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Summary of reviewsBackpacker La Bo'M stands out as a top-rated accommodation in Cusco, thanks to its prime location, cozy atmosphere and excellent dining options. Situated in the bohemian and artistic San Blas district, guests are just a five-minute stroll from Plaza de Armas, offering easy access to Cusco's historic center. The neighborhood is described as vibrant yet peaceful, filled with excellent dining spots including vegan options and provides a scenic setting away from the city's hustle and bustle. This balance of tranquility and centrality earns high marks from visitors, making it an ideal base for exploring Cusco.

Breakfast at Backpacker La Bo'M receives particular acclaim for its unlimited crepe options, which are both delicious and varied. The homemade crepes, served with a range of toppings from cheese to fruit and honey, offer a hearty and customizable start to the day. The breakfast room, complete with outdoor seating and a hammock, enhances the experience by providing a social space for guests to meet and mingle.

Dinner is another highlight with the hostel's creperie and restaurant upstairs earning rave reviews for its diverse and delectable menu. The crepes are often described as some of the best in Cusco with dishes like salted butter caramel receiving special mention. Guests enjoy the added perks of discounted meals and a picturesque dining setting with beautiful city views. The convivial and artistic atmosphere, combined with excellent food and service, makes dining at Backpacker La Bo'M a must for both guests and locals alike.

The cozy and well-decorated rooms are generally clean, featuring comfortable beds with plenty of blankets. While the rooms are often noted for being small and occasionally struggling with ventilation and temperature control, they are well-equipped and stylishly adorned. Shared bathrooms are kept clean with hot water readily available, although some areas could benefit from more consistent cleaning efforts.

The staff at Backpacker La Bo'M stand out for their exceptional service and welcoming demeanor. Known for their friendliness and readiness to assist, individuals like Edu, Jordana, Sarah and Luis contribute significantly to the hostel’s warm and lively atmosphere. Multilingual capabilities and extensive local knowledge further enhance guest satisfaction.

While the WiFi receives mixed reviews with common areas offering the most reliable connectivity, the overall internet experience is good when functioning properly. Families are particularly well-catered for with various communal spaces fostering a home-like and bonding environment. The hostel's community spirit and exceptional hospitality make it an excellent choice for family vacations.

Overall, Backpacker La Bo'M combines an excellent location, outstanding dining options, cozy accommodations and exceptional service to create a memorable and comfortable stay for travelers in Cusco.
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Room Types
Bed in 5-Bed Mixed Dormitory Room This bed in dormitory has a patio.

Single Room with Private Bathroom Providing free toiletries, this single room includes a private bathroom with a shower. The single room features parquet floors, a patio and an inner courtyard view. The unit offers 1 bed.

Double Room with Shared Bathroom This double room has a shared bathroom and parquet floors. The unit has 1 bed.

Double Room with Private Bathroom Offering free toiletries, this double room includes a private bathroom with a shower. The double room features parquet floors, a patio and an inner courtyard view. The unit offers 1 bed.

Twin Room with Shared Bathroom This twin room features a shared bathroom and parquet floors. The unit offers 2 beds.

Deluxe Double Room with Shower This double room has a desk, a patio, an inner courtyard view and a private bathroom. The unit has 1 bed.

Triple Room with Private Bathroom Providing free toiletries, this triple room includes a private bathroom with a shower. The triple room features parquet floors, a patio and an inner courtyard view. The unit offers 2 beds.

Guest Reviews
Backpacker La Bo'M boasts a highly praised location set in the artistic and bohemian district of San Blas, Cusco. The hostel is strategically situated just a short five-minute walk from the iconic Plaza de Armas, providing guests with easy access to Cusco's historic center. The neighborhood is described as vibrant, charming and filled with excellent dining options, including vegan restaurants.

Guests appreciate the hostel's proximity to various shops, cafes and tourist attractions, while also noting the quiet and peaceful atmosphere of the area. The setting in a picturesque and serene alley ensures a good night’s sleep away from the city's hustle and bustle, yet conveniently close to the main square.

The San Blas neighborhood itself receives high marks for its beauty, safety and cosmopolitan vibe, making it an ideal base for exploring Cusco. Visitors value the location's balance of tranquility and centrality, deeming it perfect for anyone looking to experience the cultural and historical richness of the city. Overall, the location of Backpacker La Bo'M is consistently highlighted as a major plus in guest reviews, contributing to a comfortable and convenient stay.

Backpacker La Bo'M is highly praised for its breakfast offerings, particularly the unlimited crepe option that leaves a lasting impression on guests. Many reviews highlight the deliciousness and variety of the homemade crepes, often served with cheese, jam, butter and even fruit and honey for those who desire a bit more sweetness. The pancake breakfast is described as hearty, filling and a perfect start to the day with some vegan options available. Patrons appreciate the ability to customize their breakfast with additional toppings at affordable prices and the service is noted for being friendly and attentive.

The atmosphere of the breakfast room, including an outdoor space with a hammock, adds to the overall positive experience, creating an ideal space for meeting and socializing with fellow travelers. While some reviews mention the breakfast as being basic or not including items like eggs or ham, the majority of comments reflect satisfaction with the quality and quantity offered.

The flexibility of the breakfast service, which includes preparing meals the night before for early departures, is also a standout feature. Overall, the breakfast experience at Backpacker La Bo'M receives broad commendation, making it a top choice for travelers seeking a delicious and communal start to their day.

Backpacker La Bo'M features an impressive creperie and restaurant that consistently garners praise from its guests. The hotel's creperie, located upstairs, is particularly celebrated for its delicious and diverse menu options, including crepes with salted butter caramel that visitors rave about. The food is described as amazing with many noting the crepes as the best in Cusco. The restaurant's charm is only enhanced by its beautiful view of the city, making it a picturesque spot to enjoy a meal.

Guests appreciate the convenience of having such a high-quality dining option within the hotel, often dining at the creperie every evening. The atmosphere is noted as unique and artistic, contributing to a pleasant dining experience. Additionally, La Bo'M offers a 20% discount at the creperie for its guests, which is a valued perk.

The service at the restaurant is commended as good with the food often described as top-notch, plentiful and delicious. The restaurant's terrace offers a fantastic spot to relax and enjoy the view, adding to the overall appeal. Even locals frequent the creperie, endorsing its incredible food and scenic outlook.

Overall, the dining experience at Backpacker La Bo'M is a standout with the delicious food, charming atmosphere and scenic views winning over guests consistently. It's a must-visit dining spot for both hostel guests and visitors to Cusco.

Backpacker La Bo'M offers a cozy and inviting atmosphere, characterized by its comfortable and well-decorated rooms that are generally clean and tidy. Many visitors appreciate the welcoming staff and the stylish touches that give the hostel a warm feel. Shared bathrooms are noted for their cleanliness and hot water and the hostel provides good value for the money.

However, it is clear that the rooms are typically on the smaller side with some guests describing them as tiny or cramped. Private bathrooms, although clean, tend to be remarkably small. The rooms sometimes struggle with ventilation issues and there are frequent mentions of them being cold and musty. Despite these issues, the rooms are equipped with everything necessary for a pleasant stay.

Guests who stayed in private rooms with ensuite bathrooms found them comfortable and well-equipped despite their size. The hostel’s dormitories are also highlighted as not being overcrowded and providing sufficient space. Some of the rooms have nice views over a private courtyard, adding to their charm.

In summary, while Backpacker La Bo'M excels in cleanliness, friendly service and stylish decor, potential guests should be prepared for smaller room sizes and some issues with ventilation and temperature control.

Backpacker La Bo'M showcases a satisfactory sleeping experience as noted by guests. Overall, the beds are frequently described as comfortable with many highlighting the super-comfortable mattresses and the bigger-than-usual bed size. The hostel provides an excellent comfort level in its rooms, emphasized by the availability of plenty of blankets and clean bedding that guests appreciate. Dormitories offer comfortable double beds and the privacy of beds with curtains. Despite a few minor issues, such as beds occasionally being too hard or lower bunk beds feeling uncomfortable, the majority of feedback underscores the consistent comfort and coziness of the beds. The hostel's commitment to maintaining clean linens and making beds daily adds to the overall positive experience.

Backpacker La Bo'M has garnered a mix of feedback regarding its cleanliness, though the majority of reviews lean towards a positive outlook. Guests frequently noted that both private and communal areas were well-maintained and tidy. Many highlighted that bathrooms, whether shared or private, were consistently clean and well-kept with daily cleaning ensuring they remained in good condition. Additionally, the hostel's rooms are generally perceived as clean with fresh sheets and comfortable arrangements.

However, several reviews indicated that improvements could be made, particularly in the thoroughness of room cleaning upon arrival and the maintenance of certain areas. Issues like odors, hair and water in the shared bathrooms were mentioned, suggesting that the communal spaces can become dirty quickly despite regular cleaning efforts by the staff. Some guests also pointed out that the outside areas of the hostel could benefit from better upkeep.

Overall, while Backpacker La Bo'M maintains a high standard of cleanliness according to many guests, there is a clear need for enhanced consistency to ensure all areas meet expectations.

Staying at Backpacker La Bo'M offers a unique blend of exceptional service and warm ambience, primarily driven by its outstanding staff. Guests frequently praise the reception team for their helpfulness and readiness to ensure a pleasant stay. The staff's friendliness and attentiveness create a welcoming atmosphere, making visitors feel well-cared for from the moment they arrive.

Individuals like Edu, Jordana, Sarah and Luis are highlighted for their exceptional service, adding a personal touch that enhances the overall experience. The multilingual capabilities of the team, combined with their extensive knowledge about local tours, significantly contribute to the guests' satisfaction.

The staff's genuine care and kindness resonate deeply with visitors, showcased by the thoughtful gestures like providing extra blankets and accommodating various needs. The overall vibe at the reception area is described as warm and lively with the team always wearing a smile and ready to assist with any inquiries.

In summary, the staff at Backpacker La Bo'M consistently go above and beyond, making the hostel a standout choice for those seeking attentive and friendly service during their travels.

Backpacker La Bo'M offers a mixed experience when it comes to WiFi connectivity. Guests often praise the strong and excellent internet connection, especially in the common areas, noting that the WiFi works well and is reliable. Many appreciated being able to connect in places like the courtyard. However, WiFi in the rooms appears inconsistent with several guests mentioning it didn't work or was prone to frequent disconnections. Despite these issues, when functional, the internet connection is described as good and decent by several reviewers. For those relying on WiFi during their stay, the common areas seem to be the most dependable spots for a seamless connection.

Backpacker La Bo'M is an exceptional choice for families seeking a welcoming and comfortable stay. The staff's attentive and friendly demeanor makes visitors feel like they are part of a family from the moment they arrive. This hostel is renowned for its exceptional customer service with employees always ready to assist both in person and through WA.

The family-friendly atmosphere is one of the key highlights, offering a variety of communal spaces such as a nice patio and warm fireplace areas that foster a homely and bonding environment. The hostel's relaxed and inviting setting provides a warm welcome for families, making it an ideal retreat for communal gatherings and family stays.

The establishment goes beyond typical accommodations, focusing on creating a home-like feel where guests can truly bond and enjoy their time together. The community spirit and good energy within the hostel create a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere, perfect for both short and extended family vacations. The excellent storage solutions ensure convenience for travelers, adding to the overall homely touch.

With rave reviews highlighting its family-oriented services and exceptional hospitality, Backpacker La Bo'M stands out as a perfect getaway for families looking for more than just a place to stay.

No, Backpacker La Bo'M doesn't have any pool.

No, a spa isn't available at Backpacker La Bo'M.

No, Backpacker La Bo'M doesn't allow dogs.

No, parking facilities aren't available at Backpacker La Bo'M.

No, Backpacker La Bo'M doesn't have a gym.

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