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Summary of reviewsEasyHotel Brussels City Centre is highly praised for its exceptional location, situated in the heart of Brussels. Guests appreciate its proximity to major landmarks, vibrant shopping streets, renowned restaurants and key transportation hubs. Despite its central position, the hotel offers a quiet and peaceful ambiance, ideal for restful stays with the convenience of being able to explore the city on foot.

The staff at the hotel receive consistent accolades for their friendliness and helpfulness, enhancing the overall guest experience. The reception, available 24/7, is noted for its efficiency and professionalism with staff going above and beyond in providing assistance and recommendations. The inclusion of multilingual staff further ensures a welcoming atmosphere for international guests.

Rooms at easyHotel Brussels City Centre are described as clean and modern, albeit compact, making them suitable for short stays. The functional design and comfort of the beds contribute to the overall positive feedback. However, the small size and minimal amenities, such as the lack of kettles, hairdryers and daily cleaning services, are frequently mentioned. Nonetheless, guests find the rooms to offer good value for money, particularly given the hotel's prime location.

The cleanliness of the hotel is generally well-regarded with fresh towels provided daily and efficient cleaning staff maintaining a tidy environment. Some guests suggest improvements in more frequent and thorough cleanings for an even better experience.

A significant area of concern among guests is the breakfast service. The absence of a dedicated breakfast room or buffet, coupled with a limited and somewhat expensive breakfast package, is a common point of critique. The hotel’s gastronomic services and amenities could benefit from enhancements to meet the expectations of guests better.

The hotel provides free Wi-Fi, which receives mixed reviews. While some guests find the connection satisfactory, others experience issues with connectivity and speed.

Despite some drawbacks, easyHotel Brussels City Centre remains a favored choice for budget-conscious travelers seeking a no-frills, conveniently located stay. The hotel's accessibility features, including elevators and rooms tailored for wheelchair users, are well-received, contributing to its appeal as a comfortable and convenient option in central Brussels.
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Room Types
Twin Room This twin room has two separate beds, they can not be put together.

Standard Double Room This double room has a large double bed.

Superior Double Room The double room features air conditioning, a private entrance, as well as a private bathroom boasting a walk-in shower. This double room has a safe deposit box, heating, a flat-screen TV and city views. The unit has 1 bed.

Family triple room This triple room is a family room, it features one double bed and one single bed.

Superior Room with Disability Access This double room is wheelchair accessible and has enough space for a wheelchair.

Guest Reviews
The EasyHotel Brussels City Centre boasts an exceptional and highly praised location, perfectly situated in the heart of Brussels. Guests are thrilled with its proximity to major landmarks such as the Grand Place, vibrant shopping streets, renowned restaurants and key transportation hubs including metro and train stations. Despite its central position, the hotel notably manages to offer a quiet and peaceful ambiance, ideal for restful stays.

Convenient for sightseeing, the hotel is within walking distance of numerous attractions, making it effortless for visitors to explore the city on foot. Many reviewers highlighted the fact that everything they wanted to visit was just a few minutes away, emphasizing the practicality and accessibility offered by the hotel's placement.

In addition to its prime location, the hotel garners positive remarks for its modern design, cleanliness and the helpfulness of the staff. Whether it's for a short stopover or an extended stay, the accommodation is well-integrated into the bustling city life yet provides a tranquil retreat after a day of exploring Brussels. The combination of competitive pricing and top-notch location makes EasyHotel Brussels City Centre a favored choice for travelers looking to immerse themselves in the city's vibrant atmosphere while enjoying comfort and convenience.

At easyHotel Brussels City Centre, breakfast services appear to be a significant area of concern for guests. Many reviews highlight the absence of traditional breakfast amenities, such as a dedicated breakfast room or a buffet. The only available option is a basic breakfast package that needs to be pre-ordered and picked up from the reception, which includes items like a croissant, ham, cheese and toast for an additional fee of around €7-8.50. This limited offering has been described as expensive and underwhelming by several guests, urging the hotel to improve the variety and quality of breakfast options.

There are no in-house dining facilities or room service options beyond vending machines and a coffee machine, which has led some guests to suggest improvements in the gastronomic services and amenities. The absence of simple conveniences like a mini fridge or coffee included in daily rates has also been noted. While some found the makeshift breakfast a convenient, albeit basic, solution, the overall sentiment leans heavily toward the need for an enhanced and more comprehensive breakfast experience.

Overall, while easyHotel Brussels City Centre excels in other areas, the lack of a substantial breakfast service is repeatedly highlighted as an area needing significant improvement.

The reviews for easyHotel Brussels City Centre indicate that while the rooms are generally clean and modern, they are notably small and compact. Guests frequently mention that the rooms are functional and efficient, making good use of limited space. The size is often described as adequate for short stays or city trips with some noting that they might not be suitable for longer stays or for those with lots of luggage.

Most reviewers highlight the cleanliness of the rooms, pointing out that they are well-maintained and comfortable. The modern aesthetic and functional design elements, such as thoughtful space-saving layout and essential amenities like air conditioning and TVs, are appreciated. However, criticisms about small bathrooms, minimal storage space and a lack of extras like kettles, hairdryers and daily cleaning services are common.

Despite the small size, many guests find the rooms to be good value for money, particularly considering the hotel's central location and proximity to city attractions. The comfortable beds and quiet environment add to the appeal for short-term visitors. Overall, the rooms are clean, basic and meet the essential needs of travelers looking for a convenient and budget-friendly option in central Brussels.

The guest reviews of easyHotel Brussels City Centre primarily emphasize the comfort of the beds and mattresses. Many guests mentioned that the beds were very comfortable with comfortable and cozy bedding standing out. There were also positive mentions of the mattresses being incredibly comfortable. Guests appreciated features such as king-size beds and the general consensus appears to be that beds, pillows and linens met comfort standards.

However, there were some recurring issues with the size of beds with a few guests noting that the single beds were narrow and sometimes too small for larger individuals. Additionally, while many found the beds comfortable, a few reviews pointed out that pillows were either too flat or uncomfortable. Some guests also encountered issues with bed cleanliness and occasional discomfort with mattresses and bedding.

Overall, easyHotel Brussels City Centre seems to offer generally comfortable beds that facilitate a good night’s sleep, albeit with some variability in bed size and pillow comfort. Despite these minor issues, most guests left feeling rested and satisfied with the bedding and the room's comfortable atmosphere.

EasyHotel Brussels City Centre appears to be a mixed bag when it comes to cleanliness, but many guests have highlighted positive aspects. The general consensus is that the rooms, although often described as small, are very clean. Several reviews describe the hotel environment as well-maintained and tidy with fresh towels provided daily and efficient cleaning staff who are attentive and helpful.

However, cleaning services are not conducted daily, which has resulted in some dissatisfaction. Some guests reported that regular cleaning is conducted every two days and this schedule sometimes led to issues such as dusty floors, unemptied bins and infrequent changes of linens and towels. There were also occasional remarks about specific areas needing more thorough cleaning, such as the bathroom tiles or high-contact points.

On the more negative end, some guests encountered specific cleanliness issues such as mold in the bathroom, lingering odors in the room and dirty showerheads. Despite these drawbacks, the general ambiance of the hotel has been described as clean and modern with a clean common area and practical amenities like lockers for luggage storage.

Overall, EasyHotel Brussels City Centre is seen as a clean, convenient option for travelers, particularly those who prioritize location and basic comfort. It offers a safe and tidy space, though more frequent and thorough cleaning services could enhance the guest experience.

At easyHotel Brussels City Centre, reviews particularly highlight the outstanding nature of the hotel staff. Guests consistently describe the staff as very friendly, kind and helpful. Many guests appreciated the welcoming and attentive service upon arrival. The reception staff, including well-mentioned individuals like Adrian and Alejandro, were frequently praised for their professionalism, responsiveness and multilingual capabilities. Regardless of the hour, the 24/7 reception was noted for its accessibility and support.

The efficiency of the staff stands out with guests noting quick check-ins and check-outs. The staff's proactive approach in providing assistance, solving problems and offering recommendations enhanced the overall experience for many visitors. The multilingual ability of the staff, including Spanish speakers, was an added boon for international guests.

Guests also highlighted the excellent value for money provided by the attentive and solution-oriented personnel. Their readiness to assist with luggage, provide advice on local attractions and even help with unconventional requests like lending a screwdriver, speaks to the overall high level of service.

Overall, it is clear that the staff at easyHotel Brussels City Centre has created a positive and welcoming atmosphere, making significant contributions to the enjoyable experiences of their guests.

EasyHotel Brussels City Centre has garnered a mix of reviews regarding its Wi-Fi service. On the positive side, many guests appreciated the availability of free Wi-Fi, describing it as good or even excellent. Some mentioned that the internet speed was stable and provided a smooth experience, making it the best they've had in a hotel. There were mentions of Wi-Fi working very well, being reliable and enhancing their stay with good internet connectivity.

However, there were also several criticisms about the Wi-Fi. Some guests mentioned that the internet connection was very poor with signals varying throughout the room or being unreliable at times. There were instances where the Wi-Fi was practically nonfunctional or too slow, leading to a frustrating experience. A few reviews even noted issues like unsecured Wi-Fi and problems at check out.

Overall, while the hotel does offer free Wi-Fi and some guests found it satisfactory, others encountered significant issues with connectivity and speed.

'EasyHotel Brussels City Centre' offers a clean and safe environment which can be comfortable for families. The staff has been noted as very friendly, helpful and polite, ensuring a pleasant stay for guests. However, it seems the hotel might miss a few marks on being entirely family-friendly, as some guests mentioned challenges, such as children having difficulties brushing their teeth. While it is an adequate choice for a short stay, potential guests should be aware of possible extra charges. The presence of an elevator is a plus for ease of access. Overall, the hotel seems best suited for family or couples' stays, but perhaps less ideal for friends or colleagues traveling together.

3 Star
The easyHotel Brussels City Centre provides a solid three-star experience with functional yet basic amenities. Known for its excellent central location and friendly staff, it is a practical choice for travelers looking for affordability. The hotel offers good value for money, especially given its proximity to Grand Place and Central Stations.

Rooms are comfortable and clean but plain, aligning with the expectations of a budget-friendly stay. Beds are notably comfortable and the overall cleanliness is commendable. The staff is consistently praised for their exceptional service and kindness, contributing to a pleasant stay.

For those prioritizing a low-cost accommodation with essential features, this hotel checks all the boxes. However, some guests felt that the cost-performance ratio could be improved, especially when considering the price point of €105 per night for a room with very basic amenities. Additionally, the lack of French-speaking Belgian TV channels and occasional noise issues were noted as minor drawbacks.

Overall, easyHotel Brussels City Centre is a good choice for budget-conscious travelers seeking a no-frills, conveniently located stay with a satisfactory price-performance balance.

EasyHotel Brussels City Centre offers a remarkably accessible stay for guests with disabilities, making it an excellent choice for those seeking convenience and comfort in the heart of Brussels. The hotel is designed with accessibility in mind, featuring elevators to all floors and a room specifically tailored for wheelchair users, which is praised for its spaciousness and appropriate bathroom equipment.

The check-in and check-out processes are straightforward and access to rooms is secure and easy with a key card system. The location is ideal, situated within walking distance to the city center and just a short stroll from public transport options, including metro stations and a nearby parking garage. Guests appreciate the proximity to major attractions and the central train station, making it easy to get around both on foot and by public transit.

Families and travelers will find the hotel convenient for accessing family-friendly services and enjoying the efficient shuttle ride for night travel. There's also easy access to public transportation and parking is close by. Additionally, amenities such as free Wi-Fi, a small refrigerator and a luggage storage facility add to the convenience and the staff, who speak excellent English, are noted for their helpfulness.

In summary, EasyHotel Brussels City Centre stands out for its central, accessible location and thoughtful accommodations for guests with disabilities, ensuring a functional and pleasant stay.

No, easyHotel Brussels City Centre doesn't have any pool.

No, a spa isn't available at easyHotel Brussels City Centre.

Yes, easyHotel Brussels City Centre welcomes dogs.

No, parking facilities aren't available at easyHotel Brussels City Centre.

No, easyHotel Brussels City Centre doesn't have a gym.

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