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Summary of reviewsHotel Los Naranjos in Cáceres is highly praised for its prime location, exceptional cleanliness, attentive staff and comfortable accommodations. Ideally situated just a short walk from the historic city center, main square and various dining and shopping options, the hotel offers both convenience for sightseeing and a peaceful, quiet environment for relaxation. Easy parking availability, both around the hotel and in a private garage for an additional fee, further enhances its appeal.

Guests frequently commend the spacious, well-maintained rooms, noting the particular comfort of the beds and the thoughtful details such as water bottles and bathroom accessories provided upon arrival. The overall cleanliness of the hotel is often highlighted with high hygiene standards consistently maintained throughout the premises. Though some rooms could benefit from renovations, the cleanliness and comfort generally leave a positive impression.

The staff at Hotel Los Naranjos receive enthusiastic praise for their kindness, professionalism and helpfulness. Whether it's the friendly receptionists or the diligent cleaning team, the staff's exceptional service significantly enriches the guest experience, creating a welcoming and hospitable atmosphere.

Breakfast at the hotel, although not always consistently available, is appreciated for its affordability and variety when offered. At €3.5, it provides good value with a selection of drinks, juice, savory and sweet items. Alternative breakfast options are conveniently located nearby, ensuring guests have access to a satisfactory meal to start their day.

Overall, Hotel Los Naranjos combines an advantageous location with excellent service, comfortable accommodations and significant value for money, making it a top choice for visitors exploring Cáceres. Potential guests should be aware of occasional inconsistencies in wifi coverage and the need for room renovations but can generally expect a pleasant and comfortable stay.
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Room Types
Double or Twin Room This air-conditioned room features free Wi-Fi, a flat-screen TV and a private bathroom with a hairdryer.

Single Room This air-conditioned room features free Wi-Fi, a flat-screen TV and a private bathroom with a hairdryer.

Guest Reviews
Hotel Los Naranjos in Cáceres boasts an exceptional location highly praised by its guests. It is ideally situated just a short walk from the historic city center, the main square and a variety of bars, restaurants and shops. The proximity to the old town and landmark sites like the castle is mentioned frequently, emphasizing convenience for sightseeing and exploration.

Despite being central, the hotel offers a peaceful and quiet environment, ensuring a comfortable stay. Visitors appreciate the easy parking options around the hotel, often stress-free and ample. The location is not only advantageous for those on foot but conveniently accessible for those traveling by car.

Additional positive notes include the cleanliness of the hotel, spacious rooms and friendly, helpful staff, creating an all-around pleasant experience for guests. Overall, Hotel Los Naranjos combines prime location with comfort and excellent service, making it a top choice for visitors exploring Cáceres.

Hotel Los Naranjos offers an interesting breakfast experience, though opinions vary. Some guests highlight that breakfast is not served within the hotel, leading them to seek alternatives nearby, such as a bakery conveniently located in front of the hotel or nearby markets. However, for those who experienced the hotel's breakfast service, the feedback is generally positive.

The breakfast is notably affordable at €3.5 and provides a good variety of choices. Guests can select a drink, a juice, a savory item and a sweet treat, making it a comprehensive meal for the price. Despite some occasional shortages of breakfast items, the overall quality is deemed acceptable or even very good by many. The value for money seems to be a significant highlight, ensuring guests get a hearty start to their day without breaking the bank.

In summary, while there are some inconsistencies regarding breakfast availability, when offered, it is affordable, varied and generally well-received with the added convenience of alternative options just steps away from the hotel.

Hotel Los Naranjos offers a variety of room experiences, highlighted by an overall sense of comfort and cleanliness. Guests frequently praise the spaciousness and well-maintained cleanliness of the rooms with particular appreciation for the comfortable beds and the thoughtful details provided, such as water bottles and bathroom accessories upon arrival.

Many reviewers note the rooms’ size positively, mentioning that they are large and cozy with some rooms being exceptionally spacious and well-soundproofed. The attention to cleanliness is consistent with numerous mentions of friendly staff ensuring the rooms are kept spotless. The hotel rooms are well-equipped, featuring amenities like air conditioning, TV and hairdryers, all contributing to a comfortable stay.

Despite the numerous positives, some areas could benefit from improvement. Certain rooms are described as being old, in need of renovation or having a dark ambiance. A few reviewers mentioned issues with window light sealing and furnishings that require updating or repair. Smaller rooms and bathrooms were also noted by some guests, highlighting a variance in room sizes within the hotel.

Overall, Hotel Los Naranjos seems to offer an excellent quality-price ratio with friendly service, clean and spacious environments and many thoughtful details to enhance guest comfort. However, potential guests should be aware of the occasional need for room renovations and the variability in room sizes and conditions.

At Hotel Los Naranjos, the beds consistently receive high praise for their comfort. Guests commonly describe the beds and mattresses as very comfortable with many emphasizing the quality of both the bed and pillows. Words like super comfortable, great and cozy frequently appear in the reviews, illustrating a high level of satisfaction with the sleeping arrangements provided by the hotel. Several guests also highlighted that the beds are both big and soft, ensuring a relaxing and restful experience. However, there are a few mentions of beds being too soft or hard with isolated comments about the mattresses being of low quality. Despite these occasional remarks, the overwhelming consensus is that the beds at Hotel Los Naranjos contribute significantly to the comfort and enjoyment of guests' stays.

Hotel Los Naranjos frequently receives high praise for its cleanliness across various guest reviews. The facilities, including rooms and bathrooms, are consistently described as very clean. Guests appreciate the bathrooms' and rooms' impeccable upkeep and are pleased with the overall level of cleanliness throughout the hotel. Many note the comfort and cleanliness of the rooms specifically, highlighting a clean and quiet atmosphere. The hotel often greets visitors with a notable clean scent throughout its premises, contributing to the positive impression of a well-maintained environment.

The positive sentiments towards the hotel's cleanliness are echoed by mentions of excellent cleanliness standards and the staff's attentive cleaning efforts. Reviews reflect that Hotel Los Naranjos maintains high hygiene standards, providing a comfortable and clean stay for its guests.

However, occasional comments address some inconsistencies in cleaning. A few guests reported areas where cleanliness could be improved, mentioning specific instances of the bathroom or room not being up to expected standards and unpleasant smells. Despite these isolated comments, the general consensus affirms that Hotel Los Naranjos is a very clean establishment, making it a reliable choice for travelers prioritizing hygiene.

Hotel Los Naranjos has garnered a stellar reputation for its exceptional staff, as echoed in numerous guest reviews. Visitors consistently praise the hotel team for their kindness, attentiveness and professional demeanor. The receptionists are frequently noted for their friendly and helpful nature, ensuring that guests feel welcomed from the moment they arrive. The cleaning staff also receive commendations for their excellent service, contributing to a spotless environment.

The owner, alongside the night shift staff, is highlighted for their personalized and warm approach, often going the extra mile to assist guests with their needs. Whether guiding newcomers or addressing specific requests, the dedication of the hotel staff is a recurring theme. Many guests describe the overall treatment from the staff as phenomenal, creating a pleasant and hospitable atmosphere throughout their stay.

Professionalism combined with genuine friendliness makes the team at Hotel Los Naranjos stand out with guests frequently emphasizing the superb service and personal attention they receive. This consistent level of care and friendliness contributes significantly to the positive experiences recounted by visitors, ensuring that their stay is both comfortable and memorable.

Hotel Los Naranjos offers a mixed experience when it comes to internet connectivity. Some guests found that the wifi in their rooms was good, allowing them to stay connected without issue. However, others mentioned that the internet wasn't available in their rooms, indicating inconsistent coverage. Several reviews noted that the wifi could be better with specific complaints about it not working well or not reaching certain rooms at all. While some guests enjoyed reliable internet, others faced frustrations, suggesting that the hotel's wifi service might benefit from improvements.

Hotel Los Naranjos boasts a favorable location in close proximity to the main square and Plaza Mayor, making it a convenient choice for visitors. One notable feature is the variety of parking options available. Guests praise the area for its ample parking facilities with easy-to-find spots both in front of the hotel and in the surrounding streets. Although the immediate vicinity includes blue zone parking requiring payment, there are also plentiful free parking spaces nearby, particularly behind the hotel.

The hotel offers a private garage for an additional fee of €10 per day for those who prefer secured parking. Despite a few mentions of parking difficulties, most reviewers find it relatively simple to park their cars without significant issues. Whether opting for paid parking in the blue zones or exploring the free options a bit further afield, guests generally report a satisfactory parking experience at Hotel Los Naranjos.

No, Hotel Los Naranjos doesn't have any pool.

No, a spa isn't available at Hotel Los Naranjos.

Yes, Hotel Los Naranjos welcomes dogs.

Yes, parking facilities are available at Hotel Los Naranjos.

No, Hotel Los Naranjos doesn't have a gym.

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