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Summary of reviewsHotel-Restaurant Schmachtenbergshof stands out as a tranquil and serene retreat, nestled high on a mountain with beautiful rural views. Despite its somewhat remote location, it remains easily accessible by bus and car, making it a convenient choice for both leisure and business travelers. The hotel's strategic positioning provides guests with easy access to the charming town of Kettwig, local sights and the Düsseldorf airport, enhancing the overall travel experience.

Guests frequently highlight the exceptional breakfast offerings, which feature a rich and varied buffet with continuously replenished fresh items such as scrambled eggs. Praised for its superb value and delicious, well-presented spread, the breakfast at Schmachtenbergshof often exceeds expectations and is a notable highlight of many stays. Similarly, the dinner service receives high accolades with the restaurant earning rave reviews for its well-prepared, delicious dishes and excellent price-performance ratio.

The rooms, characterized by their cleanliness and spaciousness, provide a comfortable and functional stay. While the decor is noted to be somewhat dated, the airy layout, modern bathrooms and practical amenities make up for it. The hotel's focus on cleanliness is evident with guests frequently commending the tidy and well-maintained facilities, which contribute to a welcoming atmosphere.

Exceptional staff service is a consistent theme in reviews with guests praising the friendly, polite and highly attentive team. The reception and dining staff go out of their way to accommodate requests, adding a personal touch that enhances the overall guest experience. The hotel also boasts ample, free on-site parking and secure bicycle storage, adding to the convenience for travelers.

The family-friendly ambiance, supported by well-arranged accommodations and thoughtful amenities, ensures a comfortable stay for families with children. The beds receive mixed feedback, though many guests find them comfortable and conducive to a good night's sleep.

Overall, Hotel-Restaurant Schmachtenbergshof offers excellent value for its three-star rating, balancing tranquillity, accessibility, exceptional dining, clean and spacious rooms and outstanding service to create a pleasurable stay for its guests.
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Room Types
Single Room Designed in modern style, the room features a TV and has an en suite bathroom.

Double Room Designed in modern style, the room features a TV and has an en suite bathroom.

Family Room This family room provides a TV. The unit offers 2 beds.

Guest Reviews
Very Good
Hotel-Restaurant Schmachtenbergshof enjoys a tranquil and serene environment, ideal for those seeking a peaceful retreat. Nestled high on a mountain, it offers beautiful, rural views and a very quiet neighborhood, away from the hustle and bustle of city life. Despite being somewhat remote and uphill, it remains easily accessible by both bus and car with a bus line almost at the doorstep and a large, convenient parking lot available for guests.

The location is perfect for travelers wanting to explore the charming town of Kettwig, known for its beautiful old town and picturesque surroundings. Additionally, it offers strategic access to surrounding sights and is well suited for business travelers with appointments in Essen-Kettwig or Essen Werden. Public transport options are in close proximity, making it easy to reach the DÜ airport and other key destinations.

While some guests have noted the hotel's position along a bus-frequented street and under a flight path to Düsseldorf airport, the overall quiet and peaceful nature of the area outweighs these minor inconveniences. For cyclists, the location presents a bit of a challenge due to its high placement on the mountain, though the stunning views may be worth the extra effort.

In summary, Hotel-Restaurant Schmachtenbergshof offers a blend of tranquility, accessibility and strategic positioning, making it a great choice for both relaxation and convenient travel.

Guests at Hotel-Restaurant Schmachtenbergshof have shared overwhelmingly positive experiences regarding the breakfast offerings. The breakfast buffet is frequently highlighted for its excellent organization and richness, featuring a wide and varied selection that caters to all tastes. Many guests appreciated the healthy and abundant options with continuously prepared fresh scrambled eggs standing out.

The breakfast was described as delicious, generous and well-presented, often exceeding expectations. Guests noted the superb value for money with some even calling it outstanding and excellent for the price. The breakfast items are not only plentiful but also continually replenished, ensuring freshness and variety every day.

The quality of the food was praised with several reviews mentioning how tasty and satisfying the breakfast was. Specific references were made to the thoughtfully arranged buffet, which left almost nothing to be desired. Portions were ample and the dining experience was supported by friendly and attentive staff.

A few less enthusiastic reviews mentioned simpler offerings or found the breakfast "adequate," but these were rare against the backdrop of glowing accolades. Overall, the breakfast at Hotel-Restaurant Schmachtenbergshof is widely considered a highlight of the stay, making it a highly recommended feature for future guests.

Hotel-Restaurant Schmachtenbergshof stands out for its exceptional dining experience, frequently praised for its excellent, upscale cuisine. Guests consistently rave about the delicious food with many highlighting the well-prepared and beautifully presented dishes. The Wiener Schnitzel receives special mentions for its tastiness.

Reviewers describe the food as very delicious and note the varied and comprehensive menu, spotlighting both traditional and regional options. The restaurant itself is consistently described as outstanding, exceptional and top-notch. Diners appreciate the high quality and great price-performance ratio. Breakfast also gets commendations for its delicious offerings.

Overall, the attached restaurant at Hotel-Restaurant Schmachtenbergshof is highly recommended for anyone looking for a dining experience that combines excellent food, a great atmosphere and superior culinary skills.

Hotel-Restaurant Schmachtenbergshof's rooms offer a blend of charm and functionality that caters well to travelers seeking comfortable accommodations. Many guests have praised the rooms for their cleanliness and spaciousness, emphasizing the large, airy layout that provides ample space for relaxation. The modern bathrooms, in particular, have received positive mentions for their size and cleanliness.

Despite some comments on the dated decor and furnishings, which hint at a need for modernization, the rooms remain functional and well-equipped. Several guests noted that the rooms are not overly luxurious but are practical and meet all essential needs. Those who prefer newer interiors might find the older style less appealing, although others appreciated the simple, cozy atmosphere.

Rooms often come with balconies and large windows, enhancing the airy, spacious feel. Many guests found the facilities to be satisfactory, highlighting comfortable beds, good showers and overall well-maintained amenities. The quiet location of several rooms was also a plus for those seeking rest and relaxation.

Overall, while some rooms at Hotel-Restaurant Schmachtenbergshof might benefit from updates to their decor, the hotel's strong points are its large, clean and comfortable rooms that provide a good base for both short and longer stays.

Hotel-Restaurant Schmachtenbergshof's beds receive a variety of feedback from guests, but positive remarks are frequent. Many guests highlight the beds as very comfortable, noting that they contribute to a good night's sleep. The beds are described as clean and of good quality, often praised for having comfortable mattresses. There is commendation for the large double beds and some guests find the beds super comfortable or cozy.

However, some guests do have mixed opinions about the hardness of the beds. While several find the beds to be very hard, others appreciate the firmness. A few comments indicate that the mattresses might be worn out and need fixing and some guests pointed out issues with the pillows being too big or the mattresses having clumps.

Despite the differing views on firmness, the general consensus tilts towards an overall satisfactory sleeping experience, ensuring most visitors get to enjoy a peaceful rest at the hotel.

Hotel-Restaurant Schmachtenbergshof has a strong reputation for cleanliness, consistently praised across guest reviews. Visitors frequently describe the rooms as clean, tidy and well-maintained, contributing to an overall welcoming atmosphere. The facilities are notably well-kept, adding to the hotel's appeal. Guests appreciate the spacious and clean rooms, even noting that larger rooms and bathrooms are exceptionally pristine for a smaller establishment.

While the hotel's decor is occasionally described as dated, the superb cleanliness appears to offset any concerns about age. Bathrooms, in general, meet cleanliness expectations, although a few guests noted minor areas in need of more attention, like the washbasin. Nonetheless, cleanliness at Hotel-Restaurant Schmachtenbergshof remains a standout, suggesting that the hotel prioritizes hygiene and maintenance to ensure a pleasurable stay.

The staff, including the cleaners, also receive commendations for their friendliness and accommodation, enhancing the overall guest experience. The owner's hands-on approach and accommodating nature further contribute to the positive atmosphere. The cleanliness, along with the well-maintained facilities and exceptional service, makes Hotel-Restaurant Schmachtenbergshof a reliable choice for travelers seeking a clean and hospitable environment.

Hotel-Restaurant Schmachtenbergshof consistently receives high praise for its outstanding staff. Guests frequently highlight their friendly, polite and helpful demeanor. The reception team is particularly noted for offering a warm and courteous welcome, often described as extremely friendly and highly attentive.

Service throughout the hotel is acclaimed as exceptional, top-notch and flawless. Numerous guests appreciate how the staff goes out of their way to accommodate requests, making them feel genuinely welcome and cared for. The breakfast service also stands out with cheerful staff members ready to prepare a variety of eggs to guests' preferences, adding a personal touch to their dining experience.

Whether dealing with the owners or the general staff, guests frequently mention their friendliness, attentiveness and diligence. This welcoming atmosphere is consistent throughout the establishment, from arrival to departure. The staff's accommodating nature significantly enhances guests' experiences, earning Hotel-Restaurant Schmachtenbergshof a robust reputation for exceptional service and hospitality.

Hotel-Restaurant Schmachtenbergshof offers an exceptional parking experience for guests. The hotel features a sizable parking lot, easily accessible and located right behind the building. This extensive parking area is not only ample but also free of charge. Guests have praised the practicality and convenience of the on-site parking facilities, frequently noting the abundance of available spaces.

For those arriving by bike, the hotel provides a secure garage where bicycles can be safely stored and even charged if necessary. Street parking is also an option and comes at no cost, adding to the flexibility and ease of parking at the location. Despite a few mentions of limited spaces, the overall sentiment is overwhelmingly positive, highlighting the hotel’s ample and easily accessible parking options as a standout amenity.

Hotel-Restaurant Schmachtenbergshof exudes a cozy and family-friendly ambiance, making it a great choice for families traveling with children. The hotel’s family-run nature adds to the warm, welcoming atmosphere, ensuring that guests of all ages feel at home. Families can enjoy comfortable and well-arranged accommodations, such as family rooms and even separate rooms for larger groups. The hotel is well-equipped with family-oriented facilities and offers thoughtful amenities, like providing a child's bed promptly. While the overall experience is positive with a noticeable child-friendly environment, some guests felt that their young children might not have been well received by certain other guests. Nevertheless, the majority of reviews highlight the hotel's comfortable, family-oriented environment.

3 Star
The Hotel-Restaurant Schmachtenbergshof consistently impresses with its excellent price-performance ratio. Guests repeatedly highlight that the value for money at this three-star establishment is not just good but often described as great and in several instances, absolutely excellent. The hotel's services and facilities, fitting for its three-star rating, meet the expectations set by the standard of such establishments. While there are comparisons noting that some other similar-rated hotels might offer more, Schmachtenbergshof stands out positively in its value-for-money segment, particularly with its restaurant, where the price-to-performance has been praised. Overall, it’s deemed appropriate and good for its rating, providing guests with a good return on their investment.

Hotel-Restaurant Schmachtenbergshof has made efforts to ensure good accessibility for its guests. Some rooms have been designed to be accessible, though specific details on their features were not mentioned. Guests found the hotel accessible by bus, which adds to its convenience for those relying on public transportation. Moreover, the hotel caters to cyclists, suggesting amenities and facilities suited for those traveling by bike. The check-in and check-out processes appear to be smooth and efficient, as emphasized repeatedly in the reviews. Overall, Hotel-Restaurant Schmachtenbergshof offers satisfactory accessibility for guests with various needs.

No, Hotel-Restaurant Schmachtenbergshof doesn't have any pool.

No, a spa isn't available at Hotel-Restaurant Schmachtenbergshof.

Yes, Hotel-Restaurant Schmachtenbergshof welcomes dogs.

No, parking facilities aren't available at Hotel-Restaurant Schmachtenbergshof.

No, Hotel-Restaurant Schmachtenbergshof doesn't have a gym.

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