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Summary of reviewsHotel Cecco in Arezzo receives overwhelmingly positive reviews, particularly in key areas that enhance the overall guest experience. The hotel's central location is a major highlight, positioning it strategically close to the train station and the charming historic center, offering travelers convenient access to transport links and local attractions. Despite being situated in a bustling pedestrian zone, guests find the environment surprisingly tranquil.

The rooms at Hotel Cecco are frequently praised for their cleanliness, spaciousness and modernity. Many guests appreciate the recent renovations with modern bathrooms and air conditioning enhancing comfort. While there are occasional mentions of outdated furniture and noise disturbances, the overall value for money is noted, especially given the cleanliness and central location.

Complementing the hotel's physical attributes is the exceptional staff, who are lauded for their friendliness, helpfulness and professionalism. The reception staff, interns and the hands-on owners receive specific commendations for their efforts in ensuring a pleasant stay, contributing significantly to the welcoming atmosphere of the hotel.

Guests also have mixed but generally positive views on the breakfast provided. Many enjoy the early service, fresh coffee and homemade pastries, though there are suggestions for a more varied selection that includes savory options. The breakfast room's ambiance could be improved according to some visitors, but the overall service and quality meet the expectations for a two-star establishment.

While the Wi-Fi service receives some criticism for its inconsistency, especially on the higher floors and is noted as an area needing improvement, the feedback on the beds is largely positive. Most guests find the beds comfortable, though a few mention preferences for firmer mattresses or additional pillows.

In summary, Hotel Cecco stands out for its prime location, clean and comfortable accommodations and outstanding staff, making it an excellent choice for travelers looking to explore Arezzo. There are minor areas for enhancement, but overall, it offers good value for a pleasant stay.
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Room Types
Double Room Air-conditioned room with an LCD TV and a desk. Private bathroom with free toiletries and a hairdryer.

Quadruple Room Air-conditioned room with a TV and a desk. Private bathroom with free toiletries and a hairdryer.

Triple Room Air-conditioned room with a TV and a desk. Private bathroom with free toiletries and a hairdryer.

Single Room Air-conditioned room with a TV and a desk. Private bathroom with free toiletries and a hairdryer.

Guest Reviews
Very Good
Nestled in the heart of Arezzo, Hotel Cecco boasts an unbeatable location that is frequently highlighted by its guests. Strategically positioned just steps away from the train station, the hotel offers remarkable convenience for travelers, providing easy access to both transport links and the city's main attractions. Its central setting in the historic center allows visitors to explore Arezzo's charming streets, shops and restaurants with ease.

Many guests appreciate the tranquil environment despite the hotel's central location within the bustling pedestrian zone. Cleanliness and modernity play a significant role in their positive experiences with clean, spacious rooms that offer excellent value for money. Hotel Cecco's welcoming and friendly staff further enhance the overall stay, making it a favored choice for those visiting Arezzo.

Ultimately, the combination of its prime location, close proximity to important transport hubs and ability to easily access all that Arezzo has to offer makes Hotel Cecco an ideal base for both leisure and business travelers in this beautiful historic city.

The breakfast experience at Hotel Cecco presents a variety of perspectives. While many guests find the breakfast to be generally good and satisfactory for a two-star establishment, emphasizing the quality of coffee and fresh croissants, there are several areas that could be improved. Visitors appreciate the friendly staff and the flexibility in breakfast timing with service starting as early as 7:00 am, which adds convenience for early risers. The buffet-style breakfast includes options like coffee, croissants, milk, cereals and fresh fruit, which aligns with positive reviews that describe the breakfast as abundant and varied enough considering the hotel's rating.

However, some guests note that the breakfast selection leans heavily on sweet items with a notable absence of savory options like cheese and cold cuts, a point of minor contention for those looking for a more balanced meal. The breakfast room itself receives mixed reviews; some find it spacious and nice, while others deem it dark and uninviting. The use of prepackaged or frozen products and the lack of fresh items also detract from the overall experience for some visitors.

In summary, while the breakfast at Hotel Cecco meets basic expectations and includes some standout elements like freshly made cappuccino and homemade pastries, there's room for enhancement in both variety and ambiance to cater to a wider range of tastes and preferences.

Hotel Cecco offers a mix of experiences when it comes to its rooms, characterized by both their positive attributes and areas needing improvement. The rooms are widely appreciated for being spacious, clean and welcoming. Many guests have praised the modern furnishings and recent renovations, which ensure that the accommodations meet contemporary standards. Several rooms feature modern bathrooms, air conditioning and views that enhance the stay.

The hotel's central location is another notable advantage, providing easy access to local attractions. Despite the overall comfort, cleanliness and spaciousness, the hotel does have some drawbacks. Many reviewers noted that the furniture and the structure itself seem outdated with specific issues such as broken windows and thin walls contributing to occasional noise disturbances. The decor is generally simple, but it covers all essential needs.

Guests also highlighted the helpful and friendly staff, which added to the positive experience. In terms of value, many found the pricing to exceed their expectations given the cleanliness and comfort provided. Although some rooms lacked certain amenities like a fridge, the overall feedback was that the hotel is a good, functional choice for a stay in the historic center, balancing dated aesthetics with cleanliness and essential comforts.

Hotel Cecco has garnered a variety of feedback regarding their beds with many guests praising their comfort. Several visitors described the beds as very comfortable and clean, highlighting the overall satisfaction with the bedding. The general sentiment leans towards comfort with phrases such as comfortable bed and pillows, bed was really super comfortable and bed quite good featuring prominently.

While the majority of guests appreciated the comfortable beds, there were a few comments about the firmness of the beds and pillows. Some guests pointed out that the pillows were too thin and suggested adding more for better support. Additionally, a few reviews mentioned the beds being a bit hard or narrow, which may indicate a preference that might not suit everyone. Despite these few concerns, the overall impression of the beds at Hotel Cecco remains positive, making it a reliable choice for a restful stay.

Hotel Cecco has received a multitude of positive remarks concerning its cleanliness, which is frequently highlighted by guests. The rooms are described as clean, spotless and well-maintained with many praising the recently renovated and exceptionally clean bathrooms. Visitors appreciate that the cleanliness meets and often exceeds expectations with rooms and shared spaces being consistently well-kept.

The hotel's central location is another standout feature, making it a strategic spot for exploring Arezzo. This, combined with the cleanliness of the hotel, makes it an attractive option for travelers.

The hotel staff, noted for their friendliness and helpfulness, contribute to the overall welcoming atmosphere. Even though there are minor criticisms concerning noise in some rooms and occasional lapses in cleaning perfection, the positive feedback on cleanliness and excellent staff support are significant highlights.

For those seeking good value for money in a clean and centrally located hotel, Hotel Cecco seems to be a commendable choice.

Hotel Cecco is highly praised for its exceptional staff, who are consistently described as friendly and exceedingly helpful. Guests frequently highlight the staff's professionalism and availability, noting that they go above and beyond to ensure a pleasant stay. The reception staff, including specific mentions of a very capable intern and the afternoon receptionist, are recognized for their prompt and accommodating service.

The hotel's owners are particularly favored for their kindness and hands-on assistance, often contributing to the overall welcoming atmosphere of the establishment. Guests appreciate the warm hospitality offered by the hosts, which includes aiding with public parking and providing maps for city exploration.

In summary, the friendliness, courtesy and efficiency of Hotel Cecco's staff significantly contribute to the positive experiences of guests, making their stay both comfortable and memorable.

Hotel Cecco's Wi-Fi has garnered attention from guests, predominately pointing to areas for improvement. Visitors frequently note the lack of a strong signal, particularly on the third floor with some even mentioning that the Wi-Fi is non-existent in these upper areas. Stability seems to be an issue, as a number of guests report that the connection is not always reliable and can be quite patchy within the rooms. Additionally, the Wi-Fi appears to be confined to the corridors rather than extending effectively into guest rooms. While some guests experienced occasional minor disruptions, others faced more significant difficulties, finding that the Wi-Fi did not work for extended periods. This suggests that, while the hotel offers a Wi-Fi service, it may fall short of expectations, especially for those requiring a consistent and strong internet connection throughout their stay.

No, Hotel Cecco doesn't have any pool.

No, a spa isn't available at Hotel Cecco.

Yes, Hotel Cecco welcomes dogs.

No, parking facilities aren't available at Hotel Cecco.

No, Hotel Cecco doesn't have a gym.

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