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What is Travelmyth?

Travelmyth is the hotel search engine, hotel price comparison engine and online hotel reservations platform where you can find and book the best hotels based on your interests and preferences.

We answer advanced hotel search queries and recommend the best hotels. Then we compare prices from the biggest booking sites to find the best deal for each hotel. It's up to you then to book on our booking partners or book on Travelmyth. We currently have 1,110,403 hotels in 47 categories.

Why another hotel search engine?

First, we compile information not available anywhere else online allowing us to respond to long tail search queries that are poorly answered (or not answered at all) by our competitors.

Example 1: Beachfront hotels in Europe

Europe Beachfront Hotels

Proprietary technology helps our editors handpick tens of thousands of hotels with immediate proximity to a beach. Beachfront hotels may be separated from the beach by a road, but not by other buildings in between. For hundreds of beachfront hotels, we have collected specific data regarding accessibility, type of beach, cost of umbrellas and watersports, presence of a lifeguard and many other details not available anywhere else.

Beachfront hotel information

You can see all beachfront hotels in Europe or limit your search to a country, region or destination. Examples:

Of course, you can also try combined searches with your favorite categories, for example:

Try the map view, so that you can easily check the hotel and the beach.

Example 2: Dog friendly hotels in Devon

We’ve asked hoteliers more questions than the most demanding travelers with pets would ask. We know costs, leash rules, waste disposal requirements and any accessory that is provided by the hotel. We even know if dogs are allowed on beds.

Devon dog friendly hotels and accommodations

Based on the responses, we rank the dog friendliness of each hotel. For example, a hotel without extra fees and with leash-free play areas will rank higher than a hotel with extra fees and a kennel requirement. This is how Travelmyth recommends the best dog friendly hotels.

Here are some areas that we have already collected extensive data on. More areas will be added soon:

Popular combined searches include:

Example 3: Hotels with infinity pools for adults only

Among the 47 hotel categories that we describe, some are unique. Have you ever dreamed about swimming in an infinity pool? How about staying in a monastery or castle converted into a hotel? What about a hotel where children are prohibited? Or a hotel with a vineyard or with over-water bungalows. How about an eco-friendly hotel? Or even a haunted hotel? What about a brand-new or a skyscraper hotel?

We have all these categories available and they can always be searched in combination with more conventional options like luxury, spa, boutique, beachfront, 5 star, small, cheap and others…

Second, it’s not necessary to name your destination when starting a hotel search. Travelmyth introduces a new way to shop for hotels if you are not sure where to go.

Instead of asking you to name your destination - like most other hotel search engines do - we only ask you to select a preference from a list of hotel categories. Then we recommend the best hotels based on your ratings and explain why they are the best choices.

We emphasize "best" as we want to present you with the top choices – not necessarily the cheapest deals. There are plenty of other travel search engines out there if youare looking for just the cheapest rate. Of course, after recommending the best hotels, we compare prices from several booking sites to make sure that you book the best hotel at the best available rate.

Before Travelmyth, it was extremely difficult to find the best hotel based on what you really liked. Have you ever tried to search for the best beachfront hotel that is also pet-friendly and has a golf course? What about staying at a former castle that has its own vineyard? By allowing complex searches and maintaining hotel collections that aren't available on any other search engine, Travelmyth helps you discover hotels that you really like but would never have discovered.

Why another online reservations platform?

Through our contracts with hotel wholesalers and our proprietary technology we're able to offer competitive prices at tens of thousands of hotels.

How it works

After collecting and analyzing massive amounts of data for hundreds of thousands of destinations, hotels and landmarks around the world, we rank the hotels using a proprietary algorithm. We then return the most relevant results according to your query and present them in a comprehensive way.

Our mission is to provide you with the best personalized travel recommendations possible - just like the travel agent who listened to you and helped plan memorable holidays before online booking. Now we have advanced algorithmic technology allowing us to supply results for more complex searches than the most intelligent travel agent could even dream of handling.

Thank you for trying Travelmyth. We‘d love to hear your feedback!

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