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Summary of reviewsCase Vacanza Fiocchi is celebrated for its exceptional location and serene environment, ideal for exploring Umbria’s natural beauty and historic attractions. The property’s proximity to Marmore Falls, the charming village of Arrone, Lake Piediluco and Narni enhances its appeal, offering stunning views and a tranquil atmosphere despite its closeness to major highways.

Guests laud the spacious, well-maintained rooms that provide a comfortable and relaxing stay. The accommodations are often equipped with amenities such as kitchens and patios, adding to the sense of space and convenience. The overall cleanliness is highly praised, although some guests noted occasional maintenance issues and a need for more meticulous cleaning in certain areas.

The breakfast experience is highly praised for its abundant, homemade offerings, particularly cakes and pastries, though some guests suggested more variety and fresh options could improve it. The on-site restaurant, La Locanda, receives high marks for its excellent quality and variety of Umbrian cuisine with notable mentions of the delicious meat dishes and the chef’s culinary skills. Dining by the pool enhances the pleasant dining atmosphere.

The staff at Case Vacanza Fiocchi is consistently commended for their exceptional hospitality, friendliness and helpfulness, making guests feel welcomed and well-cared for throughout their stay. The team’s dedication to ensuring a positive experience is frequently highlighted.

The pool area is a standout feature, frequently described as beautiful, clean and well-maintained. The availability of comfortable sunbeds and the picturesque views of Arrone provide a perfect setting for relaxation. Guests especially enjoy the ambiance of the pool area, including the option to enjoy an aperitif by the water.

While the general comfort of the beds is positively noted, some variability in mattress quality, particularly on sofa beds and the comfort of pillows are mentioned as areas for improvement.

Overall, Case Vacanza Fiocchi is recognized for its serene setting, spacious and clean accommodations, excellent dining options, exceptional staff and a beautiful pool area, making it an excellent choice for a relaxing and enjoyable stay in Umbria.
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Room Types
One-Bedroom Apartment This apartment offers air conditioning and a kitchen.

Two-Bedroom Apartment with Garden View The apartment offers a seating area, a wardrobe, a balcony with pool views as well as a private bathroom boasting a shower. The unit has 4 beds.

Guest Reviews
Very Good
Nestled in a serene and picturesque setting, Case Vacanza Fiocchi offers an unparalleled location for those seeking to explore the natural beauty and attractions of Umbria. Its prime position near the Marmore Falls makes it an ideal base for visitors eager to marvel at one of Italy’s most stunning waterfalls, reachable in just a few minutes. The property is strategically placed for convenient trips to the surrounding attractions, including the charming village of Arrone, Lake Piediluco and the historic city of Narni.

Guests consistently highlight the stunning views and the tranquil atmosphere that envelop the property. Despite being close to the federal highway, the accommodations remain remarkably quiet, ensuring a restful stay. The green spaces and meticulous landscape care contribute to a relaxing and aesthetically pleasing environment.

The spacious rooms and enjoyable swimming pool enhance the overall experience, while the friendly and incredibly amazing staff receive high praise for their hospitality. Adding to the charm is the property's proximity to the old town of Arrone, which situates guests in one of Italy’s most beautiful villages. Combining natural beauty, historical richness and modern comfort, Case Vacanza Fiocchi stands out as an excellent choice for travelers looking to explore the Southern area of Umbria and beyond.

Case Vacanza Fiocchi receives high marks from guests for its breakfast offerings. The breakfast is described as excellent, abundant and rich in variety, featuring many freshly made and homemade items, particularly cakes and pastries. Guests frequently praise the inclusion of homemade desserts, tartes and fabulous croissants. The breakfast is often served fresh and presents a substantial selection that leaves a positive impression, even being enjoyed outdoors in some cases.

Many guests appreciate the hospitality and the inclusion of both sweet and savory options served at the table. The breakfast buffet is noted to be well-maintained and of high quality, meeting or even exceeding expectations for many. Despite the focus on cakes, the variety is sufficient with some guests noting the availability of savory items and different types of pastries.

However, a few reviews suggest room for improvement, citing a lack of variety and an over-reliance on cakes. Some guests found the selection limited with an overemphasis on packaged products and a lack of fresh fruits or cheeses. A small number of reviews also mentioned that the buffet was not always well-maintained.

In summary, the breakfast at Case Vacanza Fiocchi is generally regarded as a highlight of the stay with its homemade and abundant offerings, though there could be enhancements to add more variety and fresh options.

Guests consistently praised the dining experience at Case Vacanza Fiocchi with numerous mentions of the excellent quality and variety of dishes served at the on-site restaurant, La Locanda. Many highlighted the enjoyable and authentic Umbrian cuisine, particularly noting the high-quality local ingredients and generous portions. The restaurant's dishes, including meat with truffles and good pasta, received specific commendations for their taste and presentation.

Diners often referred to their meals as excellent, fantastic and well worth the price. The atmosphere, enhanced by the option to dine by the pool, added to the overall positive experience. The chef, named Elena, was especially appreciated for her phenomenal culinary skills. Overall, guests highly recommended the restaurant for its good food, fair prices and traditional yet imaginative dishes.

Case Vacanza Fiocchi impresses with its spacious, well-maintained and clean accommodations. Guests frequently highlight the generous size of the apartments, which are described as comfortable and efficient, often featuring thoughtful amenities such as kitchens and patios. The rooms are well soundproofed and provide a relaxing environment, further enhanced by effective soundproofing and ample ventilation. Cleanliness is consistently praised with visitors noting the tidiness and organized services. While some mention a slight vintage smell due to older furniture, the overall positive feedback focuses on the pleasant, well-decorated and comfortable living spaces. This makes it a strong choice for those seeking roomy and clean lodgings with modern comforts.

Case Vacanza Fiocchi offers generally comfortable bedding in its accommodations with some guests highlighting that both double and single beds met their comfort expectations. However, opinions on the mattresses are mixed; while some found them comfortable, others felt that certain mattresses, particularly those on sofa beds, were inadequate and uncomfortable. There are mentions of hard mattresses and uncomfortable springs, suggesting variability in mattress quality. While cleanliness of the beds and apartments was noted positively, the pillows received criticism for being uncomfortable.

Case Vacanza Fiocchi offers a generally positive experience with its beautifully maintained facilities, featuring a lovely garden and a peaceful, clean pool. Guests appreciate the very large rooms, which often include an attached kitchen, living room and patio, providing a sense of spaciousness and comfort. The structure is described as clean and simple with some highlighting the absolute cleanliness of the accommodations.

However, there were mentions of occasional issues with maintenance and cleanliness. Some reviews noted dust in the rooms, non-functioning equipment and bathrooms requiring better upkeep. Specific concerns included a missing toilet seat, old furnace and a shower with drainage problems. While the overall cleanliness is well-regarded by many, there are remarks suggesting that a more meticulous approach to cleaning could enhance the guest experience.

In summary, Case Vacanza Fiocchi stands out for its clean, attractive and serene environment, although attention to detail in maintenance and cleaning could further improve the satisfaction of its visitors.

The team at 'Case Vacanza Fiocchi' is consistently praised for offering an exceptional level of hospitality. Whether it's the friendliness of the staff or the warm welcome from the owners, guests frequently highlight the genuine kindness and helpfulness they experienced during their stay. The owners, in particular, are noted not only for their friendliness but also for their passion and patience, especially when accommodating specific needs such as children's menu orders. The staff's organized, courteous and supportive demeanor creates an atmosphere that makes guests feel right at home. This dedication to hospitality, from the top management to every team member, ensures that visitors leave with positive memories of their interactions at the hotel.

Case Vacanza Fiocchi offers an exceptional pool experience highlighted by multiple guest reviews. The pools are consistently described as beautiful, clean and well-maintained, providing a peaceful and relaxing environment. Surrounded by a sunbathing area with comfortable sunbeds, the pool area is perfect for both relaxation and enjoyment. Guests appreciate the cleanliness and upkeep of the pools, noting the pleasantness of swimming and lounging by the water. The setting is further complemented by a picturesque view of the surrounding village, Arrone. The opportunity to enjoy an aperitif by the pool adds to the charm, making the pool area a pleasant and inviting space for visitors. Even though the weather sometimes interferes, the appeal of the pool remains a standout feature for those staying at this property.

Outdoor Pool
Case Vacanza Fiocchi boasts a beautiful outdoor pool that receives high praise from guests. Its cleanliness and well-maintained condition are consistently highlighted. The pool area features sun loungers and offers a pleasant setting for both daytime and evening relaxation with evening illumination adding to the ambiance. Overall, the pool at Case Vacanza Fiocchi is noted for being well-organized and orderly, contributing to a relaxing and enjoyable experience.

Yes, Case Vacanza Fiocchi has pool(s) that belong to one or more of the following categories: Outdoor Pool.

No, a spa isn't available at Case Vacanza Fiocchi.

Yes, Case Vacanza Fiocchi welcomes dogs.

No, parking facilities aren't available at Case Vacanza Fiocchi.

No, Case Vacanza Fiocchi doesn't have a gym.

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