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Summary of reviewsCo56 Hotel Chemnitz enjoys a stellar reputation for its beautiful and strategic location, nestled in a serene, green environment near Castle Hill. The tranquil setting offers picturesque views and accessibility to the city center within a 15- to 30-minute walk, making it convenient for both leisure and business travelers. Public transportation options and ample parking facilities further enhance its accessibility, maintaining a calm and quiet ambiance insulated from the urban hustle.

The breakfast service is frequently noted as one of the hotel's standout features. Guests praise the exceptional quality and variety of the buffet, which includes fresh bread, high-quality coffee, homemade jams and other delightful offerings. The breakfast environment is described as light and enjoyable, complemented by attentive and friendly staff. Minor critiques about occasional buffet depletion and pricing do not overshadow the overwhelmingly positive feedback.

Dining experiences at Co56 Hotel Chemnitz earn varied reviews. Many guests commend the delicious and varied meals, frequently mentioning the high quality of the food and the pleasant atmosphere of the bar and restaurant. Despite occasional complaints about the price-quality ratio, slow service or temporary staff shortages, many guests still appreciate the overall dining experience.

Guest feedback on the rooms offers a balanced view. Rooms are often described as spacious and clean with comfortable beds and practical amenities. Family rooms and suites receive particular praise for their size and features. However, the hotel shows signs of aging with several mentions of outdated decor, worn-out furniture and fluctuating room temperatures. Despite these issues, positive comments about cleanliness, good Wi-Fi and impressive views are common.

Cleanliness at the hotel is generally well-regarded, though some guests note areas that could benefit from modernization and deeper cleaning. The standard of hygiene is consistently high with rooms and amenities well-maintained.

Staff at Co56 Hotel Chemnitz are frequently highlighted for their exceptional friendliness and professionalism. Guests appreciate the attentive, polite and accommodating nature of the personnel, particularly at the reception. Minor issues with staff shortages and communication do not significantly detract from this positive impression.

The hotel's Wi-Fi receives mixed reviews; while many find it reliable and fast, some experience weak signals and technical issues. Concerns about the segmented speed options and the need to sign up for a newsletter slightly affect the overall Wi-Fi experience.

Parking options are well-received with a variety of choices including an underground garage and free spots in front of the hotel. The presence of EV charging stations, available at no extra cost, adds to the convenience for travelers with electric cars. Though some find the underground parking fees high, the general ease and security make it a preferred option for many.

The hotel is particularly accommodating for families, offering spacious family rooms and child-friendly amenities like a playroom. The restaurant's breakfast options, tailored for kids and staff's friendliness towards families and pets, further enhance the family-friendly atmosphere. Minor logistical issues do not significantly impact the overall positive family experience.

Overall, Co56 Hotel Chemnitz provides a comfortable and pleasant stay with its convenient location, excellent breakfast and friendly staff. While room renovations and minor service improvements could enhance guest satisfaction, the hotel's strengths make it a top choice for diverse travelers.
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Room Types
Suite Spacious suite including terrace with great views, separate lounge, free WiFi, free pay-TV, and a complimentary bottle of water.

Double Room with Street View Providing free toiletries, this double room includes a private bathroom with a bath, a shower and a hairdryer. The air-conditioned double room provides a flat-screen TV with satellite channels, a wardrobe, a carpeted floor, heating as well as a quiet street view.

Double Room with Garden View This double room has air conditioning, flat-screen TV and a complimentary bottle of water.

Family Room Providing free toiletries, this family room includes a private bathroom with a bath, a shower and a hairdryer. The spacious air-conditioned family room provides a flat-screen TV with satellite channels, a wardrobe, a carpeted floor, heating as well as garden views. The unit offers 3 beds.

Guest Reviews
Very Good
Co56 Hotel Chemnitz is well-regarded for its exceptional location, providing guests with an advantageous combination of tranquility and convenience. The hotel is situated in a quiet, green and serene environment, often described as peaceful, making it perfect for those looking to unwind. It's adjacent to beautiful parks and is nestled in the historically-rich Castle Hill area, offering picturesque views and a pleasant atmosphere.

The location allows for easy access to the city's attractions and amenities. Guests can reach the vibrant city center within a 15- to 30-minute walk, where numerous restaurants, cafes and sights await. Additionally, the proximity to public transportation, such as nearby bus stops and the city tram, makes exploring Chemnitz and beyond straightforward.

For those traveling by car, the hotel offers ample parking options and is conveniently located close to the highway, making it ideal for stopovers during longer journeys. Despite its central position, the hotel maintains a calm and quiet ambiance, insulated from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Overall, Co56 Hotel Chemnitz is not only praised for its beautiful and strategic location but also for its ease of accessibility, making it a top choice for both leisurely stays and business visits.

The breakfast at Co56 Hotel Chemnitz consistently earns high praise from guests for its impressive quality and variety. Described as very good, exceptional and truly rich, the breakfast options are plentiful and cater to diverse tastes. Guests frequently highlight the buffet for its extensive selection, noting that it is often well-replenished and includes everything from fresh bread and high-quality coffee to fresh juices and several types of eggs. Notably, some reviews mention specific delights such as homemade jam, hotel-owned honey and freshly squeezed carrot-apple juice as standout offerings.

The breakfast environment is also appreciated with comments on the nicely set-up buffet, light atmosphere and appealing renovations of the lobby and breakfast room. The hotel's staff receives commendations for their attentiveness and friendliness during breakfast service, adding to the overall positive experience.

However, there are occasional mentions of the buffet being somewhat depleted towards the end of breakfast hours and some isolated remarks about the breakfast being underwhelming or too expensive. Despite these few critiques, the general consensus remains overwhelmingly positive with many reviewers asserting that the breakfast leaves nothing to be desired and even labeling it as the best or a dream breakfast. Overall, the breakfast at Co56 Hotel Chemnitz is widely regarded as a highlight and well worth enjoying.

At the Co56 Hotel Chemnitz, guests have had varied experiences with the hotel's dining offerings. Many reviewers were highly impressed with the quality of the food, describing the meals as delicious, varied and highly recommended. The bar and restaurant have received praise for their pleasant atmosphere and wide selection of drinks with the bar staying well-stocked until midnight.

Dinner at the hotel often earns positive mentions for its taste and quality with several guests highlighting specific meals as very good or even excellent. Breakfast is frequently noted for being particularly rich and satisfying with a great selection of bread and rolls. For those who enjoy dining at the bar, the food there is generally good, though some found the selection limited and expressed a desire for more snack options for those with a smaller appetite.

However, some reviews pointed out issues such as the quality of the food not always matching its price and a few unfortunate instances of poor dining experiences. There were also occasional complaints about slow service, including a long wait for orders to be taken and served. Additionally, not all guests were able to enjoy the restaurant and bar, as they were sometimes closed in the evening due to staff shortages, leaving some visitors disappointed.

Overall, while the majority of guests seem to appreciate and enjoy the dining options at Co56 Hotel Chemnitz, there have been occasional lapses in quality and service that the hotel could improve upon. Despite these few setbacks, many guests would return for the enjoyable dining experiences they had at the hotel’s restaurant and bar.

At co56 Hotel Chemnitz, guest feedback on the rooms paint a diverse picture. Many guests appreciated the spaciousness of the rooms, which often include comfortable beds and practical amenities. Family rooms and suites received special praise for their size and features like connecting doors, separate living areas and terraces. Hygiene standards generally appeared to be high with numerous reviews highlighting clean, tidy rooms, bathrooms and fresh furnishings.

Guests also noted the large selection at the breakfast buffet and the convenience of underground parking. The views from several rooms, some overlooking the city or a garden, were positively mentioned as well. The large TVs and good WiFi contributed to the comfort and functionality of the stays.

However, it's clear the hotel's rooms are in need of renovation. Many visitors found the decor and furnishings outdated with some specifics pointing to a 90s aesthetic. Complaints included worn-out furniture, damaged tiles and peeling wallpaper. Issues like noisy rooms, fluctuating room temperatures and instances of no hot water also marred the experience for some guests. The carpeted floors and some room amenities, such as pillows and mattresses, were highlighted as particularly in need of updating.

In essence, while co56 Hotel Chemnitz offers spacious, clean rooms with a range of practical amenities, it also requires significant refurbishing to meet modern comfort and aesthetic standards.

During a stay at the co56 Hotel Chemnitz, guests can expect an overall positive experience when it comes to the beds. The general consensus highlights that the beds are very comfortable, providing a restful night's sleep. Many reviews specifically praise the beds and mattresses, noting them as soft, cozy and super comfortable. Additionally, guests appreciated the clean and spacious rooms, contributing to a relaxing environment.

However, a few drawbacks were observed. Some guests found the mattresses to be too soft or saggy with a few instances of worn-out or uncomfortable beds. Pillow quality also varied with some finding them too flat or soft. Despite these issues, reviews consistently mentioned the hotel's friendly staff, cleanliness, quiet ambiance and good location, further enhancing the stay.

In summary, while there are areas for improvement concerning bedding comfort and quality, most guests enjoyed a good night's sleep on the comfortable beds at co56 Hotel Chemnitz.

At the co56 Hotel Chemnitz, guests primarily commend the cleanliness of the rooms and bathrooms, noting that everything was kept very clean and tidy. Many reviews highlighted the clean, modern furniture and the overall neatness of the accommodations. The hotel maintains high cleanliness standards and rooms are often described as spacious, comfortable and well-kept.

However, several reviews pointed out that parts of the hotel showed signs of aging. The carpets, in particular, received frequent mentions for being stained and worn out with some needing urgent replacement. Certain areas also reflected the hotel's dated nature with outdated fixtures and occasional musty smells. Despite these issues, the general sentiment toward the cleanliness of the rooms and facilities remains positive.

The hotel would benefit from addressing its aging infrastructure and ensuring more consistent cleaning practices, as a few guests noted substandard cleanliness in specific areas, like behind curtains or on terraces. Overall, though, the high levels of cleanliness and tidy presentation make it a recommended spot for travelers looking for a clean and friendly place to stay.

The reviews for the co56 Hotel Chemnitz highlight a consistently positive experience with the hotel's staff. Guests frequently mention the exceptional friendliness and attentiveness of the personnel, particularly noting the accommodating nature and helpfulness at the reception. The professionalism and competence of the staff are recurrent themes with various remarks about their courteous and polite demeanor. The service is described as prompt and excellent and the staff's willingness to go the extra mile for guests is evident, especially when it comes to ensuring a pleasant stay and fulfilling requests efficiently. The reception staff stand out for their warm welcomes, providing useful tips and showing a personalized approach to guests' needs. Although there are minor mentions of occasional staff shortages and some communication issues, the overall impression is that of a dedicated and cheerful team, contributing significantly to the hotel's welcoming ambiance.

The Wi-Fi experience at 'co56 Hotel Chemnitz' garnered varied reviews. Many guests reported positive experiences, describing the Wi-Fi as good, very good, great and excellent. Some appreciated the consistent coverage throughout the hotel, including in the rooms and noted that the connection had good speed, even handling streaming services like Netflix without issues. A few reviews mentioned that the Wi-Fi worked without requiring a password, adding to the convenience.

However, a few areas for improvement were highlighted. Some guests experienced weak Wi-Fi or noted the Internet was really bad. There were mentions of high-speed WiFi being chargeable while low-speed WiFi is free and concerns were raised about services being blocked over the WLAN. Additionally, a requirement to sign up for the newsletter to access the Wi-Fi and occasional technical failures impacted the overall experience for some visitors.

Overall, while numerous guests had a satisfactory and even excellent experience with the hotel's Wi-Fi, there were some inconsistencies noted that could be addressed to enhance future guest satisfaction.

The parking situation at co56 Hotel Chemnitz generally receives positive feedback from guests. The hotel offers a variety of parking options including an underground garage and spaces in front of the hotel. The underground parking is often praised for its spaciousness and accessibility with several guests noting that it provides a secure and comfortable place for their vehicles. There are also charging stations for electric cars available at no extra cost, which many guests appreciate.

While the underground parking is convenient, it comes with a daily fee of 14 euros, which some guests find excessive. Nonetheless, the convenience and security it offers seem to justify the cost for many. There are also mentions of free parking spaces in front of the hotel, though these can be limited and fill up quickly. Nearby street parking is sometimes available, providing an additional, budget-friendly option.

There are some criticisms regarding the tightness and limited number of parking spaces in the underground garage. However, these issues seem to be outweighed by the general ease and availability of parking at the hotel. Overall, co56 Hotel Chemnitz provides a range of parking solutions to meet different needs, making it a convenient choice for guests traveling by car.

EV charging stations
Guests of the co56 Hotel Chemnitz have praised the convenient electric vehicle (EV) charging facilities available at the hotel. The underground garage offers a sufficient number of charging stations, making it an ideal choice for travelers with electric cars. Notably, many reviews highlight that charging is provided free of charge, enhancing the overall value and convenience. The availability of multiple charging spaces ensures that guests seldom encounter issues finding a spot to charge their vehicles. Overall, the hotel's commitment to supporting electric vehicle owners shines through in these positive reviews.

Co56 Hotel Chemnitz proves to be a commendable choice for families looking for comfort and convenience during their stay. The spacious family rooms, consisting of two large double rooms with connecting doors and individual bathrooms, have garnered positive feedback for being ideal for families. Guests appreciate the well-thought-out playroom for kids and the family-friendly service offered by the staff.

The hotel's restaurant is noted for its cleanliness and availability of nice breakfast options tailored for kids. Families also benefit from being in a location with several restaurants and cafes within walking distance, adding ease to their dining choices. The hotel is accommodating not only to families but also to pets with dogs receiving immediate pampering upon arrival.

However, some guests experienced minor inconveniences, such as family rooms being out of use or having to wait in the lobby. Despite these occasional logistical challenges, the hotel remains a strong contender for a pleasant family stay, providing a great environment for both children and pets while being in a convenient location for family activities.

4 Star
Located in Chemnitz, the 'co56 Hotel Chemnitz' offers a compelling stay with its modern, four-star facilities. The hotel features spacious and quiet rooms that are well-equipped with ample lighting, providing guests with a clean and cozy environment. Many visitors appreciate the great views from the rooms and the prompt, courteous service offered by the staff.

Guests particularly enjoyed the plentiful breakfast buffet and the uncrowded pool area, making the hotel a favorable choice for both relaxation and business trips. The hotel's lobby is noted for its classy ambiance and the overall cleanliness contributes to a positive experience.

While some rooms have not been renovated and a few guests felt the hotel did not fully meet the four-star standard, the majority consider the price-performance ratio to be appropriate. The hotel’s amenities and services are often compared favorably to those of well-known four-star hotel chains, yet the room rates are more aligned with three-star establishments.

Overall, the co56 Hotel Chemnitz embodies many high four-star qualities, providing excellent service at competitive rates.

Nestled in a calm and quiet area, the co56 Hotel Chemnitz is an excellent option for business travelers, providing a range of services and amenities tailored to their needs. Guests frequently commend the quiet and comfortable rooms, which are perfect for conducting business or simply unwinding after a long day of meetings. The hotel is often cited as the best choice for business stays in Chemnitz due to its professional atmosphere and strategic location, which is convenient for business appointments.

The hotel offers well-equipped meeting rooms and conference spaces, designed to accommodate business events and team-oriented activities. The service, known for being polite and professional, includes provisions such as coffee, cake and drinks during events, ensuring every detail is covered for a productive meeting or conference. The hotel is described as having good customer service for business travelers with a professional point of contact available for advanced bookings, although it’s worth noting that the business traveler manager can be hard to reach at times.

Co56 Hotel Chemnitz provides an enjoyable environment for conferences and short business trips, offering excellent value for money. Business guests will find the location extremely practical and the fitness area adds a welcome touch for those staying overnight. In summary, this hotel comes highly recommended for business travelers who are looking for a quiet, professional and well-serviced venue for their work-related stays.

The co56 Hotel Chemnitz offers a variety of accessibility features that are beneficial for guests with disabilities. Accessible rooms and easy access to these spaces ensure comfort and convenience. The hotel is equipped with accessible elevators, making movement between floors hassle-free. Guests also appreciated the excellent accessibility features throughout the facility. The bright breakfast room and inviting hotel garden add to the pleasant experience. However, one area that could benefit from improvement is the height of the toilets, which were noted as too low for individuals with knee injuries. Overall, the hotel provides a largely accessible environment with room for minor enhancements.

Dog Friendly
The co56 Hotel Chemnitz is recognized for its dog-friendly facilities and services, making it a convenient choice for pet owners. Pets are welcome with no problems, creating an environment where dogs are pampered and allowed in designated "dog rooms." The hotel is spacious enough for pets and the proximity to a nearby park adds to its appeal for dog owners.

Despite these benefits, some guests noted the additional charge of €20 per night for dogs, which they found quite high, especially considering that no additional amenities like water bowls are provided. However, the staff is praised for their friendliness and overall, the hotel maintains a truly dog-friendly approach, making it an attractive option for travelers with pets.

No, co56 Hotel Chemnitz doesn't have any pool.

No, a spa isn't available at co56 Hotel Chemnitz.

Yes, co56 Hotel Chemnitz welcomes dogs.

Yes, parking facilities are available at co56 Hotel Chemnitz.

No, co56 Hotel Chemnitz doesn't have a gym.

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