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Summary of reviewsOverall, Gumbet Anil Beach is a great choice for families looking for a fun and relaxing vacation. The hotel has an amazing swimming pool that is well-maintained and provides endless entertainment, especially for children. The water slide is a favorite among guests and adds an extra fun factor. Adults can also enjoy swimming and observing fish in the pool. The staff is friendly and helpful, going above and beyond to make guests feel welcome. The hotel truly offers everything needed for a perfect family vacation with its private pool and slides for both children and adults.
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Standard Double or Twin Room Air-conditioned room with a satellite TV and balcony.

Standard Triple Room Air-conditioned room with a satellite TV and balcony.

Standard Single Room Air-conditioned room with a balcony, satellite TV . Bathroom includes a shower and a hairdryer.

Guest Reviews
Gumbet Anil Beach is the ideal destination for those seeking a prime location in the heart of the city, just a few steps away from the beach. Guests can easily access nearby shops, tour operators, cafes, Migros, exchange offices, night clubs, a minibus to Bodrum city center and bus stations. The hotel is great value for money with quality accommodation and a friendly, helpful staff. For partygoers, Gumbet Anil Beach is the perfect location, surrounded by bustling bars and nightclubs. The hotel also boasts direct access to the beach and a private pool with a slide for children and adults. Though the area may be noisy, the hotel is perfect for sun and beach activities with fantastic sea views at breakfast, lunch and dinner. Overall, Gumbet Anil Beach is an excellent choice for its fantastic central location, proximity to nightlife and easy access to public transportation.

Guests have raved about the breakfast at Gumbet Anil Beach, describing it as fantastic, fresh and with a broad range of healthy and tasty options. Some guests even called the food perfect and amazing. Fresh fruit was available every day, along with a variety of desserts. While some guests found the food basic and repetitive, it was still edible and had lots of variety. There was something for everyone with several hot dishes, grills, salads, vegetables and fruits always available. The waiters were very helpful and attentive and the atmosphere was excellent with soft background music adding to the experience. Overall, guests were satisfied with the breakfast and found the food varied and delicious.

Guests at the Gumbet Anil Beach hotel have plenty of positive things to say about the dinner options. The food is described as great, fresh and delicious with a good variety of dishes including Turkish meals and different types of meat being grilled. There are also a variety of salads and sweets available. However, some reviewers note that there could be more hot vegetarian options and that the food was not well-labeled. Despite this, the cuisine is described as being diverse and cooked with care, suitable for vegetarians. Many guests enjoyed meals with a beautiful view of the sea and were entertained with live music and dancing during dinner. Overall, guests are satisfied with the food at Gumbet Anil Beach.

The rooms at Gumbet Anil Beach have gotten mixed reviews from guests. While some criticized the size, outdated furniture and lack of English TV channels, others found them clean, spacious and comfortable. Guests appreciate that the rooms are cleaned daily and that amenities like shampoo and soap are provided. However, some guests noted issues with cleanliness, such as sand on the floor and unchanging bedsheets. Noise from surrounding clubs and bars can also be an issue, especially for rooms facing the street. Overall, while some updates are needed, the rooms are still adequate for a pleasant stay at the hotel.

Gumbet Anil Beach is a great destination for those looking for a clean and comfortable stay. The cleaning service is very good and the rooms are cleaned every day. The hotel pays attention to the cleanliness of the public areas, the pool and the beach. While some guests complained about the cleanliness of the public toilets and some areas of the hotel, the majority agree that the hotel is overall clean and presentable. Families with kids will enjoy the clean and fun atmosphere. However, some guests had negative experiences with poor cleanliness and lack of sanitation in their rooms and public facilities. In addition, some guests reported old and dirty rooms, as well as language difficulties with the staff. Despite these negative remarks, all measures to combat Covid-19 are being followed. Overall, Gumbet Anil Beach is a good option for those looking for a clean and comfortable stay with proper hygiene measures in place.

One of the biggest advantages of Gumbet Anil Beach hotel is its outstanding staff. The manager and all the employees are very friendly and they go out of their way to help you with anything you need. Unfortunately, some of the staff members don't speak English very well. However, everyone is super friendly and helpful regardless of the language barrier. Many guests have expressed their gratitude towards Mr. Ahmet, Bedri, Ogi and other staff members who made their stay memorable. The hotel's staff treats guests like family and their hospitality and willingness to help are excellent. Some guests also appreciated the cultural aspect, where they could experience Turkish cuisine, music and dance. However, a few guests complained that some of the staff were lazy and careless with tourists. Overall, the staff at Gumbet Anil Beach hotel are amicable, dedicated and always willing to assist you in creating a memorable vacation.

Guests of Gumbet Anil Beach have mixed feelings about the hotel's Wi-Fi. While some reviewers report a reliable signal with good coverage, others claim the internet connection is poor, weak and temperamental. Some guests state that the Wi-Fi only works in certain areas, such as the reception and lobby and that it cannot reach the beachfront or the rooms. Reviewers also suggest that the server is inadequate for the number of users, resulting in a poor connection. Despite these concerns, some guests report that the Wi-Fi signal is strong, especially in public areas and the connection is reliable. However, if dependable Wi-Fi is essential to you, we suggest contacting the hotel before booking to ensure that you will have a reliable connection throughout your stay.

The guests at Gumbet Anil Beach really enjoyed the pool facilities with many positive comments about its cleanliness and comfort. Specifically, there was a designated area for children to play in safely. Parents were happy with the fun activities provided for their children, including water slides. The pool was also noted to be a good size for the hotel with loungers available around the area. Guests also enjoyed the beach access that accompanied the pool area. The hotel staff were friendly and helpful and the food was highly recommended for its great taste and affordability. Some feedback mentioned that the pool was small and may lack enough loungers at times, but these comments were in the minority. There was one review that stated the chlorine level in the pool was high. Overall, guests were happy with the pool and beach areas at Gumbet Anil Beach.

If you're looking for a hotel located right on the beach, Gumbet Anil Beach is the perfect choice for you. With direct access to a private beach, this hotel allows you to just walk out of your room and onto the sand. While some guests noted a lack of sunbeds and umbrellas at times, the closeness to the beach and the beauty of the ocean made up for it. The beach itself was described as magnificent, beautiful and amazing with its own private area just for hotel guests. The water was clean and some guests even saw dolphins while swimming! The sand was also nice and the hotel provided free umbrellas and sun loungers for guests. Overall, the hotel's location right on the beach and its private beach access were highly appreciated by most guests.

Gumbet Anil Beach is a family-friendly hotel with a private beach and a pool that kids will love, although some guests mentioned that the pool is small. Many families with children stayed here and they enjoyed the two slides in the pool. The hotel staff is attentive and caring towards young guests, even entertaining a 6-month-old baby while her mom enjoyed her meal. While some guests warned that the hotel is located on a lively street with bars that can be noisy until the early hours of the morning, others found the hotel suitable for families with kids and would come back again. Overall, Gumbet Anil Beach is a great option for families on a budget who want to spend a relaxing holiday together.

Gumbet Anil Beach is the place to be for party-goers looking to experience the vibrant nightlife that Gumbet has to offer. The hotel is located in close proximity to numerous bars, clubs and restaurants, allowing guests to easily immerse themselves in the party scene. Although it can get quite noisy at night due to the nearby nightclubs, this is not necessarily a negative for young travelers looking for a lively atmosphere. If you are seeking more peace and quiet, however, you may want to consider staying in central Bodrum instead. The hotel itself is showing its age in terms of cleanliness and room quality, though the staff at the reception desk are friendly. Overall, Gumbet Anil Beach may not be suitable for families with young children or anyone seeking a peaceful retreat, but it can be a great choice for those who want to be right in the heart of the party.

Pool Water Slide
If you're looking for a family-friendly hotel with a fun pool, Gumbet Anil Beach is the place for you. The swimming pool is clean and provides lots of entertainment for kids with its two slides going into the pool. The water slide was especially popular and fulfilled its purpose of adding a fun factor for the children. Adults can also enjoy swimming and observing fish in the pool. The pool area received praise for being well-maintained and providing hours of entertainment. The friendly and helpful staff was mentioned by guests, adding to the overall positive experience. Gumbet Anil Beach truly has it all for a fun-filled family vacation, complete with a private pool and slides for both children and adults to enjoy.

Outdoor Pool
The outdoor pool at Gumbet Anil Beach is a highlight for guests with many positive reviews. The pool is described as nice, clean and a lot of fun for kids thanks to the slides that go into it. The poolside area is also praised with plenty of space to relax. The hotel has its own pool, which is a great bonus for guests. In addition to the pool, there are also water slides that are enjoyed by both children and adults. Overall, the pool is a great feature of the hotel and provides a fun and relaxing way to spend your time in Gumbet Anil Beach.

Gumbet Anil Beach hotel is located directly on the beachfront, offering guests a beautiful view of the sea. This prime location is highlighted by many of the guests in their reviews with phrases such as "piscine, plage juste derrière" and "l'hotel est pieds dans l'eau". The hotel's proximity to the beach is also noted as a positive with guests mentioning "Deniz kenarında olması ve lokasyonu iyiydi" and "gerçekten denize sıfır otel". The direct beach access is a definite highlight for guests at Gumbet Anil Beach.

Yes, Gumbet Anil Beach has pool(s) that belong to one or more of the following categories: Pool Water Slide, Outdoor Pool.

No, a spa isn't available at Gumbet Anil Beach.

No, Gumbet Anil Beach doesn't allow dogs.

Yes, parking facilities are available at Gumbet Anil Beach.

No, Gumbet Anil Beach doesn't have a gym.

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