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Summary of reviewsHotel President SPA receives largely positive reviews across various categories, reflecting a generally satisfying experience for its guests.

The breakfast offerings are celebrated for their diversity and freshness with many guests noting the abundance and quality of the spread. While certain criticisms cite repetitiveness and unmet expectations, the majority of reviews affirm that the breakfast service is hearty and adequate for a range of dietary preferences.

Dinner services, especially the buffet, are well-received for their variety and quality, though there is room for improvement in the à la carte options and dining ambiance. The addition of live music adds to the atmosphere, but opinions on its suitability are mixed.

The rooms are consistently praised for their spaciousness and modern amenities. Guests appreciate the cleanliness and upkeep, which aligns with the hotel's advertised standards. The convenient location and well-maintained pool and spa areas further enhance the overall stay.

Cleanliness across the hotel, including linen, towels and pool areas, receives high marks from guests, despite occasional mentions of inconsistencies such as stained sheets or less clean areas. The overall perception is that the hotel maintains excellent standards, though improvements in consistent maintenance could be beneficial.

Staff interactions are generally positive with many guests noting the friendliness and helpfulness of the team. However, some reviews suggest there is room for improvement in service consistency and preparedness, particularly in the reception and restaurant areas.

The spa facilities, including thermal pools and wellness services, are a standout feature, offering a relaxing and pleasurable experience with unlimited access. Any critiques are mostly centered around the need for better maintenance and additional space to accommodate more guests comfortably.

The pool areas, including both indoor and outdoor options, are highlighted for their cleanliness and enjoyable temperature, although minor issues like limited pool chairs and maintenance concerns are noted. Nevertheless, the pools remain a favorite among guests.

Parking receives mixed feedback with some guests finding it challenging to secure a spot, particularly on busy weekends. Despite this, the presence of parking spaces is recognized as a convenience.

Beds at Hotel President SPA are consistently praised for their comfort, contributing significantly to a restful stay. Most guests highlight the clean and cozy nature of the beds, ensuring a good night's sleep.

Overall, Hotel President SPA is commended for its diverse offerings, excellent amenities and attentive service, making it a comfortable and enjoyable retreat for guests. Improvements in certain areas could enhance the experience further, but the overall sentiment remains positive.
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Room Types
Superior Double Room Featuring free toiletries and bathrobes, this double room includes a private bathroom with a shower, a hairdryer and slippers. Boasting a balcony, this double room also features air conditioning, a minibar and a flat-screen TV with cable channels. The unit has 1 bed.

Superior Apartment The hot tub and spa bath are the special features of this suite. This suite comes with 1 living room, 1 separate bedroom and 1 bathroom with a shower and free toiletries. This suite has air conditioning, a minibar, a flat-screen TV with cable channels and a balcony. The unit has 2 beds.

Guest Reviews
Very Good
Hotel President SPA offers a breakfast experience that generally receives positive feedback. Guests frequently highlight the diversity and abundance of the breakfast spread, appreciating its variety and freshness. Phrases such as very good breakfast and excellent quality breakfast are commonly mentioned, suggesting a high level of satisfaction with both the options and the quality provided.

Despite some criticism regarding consistency with comments about weak offerings or repetition of products, the overall sentiment is favorable. Many reviews emphasize the richness and heartiness of the breakfast, indicating it is more than adequate to satisfy different tastes and dietary preferences.

However, a few reviews express dissatisfaction, noting that some guests found the breakfast to be less than expected for a 4-star hotel, mentioning poor options, quality and presentation. Issues like repetitive selections and specific items not meeting expectations also arose in the feedback.

In summary, while there are areas for improvement, Hotel President SPA generally succeeds in delivering a good and varied breakfast experience that meets the expectations of most of its guests.

Hotel President SPA offers a varied culinary experience that generally receives positive feedback for its dinner options. The diverse and well-cooked buffet menu stands out, presenting a range of tasty and clean dishes. The breakfast and dinner services are particularly praised for their quality.

However, some aspects fall short of expectations, especially considering the hotel's 4-star status. The à la carte restaurant has limited choices and some guests feel the simplistic and expensive menu does not justify its cost. Additionally, the use of paper and plastic cups for drinks is deemed unacceptable at this standard.

The live music during dinner adds an extra layer of ambiance, though it can be extremely loud for some guests. The restaurant atmosphere can also feel subpar with some likening it to a countryside wedding rather than a sophisticated dining experience.

Overall, while the hotel offers good food and friendly service, there's room for improvement, particularly in ingredient quality and dining ambiance.

Hotel President SPA offers spacious rooms that guests consistently describe as clean and well-maintained. The rooms feature large beds, modern furniture and contemporary amenities, which align with the photos advertised. The bathrooms are also notably roomy, adding to the overall comfort of the accommodations. Cleaning services are praised for their meticulous attention to detail.

The hotel’s location receives positive mentions for being convenient and beautifully situated, offering easy access to nearby attractions. Additionally, the pool and spa area stands out with multiple swimming pools and a variety of services that are well-maintained.

Breakfast at the hotel is plentiful, though some reviews suggest it is only satisfactory. Parking is available, adding a layer of convenience for guests with vehicles. Overall, the hotel provides a modern, comfortable stay with commendable facilities and services.

Hotel President SPA boasts a reputation for providing comfortable beds, consistently praised in guest reviews. Many visitors highlight the beds as comfortable with several explicitly noting the beds were comfy, contributing to a restful experience. Despite a few mentions of disturbed sleep, the majority of feedback emphasizes the clean and cozy nature of the beds, ensuring a good night's rest. This focus on bed quality enhances the overall stay at the hotel, promising a comfortable retreat for guests.

Hotel President SPA has garnered praise for its cleanliness in many areas, particularly highlighting the pristine condition of the linen, towels and bathrobes. Guests frequently noted the excellent cleanliness of both the hotel rooms and the pool areas with some describing the standards as top-notch and the rooms as clean and spacious. The overall cleanliness of the hotel, including the pools, has been highly commended.

Despite these positive remarks, not all feedback has been glowing. Some guests pointed out less favorable aspects, citing areas of the hotel that were not as clean as expected. For instance, there have been reports of piles of laundry left in hallways and certain rooms with unpleasant smells potentially due to plumbing issues. The cleanliness in areas such as the water park's toilets and some sun loungers around the pool has also been questioned with mentions of rust and fallen plaster in some parts.

It appears that while the service and cleanliness maintain high standards in several areas, there are inconsistencies that have affected the experience for some guests. Though many have had pleasant stays, issues such as stained sheets, dirty sun loungers and occasionally rude interactions with staff have been noted. These aspects highlight the need for more consistent maintenance and improvement efforts to ensure a uniformly positive experience across all areas of the hotel.

At Hotel President SPA, many guests have noted the friendly demeanor and involvement of the staff as a highlight of their stay. Despite some mixed feedback about the preparedness and skill level of the restaurant staff, the majority of comments reflect positively on the general friendliness and effort of the team. Some guests, however, felt the reception was not particularly helpful and mentioned instances of staff being rushed and neglectful. Overall, the staff's approachability and warm attitude are appreciated, even if there are areas needing improvement in terms of hospitality and service consistency.

Hotel President SPA offers a commendable spa experience with an array of facilities including thermal pools and wellness services. Guests appreciate the hot and clean water in the pools and the availability of good spa and massage services. The hotel provides unlimited access to its wellness and spa areas, which feature comfortable amenities amidst a pleasing landscape.

However, there are areas for improvement. The spa section requires more serious maintenance and additional rooms to accommodate the influx of guests, as the pools can become crowded. Some guests feel that certain aspects of the wellness section do not meet their expectations and recommend improvements. Despite these critiques, the overall experience at the Hotel President SPA remains positive with the spa and pool facilities standing out as highlights.

Guests generally found the pools at Hotel President SPA to be clean and inviting with many highlighting the pleasant water temperature and overall excellent condition. The outdoor pool, in particular, was noted for its enjoyable atmosphere. The pools and spa areas offer a relaxing and steamy environment, ideal for family vacations and limitless wellness access. However, some guests faced minor inconveniences such as a shortage of pool chairs and missing towels in the pool area. Issues with the water park and occasional maintenance concerns like fallen or missing tiles were also mentioned. Despite these minor drawbacks, many guests appreciated the hot, clean water and the intimate, private pool options available.

Reviews of the parking situation at Hotel President SPA are mixed. Guests have noted that while parking is included, the availability of spaces can be limited. Some have described the parking as a "lottery," indicating that securing a spot can be a challenge, especially on weekends. There are instances where guests have been assigned to park far away or on hills due to the lack of dedicated parking for tourists. Despite these challenges, the presence of parking spaces has been acknowledged, suggesting that securing a spot is possible but not guaranteed.

Indoor Pool
Hotel President SPA's indoor pools receive mostly positive feedback from guests, who highlight the cleanliness and the range of thermal pools available. Visitors frequently describe the pools as perfect and fine, appreciating the well-maintained water temperature. However, some reviews point out issues such as the pools being too cold for their liking. Additionally, there are occasional mentions of cleanliness concerns outside the pools, including dirty sunbeds and food stalls. Despite these minor drawbacks, the overall impression of the indoor pools at Hotel President SPA remains favorable, especially for those who value cleanliness and thermal water features.

Yes, Hotel President SPA has pool(s) that belong to one or more of the following categories: Indoor Pool, Outdoor Pool.

Yes, a spa is available at Hotel President SPA.

No, Hotel President SPA doesn't allow dogs.

Yes, parking facilities are available at Hotel President SPA.

No, Hotel President SPA doesn't have a gym.

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