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Summary of reviewsMonsieur Maurice stands out for its excellent location, providing easy access to Bruges' historic and cultural attractions while offering a tranquil retreat near picturesque canals and quiet streets. Guests consistently praise the welcoming and attentive staff, adding to the overall pleasant atmosphere. The hotel's clean and comfortable rooms, cited for their spaciousness and excellent bedding, perfectly complement the superb location. Notable mentions include the delicious breakfast buffet with a variety of options to cater to diverse tastes and the charming dining experience featuring good Belgian beer and lunch options.

While the dining options are well-received, particularly at breakfast, vegetarians may find the selection limited and some amenities like a coffee maker in rooms are absent. The rooms are generally clean and stylish with daily cleaning services maintaining high standards. However, some guests note smaller room sizes in annex areas and occasional noise issues. The bedding is highlighted for its comfort, contributing to restful sleep. Although maintenance issues like stained carpets and non-replenished toiletries occasionally arise, they are often promptly addressed.

Staff at Monsieur Maurice receive high marks for their friendliness and helpfulness, significantly enhancing the guest experience with their local knowledge and attentive service. The hotel provides free Wi-Fi, but the quality of the connection can vary, particularly in rooms above the fourth floor. Parking is another mixed experience with nearby options available but requiring advance reservation and a short walk to the hotel.

Monsieur Maurice caters well to families, offering spacious and well-equipped family rooms and a welcoming atmosphere. Parents appreciate the proximity to a park for children's play and the overall safe environment. The hotel's beds are frequently praised for their comfort, contributing to a pleasant stay.

Overall, Monsieur Maurice is an excellent choice for travelers seeking convenience, comfort and a welcoming atmosphere, making it a highly recommended option for a memorable visit to Bruges.
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Room Types
Superior Double Room This double room has a fan and flat-screen TV.

Single Room This single room features a fan and a satellite TV.

Small Double Room Rooms are 15 square metres and it come with a fan.

Standard Double Room This double room features a fan and a flat-screen TV.

Triple Room This triple room has a fan and satellite TV.

Family Room Rooms are 25 square metres and come with a fan.

Economy Double Room - Annex Building This double room has a fan and a flat-screen TV. Please note that this room is accessible via stairs only and is located in the annex building.

Economy Triple Room - Annex Building This triple room features a fan and a satellite TV. Please note that this room is accessible via stairs only and is located in the annex building.

Economy Family Room - Annex Building Rooms are 25 square metres and come with a fan. Please note that this room is accessible via stairs only and is located in the annex building.

Standard Double Room with Canal View Providing free toiletries, this double room includes a private bathroom with a shower and a hairdryer. This double room features a safe deposit box, flat-screen TV with satellite channels, a quiet street view, as well as wine/champagne for guests.

Guest Reviews
Very Good
Monsieur Maurice is celebrated for its outstanding location by guests who appreciate its close proximity to the heart of Bruges. Nestled just a short walk from the city's bustling center, this charming hotel is ideally situated for exploring the historic and cultural attractions of Bruges on foot. Guests frequently highlight how the central, yet peaceful, location allows for easy access to key sights like the Grand Market and Belfort without the noise and hustle of busier areas.

The hotel is situated near picturesque canals and quiet streets, providing a serene retreat after a day of sightseeing. For families, the presence of a nearby park is an added bonus, offering space for children to play. Parking convenience is noted with options available close by, adding ease for those traveling by car.

Consistently praised by guests is the welcoming and attentive staff, contributing to the overall pleasant experience. The hotel's clean and comfortable rooms, often described as spacious with excellent bedding, complement the superb location. Moreover, the included breakfast receives favorable mentions for its variety and quality.

Monsieur Maurice is an excellent choice for travelers seeking both convenience and tranquility with everything Bruges has to offer just a stone's throw away. From market squares to the charm of the old town, it serves as a perfect base for a memorable visit.

Breakfast at Monsieur Maurice is frequently praised by guests for its variety and quality. Many reviews highlight the breakfast as very good, excellent or delicious with a wide selection of options to cater to diverse tastes. The buffet includes fresh bread, croissants, cold cuts, yogurt, cereals and local specialties, ensuring a satisfying start to the day. Guests also compliment the coffee, which adds to their positive breakfast experience.

Despite the overall positive feedback, some guests mention areas for improvement, such as the limited selection of hot food and a desire for more variety, including fresh fruit. Nevertheless, the breakfast generally meets and often exceeds expectations, providing an ample, well-presented spread that is replenished regularly.

Service during breakfast is commended, contributing to a pleasant dining experience. Overall, breakfast at Monsieur Maurice leaves a favorable impression on most guests, who appreciate the hearty offerings and attentive service as part of their stay.

Monsieur Maurice offers guests a charming dining experience highlighted by good Belgian beer and a decent lunch. Breakfast at the hotel stands out with its variety and quality, providing guests with a pleasant start to their day. However, it is worth noting that the dining options for vegetarians are rather limited.

While the bar or tables for cozy get-togethers provide an intimate setting, they close at 10 pm, which may lead to some inconveniences. Guests looking for dinner options in the evening might need to seek out nearby restaurants.

Although there are some minor maintenance issues, they are promptly addressed. Certain amenities such as a coffee maker, refrigerator and kettle are missing in the rooms. Additionally, items like water and shower gel are not always replenished after they run out. Despite these small drawbacks, the overall dining experience at Monsieur Maurice remains enjoyable.

'Monsieur Maurice' offers a range of rooms that cater to different preferences and requirements. The rooms are frequently praised for their cleanliness and comfortable layout with daily cleaning services ensuring that standards are maintained. Many guests appreciate the modern decor and tasteful furnishings, which contribute to an overall stylish and updated ambiance.

Several reviews highlight the spaciousness of certain rooms, particularly those designed for families or located in the main building. The bathrooms, often modern and well-equipped, add to the appeal with features like spacious showers and ample lighting. Rooms with a view, whether of the canal or the surrounding cityscape, are well-regarded for their scenery.

However, there are recurring mentions of the smaller size of some rooms, especially in the annex or attic areas, where ventilation can be an issue. Though compact, these rooms are noted to be cozy and functional with all necessary facilities included. The lack of air conditioning in some areas has been a point of contention, particularly in the warmer months.

Noise is another factor to consider, as rooms facing the street or located near common areas may experience more disturbances. Despite these issues, the beds are often cited as very comfortable, contributing to a pleasant stay.

A few guests have pointed out minor maintenance issues, such as stained carpets or malfunctioning shower doors, but these do not seem to detract significantly from the overall positive experience. Features such as balconies, soundproofing and high-speed Wi-Fi add extra convenience and comfort.

In summary, 'Monsieur Maurice' provides a variety of room options that are characterized by their cleanliness, comfort and modern decor. While some rooms are smaller and can get quite warm, the overall feedback indicates a well-maintained facility with a welcoming atmosphere.

Monsieur Maurice receives overwhelmingly positive feedback regarding the comfort of its beds. Most guests found the beds to be very comfortable with many describing them as cozy, perfect or even like a cocoon. Several reviews highlighted the excellent quality of the bedding and soft pillows, noting that these contributed to a restful sleeping experience. Guests appreciated the good size and firmness of the beds which provided good back support. The neatness and cleanliness of both the beds and rooms were also commonly praised.

However, there were some critiques about the beds. A few guests reported issues with mattress toppers that kept sliding off, while others found the mattresses and pillows either too soft or, in fewer cases, too hard. There were isolated mentions of uncomfortable or poorly maintained beds and one review noted a troubling bed bug issue.

Despite these occasional complaints, the consensus is that Monsieur Maurice excels in providing comfortable and clean bedding, making for a pleasant stay overall.

Monsieur Maurice offers a mixed experience when it comes to cleanliness, as highlighted by various guest reviews. On the positive side, many guests found their rooms and common areas to be "very clean," "tidy," and "well-maintained." Daily cleaning services were mentioned often, contributing to the overall sense of cleanliness and comfort with some rooms described as "spotless" and having "impeccable cleanliness." The bedding was also noted to be "clean and comfortable," which added to the positive impressions.

However, there were several recurring issues that guests pointed out. Dust was frequently reported in various parts of the rooms, including under beds, on radiators and even on the TV. Some guests encountered mold in the bathrooms and other places, which detracted from their overall experience. The cleanliness of the bathroom was specifically highlighted as an area needing improvement with mentions of moldy corners, stained curtains and carpets and occasional unpleasant odors. Instances of neglected or dirty communal areas, such as the elevator and certain outdoor spaces, were also noted.

Overall, while the property succeeds in maintaining a generally clean and comfortable environment, certain lapses in housekeeping and maintenance prevent it from being consistently spotless. The mixed reviews suggest that while some guests were very pleased with the cleanliness, others felt that more attention to detail and rigorous cleaning standards could enhance the overall guest experience.

The reviews for Monsieur Maurice highlight overwhelmingly positive experiences with the hotel's staff. Guests frequently describe the team as friendly, helpful and welcoming. Many noted the staff's eagerness to offer good advice and share local knowledge, enhancing their stay with valuable tips about the city and its attractions. The receptionists, particularly Cintia and Viviane, received special mention for their exceptional hospitality and friendliness. The breakfast service received kudos for attentiveness with team members assisting in various ways, including ensuring pleasant seating arrangements and thoughtfully refueling items.

There were notable mentions of the staff being efficient, supportive and professional, while maintaining a personable and courteous demeanor. Guests appreciated the accommodating nature of the employees with several pointing out instances where the team went above and beyond to assist with specific needs or concerns. The owner and director were also praised for their attentiveness and accommodating nature, contributing to a welcoming atmosphere.

In summary, the staff at Monsieur Maurice earn high marks for their friendly and helpful nature, creating a warm and hospitable environment that significantly enhances the guest experience.

Monsieur Maurice offers a mixed experience when it comes to Wi-Fi connectivity. Many guests have praised the hotel for having a good internet connection with some noting that the Wi-Fi is strong and efficient, especially in the lobby. Reviewers have highlighted the availability of free Wi-Fi, which is both fast and stable under certain conditions. Some found the Wi-Fi experience in their rooms to be satisfactory with a strong signal and decent speed.

However, not all feedback was positive. A number of guests mentioned issues such as weak and unstable Wi-Fi signals, particularly in rooms above the fourth floor or in certain areas of the hotel. There were instances where the Wi-Fi was unreliable or unavailable altogether, making it difficult for guests to stay connected. For some, the connection was intermittent, only working well in the lobby or not fast enough to be useful.

Overall, while Monsieur Maurice provides free Wi-Fi that works adequately for many guests, there are inconsistencies in the quality of the service depending on the location within the hotel. Improvements could be made to ensure a more reliable and widespread connection throughout the property.

Monsieur Maurice offers a mixed experience when it comes to parking. Guests appreciated the hotel's helpful tips and recommendations for parking, highlighting that nearby public and covered parking options are available for approximately €15-20 per day. Some found these spots convenient and fairly priced, while noting the necessity of reserving them ahead of time due to limited availability.

However, several reviewers pointed out the challenges associated with parking at or near the hotel. Parking isn't available on-site; rather, it's situated a short distance away, around 5-10 minutes on foot. This arrangement caused frustration and confusion for some guests, who struggled with locating the designated parking areas and understanding the local signage. Additionally, the paid parking spots were sometimes considered expensive and narrow.

While competitive room rates and convenient access to city parking garages were appreciated, the overall parking situation at Monsieur Maurice remained a significant drawback for many visitors. For those planning to stay here, it's advisable to book parking in advance and be prepared for a brief walk from the parking facility to the hotel.

Nestled in a perfect central location, Monsieur Maurice offers an array of family-friendly amenities making it an excellent choice for those traveling with children. The hotel is renowned for its spacious and well-equipped family rooms, which comfortably accommodate families of various sizes. Many family rooms provide added privacy with features such as a large bathroom with a bathtub and a double bed separated from bunk beds by a sliding door.

Guests appreciate the family-centered ambiance, feeling a warm family vibe throughout their stay. The hotel offers a friendly, family-run atmosphere that enhances the overall guest experience. Families can enjoy additional perks like free room upgrades from triple to family rooms, making stays even more enjoyable.

Parents note the convenience of being near a small park, which provides a perfect spot for children to play. The hotel's safe environment and welcoming atmosphere are frequently highlighted, ensuring a comfortable stay for families with small children, including those with strollers.

While a few guests have mentioned narrow staircases in annex rooms or found certain rooms a bit small, the general consensus is overwhelmingly positive. Families recommend the hotel for its excellent service, spacious rooms and family-friendly amenities. Monsieur Maurice is highly recommended for a pleasant and comfortable family getaway with many guests eager for a return visit.

3 Star
Monsieur Maurice is a charming and affordable hotel, often praised for delivering a solid three-star experience. The location is ideal and guests frequently highlight the hotel's clean rooms, friendly staff and robust breakfast options. The breakfast, while generally well-received, could be more generous to fully meet three-star standards. The service and amenities are typical of a three-star hotel with many reviewers noting the comfort and quality offered at this price point. While some visitors felt certain aspects like cleanliness and room amenities could be improved, the overall sentiment reflects a high-quality three-star experience. The hotel’s proximity to the city center and the excellent price-quality ratio make it a highly recommended choice for travelers. Overall, Monsieur Maurice is recognized as a well-managed three-star hotel with a pleasant ambiance, perfect for those seeking quality accommodations without breaking the bank.

Monsieur Maurice offers a range of accessibility features that cater well to guests with limited mobility. The hotel is equipped with elevators, which are crucial for guests with suitcases or mobility needs and accessible rooms that are compliant with ADA standards. There are handrails, accessible bathrooms and bathtubs designed for ease of use. The spacious family rooms add a touch of comfort and convenience. The property also provides accessibility information and features throughout the hotel, including accessible floors, lifts and showers.

However, the annex building lacks an elevator, making it less ideal for those unable to navigate steep and high stairs. Some reviewers noted that the staircase can be uncomfortable and the space a bit constrained. Additionally, accessibility parking is limited and there were a few mentions of an elevator being out of service occasionally. Despite these limitations, the hotel's central location and ease of access to public transport and local attractions make it a convenient choice.

In summary, while Monsieur Maurice is generally accessible and mobility-friendly, a few areas need improvement, especially in terms of parking and elevator availability. Its central location and overall comfort, however, make it a worthy consideration for travelers with disabilities.

No, Monsieur Maurice doesn't have any pool.

No, a spa isn't available at Monsieur Maurice.

No, Monsieur Maurice doesn't allow dogs.

Yes, parking facilities are available at Monsieur Maurice.

No, Monsieur Maurice doesn't have a gym.

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