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Summary of reviewsHotel Milano 3S is celebrated for its prime location, conveniently situated near the city center and just steps from the beach. Guests appreciate the short walk to local shops, eateries and cultural events in Bibione, enjoying the balance of tranquility and easy access to bustling activity. The hotel's proximity to the beach, which is clean and well-maintained, enhances the overall stay with complimentary umbrellas and loungers as a bonus.

The culinary experience at Hotel Milano 3S is highly praised. The breakfast buffet offers a rich variety of sweet and savory options with many guests highlighting the delicious coffee and the overall high quality of the morning meal. The dinner service receives equally glowing reviews, known for its excellent cuisine, ample portions and affordable prices. The pizzeria within the hotel adds to the dining variety with flexible dining times serving both lunch and late diners.

Rooms at Hotel Milano 3S are frequently described as clean, modern and comfortable, featuring amenities like air conditioning and balconies. Although some reviews mention variability in room size and occasional noise, the general consensus is positive, emphasizing cleanliness and coziness. Daily cleaning services ensure a fresh and inviting atmosphere, contributing to the hotel's pristine reputation.

The hotel's cleanliness standards are exceptional, extending to both rooms and common areas, ensuring a hygienic and comfortable environment for all guests. This attention to detail in cleanliness is consistently recognized and appreciated by visitors.

Staff at Hotel Milano 3S are noted for their friendly, professional and multilingual service. Guests feel welcomed by the attentive and helpful team, who contribute significantly to the hotel’s warm and hospitable atmosphere. The family-run nature of the hotel is reflected in the personalized care and excellent customer service, making guests feel right at home.

Furthermore, Hotel Milano 3S is praised for its family-friendly environment, catering to specific dietary needs and providing a nurturing stay for all guests. The hotel's ownership extends a high level of empathy and attention, enhancing the overall experience for families.

Parking, although not private, is free and conveniently accessible with the added benefit of complimentary bikes for guests. This amenity contributes positively to the convenience and overall satisfaction of the stay.

The comfort of the beds at Hotel Milano 3S is largely favored, yet reviews indicate some inconsistency in mattress firmness. Despite this, the hotel is responsive to guest feedback, promptly addressing any issues to ensure a comfortable night’s sleep.

In summary, Hotel Milano 3S stands out for its fantastic location, excellent culinary offerings, stringent cleanliness and welcoming staff. With its beach proximity, family-friendly focus and comfortable accommodations, it presents an ideal choice for travelers seeking both relaxation and adventure.
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Room Types
Single Room with Balcony Offering free Wi-Fi and air conditioning, this room comes with a private balcony and en suite bathroom. It includes a flat-screen TV, fridge and safe, and is decorated with simple furnishings and tiled floors. This room cannot accommodate extra beds.

Classic Double Room with Balcony Offering free Wi-Fi and air conditioning, this room comes with a private balcony and en suite bathroom. It includes a flat-screen TV, fridge and safe, and is decorated with simple furnishings and tiled floors.

Classic Double Room with Extra Bed and Balcony Offering free Wi-Fi and air conditioning, this room comes with a private balcony and en suite bathroom. It includes a flat-screen TV, fridge and safe, and is decorated with simple furnishings and tiled floors. Please specify bed preference when booking.

Classic Family Room with Balcony Offering free Wi-Fi and air conditioning, this room comes with a private balcony and en suite bathroom. It includes a flat-screen TV, fridge and safe, and is decorated with simple furnishings and tiled floors. Please specify bed preference when booking.

Flexible Room Please note that the room and bed type will be allocated at check-in according to availability. Guests may be asked to change rooms during the stay, and room types may vary.

Comfort Double Room This air-conditioned double room is comprised of a flat-screen TV with satellite channels, a private bathroom as well as a terrace with a quiet street view. The unit has 1 bed.

Guest Reviews
Hotel Milano 3S boasts an enviable location that has garnered much praise from its guests. Situated centrally, it offers guests the convenience of being just steps away from both the city center and the beach. Many reviews highlight the close proximity to the pedestrian street and main road, making it an ideal choice for those who love to explore local shops and eateries. The beach is a short walk away, often cited as being just a few minutes or even 100 meters from the hotel, making it perfect for beach enthusiasts.

The hotel's quiet yet central positioning allows for peaceful evenings and restful nights, despite being in the heart of activity. Guests find this balance of tranquility and accessibility highly favorable. The location is also noted for being ideal for evening strolls and conveniently close to cultural events in the pedestrian zones and squares of Bibione.

Overall, the unanimously positive feedback underscores the hotel's optimal placement for both relaxation and exploration, making it a prime spot for travelers looking to enjoy the best of the city and the sea.

Hotel Milano 3S offers a breakfast experience that consistently receives high praise from its guests. Visitors describe the meal as very good, highlighting its rich, varied and abundant selection. The breakfast caters to diverse palates, featuring both sweet and savory options such as fruit cakes, Nutella or jam tarts, cookies, mini krafen, croissants, bread, scrambled eggs, bacon, ham, cheese, yogurt and multiple spreads. Guests can also choose from a variety of beverages with the coffee receiving special mentions for its delicious taste.

The buffet style allows for a wide and extensive range of choices, ensuring that there is something for everyone, including vegetarians and those with a preference for healthier options like fresh fruit. Reviewers appreciate the well-stocked and plentiful nature of the offerings, noting the breakfast as a pleasant surprise and even sensational.

The hotel's commitment to providing a high-quality morning meal is evident, making it a standout amenity. The service in the restaurant is described as friendly, complementing the overall dining experience. Guests often recommend the breakfast, noting it as a great start to their day and a highlight of their stay at Hotel Milano 3S.

The dinner experience at Hotel Milano 3S has received a wealth of positive feedback from guests. The hotel's restaurant is framed in glowing terms, frequently highlighted as excellent, offering fantastic cuisine that's described as simply wonderful and very good. With top-notch dinners and a rich buffet of side dishes, guests can expect a wide variety of delicious and plentiful quality meals.

The food consistently garners high praise, noted for being both delicious and plentiful, which complements the effective style of the dining areas. The hotel's pizzeria adds to the variety, providing an enjoyable option within the premises. Affordable prices and discounts for hotel guests further enhance the dining experience, making it accessible and appealing.

Guests appreciate the family-run management, which ensures attentive restaurant service, contributing to the overall dining satisfaction. The option to order À la carte until 2:30 pm for lunch and also into the evening even late, offers flexible dining times. Overall, the dinner at Hotel Milano 3S is highly regarded, combining excellent cuisine, generous portions and superb service in a welcoming atmosphere.

Hotel Milano 3S offers a variety of room experiences, consistently praised for cleanliness and comfort. The rooms are described as modern, renovated and well-maintained, often featuring amenities such as balconies, air conditioning and daily cleaning services. Guests frequently highlight the beauty and coziness of the accommodations, noting that the rooms are equipped with everything necessary for a pleasant stay.

While some visitors found the rooms spacious and sufficiently large, others mentioned that certain rooms can be on the smaller side with some being tight for taller individuals or couples with extensive luggage. Despite the size variations, the overall sentiment remains positive with many guests appreciating the effective use of space and the stylish decor.

There were occasional mentions of noise and uncomfortable mattresses, suggesting potential variability in the room experience. Nonetheless, the general consensus points towards a satisfactory stay with clean, cozy and comfortable living spaces suitable for a vacation.

Hotel Milano 3S boasts an array of comfortable beds that have garnered positive remarks from many guests, who often highlight the comfort and welcoming nature of their sleeping arrangements. Descriptions like comfortable beds and very comfortable are frequent, indicating that many visitors find the beds to their liking. Some guests, however, have noted issues regarding the firmness and softness of the mattresses with terms like soft mattress and mattresses on the soft side suggesting a lack of consistency in bed firmness. A few reviews mention the discomfort of the beds, citing either too hard or too soft mattresses and noting the need for improvement. Despite this, a specific instance of prompt service was when a sagging mattress was immediately replaced. The quality of pillows has also been a point of contention with some guests finding them too thick or hard. Overall, while many guests enjoy a comfortable night's sleep, there is a noted variation in the firmness and comfort of the beds and pillows at Hotel Milano 3S.

Hotel Milano 3S has garnered high praise for its impeccable cleanliness, consistently impressing guests with its spotless environment. The rooms and bathrooms are noted to be exceptionally clean with some reviews highlighting the hotel's commitment to maintaining the highest standards of hygiene. Guests frequently mention the rooms being thoroughly cleaned daily, ensuring a fresh and inviting stay.

The hotel's overall environment is described as both clean and modern, contributing to a comfortable and visually appealing atmosphere. Reviewers appreciate the meticulous upkeep of both the interior and exterior spaces, reflecting a well-maintained establishment.

This consistent attention to cleanliness extends to the entire hotel with many reviews emphasizing the pristine condition of common areas as well. The spotless and tidy ambiance leaves no doubt that cleanliness is a top priority at Hotel Milano 3S, making it a reliable choice for travelers seeking a hygienic and well-kept accommodation.

At Hotel Milano 3S, the staff has garnered exceptional praise from guests for their unwavering friendliness and helpfulness. Reviews consistently highlight the warm and welcoming atmosphere created by the team, noting the staff's attentiveness and readiness to assist with any needs. Their kindness and courteous demeanor, combined with professional and well-trained service, leave a lasting impression on visitors.

Guests appreciate that the staff is not only bilingual, but they also communicate effectively in various languages including German, ensuring comfortable interactions for international travelers. The hotel's owners are frequently mentioned for their super kind and helpful nature, emphasizing a family-like hospitality that makes guests feel at home.

In addition to competence, the staff's friendliness extends to their interactions in the restaurant, where the hospitality and attentiveness to guests' needs contribute to a pleasant dining experience. The team is noted for being extremely polite, accommodating and always ready to meet any request. Whether it's the managers or the waiting staff, every member of the team is commended for their superb service, reinforcing the hotel's reputation for outstanding customer care.

Hotel Milano 3S is highly praised for its proximity to the beach with guests noting that it is just a short walk away, typically around 5 minutes or approximately 100 meters. Visitors appreciate the convenience of having the sea so close by, making it easy to enjoy beach activities. The beach itself receives commendations for being clean, well-organized and well-maintained. Additionally, the complimentary beach services add to the appeal with umbrellas and loungers included in the room price, making beach visits more comfortable and hassle-free. The private beach area is another highlight, offering a more exclusive and tranquil experience. Overall, the hotel's location near a beautiful, tidy and effectively managed beach significantly enhances the stay for guests.

Hotel Milano 3S provides complimentary parking, which many guests appreciate for its convenience and availability. There are multiple mentions of free parking, highlighting it as a generous amenity. In addition, the hotel offers free bikes, further adding to the convenience for guests. Some reviews do note that the parking is not private and is located on public streets or stalls along the road, which may cause minor issues with distance from the hotel. Nonetheless, the overall sentiment is positive, emphasizing the ease and comfort of parking at the hotel.

Hotel Milano 3S offers a family-oriented atmosphere that guests consistently appreciate. As a family-run business, it exudes a warm and welcoming environment, making it an ideal choice for families. Guests find the family management to be both attentive and caring, contributing to a perfect and nurturing stay. The hotel's commitment to family values is evident in its friendly interactions and supportive services.

Moreover, Hotel Milano 3S shows a remarkable dedication to catering to specific dietary needs, such as providing gluten-free options for celiac guests at breakfast and other meals. This extra level of care enhances the overall family-friendly experience, ensuring that all guests feel well accommodated and comfortable during their stay.

No, Hotel Milano 3S doesn't have any pool.

No, a spa isn't available at Hotel Milano 3S.

No, Hotel Milano 3S doesn't allow dogs.

Yes, parking facilities are available at Hotel Milano 3S.

No, Hotel Milano 3S doesn't have a gym.

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