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Summary of reviewsKomentu Maitea captivates guests with its stunning location, nestled in the heart of nature and surrounded by the beautiful Basque mountains. This serene and dream-like environment provides a peaceful escape, while still being conveniently close to Bilbao and typical Basque villages. The spacious grounds and stylish ambiance further enhance the appeal of the hotel.

The dining experience at Komentu Maitea is highly praised with guests lauding its delicious meals and excellent wine selection. The food is consistently described as spectacular and the restaurant's ambiance is impressive, making it one of the best dining spots in town. Guests especially enjoyed meals on the outdoor patio with the friendly and hardworking staff adding to the superb experience despite minor inconveniences like late dining hours.

Accommodations at the hotel generally receive positive feedback with rooms described as comfortable, clean and spacious. Guests appreciate the stylish decor, relaxing bathrooms and well-maintained facilities. A few rooms, noted to be smaller with less lighting, are exceptions to the otherwise highly satisfying experience.

Cleanliness is a strong point with guests consistently praising the hotel's well-kept environment and impeccably clean rooms. The overall well-renovated and stylishly decorated spaces contribute to an inviting atmosphere.

The staff at Komentu Maitea are celebrated for their exceptional hospitality. Guests frequently highlight the team's friendliness, attentiveness and willingness to help, contributing significantly to positive experiences and making visitors feel genuinely welcomed.

Comfortable beds add to the enjoyable stay with guests frequently mentioning their comfort and the relaxing experience provided by the well-kept, sizable mattresses.

The hotel’s historical charm is also a significant draw, being a superbly restored old monastery that retains its unique architectural heritage. This historical aspect adds to the overall charm and character of Komentu Maitea, making it a memorable destination for those who appreciate a blend of history and modern comfort.

While breakfast reviews are mixed with some finding it very good and pleasant in a beautiful breakfast room, others noted it could be improved. Issues such as limited variety, early depletion of food and high pricing were mentioned. However, the excellent evening meals set a high standard for the dining experience overall.

In summary, Komentu Maitea is a beautifully located hotel that provides a charming, serene escape with excellent dining, comfortable accommodations, outstanding cleanliness and a friendly, attentive staff. Its historical charm further enhances the unique experience, making it a top choice for travelers seeking a blend of nature, history and modern comfort.
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Room Types
Single Room Offering views of the valley, this room features rustic French-style furniture. It comes with air conditioning, heating, flat-screen satellite TV, a minibar and a private bathroom with free toiletries and a hairdryer.

Double or Twin Room Offering views of the surrounding countryside, this room with air conditioning and heating features rustic French-style furniture. It comes with a flat-screen satellite TV, a minibar and a private bathroom with free toiletries and a hairdryer.

Superior Double Room This spacious room with air conditioning and heating features rustic French-style furniture and elegant décor. It has a seating area with armchairs, flat-screen satellite TV and a minibar, and a private bathroom with free toiletries and a hairdryer.

Suite Featuring scenic views of the valley, this spacious suite is has a living area with a sofa, arm chairs and 2 flat-screen TVs. The modern bathroom has hairdryer and a magnifying mirror.

Double or Twin Room - Disability Access This room is completely adapted for disabled guests. It has wheelchair access and unobstructed access to all areas of the room. The bathroom is also adapted and has a shower.

Guest Reviews
Very Good
Komentu Maitea is a beautifully located hotel that captivates guests with its serene and dream-like surroundings. Nestled in the heart of nature, it offers a peaceful and elegant retreat, embraced by stunning landscapes and a privileged environment. The tranquility of its position outside the city adds to its charm, making it an ideal escape. Guests appreciate the hotel's proximity to Bilbao, just a 20-minute drive away, providing convenient access to the city's offerings while being surrounded by typical Basque villages. The spacious grounds and stylish ambiance further enhance the appeal of this top location, situated amidst the beautiful Basque mountains.

Komentu Maitea offers a breakfast experience that evokes mixed feelings among its guests. On the positive side, many guests appreciated a beautiful breakfast room and found the breakfast very good and pleasant, complimenting the wide variety of food available. Descriptions such as "wonderful" are used and some felt the breakfast was indeed very good.

However, there are significant criticisms as well. Some guests found the breakfast to be very basic and limited with instances of the food already being emptied by 9am and reports of no breakfast available despite prior bookings. Others felt that the breakfast did not live up to the standard set by the excellent evening meals, describing it as poor and not up to par. The pricing of the breakfast also received negative remarks with some guests deeming it very expensive compared to its quality and suggestion that it should at least include a basic option like coffee. Overall, while there are highlights to the breakfast experience, it appears inconsistent and could benefit from improvements in service and variety to meet guest expectations fully.

Komentu Maitea has earned high praise for its dining experience, garnering compliments for its delicious meals and excellent wine selection. Guests describe the food as spectacular, very good and consistently delicious across multiple evenings. The restaurant itself is noted for its impressive ambiance, making it one of the best and most wonderful dining spots in town.

Though some found the dinner prices a bit high, the quality of the cuisine and the pleasant surroundings seemingly justified the cost. Many reviewers enjoyed their meals on the outdoor patio, enhancing the dining experience with service that extended to the terrace, which was highlighted as a real luxury.

The staff, although limited in number and with room for improvement in English language skills, was repeatedly described as very friendly and extremely hardworking. The overall consensus is that the food and service at Komentu Maitea create a superb, memorable dining experience, despite minor inconveniences such as late dining hours and limited staffing.

Komentu Maitea offers a range of accommodations that generally receive positive remarks from guests. The rooms are frequently described as comfortable, clean and spacious, ensuring a pleasant stay. Guests appreciate the stylish decor and successful design of the spaces, which add to the overall charm of the hotel. The bathrooms, too, are noted for their relaxing ambiance.

Some reviews highlight the rooms' well-maintained and well-equipped nature, contributing to a cozy environment. The hotel's convenient location with easy access further enhances its appeal for travelers.

However, it's also mentioned that a few rooms are smaller with tiny windows and some guests find the lighting a bit dim. While most rooms live up to the expectations set by the other facilities, there are occasional mentions of certain rooms feeling more basic in comparison.

In summary, Komentu Maitea provides a comfortable and aesthetically pleasing stay with most rooms leaving guests satisfied with their choice.

The beds at Komentu Maitea receive consistently positive feedback from guests, often described as very comfortable and well-kept. Many highlight the comfort and sizable nature of the mattresses, emphasizing the relaxing experience. Overall, the beds are a standout feature, contributing to a comfortable and enjoyable stay.

The reviews for 'Komentu Maitea' highlight the establishment's impressive standards of cleanliness. Guests consistently note the hotel's very clean rooms and overall well-kept environment. Many appreciate the orderly and well-maintained condition of the hotel and the stylish, clean and very well-decorated spaces. Although there is a minor mention of average cleanliness, the overwhelming sentiment celebrates the impeccable cleanliness and well-renovated facilities.

Komentu Maitea is celebrated for its remarkable staff, consistently praised for their friendliness and exceptional hospitality. Guests frequently highlight the warm reception they receive with staff members often described as extremely friendly, attentive and service-oriented. The team's politeness, patience and cheerful demeanor are evident in the reviews, as well as their willingness to help at any time. The overall treatment by the staff leaves a lasting impression, making visitors feel genuinely welcomed and well-cared for. This high level of attentiveness and charm contributes significantly to the positive experiences of those who stay at Komentu Maitea.

Komentu Maitea stands out as a superbly restored historical gem. Once an old monastery, it now serves as an impressive hotel, retaining its unique charm and significance. The building itself is a beautiful and interesting piece of history, offering guests a chance to stay in a place with deep historical roots. Each room within this unique structure complements the overall historic ambiance, making it a memorable destination for those who appreciate architectural heritage.

No, Komentu Maitea doesn't have any pool.

No, a spa isn't available at Komentu Maitea.

No, Komentu Maitea doesn't allow dogs.

No, parking facilities aren't available at Komentu Maitea.

No, Komentu Maitea doesn't have a gym.

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