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Fiera di Primiero , , Via Venezia 28 (Show on Map)

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Summary of reviewsHotel Castel Pietra is celebrated for its exceptional blend of tranquility, convenience and natural beauty, making it an idyllic retreat in the Dolomites. The hotel's location provides guests with stunning mountainous views and easy access to local amenities and attractions. Its proximity to Fiera di Primiero and the picturesque Dolomites, including San Martino di Castrozza and Pale di San Martino, offers ample opportunities for outdoor activities such as hiking and skiing.

Guests consistently praise the hotel's breakfast, lauding its high quality and variety. The breakfast buffet is replete with sweet and savory options, fresh local produce and additional hot dishes, providing a rich and satisfying start to the day. The dining experience extends to dinner as well with the restaurant receiving accolades for its superb cuisine, well-presented food and exceptional value for money. Gourmet dishes, local delicacies and friendly, efficient service contribute to making dining a highlight of the stay.

The rooms at Hotel Castel Pietra are noted for their spaciousness, cleanliness and comfort. Visitors appreciate the well-maintained, well-furnished and cozy accommodations, often featuring terraces and beautiful mountain views. High standards of cleanliness permeate the entire hotel, ensuring a hygienic and welcoming environment.

The staff’s outstanding hospitality further enhances the guest experience, characterized by their professionalism, friendliness and attentiveness. Reviews frequently highlight the warm and helpful nature of the team, contributing to the hotel's inviting atmosphere.

Hotel Castel Pietra also offers a delightful spa experience, praised for its coziness, variety of services and cleanliness. Despite its small size, the spa features saunas, a steam room and a lovely outdoor relaxation area, providing an ideal retreat for relaxation. The spa's inclusion in the room price is an appreciated bonus.

Additional amenities such as ample and secure parking, suitable for various types of vehicles, as well as family-friendly features including indoor and outdoor play areas, make Hotel Castel Pietra a versatile choice for all kinds of travelers. Its strategic location near ski bus stops, ski storage facilities and other conveniences cater well to skiing enthusiasts.

Overall, Hotel Castel Pietra provides a serene and accessible base for exploring the Dolomites, offering high-quality accommodations, exceptional dining and superb hospitality. The combination of natural beauty, tranquility and convenience ensures a memorable stay for all guests.
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4-Star Hotel

Room Types
Standard Double or Twin Room Featuring wooden or carpeted floors. Some with a balcony. No extra bed can be provided, only a cot upon request and surcharge.

Suite Pleas note that 2 single beds are available only upon request. This is the largest room featuring a balcony and a living area with a sofa. All of the suites come with a balcony, and wooden or carpeted floors.

Apartment Rooms are located on two floors.

Superior Double or Twin Room A more spacious room featuring wooden or carpeted floors.

Junior Suite The suite has 1 bedroom and 1 bathroom with a shower and free toiletries. This suite features a minibar, flat-screen TV with cable channels, mountain views, as well as chocolate for guests. The unit has 2 beds.

Two-Bedroom Apartment This spacious apartment comes with 1 living room, 2 separate bedrooms and 3 bathrooms with a bath or a shower and free toiletries. The kitchenette features a stovetop, a refrigerator and kitchenware. This apartment has a minibar, flat-screen TV with cable channels, mountain views, as well as chocolate for guests. The unit has 4 beds.

Economy Double or Twin Room Offering free toiletries and bathrobes, this twin/double room includes a private bathroom with a shower, a bidet and a hairdryer. This twin/double room features a wardrobe, flat-screen TV with cable channels, mountain views, as well as chocolate for guests. The unit offers 1 bed.

Guest Reviews
Hotel Castel Pietra boasts an enviable location that captures the essence of tranquility and accessibility. Nestled in a quiet area, the hotel offers guests a peaceful retreat, yet remains only a short walk from the bustling center of Fiera di Primiero, approximately five to ten minutes on foot. This makes it an ideal spot for those seeking a balance of serene surroundings and convenient access to local amenities and attractions.

The hotel's strategic position also makes it a perfect launching point for exploring the picturesque Dolomites, including the nearby San Martino di Castrozza facilities and the mesmerizing Pale di San Martino. Guests appreciate the beautiful mountainous views and the fresh air that encapsulate this charming setting. Whether you’re looking to hike, ski or simply soak in the natural beauty, the location is great for outdoor activities and sightseeing.

Despite being slightly off-center, the ease of access to the town center, combined with the quiet, secluded environment, ensures that guests enjoy both convenience and tranquility. The area is well-served and offers lots of opportunities for shopping, dining and exploring the enchanting village life of the Dolomites.

The hotel's proximity to key attractions and excellent transport links means that other notable places can be reached in a timely manner, making it a convenient base for wider explorations. The serene environment is occasionally punctuated by the gentle sounds of cowbells and roosters, adding to the rural charm. Overall, Castel Pietra's location is celebrated for its perfect blend of accessibility, natural beauty and peaceful ambiance, making it a top choice for a relaxing yet adventurous stay in the Dolomites.

Hotel Castel Pietra consistently impresses guests with its breakfast offerings, receiving frequent praise for its high quality, variety and richness. Reviewers highlight the superb, abundant and varied buffet with both sweet and savory options. Fresh, local produce and additional hot dishes, such as freshly prepared scrambled eggs and bacon, are a noted bonus.

The setting for breakfast is described as beautiful and well-cared for, enhancing the overall dining experience. Guests particularly appreciate the generous selection that caters to all tastes, including those with food allergies. The breakfast buffet leaves nothing to be desired, offering a wide choice that blends quality and quantity seamlessly.

Several reviews mention the breakfast as a highlight of their stay with some describing it as outstanding, delicious and even 5-star quality. Although a few guests noted minor delays in service during busy times, the general consensus remains overwhelmingly positive.

Overall, Hotel Castel Pietra's breakfast is renowned for its exceptional quality, extensive variety and satisfying taste, ensuring a great start to the day for all guests.

Nestled in the picturesque setting of Hotel Castel Pietra, the dining experience leaves guests overwhelmingly content and delighted. The restaurant is highly praised for its superb cuisine and exceptional service, offering both à la carte options and half-board meals that include a variety of courses. Whether indulging in a rich buffet dinner, enjoying meticulously crafted gourmet dishes or opting for the daily specials, guests consistently highlight the delicious, well-presented food.

The quality of the meals stands out with an impressive array of flavors, from exquisite veal cheek to various local delicacies. The restaurant’s gastronomic efforts are further accentuated by the friendly and efficient waitstaff, ensuring each dining experience is memorable. Breakfasts are just as commendable, featuring a rich and varied buffet with fresh cappuccinos and a range of delightful dishes.

For those concerned about affordability, the dining options at Hotel Castel Pietra offer excellent value for money. Guests particularly appreciate the price-performance ratio, noting that the gourmet experience does not come at exorbitant prices. The half-board service receives high marks for its outstanding dinner menus, although a few guests feel that more variety in the options would be beneficial.

Overall, the dining at Hotel Castel Pietra is a major highlight with excellent meals, refined cuisine and a welcoming atmosphere making it an ideal choice for travelers seeking high-quality food and impressive service during their stay.

The guest reviews for 'Hotel Castel Pietra' consistently highlight the spaciousness and cleanliness of the rooms. Many describe the rooms as well-maintained, well-furnished and extremely comfortable, providing a welcoming atmosphere. Visitors frequently mention the size of the rooms with numerous accounts of large, airy spaces complemented by significant bathrooms. Despite a few mentions of smaller rooms, guests generally find even the cozier spaces to be comfortable and well-appointed, featuring amenities such as terraces and beautiful views, particularly of the mountains. High standards of cleanliness are repeatedly noted, contributing to a tidy and cozy environment. Some rooms offer advantageous features like double beds, balconies and upgraded suites, which add to the overall positive experience. The décor is appreciated for its warmth and modern touch with several reviews celebrating the romantic and charming aesthetic. Overall, 'Hotel Castel Pietra' offers comfortable, spacious and clean accommodations that leave a lasting impression on visitors.

At Hotel Castel Pietra, guests typically comment on the comfort of the beds, frequently describing them as cozy, clean and suitable for even the tallest of visitors with lengths exceeding 1.95 meters. The majority of reviewers appreciate the very comfortable sleeping arrangements and tranquil surroundings, highlighting the quality of the mattresses and the cleanliness of the bed linens.

However, not all reviews are entirely positive. Some guests have encountered issues with mattress comfort, describing them as too soft or, in a few cases, uncomfortable. The hotel's approach to double beds, which consist of two mattresses pushed together, was not universally liked. Despite these occasional critiques, the prevailing opinion leans towards the beds being a comfortable aspect of the guest experience, making it a restful stay for most visitors. The commendation for comfortable and cozy beds is a recurring theme, underscoring a generally satisfying sleep environment at Hotel Castel Pietra.

Hotel Castel Pietra epitomizes impeccable cleanliness, manifesting hygienic excellence throughout its premises. Guest reviews uniformly highlight the pristine condition of the hotel, underscoring its well-maintained and spotless environment. The rooms, described as spacious, bright and comfortable, are meticulously cleaned, boasting superb sanitation standards. Both rooms and bathrooms receive high praise for their cleanliness, welcoming and cozy ambiance and modern furnishings.

The hotel’s commitment to cleanliness is evident in its organized and well-maintained structure, extending from individual rooms to common areas. This dedication to hygiene is complemented by adherence to Covid regulations, further reassuring guests of their safety. Overall, guests consistently spotlight the hotel’s impressive cleanliness and maintenance standards, making it a top choice for a remarkably clean and comfortable stay.

Hotel Castel Pietra stands out remarkably for its exceptional staff, consistently characterized by their competence and kindness. Reviews highlight the professionalism and friendliness of the team with guests frequently mentioning the welcoming and helpful nature of the staff. The reception staff is noted for being particularly attentive and patient, providing a friendly welcome to the facility.

The service personnel, including the waitstaff and owners, receive high praise for their courteous and professional demeanor. Guests often remark on the courteous and helpful attitudes, describing the staff as extremely kind and attentive. These qualities contribute to a warm and friendly atmosphere throughout the hotel.

The staff's dedication and hard work are evident with the young service team frequently recognized for their enthusiasm and competence. Despite occasional minor critiques regarding emotional intelligence and experience from some staff members, the overarching sentiment is one of friendliness, efficiency and professionalism.

Moreover, the staff's knowledge and readiness to assist set them apart, making a significant impact on guests' experiences. The kindness and availability of all team members, alongside their courteous and professional approach, underscore the exceptional hospitality at Hotel Castel Pietra, ensuring a memorable stay for visitors.

Hotel Castel Pietra offers a mixed experience when it comes to WiFi. Many guests have highlighted that the quality of the WiFi is good with some even describing it as exceptional. The connection reliability is often praised with stable and dependable performance noted by several visitors. However, it is important to acknowledge that some guests have faced internet connection issues, describing the WiFi as average or even poor in certain instances. Overall, while the WiFi at Hotel Castel Pietra generally satisfies most guests, occasional problems suggest that there may be room for improvement.

Hotel Castel Pietra offers a charming and well-organized spa experience that has garnered much praise from its guests. Despite its small size, the spa is described as cozy, cute and beautifully maintained, providing a wonderful retreat for relaxation. The spa features both wet and dry saunas, a steam room and a lovely outdoor relaxation area, all contributing to a calming atmosphere. Guests have particularly enjoyed the complimentary sauna with a steam room and the varied relaxation services available.

The wellness center, although compact, is praised for being well-equipped, tidy and very comfortable. Visitors find the space to be clean and inviting, making it an ideal spot for unwinding after a day of activities. The massages offered are particularly noted as very enjoyable and relaxing.

Additionally, the hotel staff is recognized for their friendliness and helpfulness, enhancing the overall guest experience. Though some found the spa small, most agreed that the relaxation area greatly compensates for it, offering a nice blend of amenities and services. The inclusion of the spa and wellness area in the price is also appreciated by guests.

Overall, the spa at Hotel Castel Pietra stands out as a well-maintained, delightful retreat that adds significant value to the stay, making it a memorable aspect of the hotel's offerings.

Hotel Castel Pietra offers a variety of parking options that have received high praise from guests. The hotel boasts ample parking, both in spacious outdoor areas and secure underground garages. Many guests appreciate the availability of free parking, which is consistently clean and well-maintained. The presence of both covered and open-air parking spaces ensures convenience for all types of vehicles, including dedicated spaces for motorcycles and bicycles.

The underground parking options, including a private garage, are particularly valued for their security and convenience, especially during winter months. The parking service is noted to be very fast and the various parking areas are both comfortable and welcoming. Overall, the ample, free and secure parking facilities at Hotel Castel Pietra contribute significantly to a positive guest experience, making it a reliable choice for travelers with vehicles.

Hotel Castel Pietra stands out as an excellent destination for families, offering a welcoming and relaxing stay amidst a genuine family atmosphere. The hotel features both indoor and outdoor play areas specifically designed for children, including a dedicated kids' area, playgrounds and a family play area that has been praised by many guests. These facilities ensure that children have ample entertainment options, making it a paradise for both adults and children alike.

The family-friendly nature of the hotel extends to its services and accommodations. The cozy family suites and rooms provide comfort and convenience, while the attentive staff and owners are known for their kindness and exceptional service. The hotel's structure as a family-run business adds to its charm, enhancing the overall experience for guests.

Moreover, Hotel Castel Pietra offers excellent meals and top-notch food quality with a restaurant that stands out for its service. It's a favorite among Italian couples and locals, further attesting to its suitability for family vacations.

From first-time mountain trips with children to weekend getaways in Siror, the hotel ensures that families can enjoy a stress-free and delightful stay, demonstrating a strong commitment to catering to the needs of all family members.

Hotel Castel Pietra boasts a convenient location for skiing enthusiasts with a ski bus stop just 100 meters from the hotel. The proximity to the ski bus stop makes accessing the nearby ski resorts extremely easy. Situated in a great and quiet location near a ski center, guests appreciate the calm while still being close to transportation facilities. Although the ski lifts are 13 kilometers away, the hotel's location is still praised for its convenience. Additional amenities such as storage for skis, a drying room and underground parking for bikes add to the overall comfort, making it a suitable choice for both skiing and hiking. The hotel also offers excellent food, a large bathtub and a wide selection that contributes to a pleasant stay.

4 Star
Hotel Castel Pietra offers a compelling stay for its guests, showcasing exceptional structure and hospitality that often surpasses the typical four-star level. Many reviews highlight the great value for money with excellent value and a highly favorable price/performance ratio. The service is noted for its professionalism and numerous options, creating an impeccable experience for guests.

Though some areas, such as room assignments and the quality of the shower, have been critiqued for not meeting the four-star standard, the overall sentiment remains positive. Similarly, the mattresses and pillows could be of better quality to fully align with a four-star rating.

The hotel also excels in accommodating family pets, maintaining a four-star quality for furry companions. While there are aspects to improve for adhering strictly to a four-star rating, many guests believe Castel Pietra could easily be considered four-star plus.

Hotel Castel Pietra offers professional meeting facilities and a business setting that caters well to corporate needs. It's highlighted as a top place for coworkers and a great venue to bring clients, making it an ideal location for business conferences. The business-friendly atmosphere combined with efficient services contributes positively to its reputation among business travelers. Additionally, its proximity to the fair provides added convenience for those attending events. Despite a minor inconvenience reported by a guest, the overall feedback on services remains good.

Hotel Castel Pietra offers a truly luxurious experience for its guests. Inside, the hotel boasts impressive luxury mountain furnishings and convenient family areas, which contribute to an overall feeling of elegance and modernity. The rooms are spacious and super luxurious, providing excellent value for money while maintaining four-star quality. The hotel also features exceptional relaxation facilities, further enhancing its status as a luxury destination. Overall, the elevated design and attention to detail make it clear why visitors regard this hotel as a prime choice for a luxurious stay.

Nestled in the Dolomites, Hotel Castel Pietra stands out as a romantic destination praised for its tranquil and beautiful setting. Guests highlight the hotel's great romantic location, making it ideal for couples seeking relaxation and a touch of love amidst nature. Among the amenities, the small and intimate spa offers a perfect retreat for unwinding together. The hotel's romantic rooms and beautiful romantic suites further enhance the experience, providing cozy and intimate spaces that add to the overall atmosphere of romance. Whether for relaxation or a special getaway, Hotel Castel Pietra makes a memorable choice for couples.

No, Hotel Castel Pietra doesn't have any pool.

Yes, a spa is available at Hotel Castel Pietra.

Yes, Hotel Castel Pietra welcomes dogs.

Yes, parking facilities are available at Hotel Castel Pietra.

Yes, Hotel Castel Pietra has a gym.

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