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Summary of reviewsHotel Gasthof Grüner Baum, situated in the heart of the charming and historic city of Glurns, impresses guests with its exceptional location. The hotel's central position offers picturesque views, easy access to public transport and a serene yet lively atmosphere. The modern and beautifully furnished rooms provide comfort and tranquility, complemented by proximity to convenient parking and bicycle storage.

Guests consistently praise the hotel’s breakfast for its excellent variety, quality and quantity. Locally sourced ingredients, such as eggs, add to the richness of the meals, while the spacious, historic ambiance of the breakfast area enhances the dining experience. The accommodating staff ensures all needs are met, contributing to a memorable start to the day.

Dinner at Hotel Gasthof Grüner Baum is equally commendable with many guests highlighting the excellent quality of the food. The well-prepared, delicious dishes cater to various preferences, including vegetarian options. Guests appreciate both the à la carte menu and the high-quality, down-to-earth meals offered in the half-board option.

The hotel’s rooms are spacious, clean and stylishly furnished, blending modernity with traditional charm. While some noted minor inconveniences like insufficient air conditioning and limited places to hang clothes, these were outweighed by the overall positive experience. The hotel maintains a high standard of cleanliness, ensuring a fresh and pleasant atmosphere throughout.

The staff at Hotel Gasthof Grüner Baum are frequently described as very friendly, helpful and professional. Special mentions were given to staff members like Liselotte and Petra for their exceptional service. The staff's attentiveness, including accommodating dietary needs, ensures a welcoming and enjoyable stay for all guests.

Beds at the hotel are generally comfortable, though some guests noted issues such as the beds being too short for taller individuals and pillows being too soft. Despite these minor concerns, the hotel's overall comfort and convenience make it a popular choice for visitors.

Hotel Gasthof Grüner Baum combines a superb location, excellent dining and well-maintained accommodations with dedicated service, making it an ideal choice for travelers seeking to immerse themselves in the historic charm of Glurns.
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Double Room Elegant, modern room with satellite TV and a private bathroom with hairdryer.

Quadruple Room Elegant, modern room with satellite TV and a private bathroom with hairdryer.

Guest Reviews
Very Good
Hotel Gasthof Grüner Baum boasts an exceptional location right in the heart of Glurns, a charming and historic city complex. Its central position makes it an ideal base for exploring the region with its picturesque views and romantic atmosphere. The hotel is nestled within the bustling, lively old town, offering guests a convenient and accessible spot with public transport practically at the doorstep.

Guests highlight the quiet and serene nature of the hotel's setting, despite being centrally located. Many rooms offer beautiful views, either of the central square or the peaceful surrounding landscapes. Modern, beautifully furnished rooms enhance the stay, providing comfort and tranquility. The hotel's proximity to parking and dedicated space for bicycles further adds to its convenient and visitor-friendly environment.

Overall, Hotel Gasthof Grüner Baum combines a superb central location with a serene ambience and functional amenities, making it a perfect choice for travelers looking to immerse themselves in the historic charm of Glurns.

Hotel Gasthof Grüner Baum consistently impresses guests with its breakfast offerings. Reviews indicate that the breakfast is not only pleasant but also excellent with high praise for its variety, quality and quantity. The meals include an abundant selection that features locally sourced eggs, highlighting the hotel's focus on quality ingredients. Guests appreciate the spacious, historic ambiance in the breakfast area, contributing to a pleasant dining experience. The accommodating staff enhances the overall enjoyment, ensuring all needs are met promptly. Additionally, some guests enjoyed their breakfast on a small balcony under the sun, adding a unique touch to their stay. The coffee is noted to be very good, adding to the morning delight. Overall, the breakfast at Hotel Gasthof Grüner Baum strikes a perfect balance between rich flavor and sufficient quantity, making it a memorable start to the day for visitors.

The dinner experience at Hotel Gasthof Grüner Baum has garnered much positive feedback from its guests. Visitors consistently highlight the excellent quality of the food with many describing their meals as very good or even truly excellent. The restaurant is praised for its well-prepared, tasty and delicious dishes, reflective of the high standards maintained by the hotel. Guests appreciate the flexibility in the menu, noting that vegetarian adjustments are made without issue. The a la carte dining option available in the evenings is also noted to be very good. Those who opted for half-board praised the down-to-earth yet high-quality meals. Portions are found to be suitable, ensuring guests feel satisfied. Overall, whether dining through booking options or choosing from the menu, the culinary offerings at Hotel Gasthof Grüner Baum are well-received and contribute positively to the guest experience.

Hotel Gasthof Grüner Baum offers a range of exceptional room accommodations that blend modern functionality with traditional charm. Most guests were impressed by the large, beautifully decorated rooms, which were noted to be clean and stylishly furnished. Features such as spacious interiors and thoughtfully designed furnishings were consistently praised. While the hotel's modern and minimalist style appeals to many, it's evident that the rooms are not only attractive but also comfortable and practical.

Cleanliness is another strong point frequently highlighted with many guests appreciating the well-kept and fresh atmosphere. Despite the generally positive feedback, there were a few concerns regarding room amenities. Some guests felt the rooms lacked sufficient air conditioning, causing stuffiness and others mentioned the impractical split design of the room services with separate zones for the sink and shower and the toilet, leading to some discomfort.

Additionally, minor inconveniences such as insufficient places to hang clothes, the absence of a water bottle in the rooms and the crowded feeling due to freestanding cabinets were noted. Nevertheless, the overall experience of staying in these spacious and comfortable rooms, enhanced by pleasant and helpful staff, seems to outweigh the occasional drawbacks, making Hotel Gasthof Grüner Baum a pleasing choice for accommodation.

The beds at Hotel Gasthof Grüner Baum generally receive positive feedback for their comfort, making them a relaxing spot for most guests. However, some reviewers pointed out a few issues worth noting. Taller individuals may find the beds too short and there were occasional complaints about the pillows being too soft and low, which detracted from the overall comfort. Some rooms had an unusual setup, such as an emergency bed in a triple room or a bed separated by just a curtain, which might not suit everyone's preferences. There were isolated instances of discomfort due to missing pillows or insufficient bedding for colder nights. Despite these issues, the hotel's convenient location near the highway and its generally high scores make it a popular choice. Keep these points in mind, especially if you have specific comfort requirements for your stay.

Hotel Gasthof Grüner Baum consistently impresses with its exceptional cleanliness. Reviews highlight the modern facilities and well-organized, spacious rooms that are meticulously maintained. Guests frequently noted the high standard of cleanliness throughout the entire hotel, contributing to a pleasant and orderly atmosphere. The commitment to cleanliness is evident, making the hotel a reliable choice for travelers prioritizing hygiene and modernity.

The staff at Hotel Gasthof Grüner Baum receive highly positive feedback from guests. They are consistently described as very friendly, kind and helpful at every step. Guests particularly appreciated their professionalism and availability with special mentions given to Liselotte and Petra for their exceptional service. The staff's attentiveness extends to accommodating dietary needs, such as gluten intolerance, demonstrating their commitment to ensuring a pleasant stay for all guests. The overall service is praised for its courteousness, making the experience at the hotel welcoming and enjoyable.

No, Hotel Gasthof Grüner Baum doesn't have any pool.

Yes, a spa is available at Hotel Gasthof Grüner Baum.

No, Hotel Gasthof Grüner Baum doesn't allow dogs.

No, parking facilities aren't available at Hotel Gasthof Grüner Baum.

No, Hotel Gasthof Grüner Baum doesn't have a gym.

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