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Summary of reviewsHotel Haverkamp in Bremerhaven is widely praised for its central yet peaceful location, making it an ideal base for exploring the city's attractions. Situated within walking distance of the harbor, museums, shopping areas and a variety of dining and nightlife options, it offers both convenience and tranquility. Guests appreciate the ample parking facilities and the friendly, attentive staff, who consistently go above and beyond to ensure a pleasant stay.

The hotel earns high marks for its culinary offerings, notably its exceptional breakfast. The wide selection and quality of the buffet contribute to a delightful start to the day, served in a clean, cozy setting with attentive service. Dinner at the on-site restaurant, Weinrot, is likewise highly praised for its delicious, well-prepared dishes and friendly service, solidifying it as a top dining choice.

Rooms at Hotel Haverkamp are described as clean, cozy and stylish with comfortable beds and modern amenities, though some guests find them small and dimly lit. Cleanliness is a standout feature across the hotel, from the guest rooms to the common areas, wellness facilities and indoor pool, all of which are maintained to a high standard.

The hotel's family-friendly atmosphere is also notable with numerous guests highlighting its warm, accommodating environment ideal for families traveling with children. Additionally, the hotel boasts good but occasionally inconsistent Wi-Fi service, a cozy pool area and useful parking options, making it a comprehensive and appealing choice for travelers. Despite occasional minor issues, Hotel Haverkamp's strengths in location, dining, cleanliness and service make it a highly recommended option for visitors to Bremerhaven.
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Room Types
Single Room Modern room featuring stylish furniture, a flat-screen TV and a private bathroom.

Double Room Modern room featuring stylish furniture, a flat-screen TV and a private bathroom.

Superior Room Modern room featuring stylish furniture, a flat-screen TV and a private bathroom. This room offers extra space, a seating area and a large bathroom. Some rooms are also fitted with a spa bath.

Business Double Room Extra spacious room featuring stylish furniture, a large flat-screen TV, and an elegant bathroom.

Guest Reviews
Very Good
Hotel Haverkamp boasts a stellar location, garnering high praise for its central positioning in Bremerhaven. The hotel is ideally situated for visitors looking to explore the city's main attractions with most landmarks, including the harbor, museums and shopping areas within a 10-minute walk. Guests appreciate that it lies right in the city center but also enjoys a quiet setting on a side street, offering the best of both worlds.

The proximity to the Weser River, Theaterplatz, shopping districts and a variety of bars and restaurants makes it perfect for all downtown activities. The convenience of being able to reach the pedestrian zone, major sights and the maritime museum on foot adds to the hotel's appeal for tourists.

In addition to its prime location, the hotel provides ample parking and remains easily accessible, ensuring a hassle-free stay. The central yet peaceful setting, combined with friendly staff and excellent amenities, including a wellness area, makes Hotel Haverkamp a top choice for visitors to Bremerhaven.

Hotel Haverkamp has garnered a wealth of positive feedback regarding its breakfast offerings, highlighting a generally exceptional experience for guests. The breakfast spread is frequently described as fantastic with a very wide and extensive selection that leaves nothing to be desired. Guests consistently praise the well-sorted and generous buffet, noting that it is varied, delicious and very tasty, contributing to an overall rich and plentiful morning meal.

The breakfast room itself is often mentioned as appealing and cozy, creating a relaxed atmosphere for guests to enjoy their meal. Many reviews point out the very clean and beautifully presented buffet, underscoring an inviting dining environment. Additionally, the breakfast staff is lauded for their attentiveness and friendliness, further enhancing the meal experience.

While a minority of reviews mention the breakfast being monotonous or falling short of four-star expectations, these sentiments are overshadowed by the overwhelmingly positive consensus. Guests appreciate the extensive variety, the high quality of food and the thoughtful preparation that goes into each breakfast service.

With descriptions such as top-notch, excellent and exceptionally good, it's clear that Hotel Haverkamp takes great pride in offering a superb breakfast experience that caters to a diverse range of tastes and preferences.

Hotel Haverkamp's restaurant consistently garners high praise in guest reviews, highlighted for its exceptional dining experience. Guests frequently commend the quality and taste of the food, describing it as delicious, freshly prepared and perfectly done. Both breakfast and dinner receive accolades with particular mention of super delicious meals and perfectly executed dinners.

The restaurant Weinrot, located within the hotel, stands out as a prominent feature. Diners appreciate its impressive atmosphere and traditional yet diverse menu, which includes options like a well-received sirloin steak and a specially prepared vegan 3-course menu. The quality of the cuisine is lauded, making the restaurant highly recommended.

Service at the restaurant also earns positive feedback with guests noting the attentive and friendly staff. While a few reviewers mention the food as being somewhat expensive, the overall sentiment remains very positive, emphasizing the value in the quality and taste of the dishes. The small, stylized self-service bar in the lobby adds to the overall pleasant dining experience at Hotel Haverkamp.

In summary, the dining experience at Hotel Haverkamp is highlighted as a significant strength, making it a highly recommended option for both guests and visitors seeking great food and excellent service.

Hotel Haverkamp offers rooms that are a blend of comfort and modern design with tasteful decorations and modern furnishings. The rooms are described as clean and cozy with comfortable beds. Guests highlighted the stylish and chic decor of the rooms and praised the spaciousness of some accommodations as well as the elegance and cleanliness of the bathrooms.

However, there are some aspects that may detract from the experience. Several reviews mentioned that the rooms can be very small, darkly decorated and poorly lit, which might not suit everyone's taste. The lack of air conditioning and the irregular cleaning schedule, only every three days, were also noted as areas needing improvement. Some rooms facing the street can be noisy, while others that face the courtyard offer quieter and more pleasant stays.

Despite some criticisms regarding room size, lighting and cleaning frequency, many guests found the rooms at Hotel Haverkamp to be well-furnished and equipped with good amenities, creating a comfortable and pleasant place to stay in Bremerhaven.

Hotel Haverkamp offers a mixed experience when it comes to their beds with opinions ranging widely among guests. A significant number of reviewers found the beds to be very comfortable, noting that they were spacious, clean and provided a cozy sleeping environment. Words like "super comfortable" and "very comfortable beds" frequently appeared in positive feedback, suggesting that many guests had restful nights.

The mattress firmness varies with some guests appreciating the comfortable, adjustable sleeping surfaces while others found mattresses too hard or even likened them to sleeping on a hard board. This disparity highlights an inconsistency in bedding comfort across different rooms. Additionally, some guests reported feeling metal springs or found the beds to be soft and unstable. There were mentions of beds comprising two single mattresses instead of one double mattress, which could be inconvenient for those expecting a seamless sleeping surface.

While some appreciated the top-notch bedding, others were not satisfied with the softness or firmness, indicating a varied experience. Overall, the comfort of the beds at Hotel Haverkamp largely depends on personal preference with many guests praising the beds but a noticeable number expressing discomfort.

Hotel Haverkamp garners notable praise for its cleanliness across various areas of the establishment. Guests consistently highlight the meticulous upkeep of the rooms, bathrooms and common areas, often describing them as "very clean" and "well-maintained." The wellness area and indoor pool are also frequently commended for their pristine condition. The hotel's attention to detail doesn't go unnoticed with many visitors appreciating the clean and stylish decor.

Though the majority of the feedback is positive, some areas, especially the hallways and certain rooms, fall short due to inadequate lighting, giving them a darker ambiance that a few guests found uninviting. Additionally, the air quality in some corridors has been criticized for being stale and instances of dusty corners and dirty air vents were mentioned. Cleaning schedules have also drawn mixed responses with a few reports of the rooms not being cleaned daily, likely due to COVID-19 precautions.

Despite isolated issues, the general consensus points towards a high standard of cleanliness, making Hotel Haverkamp a recommended choice for those prioritizing hygiene during their stay.

Hotel Haverkamp has garnered an impressive array of positive feedback, especially concerning its staff, which is frequently highlighted for their exceptional friendliness and attentiveness. This hotel prides itself on superior hospitality with many guests noting the warm, courteous and consistently friendly demeanor of its employees. Both the reception and restaurant teams are lauded for their professional yet personable approach, often going above and beyond to accommodate guests' needs.

Multiple reviews emphasize the helpful and accommodating nature of the staff with frequent mentions of their willingness to fulfill any request and their proactive attitude in ensuring guests feel welcomed and looked after. The reception team, in particular, stands out for their professionalism, warmth and competence, creating a positive first impression from the moment of arrival.

The breakfast and service staff also receive high praise for their friendliness and dedication, contributing to a pleasant dining experience with attentive service. Visitors appreciate the staff's ability to maintain a consistently positive mood, making interactions enjoyable and adding to the hotel's inviting atmosphere.

Several reviews highlight the thoughtful and considerate nature of the personnel, noting their exceptional care in dealing with families and young children. The staff's kindness and effort to accommodate all guests, regardless of their needs, seem to be a hallmark of the hotel's service philosophy.

In summary, Hotel Haverkamp's staff are described as consistently friendly, helpful and professional. Their dedication to providing a welcoming and accommodating experience significantly enhances the overall guest experience, making this hotel a standout choice for those valuing excellent customer service.

Hotel Haverkamp offers Wi-Fi services that have received mixed feedback from its guests. On the positive side, visitors have praised the hotel for its very good Wi-Fi, describing it as fast, strong and reliably available. The technical support provided by the hotel was also noted to be very helpful, ensuring that any connectivity issues were promptly addressed. Guests appreciated the availability of free Wi-Fi and strong WLAN access.

However, there were some less favorable comments regarding the internet service. Issues with slow, weak and unstable internet were mentioned with some guests experiencing spotty and intermittent connections. The internet in some rooms was reported to be particularly poor, disappointing those who expected better service. Despite these challenges, the hotel's supportive technical team helps to mitigate some of the frustrations related to connectivity.

Overall, while the hotel does provide good Wi-Fi service for many guests, there might be occasional inconsistencies in the quality of the internet connection.

The pool at Hotel Haverkamp has garnered much praise for its cozy and relaxing atmosphere. Despite some guests finding the pool a bit cold at times, overall, visitors appreciated its cleanliness and well-maintained condition. The indoor pool, described as cozy and small yet sufficient, provided a pleasant and enjoyable experience for many. The aesthetic appeal of the pool area, often referred to as beautiful and modern, further added to the overall positive sentiment.

Guests noted the great amenities and the impressive setup, including a sauna that complemented the swimming experience. The pool's temperature, while occasionally mentioned as cold, was also praised for being just right by others. The small but nice wellness area, complete with aquatic facilities and a bar, enhanced the relaxation experience at the hotel.

Cleanliness stood out as a top feature, ensuring a hygienic environment within the pool and sauna areas. The well-kept and nice indoor pool was a highlight for many, contributing to the hotel's appeal. Although a few guests mentioned the limited availability of towels, the overall feedback emphasized the pleasant and inviting nature of the swimming pool, making it a favorite spot for relaxation and enjoyment at Hotel Haverkamp.

Hotel Haverkamp offers a variety of parking options, generally received positively by guests. Visitors appreciated the ample parking facilities, which include on-site, enclosed and secure parking spaces. The availability of multiple lots and sufficient spaces adds to the convenience, although some have noted that parking can be tight and the lot is not paved. Fees are required for parking, typically around €10 per night, which has been seen as both fair and excessive by different guests. Despite the occasional difficulty in finding spaces, particularly in the evening, the parking is well-monitored with spaces often close to the entrance and e-bike parking available. Overall, guests found the parking service to be good and effective with plenty of options to choose from.

Hotel Haverkamp is a charming destination that consistently receives praise for its exceptional family-friendly environment. Guests frequently highlight the warm, family-oriented atmosphere and the friendly, helpful staff that make staying there a pleasure. The hotel's family-run nature imbues it with a cozy and harmonious ambiance, an aspect that has left families feeling very comfortable during their stay.

Parents have noted that the hotel accommodates families exceedingly well, making it an excellent option for trips involving young children. The presence of children is seamlessly integrated into the experience with many guests mentioning how their little ones, even as young as two years old, were warmly welcomed.

The pristine cleanliness and attention to detail further contribute to a relaxed and pleasant experience for families. Visitors consistently find themselves impressed by the family hospitality, which fosters a sense of calm and ease, perfect for a family getaway.

4 Star
Hotel Haverkamp, a four-star establishment, offers an exceptional blend of service and luxury according to guest reviews. The hotel is widely recognized for its spacious and luxurious rooms, delivering a comfortable and plush experience that stands out. The elegant decor, featuring touches of extravagance with dark red carpets and black accents, contributes to the overall luxurious ambiance.

Despite the generally positive feedback, some reviews indicate room for improvement, suggesting that certain aspects of the hotel might feel closer to a three-star level. Nevertheless, the overall rating and service quality align comfortably with four-star standards, ensuring an upscale stay for its guests. The restaurant, often singled out for praise, delivers an excellent four-star dining experience, enhancing the hotel's appeal.

The hotel offers good soundproofing, ensuring a quiet and relaxing atmosphere. While some guests felt that there could be more amenities offered for a four-star hotel, the overall experience still leans positively due to the spacious rooms and luxurious touches. The phrase "versilign service" recurrently appears in reviews, emphasizing the consistent high-level service provided by the hotel's staff. In conclusion, Hotel Haverkamp meets four-star expectations with its spacious rooms, high-quality service and luxurious environment, though there is some acknowledgement of areas where there could be enhancements.

Hotel Haverkamp stands out as an excellent choice for business travelers, boasting great facilities that cater specifically to professional needs. The hotel offers business-oriented service and amenities, including business rooms and services, ensuring a seamless stay for anyone on a work trip. The presence of a generous desk makes it comfortable for setting up a hotel office, while the facility remains open 24 hours to accommodate diverse schedules. Strategically located in the center, it proves convenient for those needing proximity to business hubs. Professional management ensures smooth operations, complementing the well-appointed rooms. Although room cleaning occurs every three days, the overall environment remains favorable and welcoming for business activities. Despite having a small menu, the hotel maintains a cool atmosphere, making it a nice hotel for a business trip.

Indoor Pool
Hotel Haverkamp’s indoor pool has garnered positive feedback from guests, who find it a pleasant and well-maintained feature of their stay. Notably clean and tidy, the pool area stands out as a highlight with some guests describing it as very nice and even the crown of them all. The heated pool receives special mention for adding to the overall comfort and together with the accompanying sauna facilities, provides a satisfying wellness experience. While some have noted the pool's smaller size, the well-kept condition and pleasant atmosphere make it a noteworthy amenity that enhances the relaxing ambiance of the hotel.

Surrounded by a luxurious ambiance, Hotel Haverkamp offers guests a truly upscale experience. The hotel is celebrated for its modern, stylish decor and elegant furnishings, creating an overall refined atmosphere that resonates throughout the property. Perfectly maintained and recently renovated rooms add to the high-quality feel of the establishment, making it distinctly more than just a typical hotel. The facility boasts luxury amenities with high-end rooms that contribute to its upscale reputation. The wellness area, although small, adds to the luxury class, offering a cozy retreat. While the breakfast left some room for improvement, it still catered to a variety of tastes. Despite some minor critiques of decor and service from a few guests, the general consensus highlights Hotel Haverkamp as a luxurious and stylish hotel, providing an experience that exceeds typical four-star standards.

Yes, Hotel Haverkamp has pool(s) that belong to one or more of the following categories: Indoor Pool. For more information, read the answers to the Pool questionnaire

No, a spa isn't available at Hotel Haverkamp.

No, Hotel Haverkamp doesn't allow dogs.

Yes, parking facilities are available at Hotel Haverkamp.

No, Hotel Haverkamp doesn't have a gym.

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