Corp Executive Hotel Doha Suites

Doha , , 27 Al Sarh, Umm Gwalina (po Box 23463) (Show on Map)

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Summary of reviewsCorp Executive Hotel Doha Suites offers a strategically advantageous location, close to key attractions such as Souq Waqif, Corniche and various local marketplaces. It is also conveniently accessible to travelers due to its proximity to the airport and metro station. The surroundings feature a family-friendly atmosphere, although some guests have noted that the neighborhood can appear crowded and congested with ongoing construction.

The breakfast experience at the hotel generally receives positive remarks, especially highlighted by the excellent service of their barista, Brother Jalal. However, there are critiques regarding the repetitive menu and occasional cleanliness issues. The breakfast often includes well-presented options and is included in the room rate, although it does not always meet diverse cultural preferences.

Guest feedback on rooms is varied. Positively, the rooms are described as spacious and well-equipped with amenities suitable for families, including separate living areas and full kitchens. However, several reviews point out that the rooms are in need of refurbishment with issues related to cleanliness, outdated furniture and malfunctioning facilities like air conditioning units.

Cleanliness at the hotel is a mixed bag. Many guests commend the hotel’s overall cleanliness and quiet environment with good daily housekeeping. Nonetheless, others have reported lapses in cleaning standards, such as dirty floors, stained towels and issues in bathrooms.

The staff at Corp Executive Hotel Doha Suites is typically highly regarded for their friendliness and professionalism. Mr. Bourlem, Omar Al-Anzi, Aisha and Khadijah receive special mentions for their exceptional service, although there are isolated incidents of uncooperative behavior.

The Wi-Fi service receives mixed reviews; while some guests experience strong and reliable connectivity, others face slow speeds and poor coverage, especially in certain areas like the reception.

The rooftop pool is appreciated for its ambiance and cleanliness, particularly popular among children. However, maintenance issues, winter-time cold temperatures and a lack of a lifeguard have been raised as concerns.

Parking at the hotel is another point of frustration for guests, primarily due to the limited and narrow parking spaces. Despite the challenges, the gatekeeper’s helpfulness is noted as a positive aspect.

When it comes to beds, opinions are split. Some guests find them comfortable and clean, enjoying a good night’s sleep. Others, however, encounter discomfort, dirty linens and outdated bedding that impact their stay negatively.

While the hotel strives to uphold a four-star rating, guest reviews suggest that it falls short in several areas, prompting some to rate the facilities and services as more appropriate for a three-star hotel.
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Room Types
Family Two-Bedroom Suite This air-conditioned and spacious suite includes a flat-screen TV and a well-equipped kitchenette. It has a modern décor.

Family Three-Bedroom Suite Extra spacious and air-conditioned suite, including a flat-screen TV and a well-equipped kitchenette. It has a modern décor.

Executive Suite Modern, air-conditioned suite with a flat-screen TV and well-equipped kitchenette.

Junior Suite Modern, air-conditioned suite with a flat-screen TV and well-equipped kitchenette.

Deluxe Double or Twin Room The pool with a view is a top feature of this twin/double room. Featuring free toiletries and bathrobes, this twin/double room includes a private bathroom with a walk-in shower, a bidet and a hairdryer. The air-conditioned twin/double room features a flat-screen TV with cable channels, a wardrobe, a safe deposit box, an electric kettle as well as a quiet street view.

Guest Reviews
The Corp Executive Hotel Doha Suites boasts a strategic location that is praised for its proximity to key areas and conveniences in Doha. The hotel is conveniently close to the airport, offering easy accessibility for travelers. Guests appreciate that it is just a short distance from the metro station and a mere 10-minute car ride from the city center, making commuting simple.

The hotel is situated near a variety of shops and markets, including the well-known Souq Waqif and Wadi Market, as well as various amenities like restaurants, grocery stores and barbershops. Visitors find the proximity to popular attractions such as the Corniche, Grand Museum and several local mosques to be particularly advantageous. The area is also noted for being family-friendly and offering a mix of services within a short walking distance.

However, there are mixed opinions about the surrounding neighborhood. While some guests highlight the convenience and central location, others point out that the hotel is nestled in an older, crowded area with ongoing construction, which can make access difficult and the environment less appealing. Some reviews mention that the nearby streets are narrow and congested with maintenance work affecting accessibility.

Despite some criticisms about the neighborhood and road conditions, the general sentiment emphasizes the excellent location of the hotel for accessing Doha’s main landmarks and services, making it a viable option for travelers looking to explore the city with ease.

The breakfast experience at Corp Executive Hotel Doha Suites has garnered mixed feedback from guests, though it's generally positive. Many guests have praised the breakfast as good, refreshing and even amazing. Highlights include Brother Jalal, the barista, who is noted for his exceptional moka with cream, available during breakfast. The buffet is described as simple but acceptable with some guests praising the diverse and beautifully presented options.

However, several guests have commented on the lack of variety with the same items offered daily. This repetition has led to dissatisfaction for those staying multiple nights. Quantities and table cleanliness have also been issues for some guests. Specific cultural preferences, particularly for Saudi guests, were reportedly not catered to, leading to some ratings of the breakfast as very bad.

On the positive side, the breakfast is often included in the room rate and room service for breakfast is available, although not always up to standard with missing utensils noted. During Ramadan, Suhoor replaced the usual breakfast, but it was considered inadequate by guests. Overall, while the breakfast has strong points, there are clear areas for improvement, particularly in variety and consistency.

The rooms at Corp Executive Hotel Doha Suites receive mixed feedback from guests. On the positive side, the rooms are frequently described as spacious and well-equipped, which is a plus for families and those needing more space. Many reviewers appreciate the size, highlighting features such as separate living and dining areas, multiple bedrooms and bathrooms, kitchens with essentials like small ovens, dishwashers and washing machines, as well as terraces. The comfort of accommodations and the supportiveness of the staff when it comes to room upgrades without additional costs also garner favorable mentions.

However, several guests mention that the rooms often appear worn out and in need of refurbishment. Issues with cleanliness, bathroom conditions, annoying smells and malfunctioning heaters and air conditioning units are common themes. The dated furniture and inconsistent housecleaning have been highlighted as areas needing improvement. Some guests noted disturbances and noise during their stay, affecting their experience negatively.

In summary, while the rooms at Corp Executive Hotel Doha Suites are spacious and well-equipped, they fall short in terms of cleanliness, maintenance and modern upkeep, according to numerous guest reviews.

The reviews for the beds at Corp Executive Hotel Doha Suites present a mix of opinions. On the positive side, guests often mentioned the availability of a beautiful and comfortable bed with some highlighting how nice and peaceful it felt for rest. Cleanliness was noted by a few with mentions of clean beds and good-quality bed linens. Master bedroom beds were frequently described as good, providing a comfortable experience for some.

However, several guests pointed out issues that negatively impacted their stay. A number of reviews described the beds as uncomfortable with some critics extending this to the overall discomfort in the master bedroom. Concerns about cleanliness appeared as well with mentions of dirty sheets and blankets, linens with stains and even finding hair on the beds. Some guests had to request extras like slippers and bathrobes, which took a long time to be delivered. The term “old” was used for the beddings, indicating a need for an update.

Overall, while some visitors had a restful and pleasant experience with the beds, others faced discomfort and cleanliness issues.

Reviews of the Corp Executive Hotel Doha Suites offer a mixed verdict on cleanliness. Guests frequently commend the cleanliness, noting that the hotel is clean and quiet with spotless rooms and excellent daily housekeeping. Facilities are maintained well and the spacious rooms are typically very clean and comfortable.

However, there are also significant detractors. A noticeable number of guests report issues such as outdated and unclean furniture, rooms with unpleasant odors and areas that need more meticulous cleaning. Specific problems include bathrooms where water does not drain properly, stained towels, dirty floors and unattended kitchen items. Moreover, some reviews highlight that although the hotel provides weekly cleaning, the overall standard of cleanliness is inconsistent, revealing occasional lapses like cigarette butts on the kitchen skirting and food particles on dining chairs.

In essence, while many find the hotel generally clean and comfortable, several issues of cleanliness and maintenance suggest that there is room for improvement to meet all guests' expectations consistently.

The staff at Corp Executive Hotel Doha Suites receive high praise for their friendliness and professionalism. Numerous guests highlighted the attentive and welcoming nature of the personnel, particularly mentioning Mr. Bourlem at reception, who stood out for his professionalism and Omar Al-Anzi for his respectful treatment. Aisha and Khadijah, both from the reception and restaurant respectively, were frequently acknowledged for their outstanding service.

Guest reviews consistently describe the staff as accommodating, responsive and cooperative. From the helpful check-in girl to the amiable receptionists and the cheerful room service and parking staff, the hotel's team aims to provide efficient and friendly service. Employees like Mr. Mahdi, Jalal and Amina were specifically noted for their courteous and respectful behavior, further affirming the hotel's commitment to high standards of hospitality.

While the majority of feedback is positive, indicating a supportive and attentive team, there are occasional mentions of uncooperative behavior and lapses in professionalism from some staff members. However, such instances appear to be outliers in the overall guest experience at this hotel, which is largely characterized by excellent and attentive service.

The Wi-Fi service at Corp Executive Hotel Doha Suites has garnered mixed reviews from guests. On the positive side, many have praised the Wi-Fi as excellent or good with some describing the internet as excellent. This suggests that in certain areas or rooms, the connectivity is strong and reliable. However, there are notable concerns raised by other guests, indicating that the Wi-Fi can be inconsistent. Complaints include issues such as slow speeds, poor coverage and even non-functioning Wi-Fi upon arrival, particularly at the reception. To summarize, while some guests have enjoyed robust and efficient internet service, others have encountered significant challenges with the Wi-Fi during their stay.

The pool at Corp Executive Hotel Doha Suites has a mix of positive and negative aspects mentioned in guest reviews. On the positive side, the rooftop pool offers a nice ambiance and is enjoyed by children. It has its fans who describe it as quite good and excellent and the cleanliness of the pool is noted positively by several guests. Friendly staff also enhance the overall pool experience. However, there are recurring issues such as the pool being cold, especially in winter and problems with maintenance and hygiene. Some guests found the pool area to be dirty and in need of more care with reports of foul smells. Additionally, the pool's suitability for children is questioned due to the absence of a lifeguard and space around the pool is described as limited. The pool has also faced closures for repairs, leaving some guests unable to use it during their stay.

While staying at Corp Executive Hotel Doha Suites, guests have noted certain challenges regarding the parking facilities. The primary concern is the limited and narrow parking spaces, which can be particularly tight for larger vehicles. Guests have expressed that the underground parking options are quite cramped and spaces are few, making it difficult to find a suitable spot. Additionally, the parking lot outside the hotel has been described as being in poor condition.

There were mentions of the parking being somewhat basic and the overall availability of spots within the building is limited. Despite these challenges, one positive note was the helpfulness of the gatekeeper, suggesting that hotel staff make efforts to assist with parking issues. Furthermore, the offer of free parking at the hotel provides some consolation for guests navigating the tight and limited spaces.

4 Star
The Corp Executive Hotel Doha Suites has garnered mixed feedback from its guests with several reviews hinting at disappointment regarding its four-star rating. The general consensus suggests that the facilities and services fall short of what is typically expected from a hotel of this caliber. Guests have pointed out that the rooms do not align with four-star standards with some even arguing that the hotel should not exceed a three-star rating. Criticism extends to the breakfast offerings, which are described as modest and weak, not meeting the expectations associated with a four-star establishment. Additionally, the lack of a lobby or restaurant has been noted as a significant drawback. Overall, while aiming to provide a four-star experience, the hotel appears to fall below the anticipated standards in various aspects of its service and facilities.

Yes, Corp Executive Hotel Doha Suites has pool(s) that belong to one or more of the following categories: Rooftop Pool. For more information, read the answers to the Pool questionnaire

No, a spa isn't available at Corp Executive Hotel Doha Suites.

No, Corp Executive Hotel Doha Suites doesn't allow dogs.

Yes, parking facilities are available at Corp Executive Hotel Doha Suites.

Yes, Corp Executive Hotel Doha Suites has a gym.

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