Hotel Da Giovanna

Chiusi della Verna , , Viale San Francesco 33 (Show on Map)
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Summary of reviewsHotel Da Giovanna enjoys an exceptional location in a quiet, picturesque village that attracts visitors who are passionate about trekking and exploring historic sites. The hotel is ideally situated for those intending to visit the nearby Sanctuary of La Verna with trails starting right at the hotel door, making it an excellent choice for pilgrims and hikers. The central village location ensures proximity to local amenities and the availability of parking and a bus stop nearby adds to the convenience. Guests are also treated to breathtaking mountain views and easy access to various scenic excursions through the Casentino Forest.

The breakfast at Hotel Da Giovanna is a standout feature, consistently delighting guests with its abundant and varied buffet. Fresh pastries, bread, ham, cheese and local products are common highlights, served with hot drinks at the table. Although a few guests mentioned a desire for more variety, the overall feedback is overwhelmingly positive with descriptors like excellent, very good and superb commonly used.

Dinner at the hotel is equally well-received with guests praising the delicious local and traditional dishes served in a cozy dining area. The home-cooked feel of the meals, generous portion sizes and commendable house wines contribute to a memorable dining experience. Specific dishes like homemade pasta and Tuscan specialties receive particular mention, underscoring the restaurant's reputation for high-quality food and value for money.

Guests frequently highlight the cleanliness and modernity of the rooms at Hotel Da Giovanna. The rooms are often described as spacious, impeccably clean and well-maintained with some featuring beautiful terraces or balconies with mountain views. Modern amenities in the bathrooms and the overall attention to detail in room furnishings contribute to a comfortable stay. A few mentions of smaller room sizes do not detract from the generally positive impression of the accommodations.

The cleanliness of the hotel is another major strength, consistently praised by guests for the immaculate state of the rooms and public areas. The thorough cleaning standards enhance the overall comfort, making the environment both welcoming and cozy.

The staff at Hotel Da Giovanna are highly regarded for their warmth, professionalism and attentiveness. Guests consistently note the friendly and helpful nature of the team, which extends to all areas of service, including the dining experience. This hospitality leaves a lasting positive impression on visitors.

While the Wi-Fi service has received mixed reviews with some guests experiencing connectivity issues in their rooms, this does not overshadow the overall positive experiences at the hotel. A minor point is the occasional mention of the beds being a bit hard, though most guests found them comfortable and enjoyed restful sleep.

In summary, Hotel Da Giovanna is celebrated for its prime location, delicious meals, clean and comfortable rooms and exceptional staff. These elements combine to make it a highly recommended choice for travelers seeking a memorable stay in Tuscany.
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Guest Reviews
Very Good
'Hotel Da Giovanna' boasts an exceptional location for visitors who love trekking and exploring historic sites. Nestled in a quiet, picturesque village, this hotel is perfectly positioned for those intending to visit the Sanctuary of La Verna, as it is just a short walk away. The trail to the Monastery of La Verna starts right at the hotel's doorstep, making it an ideal starting point for pilgrims and hikers traveling along the Way of St. Francis and other scenic routes through the Casentino Forest.

The hotel's strategic placement not only provides easy access to the sanctuary but also serves as a central hub for various excursions in the surrounding areas. Guests appreciate the convenience of being right on the pilgrimage route with paths leading directly into the heart of nature, surrounded by breathtaking mountain views.

Moreover, the central location within the village ensures that visitors are close to local amenities, yet can enjoy a peaceful atmosphere. The proximity to a bus stop and parking facilities right in front of the hotel adds to its convenience, making 'Hotel Da Giovanna' an optimal choice for those looking to combine comfortable accommodation with the thrill of exploring Tuscany’s rich spiritual and natural heritage.

Hotel Da Giovanna seems to consistently impress guests with its breakfast offerings. The feedback is overwhelmingly positive, highlighting abundant and varied buffet options that include both sweet and savory dishes. Guests frequently mention the deliciousness and high quality of the breakfast with fresh pastries, bread, ham, cheese, butter, eggs, jams, cereals and fruit often noted.

The breakfast is described as excellent, very good, superb and wonderful with nothing missing from the spread. The inclusion of local products and hot drinks served at the table adds to the overall experience. Some guests have also appreciated the hotel’s effort in packing breakfast for them in advance and tailoring meals to various requests and needs.

However, a few reviews suggest that the breakfast could benefit from more variety and there are mentions of it being "average" and "sufficient." Despite these minor critiques, the richness and variety of the breakfast buffet are repeatedly praised, making it a highlight for many visitors.

In summary, the breakfast at Hotel Da Giovanna is a major asset, known for its variety and quality and it significantly enhances the overall guest experience.

Hotel Da Giovanna's dinner offerings have received glowing reviews from guests, consistently praising the excellent cuisine and delicious local dishes. The hotel's restaurant stands out with its remarkable food, featuring a varied menu that includes traditional, well-executed dishes. Guests appreciated the home-cooked feel of the meals, which are frequently described as delicious, individually prepared and reflective of the local area's culinary traditions.

The cozy dining area and beautiful room add to the overall pleasant dining experience, further enhanced by the hospitality of a welcoming host. House wines have also been commended, contributing to a fantastic dining occasion. Many guests noted the generous portion sizes and the great value for money with the set dinner menu. Specific dishes such as homemade pasta, wild boar, peposo and Tuscan specialties like crostini and cheese boards were highlighted for their taste and quality.

Overall, the restaurant at Hotel Da Giovanna is seen as a superb dining establishment with guests consistently enjoying excellent, hearty meals, making it well worth a visit for anyone staying in the area. The positive feedback suggests that the dining experience at the hotel is both delightful and memorable with many guests expressing a strong desire to return.

Hotel Da Giovanna offers a delightful blend of comfort, modernity and cleanliness in their rooms. Guests frequently highlight the rooms’ impeccable cleanliness and recent renovations, ensuring fresh, spotless and modern accommodations. Many rooms are spacious, featuring comfortable beds and ample storage with some offering terraces or balconies that provide serene mountain views or panoramic vistas.

The bathrooms are notable for their modern amenities, spaciousness and functionality. Some rooms have beautifully designed, newly renovated bathrooms that include step-in showers and various amenities. Despite a few mentions of the rooms being on the smaller side, this does not overshadow their overall coziness and well-maintained condition.

Guests also appreciate the attention to detail in the room furnishings and the efficient heating and air conditioning systems that keep rooms comfortable regardless of the season. Additionally, the hotel accommodates personalization with options like different types of pillows, which adds to the comfort and satisfaction of each guest’s stay.

Overall, Hotel Da Giovanna stands out for its excellent cleanliness, comfortable and modern rooms and the well-thought-out amenities, making it a highly regarded choice for visitors.

Hotel Da Giovanna has generally received positive feedback regarding the beds from guests. Many visitors have praised the comfort and quality of the beds, noting that they had a good night's sleep and felt well-rested. The option to choose between different types of pillows has also been appreciated, catering to various preferences and enhancing comfort.

While the general consensus is that the beds are comfortable, a few guests mentioned that they found the beds a bit hard and suggested that softer options could be available. However, this did not significantly affect the overall positive sleep experience for most guests with many stating that they slept very well, especially appreciating the quietness of the environment.

In terms of cleanliness, the beds have been described as clean and well-maintained. A minor point of improvement noted was the occasional lack of duvets. Overall, the beds at Hotel Da Giovanna contribute to a satisfying and restful stay for most guests.

Hotel Da Giovanna consistently receives high praise for its outstanding standards of cleanliness. Guests frequently highlight the immaculate state of the rooms and facilities, describing them as very clean and well-maintained. The bathrooms, often noted as recently renovated, are impeccably clean, enhancing the overall comfort of the stay.

Visitors appreciate the clean, tidy and beautifully maintained environment with some even remarking about the hotel's superb cleaning and spotless conditions. The entire facility, from the kitchen to communal areas, upholds a high level of cleanliness, meeting top standards and ensuring a comfortable experience.

In terms of structure, the hotel is described as nice and great with clean and functional amenities that contribute to its cozy atmosphere. Even though some rooms might be a bit small, the perfect cleanliness and well-kept conditions make up for the size. Overall, everything, including the service and cuisine, is maintained at excellent cleanliness levels, making Hotel Da Giovanna a highly recommended choice for travelers seeking a spotless and comfortable stay.

At Hotel Da Giovanna, guests are consistently impressed by the exceptional quality of the staff. Descriptions of the team highlight their warmth, professionalism and eagerness to assist. The reception service stands out for being prompt and exceedingly friendly, ensuring a welcoming atmosphere from the moment guests arrive. The hosts are notably attentive, hospitable and kind, contributing to a pleasant and comfortable stay.

Guests frequently mention the outstanding service, which is characterized by a courteous and accommodating approach. Whether it is the management, owners or general staff, everyone is praised for their friendliness and dedication to making visits enjoyable. The staff's attentiveness and genuine kindness leave a lasting positive impression. In addition, the high standards of service extend to the dining experience, where both the service and the food receive acclaim.

Overall, the staff at Hotel Da Giovanna set a benchmark in hospitality with their unwavering helpfulness and cheerful disposition, making it a preferred choice for many travelers.

The Wi-Fi at Hotel Da Giovanna has room for improvement. While some guests found that the internet connection was okay if not great, others noted that the Wi-Fi signal does not reach the rooms consistently and sometimes requires walking to the restaurant hall to connect. Accessibility is an issue in several areas of the hotel and it appears that a review and upgrade of the Wi-Fi system could be beneficial. Some guests mentioned that the Wi-Fi is partly available but can be sketchy. Despite these challenges, a few guests commented that they could manage without it for a couple of days.

No, Hotel Da Giovanna doesn't have any pool.

No, a spa isn't available at Hotel Da Giovanna.

Yes, Hotel Da Giovanna welcomes dogs.

No, parking facilities aren't available at Hotel Da Giovanna.

No, Hotel Da Giovanna doesn't have a gym.

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