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Bento Goncalves , , Rs 444 - Km 18,9 - Estrada Do Vinho - Vale Dos Vinhedos (Show on Map)
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Summary of reviewsHotel Villa Michelon, situated in the idyllic Vale dos Vinhedos, offers a picturesque and tranquil retreat perfect for wine enthusiasts, thanks to its proximity to renowned wineries and charming countryside atmosphere. Guests consistently commend its central and beautiful location, which enhances their overall experience with easy exploration of nearby cities and attractions.

The hotel receives mixed feedback regarding breakfast with many appreciating the variety and delicious homemade options, particularly for those with dietary restrictions. However, some guests feel there is room for improvement in terms of quality and variety. Dinner options also garner mixed reviews with the restaurant praised for its cozy ambiance, fair prices and good menu options, though some guests find the food quality inconsistent.

The rooms are appreciated for their spaciousness and comfort, though many guests note they could benefit from updates. Cleanliness is highly praised, contributing to a pleasant stay, despite occasional minor issues like musty smells. The staff stands out for their exceptional friendliness and helpfulness with many guests highlighting the warm and attentive service that significantly enhances the overall experience.

The hotel’s well-maintained heated and covered swimming pool provides a relaxing environment for guests, although a few note the need for better maintenance. Ample free parking is a bonus, contributing to the convenience of staying at the hotel. Families find the environment friendly and engaging with numerous activities for children such as playgrounds, farm attractions and trails.

Comfortable beds contribute positively to guests’ experiences, though there are occasional remarks about the size of double beds and the need for improved bed linens. For business travelers, the hotel offers a good balance of cost and convenience, though some facilities may require renovation.

However, Hotel Villa Michelon falls short in accessibility for guests with disabilities with many areas inaccessible due to stairs and limited elevator reach. While marketed as a luxury experience, some guests feel the amenities do not fully justify the premium pricing, though the overall stay is comfortable and charming.

The hotel is pet-friendly, accommodating guests with pets comfortably, though suggestions for reserving separate areas for pet owners have been made to enhance everyone's experience. Overall, Hotel Villa Michelon is celebrated for its beautiful location, exceptional service and family-friendly amenities, making it a favored destination for a relaxed and enjoyable stay in Vale dos Vinhedos.
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Room Types
Standard Room This twin room features air conditioning, soundproofing and CD player.

Super Luxury Room with Spa Bath Boasting a hot tub, this double room features a balcony, bathrobe and soundproofing.

Guest Reviews
Very Good
Nestled in the heart of the picturesque Vale dos Vinhedos, Hotel Villa Michelon enjoys a prime location that delights visitors with its proximity to many renowned wineries and restaurants. This charming and well-located hotel is perfect for wine enthusiasts, offering easy access to the best of the region’s wine route. The serene, countryside atmosphere and beautiful landscape enhance the stay, making it a tranquil retreat for those looking to relax and unwind.

Guests consistently praise the hotel’s excellent location, noting its central position in the vineyard valley. It allows convenient exploration of the surrounding areas, including the cities of Bento Gonçalves and Garibaldi. The hotel itself sits on a beautifully maintained property that exudes natural beauty, silence and comfort. Coupled with exceptional service and a wonderful breakfast, Hotel Villa Michelon stands out as a favored destination for visitors wanting to immerse themselves in the delights of Vale dos Vinhedos.

Hotel Villa Michelon’s breakfast offerings receive mixed feedback from guests. While some reviewers praise the breakfast as excellent with a rich variety, delicious food and options for those with dietary restrictions like gluten and lactose-free items, others find it lacking in quality and variety. Positive remarks highlight the delicious breads, homemade products and a pleasant outdoor dining environment. However, several reviews indicate a decline in quality with comments about cold pre-made items and a need for more homemade options and natural juices. Despite some criticisms, many guests still find the breakfast good and well-served, appreciating the friendly staff and well-maintained facilities. Overall, while there are areas for improvement, the breakfast at Hotel Villa Michelon is generally well-received, particularly for its diverse options and accommodating atmosphere.

The dining experience at Hotel Villa Michelon presents a mix of reviews. Many guests find the hotel's restaurant to be a great option for dinner with several highlighting the fair prices and good menu options. The presentation of dishes is often praised and the availability of both à la carte and buffet-style meals provides guests with flexibility. The ambiance of the restaurant is described as cozy, enhancing the dining experience.

However, there are notable critiques regarding the quality and taste of the food. Some guests found the restaurant options to be average and the food lacking in flavor and seasoning. Specific dishes have received disappointing feedback, indicating inconsistency in the culinary offerings. Despite these criticisms, sandwiches were singled out as particularly enjoyable and overall, the breakfast at the hotel restaurant is well-regarded.

In summary, while Hotel Villa Michelon's restaurant has its strong points, particularly in terms of ambiance and pricing, there are areas needing improvement, especially in the flavor and quality of certain dishes.

Hotel Villa Michelon's rooms have received a mixed response from guests. On the positive side, many reviews highlight the spaciousness and comfort of the rooms with several guests noting the large room sizes and cozy atmosphere. Cleanliness is generally appreciated and the presence of good heating in some rooms contributes to the comfort level.

However, numerous reviews point out that the rooms are old and could benefit from updates. Issues like outdated decor, old furniture and musty smells are recurrent themes. Some reviews also mention that the rooms are far from the breakfast area and that the double beds are small. Additionally, there have been mentions of insufficient heating in colder weather and some rooms lacking blackout curtains. The bathrooms, while spacious, also appear to be dated and there were mentions of moldy smells and dampness.

In summary, while guests appreciate the spacious, comfortable and cozy nature of the rooms, there is a strong consensus that the hotel could improve its room maintenance and updates to match the comfort levels promised.

The beds at Hotel Villa Michelon have generally garnered positive feedback from guests. Many have praised the comfort of the beds and described them as very comfortable, hyper comfortable and even super comfortable. The size of the beds has also been appreciated with some reviews noting the spacious rooms and large beds that contribute to a cozy atmosphere. However, there have been a few mentions of the double beds being on the smaller side. Guests have highlighted that some mattresses are very comfortable, while a few found the mattresses to be too hard or not very comfortable.

Despite the positive remarks about the bed comfort, there have been some criticisms regarding the quality of bed linens and bath towels, which some guests felt were outdated and in need of replacement. Overall, while there are minor areas for improvement, the comfortable beds and spacious accommodations contribute to a generally satisfying stay at Hotel Villa Michelon.

Hotel Villa Michelon receives high praise for its cleanliness, contributing greatly to a pleasant stay for its guests. Reviews frequently highlight the immaculate condition of the rooms and accommodations, describing them as always clean, super organized and carefully maintained. The grounds of the hotel are described as wonderful with meticulous upkeep adding to the overall appeal. Positive mentions of a clean organized environment are common, making guests feel comfortable and at ease during their stay.

Although mostly glowing, a few reviews mention areas for improvement, such as isolated incidents of dirty rooms and the occasional musty smell. However, the overwhelming consensus points to excellent facilities and a focus on cleanliness and comfort, ensuring that Hotel Villa Michelon meets guests' expectations and provides a delightful experience.

Hotel Villa Michelon’s standout feature is unquestionably its exceptional staff. Guests repeatedly praise the team for their friendliness and helpfulness. From the moment of arrival, the reception staff leaves a positive impression with their kind and welcoming demeanor. Reviews highlight how the employees are not only super polite but also incredibly attentive, ensuring that every guest's needs are met with efficiency and a smile.

The service at the hotel is described as impeccable with every interaction feeling warm and sincere. Numerous mentions of excellent customer service suggest a consistently high standard across all departments, be it the front desk or the waitstaff. Guests appreciate the joy and education displayed by the employees, creating an inviting and pleasant atmosphere throughout the hotel.

Service at Villa Michelon goes beyond mere professionalism; the staff's sympathetic and personable nature contributes significantly to the overall guest experience. Whether dealing with inquiries, addressing concerns or simply making guests feel comfortable, the team members are noted for their exceptional attentiveness and friendliness.

In summary, the hospitality at Hotel Villa Michelon is top-notch with guests feeling thoroughly looked after by a dedicated and amiable team. The consistently positive feedback about the staff’s kindness, attention to detail and overall helpfulness underscores the high level of service that guests can expect during their stay.

Hotel Villa Michelon provides guests with a pleasant option for relaxation through its heated and covered swimming pool. The indoor pool, although small, offers a warm and inviting environment for a comforting swim. Some reviews indicate that the pool could benefit from better maintenance and a possible refurbishing. Additionally, the hotel features a whirlpool, adding to the overall appeal for those seeking a relaxing experience. Despite certain criticisms regarding upkeep, the consistently warm temperature of the heated pool remains a positive highlight for many visitors.

Hotel Villa Michelon offers ample and free parking for guests, providing both covered and uncovered options to accommodate diverse needs. While parking spaces near the reception are limited, the hotel compensates with an upper parking lot. There is also a designated parking area offering accessibility for guests with mobility issues. The presence of festive birds in the parking area adds a unique charm to the experience. Overall, the parking facilities are well-considered, contributing positively to the convenience and enjoyment of staying at the hotel.

Hotel Villa Michelon is a stellar choice for families seeking a delightful escape in the heart of the vineyards. The hotel is noted for its welcoming environment and family-friendly ambiance, making it a perfect place for family outings and getaways. Its diverse structure offers a wide array of leisure options suitable for all ages, including both an indoor and outdoor playground, ensuring that children have plenty of activities to enjoy.

Families can look forward to walking trails and farm-style attractions featuring sheep, peacocks and other animals, adding to the hotel's charm. The mini-farm and the quad bike rides stand out as hits among the younger guests, offering engaging and educational experiences.

Overall, Hotel Villa Michelon is celebrated for its thoughtful amenities and well-rounded infrastructure tailored to meet the needs of families, making it a highly recommended destination for those traveling with children.

Hotel Villa Michelon offers a commendable option for business travelers, balancing cost and benefit effectively. Highlighted by its convenient location for business meetings and a convention center with available meeting rooms, it caters to professional needs well. Despite some facilities requiring renovation, the establishment's traditional charm and excellent cost-benefit ratio make it an appealing choice. Additionally, its great location appeals to wine enthusiasts, providing a unique perk for those on business trips. While there is a noted lack of socializing space for employees, the hotel remains a suitable option for both family and business stays.

Hotel Villa Michelon, while beautifully designed and situated, falls short in terms of accessibility for guests with disabilities. The property features numerous stairs, including those leading to the convention center and certain rooms, posing significant challenges. Although an elevator is available, it only reaches the first lower floor, leaving some areas inaccessible. The absence of elevators to specific floors further exacerbates the accessibility issues. Additionally, some sloping areas within the hotel make it difficult for those with mobility concerns. The lack of heating and the outdated showers may also affect comfort for guests prioritizing modern amenities. Overall, the hotel is currently not equipped to adequately accommodate guests with disabilities.

Hotel Villa Michelon offers a blend of comfort and some elements of luxury, providing a commendable experience that balances quality and cost. Guests noted the 5-star treatment and luxurious accommodations, highlighting the super luxury aspect of the property. However, some reviews pointed out that the hotel charges prices comparable to top-rated luxury hotels but with amenities that fall short of those high standards. While the stay is very comfortable and carries a charm, there are mentions that certain luxury services and finer details could be enhanced to fully justify the premium pricing. Overall, it promises a luxury experience but may not entirely meet the expectations set by its cost.

Dog Friendly
Hotel Villa Michelon is a pet-friendly establishment accommodating guests with pets across its spacious facilities. The hotel offers large and clean rooms suitable for both guests with and without pets. For families, there is a fantastic children's area and a beautiful playground, perfect for little ones to explore. Additionally, guests can enjoy a farm where they can feed the animals and a variety of hiking trails available on the hotel grounds. Some feedback suggests reserving a separate wing for guests with pets to enhance everyone's experience.

Yes, Hotel Villa Michelon has pool(s) that belong to one or more of the following categories: Indoor Pool.

No, a spa isn't available at Hotel Villa Michelon.

Yes, Hotel Villa Michelon welcomes dogs.

Yes, parking facilities are available at Hotel Villa Michelon.

Yes, Hotel Villa Michelon has a gym.

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