Chateau Motel Campinas

Campinas , , Rua Mirta Coluccini Porto,1055 Fazenda Santa Candida (Show on Map)

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Summary of reviewsChateau Motel Campinas is strategically located near the Dom Pedro I and Adhemar de Barros highways, making it an ideal choice for business travelers and event attendees. It's especially convenient for those visiting Expo Dom Pedro and the exhibition park in Jaguariuna with the added benefit of a peaceful and quiet atmosphere. Rooms are appreciated for their cleanliness, comfort and amenities like minibars and smart TVs with Netflix. The rooms are generally cozy and recently renovated, which enhances the guest experience.

Breakfast at the motel is highly regarded by many for its delicious and affordable options. Though simple, it includes a variety of items such as bread, cookies, toast, jam and beverages and is appreciated for being plentiful and arriving on time. However, there are occasional concerns about the variety and freshness of the offerings with some guests noting limited options and less-than-ideal bread quality.

The staff at Chateau Motel Campinas stand out for their excellent customer service. Guests frequently commend the helpful, polite and attentive demeanor of the employees with specific praises for individuals like Lucimara and the night receptionist. However, there are isolated comments about the morning reception staff being less courteous.

On the downside, some challenges with cleanliness have been reported with a few guests pointing out issues such as cockroaches and stale smells in the rooms. Additionally, there are mentions of stained or torn sheets, as well as occasional discomfort from hard mattresses and lack of fitted sheets that stay in place. Improving pest control and bedding quality could further enhance the guest experience.

Overall, Chateau Motel Campinas offers a peaceful and comfortable stay, especially suited for those seeking convenience for business and events nearby. While there are areas for improvement, particularly with bedding and cleanliness, the courteous staff and strategic location are significant plus points.
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Room Types
Suite This suite is comprised of 1 living room, 1 separate bedroom and 1 bathroom with a shower and free toiletries. This suite features air conditioning, a minibar, flat-screen TV, as well as chocolate for guests. The unit offers 1 bed.

Suite Featuring free toiletries, this suite includes a private bathroom with a shower. This suite has air conditioning, a minibar, flat-screen TV, as well as chocolate for guests. The unit has 1 bed.

Guest Reviews
Chateau Motel Campinas boasts a strategic location, particularly advantageous for travelers attending events or conducting business in the area. Positioned conveniently near the Dom Pedro I and Adhemar de Barros highways, the hotel offers easy accessibility for business travelers. It is particularly beneficial for those visiting Expo Dom Pedro and the exhibition park in Jaguariuna, being just a short drive away. Guests frequently highlight the quiet, peaceful atmosphere and commend the overall cleanliness and comfort of the rooms. While the proximity to a few nearby bars and the bustling region of Campinas is appreciated, those seeking a more central urban experience or access to supermarkets and restaurants may find the distance challenging. Nonetheless, for those looking to relax after an event or seeking calm surroundings, the location proves to be highly satisfactory.

The breakfast experience at Chateau Motel Campinas has garnered a range of feedback from guests. Many have commended the breakfast, noting it as very delicious, exceptional and even labeling it as what they liked the most during their stay. Guests consistently highlight the affordability and value of the breakfast, mentioning it is very good, simple but very tasty and generally satisfying.

There are positive mentions of the breakfast arriving on time as requested and being plentiful with options such as bread with margarine, cookies, toast, jam, boxed juice, cereal bars, sweet coffee, milk and chocolate milk. The period for breakfast, although noted by one guest as starting late at 7am, generally seems to fit well within guests' schedules.

On the flip side, some reviews highlighted areas for improvement. A few guests found the options limited or the bread stale and reheated. There were also mentions of the breakfast being extremely sweet and the coffee being cold. Concerns about the variety and quality were raised with some guests describing the breakfast as weak, lacking or even ridiculous.

Overall, while most guests found the breakfast to be excellent and well-suited to the price and enjoyed their morning meals, there is room for improvement in terms of variety and freshness.

Chateau Motel Campinas offers rooms that are generally described as clean, comfortable and well-organized, providing the basics needed for a comfortable stay. Some guests appreciated the privacy and peaceful atmosphere, as well as amenities like a minibar and smart TV with Netflix. The rooms have been noted to be cozy and recently renovated, adding to the sense of comfort. However, a number of reviews mention issues with cleanliness, such as the presence of cockroaches and cigarette smells. Some rooms seem to lack space for clothes and suitcases and there are occasional complaints about stained or torn sheets. Additionally, guests have pointed out the lack of blankets and uncomfortable pillows. Despite being close to the airport, the location is relatively far from downtown, which may be a consideration for some travelers. Enhancements in pest control and more thorough cleaning could improve the overall experience.

Chateau Motel Campinas offers a serene and peaceful environment, creating an ideal setting for relaxation and a good night's rest. However, guests have highlighted several concerns about the bedding. The mattresses are noted to be hard, which may impact overall comfort. Issues with the bed linens are also prominent with reports of stained, torn and worn-out sheets that do not stay in place properly. The feedback suggests that the use of fitted sheets would significantly enhance the experience. Enhancing the quality and condition of the bedding could potentially improve guests' satisfaction with their stay.

The cleanliness reviews of Chateau Motel Campinas reveal a mixed experience. Positive aspects highlight the very clean and spacious bathrooms with some guests describing their rooms as clean, cozy and boasting excellent cleaning standards. The motel is noted for being simple but organized. However, there are negative remarks as well with some guests mentioning a dirty appearance, unsatisfactory cleanliness and even spotting a cockroach. Other issues include complaints about the floor and sink in some bathrooms not being very clean and a missing blanket. Overall, the feedback on cleanliness varies significantly among guests.

The staff at Chateau Motel Campinas is generally noted for their excellent customer service and attentiveness. Guests appreciated the great service with many highlighting the helpful and polite demeanor of the employees. Specific mentions of individuals, such as Lucimara, point to staff members who left a positive impression. The night receptionist received praise for being wonderful and super polite, while the morning receptionist was criticized for being rude. Overall, the staff is described as agile, proactive and courteous, which contributes positively to the guest experience. Some areas for improvement include better pest control and addressing noise from employees during the night.

No, Chateau Motel Campinas doesn't have any pool.

No, a spa isn't available at Chateau Motel Campinas.

No, Chateau Motel Campinas doesn't allow dogs.

Yes, parking facilities are available at Chateau Motel Campinas.

No, Chateau Motel Campinas doesn't have a gym.

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