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Summary of reviewsHotel Harzer am Kurpark enjoys a highly favorable reputation for multiple aspects of the guest experience. The hotel’s prime central location in Bad Herrenalb is consistently praised, offering easy access to various dining, shopping and leisure options, including the nearby spa park. This convenience is complemented by practical amenities like an underground garage, making it an excellent starting point for hikes and local excursions.

Breakfast receives mixed reviews. While many guests appreciate the delicious and varied offerings available in the breakfast room with its pleasant view, others find the prepackaged food and lack of a traditional buffet disappointing. Despite this, the charm and solid interior of the breakfast room itself are positively noted.

The rooms at Hotel Harzer am Kurpark are generally highlighted for their spaciousness, cleanliness and comfort. Many feature balconies with lovely views and come well-equipped with a range of complimentary amenities. However, the retro 70s decor and particularly the outdated bathrooms are flagged by some guests as areas needing improvement. Concerns include worn-out furnishings and occasional small maintenance issues, though overall cleanliness remains a strong point.

Cleanliness extends throughout the hotel with multiple reviews commending the high standard of maintenance. Guests describe the rooms as very clean, tidy and comfortable, which enhances the welcoming atmosphere of the hotel.

The hotel staff receives glowing reviews for their friendliness and helpfulness. The reception is praised for its welcoming nature and efficient service and the staff’s efforts to assist guests, even with language barriers, is appreciated. Creative communication methods and responsiveness to emails further underline the staff's dedication to guest satisfaction, although some guests desire more consistent interaction.

Parking options at Hotel Harzer am Kurpark present a mixed experience. Free and paid options are available with an underground garage accessible by a car lift. However, the garage’s small and tight spaces pose challenges, particularly to less experienced drivers and the difficulty in locating the entrance can add to the frustration.

Beds at the hotel receive mostly positive feedback, deemed comfortable and clean with good mattresses and varying pillow options. While a few guests find the mattresses too soft or worn out, the majority report a restful sleep experience.

In summary, Hotel Harzer am Kurpark offers a pleasant and affordable stay with its excellent location, high cleanliness standards, comfortable rooms and notably friendly staff. Some areas, such as breakfast and room furnishings, could benefit from updates to meet modern expectations more fully.
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Room Types
Single Room Room with balcony.

Double Room Room with balcony.

Comfort Triple Room with Shower The triple room features a seating area, a dining area, a balcony with garden views as well as a private bathroom boasting a bath. The unit has 2 beds.

Superior Single Room The single room provides a coffee machine, a seating area, a balcony with garden views as well as a private bathroom featuring a bath. The unit offers 1 bed.

Superior Double or Twin Room The twin/double room features a coffee machine, a seating area, a balcony with garden views as well as a private bathroom boasting a bath. The unit has 1 bed.

Guest Reviews
Hotel Harzer am Kurpark enjoys a prime location in the center of Bad Herrenalb, making it an ideal choice for visitors seeking convenience and accessibility. Guests frequently praise the hotel's central position, which places it within easy walking distance of a variety of restaurants, cafes and shopping opportunities. Additionally, the hotel's proximity to the spa park and availability of public transport ensure that guests can effortlessly explore the area and enjoy local attractions.

The central location also makes the hotel an excellent starting point for hikes and excursions around the picturesque village. Many reviewers highlight the beautiful views of the spa park, adding to the charm of the hotel’s setting. Practical amenities, such as an underground garage, further enhance the convenience for travelers.

Whether you're visiting for leisure or a quick getaway, Hotel Harzer am Kurpark offers a well-maintained and affordable stay right in the heart of Bad Herrenalb.

The breakfast experience at Hotel Harzer am Kurpark receives mixed reviews from guests. Many appreciate the breakfast, describing it as good, delicious and tasty with some noting a wide selection and a well-sorted buffet. The breakfast room itself garners positive feedback for its solid interior and beautiful view of the spa park, adding to the pleasant ambiance.

Guests highlight that the breakfast buffet, although simple and manageable, offers something for everyone and begins at 8 am. A small breakfast buffet is frequently mentioned, suggesting a sufficient yet not overly lavish offering.

However, some reviews point out significant drawbacks. There are numerous mentions of prepackaged food and no proper breakfast being offered within the hotel itself. Instead, breakfast often appears as a tray of packaged items placed in the room, which some guests find disappointing and misleading based on the hotel's description.

Additionally, concerns are raised over the lack of a traditional breakfast buffet and the necessity to visit nearby bakeries for a proper breakfast. Despite these criticisms, the availability of nearby alternatives provides a workaround for guests seeking a more substantial morning meal.

Overall, while many find the breakfast to be pleasant and adequate, others feel let down by the lack of a more traditional and fresh breakfast option within the hotel premises.

Hotel Harzer am Kurpark offers a mixed experience when it comes to its rooms. On the positive side, guests frequently highlight the spaciousness and cleanliness of the rooms. Many rooms feature balconies with some offering peaceful views of the spa park or nearby greenery. The rooms come well-equipped with amenities like free mineral water, snacks, coffee, tea, fruit and a satisfactory breakfast. Comfortable beds and cozy seating areas add to the overall comfort.

The decor tends towards a retro, 70s style, which some guests find charming and lovingly decorated, though others feel it's outdated. Despite the old-fashioned furnishings, the rooms are noted for being well-maintained and tidy. The large and clean rooms, along with comfortable and cozy settings, seem to contribute positively to the overall guest experience.

Nevertheless, several negative aspects are also frequently mentioned. The bathrooms are often described as very old and in need of renovation with some guests noting issues like a strong smell or wobbly towel racks. Additionally, some rooms suffer from worn-out carpets and outdated decor, which detracts from the overall appeal. Occasional cleanliness issues, such as grubby corners and cobwebs, have also been reported, alongside minor inconveniences like a half roll of toilet paper or musty smells.

Overall, while spacious and clean, the rooms could benefit from modernization, particularly the bathrooms, to enhance the guest experience further. The charm of the retro decor may appeal to some, but updates would likely attract a broader range of visitors.

Hotel Harzer am Kurpark garners mostly positive feedback regarding the comfort of its beds. Guests frequently describe the beds as comfortable and extremely comfortable with some specifying that the beds were very comfortable and wide. The hotel notably provides good mattresses with some guests appreciating the availability of two different pillows to choose from. Cleanliness is also highlighted with several reviewers mentioning that the bedroom beds were clean.

However, there are a few mixed opinions. Some guests found that the mattresses were worn out or too soft, which affected their overall sleep quality. Despite these occasional negative remarks, the general consensus leans towards a positive experience with comfortable sleeping arrangements.

Hotel Harzer am Kurpark consistently impresses with its high standard of cleanliness. Guest reviews repeatedly point out that the rooms are very clean, tidy and well-maintained. Many guests describe the rooms as spacious, cozy and comfortable. Despite a few mentions of outdated decor and some drafty windows, the overall sentiment highlights the immaculate condition of the hotel. The hotel's central location, coupled with the cleanliness and ease of access to local supplies, makes it a welcoming and convenient choice for visitors. The positive feedback on room service also underscores the hotel’s commitment to maintaining a clean environment for its guests.

Hotel Harzer am Kurpark receives consistent praise for its exceptionally friendly and helpful staff. Guests frequently highlight the staff's super friendly and accommodating nature. The reception, often mentioned as particularly welcoming, is noted for its great service with a receptionist who is polite and diligent in explaining necessary details.

While some reviews indicate that only Russian or German are spoken by the staff, they are commended for their efforts to assist guests despite language barriers, often using creative methods to communicate. The staff's responsiveness to emails is also appreciated, ensuring guests' questions are quickly answered even when they cannot be met in person.

However, a few guests have noted limited interaction with the staff, meeting them only upon arrival and departure or sometimes not seeing them at all. Some reviews mention challenges in contacting the hotel in advance either by phone or email, yet the overall friendliness and helpful attitude of the staff leave a positive impression on guests.

The staff's attentiveness and accommodating nature, especially in special situations like setting up a birthday table, are particularly highlighted. Despite some isolated criticisms regarding professionalism and language skills, the general sentiment is one of excellent, personable service aimed at making guests’ stays as pleasant as possible.

'Hotel Harzer am Kurpark' offers a mixed experience when it comes to parking. Guests can take advantage of free parking nearby or opt for the paid underground garage. The underground garage is described as accessible by a car lift and suitable for cars and motorcycles, but it is also noted to be quite small with tight parking spaces, making it less than ideal for inexperienced drivers. Some patrons have pointed out that finding the entrance to the garage is difficult and the access itself almost impossible at times.

Paid parking is available and includes a private garage, but several guests have found the parking situation to be problematic with some reporting that parking spaces were already occupied upon their arrival. The alternative is public car parking spaces on the promenade, although it can be a bit of an adventure to secure a spot.

Overall, while there are various parking options at 'Hotel Harzer am Kurpark', including free and paid choices, the underground garage seems to be a common source of frustration due to its challenging access and limited space.

No, Hotel Harzer am Kurpark doesn't have any pool.

No, a spa isn't available at Hotel Harzer am Kurpark.

Yes, Hotel Harzer am Kurpark welcomes dogs.

Yes, parking facilities are available at Hotel Harzer am Kurpark.

No, Hotel Harzer am Kurpark doesn't have a gym.

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