping point.

Moreover, the quiet location does not compromise on the accessibility to key roadways, making it a strategic starting point for various excursions. Guests appreciate this advantageous positioning, which provides both convenience for transit and the opportunity for sightseeing or business activities.

Hotel Adler boasts a highly praised breakfast experience, frequently described as excellent, delicious and rich in variety. The breakfast buffet is spacious, thoughtfully arranged and well-stocked, ensuring a comprehensive selection that caters to a wide range of preferences. Guests appreciate the fresh ingredients, including real eggs for scrambled eggs and regional offerings like fresh rolls available even on Sundays.

The breakfast room is spacious, clean and modern, adding to the overall pleasant dining atmosphere. Many reviewers highlighted the well-presented and lovely designed buffet, which includes a good variety of hot and cold items, making sure there is something for everyone.

Despite the overwhelming positive feedback, a few guests noted inconsistencies in the presentation and replenishment of the breakfast items. Some mentioned specific shortcomings such as the limited yogurt and cheese selection, occasional lack of croissants and minimal stocking of certain foods like eggs and butter. Additionally, a couple of reviews indicated that the breakfast was not as appealing as it had been in the past.

Overall, the consensus is that Hotel Adler delivers a robust and satisfying breakfast experience that significantly contributes to a pleasant stay, but occasional lapses in consistency might affect some guests' experiences.

Hotel Adler offers a mixed dining experience according to guest reviews. When the onsite restaurant S'Michele is open, it receives high praise for its excellent and delicious cuisine. Guests commend the wonderful food, efficient service and friendly staff. The restaurant's terrace provides a delightful setting for a meal and both the food and the wines are regularly described as good with some calling the experience surprisingly good.

However, dinner can sometimes be a disappointment due to the restaurant occasionally being closed, which leaves guests without an onsite dining option in the evening. For some, this closure was a significant drawback, especially when no other dining alternatives were available at the hotel. The food for adults generally garnered positive feedback, but there were mentions of inadequate options for children and some complaints about the food being overpriced or lacking in quality occasionally.

Despite these mixed aspects, the overall sentiment leans towards a positive dining experience when the restaurant is operational, making it a highly recommended choice for those staying at Hotel Adler.

Hotel Adler boasts an array of beautiful rooms that guests frequently describe as spacious and clean. Whether traveling for business or with family, the rooms cater to numerous needs with configurations ranging from luxurious and comfortably furnished business rooms to sizable family suites. Visitors appreciate the clean and fresh atmosphere throughout the hotel with many highlighting the elegant and cozy ambiance.

Despite occasional mentions of some rooms feeling a bit dated or lacking storage options, the overall comfort and cleanliness earn high commendations. Noteworthy mention should be given to the large bathrooms, even though a few comments indicated they weren't particularly spacious.

The hotel’s location is another plus, being easy to find and conveniently close to the highway with ample parking available for guests. While some feedback noted that certain rooms could benefit from better soundproofing or additional amenities like coffee and tea facilities, the general sentiment points toward a positive stay, characterized by a feeling of spaciousness and comfort.

Overall, Hotel Adler promises a comfortable and enjoyable experience with rooms that rise above expectations in size and cleanliness, making it a highly recommended choice for travelers seeking both convenience and coziness.

Hotel Adler has received notable praise for its comfortable beds, often highlighted as very good by guests. The beds and pillows are consistently described as comfortable, contributing to restful nights for visitors. There are mentions of beds in the spacious family rooms being particularly comfortable, complementing the overall appeal of these rooms. However, some guests noted that the pillows were not to their liking and a few felt that the mattresses were too soft. Nonetheless, many found the beds among the best they've ever experienced. The hotel further impresses with clean rooms, a varied breakfast and convenient amenities such as family-friendly parking and a good restaurant. Overall, the positive aspects of the beds at Hotel Adler stand out in the reviews, providing guests with a mostly pleasant and restful experience.

Hotel Adler consistently impresses guests with its remarkable cleanliness. Many reviews highlight the hotel as well-maintained and very clean, emphasizing the pristine condition of both rooms and common areas. Rooms at Hotel Adler are often described as spacious, neat and freshly presented, providing a comfortable and hygienic stay. Guests also appreciate the strict cleaning protocols in place for Covid-19, ensuring safety and peace of mind. The bathrooms receive special mention for their cleanliness and there are no issues with unpleasant smells. Overall, Hotel Adler stands out for maintaining high standards of cleanliness, contributing greatly to a positive guest experience.

Hotel Adler’s guests consistently highlight the exceptional friendliness and attentiveness of the staff. The reception is often described as very friendly, efficient and welcoming, leaving a positive first impression. The general sentiment is that the staff across various areas of the hotel, from reception to the restaurant, are friendly, accommodating and helpful. Guests appreciate the warm, smiley service and note that the personnel are always willing to assist and meet guests' expectations.

However, there are occasional mentions of less favorable interactions, including descriptions of some staff members as rushed, grumpy or biased. Despite these few instances, the overall impression remains largely positive with many guests finding the service excellent and the atmosphere welcoming.

In summary, visitors to Hotel Adler can expect a generally warm, friendly and helpful staff, contributing to an accommodating and pleasant stay.

The reviews for the Hotel Adler's pool highlight a mix of experiences with a strong emphasis on its positive aspects. Guests frequently describe the pool as nice, lovely and very clean. The pool area is praised for being pleasant and spacious, providing a comfortable and luxurious environment. The indoor pool is also highlighted as an appealing feature with some guests considering it a five-star pool area. However, a recurring mention is the pool’s small size and the water being a bit cold, which some guests found less favorable. Despite these points, the pool is generally seen as a great addition to the hotel's amenities, enhancing the overall guest experience.

Hotel Adler is highly regarded by guests for its family-friendly atmosphere and amenities, making it an excellent choice for those traveling with children. The spacious and clean family rooms can comfortably accommodate two adults and two children, ensuring ample space and convenience for all. The hotel features a large swimming pool that is particularly popular with kids, contributing to its reputation as a very family-friendly destination.

Located in a quiet area, the hotel offers a peaceful environment that allows families to relax and unwind. Various amenities geared towards children further enhance the overall experience, making it a great stopover for families. Guests also appreciated the proximity of a nearby pizzeria, providing a convenient dining option. Although the hotel lacks stairs, it remains a highly recommended destination for family travel. Many guests expressed their intention to return with their families, a testament to the positive experiences shared at Hotel Adler.

Yes, Hotel Adler has pool(s) that belong to one or more of the following categories: Indoor Pool.

Yes, a spa is available at Hotel Adler.

No, Hotel Adler doesn't allow dogs.

No, parking facilities aren't available at Hotel Adler.

No, Hotel Adler doesn't have a gym.

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