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Summary of reviewsTrollinger Hof enjoys consistent praise for its blend of convenience and tranquility, situated just outside Bad Oeynhausen's city center, close to medical facilities like the HDZ Clinic and Heart Center NRW. Its serene setting offers easy walks to the spa park and city center, though rooms facing the busy street can be somewhat noisy.

The breakfast is frequently lauded for its variety, quality and affordability, featuring a rich selection including fresh, homemade items and organic produce. Guests appreciate the delicious, well-arranged spread and the accommodating, friendly staff that enhance the breakfast experience.

The hotel's restaurant stands out with its creative and high-quality cuisine, often described as a gourmet delight. Guests commend the ambitious and regional dishes, along with the restaurant's friendly and competent service. Despite being high-priced, many feel the quality justifies the cost, making the dining experience exceptional and memorable.

Rooms at Trollinger Hof are notably clean and well-equipped, if somewhat dated in decor. Modern bathrooms, spacious single rooms and overall cleanliness receive positive remarks, though street-facing rooms can be noisy and some furniture appears worn. Despite minor drawbacks like missing minibar fridges and occasional mold in showers, the rooms contribute to a comfortable stay.

Cleanliness is a strong point at Trollinger Hof with guests consistently praising the spotless environment and efficient cleaning staff. The staff's friendliness and competence further elevate the guest experience, as they are noted for their attentiveness, courtesy and willingness to assist with any issues.

Parking facilities are another highlight with ample, safe and free options right at the hotel door, making it convenient for guests with cars or bikes. The mixed feedback on beds suggests some inconsistencies in comfort with positive mentions of very good mattresses balanced by notes on hard or lumpy beds and less comfortable pillows.

In summary, Trollinger Hof offers a peaceful and convenient location, exceptional breakfast and dining experiences, clean and well-serviced rooms and highly praised staff, making it a recommended choice for visitors to Bad Oeynhausen.
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Guest Reviews
Very Good
The Trollinger Hof boasts a very well-regarded location, offering a blend of tranquility and convenience. It sits slightly outside the city center, making it a peaceful retreat while still ensuring easy access to important spots in Bad Oeynhausen. The hotel's proximity to the HDZ Clinic and the Heart Center NRW is particularly noted as excellent, making it a favorable choice for those visiting these medical facilities. Guests also appreciate the affordability of its location near the heart clinic.

For those wanting to explore, the Trollinger Hof is within walking distance of the spa park, around a 10-15 minute stroll through green surroundings. Although the walk to the center of town is about 17 minutes, guests find the route pleasant enough, though the return journey, which is somewhat uphill, can be a bit more challenging.

The hotel is described as being in a nice, quiet and serene part of town, providing a soothing environment just outside the hustle and bustle of the city center. Despite its slightly outer location, it remains central enough for guests to easily explore city attractions and enjoy the nearby spa area. Ample parking is available, adding to the convenience of staying here. However, guests should be aware that rooms facing the busy street can be a bit noisy due to car traffic.

The breakfast at Trollinger Hof has garnered numerous positive reviews from guests, highlighting the variety and quality of the offerings. Many guests described the breakfast as very good, great or even excellent, frequently praising the diverse and rich selection available. The breakfast buffet stands out for its ample and fresh choices, including homemade jams and a great selection of teas. Guests appreciated the affordability and the price-to-performance ratio of the breakfast as well.

The food was consistently described as delicious with some guests noting it was lovingly arranged and always replenished. An emphasis on organic produce from the surrounding area adds a particular charm and appeal to the offerings. Friendly staff contributed to a pleasant breakfast experience, enhancing the overall satisfaction.

The peaceful atmosphere and well-prepared, diverse options ensure there's something for everyone. From simple fresh rolls and coffee to an extensive array of food and drink choices, Trollinger Hof’s breakfast sets a high standard that meets and often exceeds guest expectations.

The reviews for Trollinger Hof's dining experience are overwhelmingly positive, particularly highlighting the hotel's restaurant. Guests frequently praise the restaurant for its excellent and creative cuisine with many deeming it a gourmet experience. The evening meals receive special commendation for their exceptional taste and quality. Many reviews describe the cuisine as ambitious and above-average with unique and regional dishes being highly recommended.

The service also garners positive remarks, often described as friendly and competent. Guests note that customer requests are well attended to, adding to the overall dining experience. The ambiance of the restaurant complements the high culinary standards with some highlighting an extraordinary, very delicious food experience.

While the restaurant is often labeled as high-priced, guests believe the price-performance ratio is unbeatable, suggesting that the quality justifies the cost. Despite a few mentions suggesting the in-house catering is not recommended due to expense, the majority view the dining experience at Trollinger Hof as exceptional and highly recommended.

The 'Tollinger Hof' hotel consistently receives praise for its clean and tidy rooms, which guests have found to be very well-equipped. Single rooms, in particular, are noted for being spacious. Many reviewers appreciated the modern bathrooms, even if some found them to be somewhat small. Despite some mentions of older or outdated decor reminiscent of the 80s, the overall functionality and cleanliness shone through. Guests repeatedly mentioned the rooms being clean and the staff friendly, enhancing their experience. Some rooms offer quiet surroundings with views of greenery, though a few were reported to be noisy due to street-facing windows. Furniture in some rooms was described as having seen better days, but still satisfactory. Missing minibar fridges and occasional mold in shower grout were minor drawbacks. The hotel also boasts spacious parking and good facilities, providing everything needed for a comfortable stay. Overall, the 'Tollinger Hof' leaves a positive impression with room cleanliness and service quality, despite some areas showing signs of age.

The beds at the Trollinger Hof receive a mix of feedback with many guests finding them particularly comfortable and noting that the mattresses were very good. Soft beds and low beds contribute positively to the experience for some visitors. However, there are mentions of beds being a bit hard and some mattresses being uncomfortable or lumpy, suggesting that there might be inconsistency in bed quality. Additionally, pillows are noted as either too thin or hard, indicating an area for improvement. Guests appreciate having a bedside lamp, enhancing convenience during their stay.

The guest reviews highlight the exceptional cleanliness at Trollinger Hof with numerous mentions of very clean rooms and a generally spotless environment. Visitors frequently commend the well-maintained and tidy nature of both the rooms and the entire establishment. Despite an occasional remark about outdated bathroom furnishings and dim lighting in the bathrooms, the overall consensus is overwhelmingly positive regarding the hygiene standards. The hotel also benefits from friendly and efficient cleaning staff, contributing to the clean and pleasant atmosphere.

The staff at Trollinger Hof have garnered widespread praise from guests, who frequently highlight their exceptional service and friendliness. Many reviews mention the staff as being particularly attentive, accommodating and personable. Words like extremely friendly, courteous and competent frequently appear, suggesting a consistent high level of customer care. The reception was specifically noted as very nice and the overall service described as dedicated and courteous. Guests appreciated the staff's willingness to assist with questions and the smooth handling of booking errors, showcasing their flexibility and problem-solving skills. The commitment to maintaining a welcoming and helpful environment seems to be a cornerstone of the guest experience at Trollinger Hof.

Guests of the Trollinger Hof consistently highlight the excellent parking facilities available at the hotel. Visitors appreciate the ample and abundant parking spaces with many noting that there are several safe and sufficient options right in front of the house. The convenience of free parking directly at the hotel door is frequently praised, offering a sense of security for both cars and bikes. Additionally, the availability of private and on-site parking ensures that guests can easily find a spot without worry. Overall, the parking experience at Trollinger Hof is highly satisfactory and recommended by its patrons.

No, Trollinger Hof doesn't have any pool.

No, a spa isn't available at Trollinger Hof.

Yes, Trollinger Hof welcomes dogs.

No, parking facilities aren't available at Trollinger Hof.

No, Trollinger Hof doesn't have a gym.

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