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Summary of reviewsThe Saltoun Inn receives considerable praise across multiple aspects of its offering, making it a popular choice for travelers, particularly those seeking convenience and value. Its prime central location in Fraserburgh provides easy access to the harbor, lighthouse museum and various shops and restaurants, positioning it as an ideal base for local exploration. Despite minor grievances regarding parking and Wi-Fi, the hotel's location greatly enhances visitors' overall experience.

Breakfast at The Saltoun Inn is well-regarded, noted for its good variety, delicious offerings and excellent value for money. Freshly cooked options like the Full Scottish breakfast, along with bottomless tea and coffee until 11:30 AM, add to its appeal. While there are areas that could be improved, such as catering to special dietary needs and service speed, the majority of guests find the breakfast experience delightful.

For dinner, the in-house restaurant and pub, part of the Wetherspoons chain, consistently receive high praise for the quality and variety of meals. Guests appreciate the convenience and reasonable prices, contributing to an overall satisfying dining experience. Although some noted typical Wetherspoon fare and occasional dissatisfaction, the general consensus remains highly positive.

Room accommodations at The Saltoun Inn are also well-received, frequently described as clean, comfortable and well-equipped. Spacious rooms with superking-sized beds, modern decor and well-maintained facilities enhance guest comfort. Despite some mentions of smaller room sizes and occasional noise, the overall ambiance and practicality make it ideal for both short and long stays.

Cleanliness is a standout feature, as rooms and bathrooms are frequently lauded for being spotless and well-maintained. Occasional lapses in cleanliness are reported but seem to be exceptions rather than the rule. Guests find the overall cleanliness and upkeep to significantly contribute to their positive experience.

The staff at The Saltoun Inn are often highlighted for their friendly, welcoming and helpful nature. While there are isolated reports of less favorable interactions, the majority of guest feedback underscores the staff's role in making their stay enjoyable and comfortable.

Although the Wi-Fi service has mixed reviews with some guests reporting issues with connectivity and speed, there are instances where the internet service is found to be satisfactory.

For families, the inn offers suitable accommodations with spacious rooms and thoughtful touches like hot chocolate and biscuits for children. Noise insulation could be improved to ensure a quieter stay, but the overall recommendation remains strong.

Comfort also extends to the quality of beds with many guests praising the comfort of mattresses, pillows and duvets. Despite some mixed opinions about additional beds and occasional noise, most guests report a restful sleep.

Accessibility receives mixed feedback with the lift's frequent outages posing challenges for those with mobility issues. Additionally, improvements in room allocation, disabled parking signage and easier front-door access could enhance accessibility. Nonetheless, the overall stay is noted to be pleasant with many positive attributes.

Overall, The Saltoun Inn is celebrated for its convenient location, comfortable and clean accommodations, good dining experiences and friendly staff, making it a highly recommended choice for visitors to Fraserburgh.
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Guest Reviews
Very Good
The Saltoun Inn is lauded for its stellar location, making it an ideal spot for travelers seeking convenience. Nestled centrally in town, it provides quick access to the harbor, lighthouse museum and a variety of shops and restaurants. The hotel's position in the heart of Fraserburgh's main square also makes it a great base for exploring local attractions and visiting friends, all within walking distance.

Guests have praised the ease of reaching the bus station and noted that it is only a short distance from the harbor, making it perfect for leisurely strolls. The central placement also allows visitors to enjoy the charming setting of the town, enhancing their overall experience.

Despite a few minor grievances regarding the lack of parking and wifi issues, the Inn's value for money and reasonable pricing were highlighted. The cozy rooms, warm ambiance and helpful staff further contribute to its appeal, ensuring a satisfactory stay for most visitors seeking a convenient and pleasant base in Fraserburgh.

The Saltoun Inn offers a breakfast experience that has garnered a generally positive reception from guests. The majority of reviewers found the breakfast to be good, delicious and excellent value for money. Many appreciated the charm of the hotel, highlighting its rustic but pleasant atmosphere, which complements the meal experience.

Guests favorably described the breakfast selection as having good variety and being reasonably priced with generous portions and freshly cooked options like the Full Scottish breakfast. Furthermore, the availability of bottomless tea and coffee until 11:30 AM was particularly noted as a great perk.

However, some pointed out areas for improvement, such as the limited variety for special dietary needs, like options for coeliac guests and the absence of cereals, fruits or continental choices. Speed of service also received mixed feedback; while some found the service quick, others experienced longer waiting times.

Dining in the in-house restaurant or bar for breakfast was mostly praised with many mentioning the convenience of having it on-site and the low prices. On occasion, guests encountered issues like overcooked or cold food and some did not find the breakfast to meet their expectations.

Overall, the Saltoun Inn's breakfast is rated highly by many for its taste, value and the charming setting of the hotel, making it a worthwhile consideration for future visitors.

The Saltoun Inn offers a dining experience that consistently receives praise for its good quality, variety and excellent value for money. The restaurant, part of the well-known Wetherspoons chain, ensures that meals are reasonably priced without compromising on taste or presentation. Patrons can expect a menu that caters to diverse tastes with both dinner and breakfast options available, making the dining experience flexible and convenient.

Guests highlight the convenience of having a pub on the ground floor, where delicious meals are served promptly and the pleasant combination of good food and drink makes dining here a satisfying experience. The bar adds to the overall appeal, offering a range of beverages to complement the food. The restaurant’s menu stands out for its extensive selection and prices are noted to be exceptional, further enhancing its value proposition.

Despite a few mentions of typical Wetherspoon fare and occasional dissatisfaction with the evening meal, the general consensus is highly favorable. Many diners appreciate the comfort of knowing they can enjoy quality meals at a reasonable cost with some even claiming it to be their favorite dining spot in the area. Overall, The Saltoun Inn is celebrated for its great food, excellent value and the superb convenience of having dining options right within the hotel premises.

The Saltoun Inn offers rooms that are consistently described as clean, comfortable and well-equipped. Many guests appreciated the spaciousness of their accommodations with several mentions of large rooms featuring superking-sized beds and roomy bathrooms. The modern and stylish decor, along with a cozy atmosphere, was frequently highlighted, adding to the overall comfort.

The beds, often noted as comfy with quality linen and the well-maintained facilities, such as showers and heating, were positively received. Guests found the rooms to be sufficiently equipped for short stays, boasting plenty of amenities including fresh towels, clean bedding and coffee-making supplies. Housekeeping services were reliable, ensuring rooms were neat, tidy and serviced daily.

Despite some feedback about the smaller room sizes, many reviewers still found them functional and adequate for their needs. The noise level in certain rooms, particularly those at the front of the hotel, was a point of contention for a few guests. Nonetheless, visitors generally approved of the quiet ambiance of other areas.

Overall, the rooms at The Saltoun Inn seemed to meet and often exceed expectations, making for a pleasant stay, reinforced by lovely views and practical design. The accommodation is deemed ideal for both brief visits and longer stays due to its cleanliness, comfort and convenience.

The guest reviews for The Saltoun Inn reveal a consistent theme of comfort when it comes to their beds. Most guests found the beds to be comfortable or very comfortable, often emphasizing the high quality of the mattresses and bedding. The main double bed, in particular, received numerous mentions for its comfort. Another highlight was the quality of the pillows and duvets, which were described as extremely comfortable and of high quality.

However, there were a few mixed opinions. Some guests found the beds to be hard and the pillows too thin, while others mentioned issues with additional beds not being made up or sofa beds left unprepared. Instances of trouble sleeping were also reported; noise from the pub at night could be a factor for sensitive sleepers.

Overall, the positive remarks outweigh the negatives, making it clear that a good night's sleep is a common experience at The Saltoun Inn. Additionally, guests appreciated the extra touches like a good selection of tea, coffee, biscuits and hot chocolate, adding to the comfort of their stay.

Guests at The Saltoun Inn overwhelmingly praised the cleanliness of the hotel. Rooms were frequently described as clean, spotless and very well-maintained. Many highlighted the comfortable and nicely decorated nature of the rooms, complimenting the fresh and tidy atmosphere. The bathrooms also received positive remarks for their cleanliness with several reviewers appreciating the abundance of amenities such as clean towels, tea/coffee selections and daily upkeep.

However, there were occasional notes regarding areas that could use improvement. Some guests mentioned missed spots by cleaners, such as dusty shelves or carpets with an unpleasant smell. Isolated incidents included mould on a bathroom wall and a soap container that was empty. Nevertheless, these instances seemed to be exceptions rather than the norm.

The staff's professionalism and attentiveness further enhanced the overall experience, contributing to what many found to be exceptional value for money. Despite minor shortcomings, The Saltoun Inn consistently delivered a clean, comfortable and welcoming stay for its guests.

The reviews for The Saltoun Inn highlight the hotel's staff as a standout feature, frequently praised for their friendly, welcoming and helpful demeanor. Many guests appreciated the polite and efficient service with several noting the staff's willingness to go above and beyond to assist. Specific mentions of staff members like Jim at the bar and the bar staff in general indicate exceptional service, characterized by friendliness and professionalism. Breakfast staff received commendations for their cheerful and polite manner.

However, not all feedback was positive. A few guests reported instances of rudeness and lack of interest from some staff members. There were also mentions of slow table clearing and unreturned emergency calls, suggesting areas for improvement. Despite these occasional criticisms, the overall impression of the staff remains highly favorable with many guests highlighting their positive experiences and the team's attentiveness.

Overall, the staff at The Saltoun Inn are predominantly seen as a strong asset, contributing significantly to a welcoming and enjoyable stay for guests.

The reviews of The Saltoun Inn reflect mixed experiences with the hotel's Wi-Fi. Several guests found the Wi-Fi to be non-existent, unreliable or poor in quality, both in the rooms and in other areas of the property. Specifically, issues such as difficulty connecting, poor internet speed and non-working Wi-Fi upstairs were mentioned. However, a few guests did appreciate the fantastic internet speed and connection provided, indicating that while some have experienced issues, there have been instances of satisfactory service. Offering a more consistent and reliable Wi-Fi experience in rooms would likely enhance overall guest satisfaction.

The Saltoun Inn has garnered acclaim for its suitable family accommodations, making it an ideal spot for family events. Often highlighted is the spacious family room, which provides ample space for children to comfortably move around and enjoy. Families have appreciated the thoughtful touches such as hot chocolate and biscuits for the kids, adding a homely feel to their stay. These little gestures, although small, can significantly enhance the experience for younger guests.

However, some reviews pointed out that the noise insulation between rooms could be better, as sounds from neighboring rooms—particularly from other families—were noticeable and sometimes disruptive. Additionally, there were comments on the comfort of the folding beds provided for children, which could use improvement to ensure a good night's sleep for all family members. Despite these areas for enhancement, guests frequently recommend The Saltoun Inn to friends and family, highlighting it as a commendable choice for family-driven stays.

The Saltoun Inn presented a mixed experience in terms of accessibility for guests with disabilities. On the plus side, the hotel offers great location, friendly staff, good food, excellent rooms and nice decor, all of which contribute to a pleasant stay. The venue is generally described as accessible and guests appreciated the lift being available for those with mobility issues when it was operational. Additionally, the shower design is highlighted as excellent for preventing anti-slip hazards, making it safer for users.

However, there were several recurring issues that detracted from the overall accessibility experience. The lift was frequently reported as out of order, which posed a significant inconvenience, especially for elderly guests and those in wheelchairs. Some guests noted that they were assigned rooms on upper floors without consideration of their mobility limitations. The lift system itself appeared confusing, exacerbated by a lack of clear instructions from the staff.

Other accessibility issues included unclear disabled parking and a crowded reception area that made it difficult for wheelchair maneuvering. Additionally, there is a notable step up to the front door which could be challenging for those with physical disabilities.

While The Saltoun Inn has several positive attributes in terms of accessibility, improvements such as consistent maintenance of the lift, better signage for disabled parking and more thoughtful room allocation could significantly enhance the experience for guests with disabilities.

No, The Saltoun Inn doesn't have any pool.

No, a spa isn't available at The Saltoun Inn.

No, The Saltoun Inn doesn't allow dogs.

No, parking facilities aren't available at The Saltoun Inn.

No, The Saltoun Inn doesn't have a gym.

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