Hotel Le Midi Clermont-Cournon

Cournon-dʼAuvergne , , 4 Place Joseph Gardet (Show on Map)
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Summary of reviewsHotel Le Midi Clermont-Cournon is highly regarded by guests for its prime location, which is particularly convenient for those attending events at the Zénith d'Auvergne or visiting the Auvergne Great Hall. The area offers ample parking options, enhancing its accessibility. Despite minor noise issues from the roadside or nearby construction, the hotel's central placement makes it a favorable stopover for travelers. Guests appreciate the friendly staff and a welcoming atmosphere, finding the location both strategic and well-suited for short stays.

The breakfast experience at the hotel is frequently described as very good, delicious and excellent value for money. Guests enjoy substantial, quality offerings served with friendly service, creating a pleasant start to their day. Although there are minor suggestions for improvement like adding a toaster, the overall sentiment is positive, praising the breakfast for its simplicity and effectiveness.

Dinner at the hotel also receives glowing praise with guests commending the fresh, homemade ingredients and excellent preparation of the dishes. Popular items include homemade burgers and chicken basquaise. The personalized touch in the meals makes dining feel homely and memorable, though it's advised to plan ahead for evening dining as external options nearby are limited.

The rooms provide a positive experience, noted for being clean, comfortable and spacious. Interiors range from vintage to modern decor, adding to a cozy atmosphere. Guests highlight the comfort of the bedding and furniture, alongside the hotel’s dedication to cleanliness. Minor drawbacks include the lack of air conditioning, soundproofing issues and some maintenance concerns. However, for short stays, the rooms are aesthetically pleasing and provide a pleasant environment.

Cleanliness is a standout feature, consistently praised across reviews. Guests describe the rooms and the entire establishment as immaculately maintained. The hotel's decor and furniture are also noted for being elegant and cozy. This commitment to hygiene contributes significantly to a peaceful and inviting ambiance.

The staff at Hotel Le Midi Clermont-Cournon receive exceptional praise for their friendliness, professionalism and attentive service. Guests frequently mention the warm, courteous reception and the personal touch provided by the owners, enhancing the overall stay. Efficient check-in processes and proactive communication further highlight the staff’s dedication to guest satisfaction.

Overall, Hotel Le Midi Clermont-Cournon offers a comfortable and pleasant stay with its convenient location, excellent dining, clean and cozy rooms and exceptional staff service, making it a valuable choice for both leisure and business travelers.
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Double Room This double room features a TV with canal plus channels a free WiFi.

Triple Room This triple room features a TV with canal plus channels a free WiFi.

Family Room This family room features a TV with canal plus channels a free WiFi.

Guest Reviews
Very Good
Hotel Le Midi Clermont-Cournon enjoys a prime and exceptionally convenient location. Guests frequently commend its proximity to the Zénith d'Auvergne, making it an ideal choice for those attending shows and events. The hotel is also near the Auvergne Great Hall, just an eight-minute drive away and central to various shops and amenities, enhancing its appeal for both leisure and business travelers.

The area features ample parking options, including free parking nearby, although some guests note that it can be slightly distant from the hotel entrance. Despite occasional mentions of the noisy roadside or ongoing downtown construction, the ease of access and the convenience of being near a busy center are emphasized.

Additionally, the hotel is appreciated for its functional facilities which suit short stays in the region with its central placement making it a great stopover for travelers on the A71-75. Guests highlight the value for money, friendly staff and the welcoming atmosphere, ensuring a pleasant stay.

While some aspects of the city environment received mixed feedback with descriptions like sad or soulless, the overall sentiment remains positive due to the strategic and accessible location combined with good service and comfortable accommodations.

Hotel Le Midi Clermont-Cournon offers a breakfast experience that consistently meets and often exceeds guests' expectations. The breakfast is frequently described as very good, delicious and hearty with many guests noting that it provides excellent value for money. It's simple yet effective, often noted for its quality products, balance and efficiency. The offerings are praised for being substantial and served with a smile, which adds to the overall pleasant dining experience.

Guests appreciate the friendly service and the plentiful options available, even though some mention the need for minor improvements like the inclusion of a toaster or revised breakfast schedules. Despite these minor critiques, the breakfast is generally commended for being more than adequate for the price with many labeling it as excellent and abundant. The hotel's breakfast serves as a strong starting point for the day, combining simplicity with high quality and leaving a positive impression on guests.

The dinner experience at Hotel Le Midi Clermont-Cournon has received glowing praise from guests. The hotel offers an exceptional dining experience with dishes that are not only excellently prepared but also made using fresh, homemade ingredients. Travelers consistently commend the quality of both dinner and breakfast with mentions of delicious homemade burgers and a standout chicken basquaise meal. Guests enjoy a unique evening menu that often feels like dining at home, indicating a personalized touch to the meals. While the simplicity of the dishes is noted, the cooking stands out for its excellence. The on-site catering receives high marks and the welcome guests receive, along with the quality of the food, contributes to a memorable dining experience. However, it is advisable for travelers arriving in the evening to plan ahead, as options for external dining nearby are limited.

The accommodations at Hotel Le Midi Clermont-Cournon offer a predominantly positive experience, highlighted by clean, comfortable and spacious rooms. Guests appreciate the tastefully decorated interiors, which range from vintage decor to more modern finishes, creating a cozy and inviting atmosphere. Bedding and furniture are often noted for their comfort, adding to the overall pleasant experience.

Many visitors praise the hotel’s dedication to cleanliness, as well as its functional and well-maintained facilities. The rooms, including bathrooms, are described as spacious with some guests highlighting unique, personalized decorations that add a charming touch to their stay.

While many guests find the establishment bright and pleasant, a few noted issues include the absence of air conditioning, poor soundproofing and occasional minor maintenance concerns like small shower cabins or outdated fixtures. Additionally, the family rooms appear to be less ideally sized for larger groups.

Aside from the minor drawbacks, guests often enjoy a hearty breakfast and the warm hospitality of the owners. For a brief stay, Hotel Le Midi Clermont-Cournon seems to offer a comfortable and aesthetically pleasing environment, though it might not suit those needing extended accommodation or requiring specific modern amenities.

Hotel Le Midi Clermont-Cournon generally receives positive feedback regarding its beds. Guests often highlight the comfort of the bedding and the mattresses, noting that they are of good quality. Many found the beds to be comfortable and the rooms to be spacious and clean, adding to the overall comfort of their stay. While there are occasional mentions of beds being too hard or pillows being too soft, the majority of reviews praise the bedding as good or very good, particularly for those who prefer firmer mattresses. The consistency in clean and comfortable accommodations reflects well on the hotel's dedication to value for money.

Hotel Le Midi Clermont-Cournon stands out for its exceptional cleanliness, consistently praised by guests. The rooms maintain a high standard, being described as clean, comfortable and modern. The overall tidiness extends beyond the rooms with the entire establishment noted for its immaculateness. Guests have commended the hotel's elegant furniture, cozy atmosphere and the neat, appealing decor. The welcoming and friendly nature of the staff also contributes positively, enhancing the overall pleasant experience.

Despite a few isolated critiques, such as issues with shower cleanliness and occasional dust, the predominant sentiment remains highly positive regarding the hotel's hygiene and comfort. Along with its rustic yet clean ambiance and strong value for money, Hotel Le Midi Clermont-Cournon clearly prioritizes cleanliness, creating a peaceful and inviting environment for its patrons. Overall, the combination of meticulous upkeep and hospitable management ensures a pleasant stay.

Hotel Le Midi Clermont-Cournon consistently receives high praise for its exceptional staff. Guests frequently highlight the welcoming and friendly nature of the staff, noting their constant smiles and professional demeanor. Reviews often mention the warm and attentive reception from both staff and owners, who are courteous, helpful and go out of their way to ensure a pleasant stay. The hotel owners, in particular, receive commendations for their kindness, availability and personal touch, making guests feel right at home.

Many visitors appreciate the efficient and simple check-in process with some highlighting the proactive communication through SMS before and after arrival. This emphasis on communication and care extends throughout the stay, creating a friendly and accommodating atmosphere. The staff’s discretion is also noted, striking a balance between being attentive and allowing guests their privacy.

Overall, the combination of staff friendliness, professionalism and the personal attention of the owners contributes significantly to the positive experience at Hotel Le Midi Clermont-Cournon.

No, Hotel Le Midi Clermont-Cournon doesn't have any pool.

No, a spa isn't available at Hotel Le Midi Clermont-Cournon.

Yes, Hotel Le Midi Clermont-Cournon welcomes dogs.

No, parking facilities aren't available at Hotel Le Midi Clermont-Cournon.

No, Hotel Le Midi Clermont-Cournon doesn't have a gym.

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