Diamanthotel Idar-Oberstein

Idar-Oberstein , , Tiefensteiner Straße 235 (Show on Map)

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Summary of reviewsDiamanthotel Idar-Oberstein is highly regarded for its unique and strategic location, nestled on the outskirts of Idar-Oberstein near a forest and a gemstone mine. This serene and quiet setting offers an ideal starting point for hikes and city explorations with the town center just a five-minute drive away. Guests appreciate the easy accessibility provided by the busy main road and a bus stop right outside the hotel, along with ample parking space.

The hotel's breakfast receives enthusiastic praise for its delicious offerings and extensive, well-maintained buffet. Guests enjoy the variety, including freshly made egg dishes and regional options, served in a cozy and nicely furnished breakfast room. The dining experience is further enhanced by the friendly and attentive staff.

Dinner at Diamanthotel Idar-Oberstein is equally lauded with guests enjoying the versatile menu featuring local dishes, homemade beer, seasonal specialties and a pleasant beer garden atmosphere. The quality of the food and the first-class service contribute significantly to guests' enjoyment.

The rooms are described as spacious, modern and impeccably clean. Recently renovated with high-quality furnishings and comfortable beds, the rooms offer a fresh and inviting atmosphere. Some guests note minor noise from the street, but overall, the accommodation is praised for its comfort and cleanliness.

Cleanliness throughout the hotel is consistently highlighted with meticulous upkeep and well-maintained facilities. The friendly and accommodating staff, attentive to guests' needs, further enhance the positive experience, creating a welcoming and hospitable environment.

While WiFi experiences vary with some finding it satisfactory and others mediocre, the availability of free internet is a convenient feature. Parking is praised for its convenience and abundance, including secure options for bicycles and motorcycles.

Diamanthotel Idar-Oberstein is noted for being family-friendly, offering spacious rooms, a playground and a warm, inviting atmosphere for children. The hotel’s cozy setting and caring staff make it a standout choice for families seeking a comfortable and enjoyable stay.

The beds are generally reported to be very comfortable, contributing to restful sleep, although preferences for mattress firmness may vary. The hotel offers good value for money as a mid-range option with notable cleanliness and comfort that exceed typical three-star expectations.

Business travelers find the hotel suitable with practical amenities and flexible facilities catering to professional needs. The beer garden provides a relaxing space after a busy day.

Accessibility is commendable with easy access options, elevator availability and rooms designed to accommodate guests with disabilities, ensuring a comfortable stay for all travelers.

In summary, Diamanthotel Idar-Oberstein combines strategic location, excellent service, comfortable accommodations and outstanding dining experiences to offer a memorable and welcoming stay for all guests.
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Room Types
Standard Double Room Homelike room with a seating area, cable TV and private bathroom with free toiletries.

Studio with Garden View This studio features 2 separate bedrooms, a seating area, a separate entrance, cable TV and views of greenery. The private bathroom is fitted with free toiletries.

Loft This loft is located on the 3rd floor and contains a small bathroom and shower in a niche.

Comfort National Park Room Single This room features wooden furniture, a desk, and tea facilities.

Comfort National Park Room Double This room features wooden furniture, a seating area, and tea facilities. The bathroom is fitted with a radio.

Comfort National Park Room 32m² Double This room features wooden furniture, a seating area, and tea facilities. The bathroom is fitted with a radio and a walk-in shower. Some rooms of this category provide views. Wheelchair-accessible rooms are available upon request.

Studio with Balcony This studio comes with a separate entrance, seating area, views of greenery and a private bathroom.

Studio with Terrace This studio comes with a separate entrance, a coat rack in the entrance area, views of greenery and a seating area. Guests have direct access to the garden.

Comfort National Park Room 32m² Double - wheelchair-accessible The spacious double room provides soundproof walls, a tea and coffee maker, as well as a private bathroom featuring a walk-in shower and a hairdryer. The unit offers 1 bed.

Guest Reviews
Diamanthotel Idar-Oberstein boasts a unique location with both advantages and drawbacks. Nestled on the outskirts of Idar-Oberstein, the hotel offers a serene atmosphere right next to the forest, making it an excellent starting point for hikes and explorations of the gemstone mine. Guests appreciate its proximity to a nature park and convenience in accessing the city's attractions with the center just a five-minute drive away.

The hotel is strategically placed on a busy main road which ensures easy accessibility and ample parking space. Public transport is another plus with a bus stop located right outside the door, making a car a nice-to-have luxury rather than a necessity.

Despite being on a busy street, the hotel offers a quiet retreat at night, especially if you opt for rooms away from the road. The beer garden receives high praise for its pleasant atmosphere, good food and friendly staff. Additionally, supermarkets and bakeries are within walking distance, adding to the convenience of the location.

However, the proximity to a busy road does mean that some rooms might experience street noise, which could be a drawback for light sleepers. Overall, Diamanthotel Idar-Oberstein stands out as a great base for exploring the surrounding areas while offering a peaceful escape amidst nature.

The breakfast at Diamanthotel Idar-Oberstein consistently attracts high praise from guests, who describe it as delicious, very good and perfect. Numerous reviews highlight the great breakfast and the extensive, well-maintained breakfast buffet. Freshly baked fried eggs and individually prepared egg dishes are notable features, adding a personal touch to the meal. Guests appreciate the variety and quality of items with many mentioning the significant selection, including regional options. The cozy and nicely furnished breakfast room further enhances the dining experience.

For early risers, breakfast starts at 6.30 am, earning high praise for its timely service. The friendly and attentive staff, who fulfill requests for scrambled or fried eggs, contribute positively to the experience. While some guests describe the breakfast as simple or basic, most find it sufficient and tasty with a good selection overall. Some minor critiques include limited selection of sausage and cheese and infrequent replenishing of the buffet, but these do not significantly detract from the overall satisfaction.

Overall, Diamanthotel Idar-Oberstein provides a rich and varied breakfast that many guests find to be a perfect start to their day, leaving little to be desired.

Diamanthotel Idar-Oberstein's dining experience receives high praise with guests frequently complimenting the excellent dinner and overall quality of the food. The restaurant, integrated into the hotel, offers a versatile and appealing menu that caters to a diverse range of tastes. Patrons highlight the delicious local dishes, homemade beer, freshly prepared pizzas and seasonal and regional specialties like schnitzel and roast pork.

The beer garden emerges as a favorite spot, providing a scenic and pleasant setting for dining. It's noted for serving tasty homemade beer and an impressive array of malt whiskies. Guests appreciate the cozy ambiance of the grill restaurant, which complements the extensive menu available.

Breakfast at the hotel also receives commendations with many mentioning a good breakfast buffet that contributes to the excellent value for money. The first-class service and the pronounced friendliness of the staff further enhance the dining experience.

The hotel's commitment to quality resonates in reviews describing the food as super delicious and top-notch. Overall, both the on-site restaurant and beer garden come highly recommended, making dining at Diamanthotel Idar-Oberstein a memorable part of the stay.

The rooms at Diamanthotel Idar-Oberstein have garnered overwhelmingly positive feedback from guests. Many reviews highlight the spaciousness and modernity of the rooms, which have been recently renovated and are tastefully decorated throughout. Guests appreciate the large and comfortable beds, as well as the well-equipped amenities, including large televisions, refrigerators and spacious bathrooms. The rooms are consistently praised for their cleanliness and tidiness.

The decor is modern and appealing with particular emphasis on the contemporary and high-quality furnishings. Guests staying in rooms facing the garden enjoy pleasant views, while those on the street side note some noise issues.

Overall, the rooms offer a high level of comfort with notable mentions of super comfortable mattresses and beautifully renovated interiors. The newly furnished rooms provide a fresh and inviting atmosphere, making them ideal for a few nights' stay. Cleanliness and maintenance are also top-notch, ensuring guests have a pleasant and comfortable experience during their stay.

Diamanthotel Idar-Oberstein receives generally positive feedback regarding its beds with many guests highlighting the comfort and spaciousness. The beds are frequently described as very comfortable, cozy and come with clean bed linens. A few reviews mention the beds as new, adding to the overall satisfaction. Some guests find the mattresses particularly soft and cozy, while others noted a preference for firmer mattresses, suggesting that comfort may vary based on personal preference. Nonetheless, despite these few preferences, most reviews confirm that guests enjoyed a restful sleep, making the hotel's beds a notable aspect of their stay.

Diamanthotel Idar-Oberstein stands out distinctly in terms of cleanliness and comfort, making it a noteworthy choice for travelers seeking a well-kept accommodation. The guest reviews consistently highlight the hotel's immaculate rooms with many describing them as very clean, cozy and well-maintained. The neat and tidy appearance of both the hotel and individual rooms contributes to a positive overall experience for guests.

The modernized interiors and new furniture add a fresh appeal to the rooms, enhancing comfort alongside cleanliness. While there were occasional comments about improvements needed in the bathroom or specific instances of soap residues and hair on the floor, the general sentiment is overwhelmingly positive regarding hygiene.

Particular praise is directed at the spotless rooms and the clean, spacious bathrooms. This consistent attention to cleanliness extends beyond individual rooms to the entire hotel with descriptions of the establishment being impeccably clean and extremely tidy. Additionally, the hygiene products provided are well-regarded, complementing the hotel's dedication to maintaining high cleanliness standards.

The Diamanthotel Idar-Oberstein successfully creates a serene and inviting atmosphere, reinforced by its meticulous upkeep and attention to detail, making it a compelling option for discerning travelers.

Diamanthotel Idar-Oberstein boasts a reputation for outstanding hospitality, as reflected in numerous guest reviews praising the exceptional staff. Consistently described as very friendly, accommodating and attentive, the hotel's personnel and owners go out of their way to ensure a pleasant experience for their guests. From the warm and welcoming reception to the helpful assistance offered throughout the stay, the team’s dedication does not go unnoticed. The staff are described as super friendly and helpful, creating a family-like, hospitable atmosphere that is highly valued by visitors. Guests have highlighted the owners' readiness to meet all needs and provide excellent service, making the Diamanthotel Idar-Oberstein a standout choice for those appreciating professional yet personal care during their travels. The consistently kind and attentive attitude of everyone from the reception to the restaurant enhances the overall positive experience, rendering the service unbeatable and contributing significantly to the hotel's inviting ambiance.

Diamanthotel Idar-Oberstein provides WiFi access throughout the entire property, ensuring guests can stay connected in all areas of the hotel. The internet service is made available for free, which is a convenient feature for travelers. Reviews show a mix of experiences with the WiFi quality; while some guests found it good and secure, others described it as mediocre to moderate. It seems the WiFi performance could be inconsistent. Nonetheless, the availability of complimentary internet is a notable advantage for guests staying at the hotel.

The Diamanthotel Idar-Oberstein offers convenient and ample parking opportunities for its guests. The hotel features a large, free parking lot situated behind the property, ensuring plenty of space for all visitors. For those traveling by motorcycle or bicycle, there are safe and secure parking options available, including a dedicated garage for bikes. The accessibility of the parking areas is highly praised with parking available right in front of the hotel and an elevator for added convenience. Overall, guests consistently highlight the abundance and accessibility of free parking, making it a stress-free experience for those arriving by car.

Nestled in the picturesque region of Idar-Oberstein, Diamanthotel offers a perfect family-friendly retreat, exuding a warm and inviting atmosphere. Guests have praised the hotel for its attentive and friendly service, particularly in the restaurant and during breakfast, making every meal a delightful experience. The family-friendly environment is further enhanced by the genuine care and hospitality extended by the owners and staff, who go out of their way to provide helpful advice and ensure guests feel at home.

The rooms are perfectly suited for families, offering the comfort and space needed for a relaxing stay. Children are made to feel exceptionally welcome, a sentiment echoed in numerous reviews that highlight the hotel's great amenities for kids. The backyard, featuring a wonderful playground, provides a safe and enjoyable setting for young ones to play and explore, ensuring they are entertained throughout their stay.

The hotel's cozy and intimate setting, coupled with its caring host and staff, creates a familial atmosphere that resonates with guests. This inviting ambiance, along with the high level of child-friendliness, makes Diamanthotel a standout choice for a memorable family getaway. Whether for a short stay or a longer visit, it remains a favorite among families seeking comfort, care and a little bit of sparkle in their travels.

3 Star
Diamanthotel Idar-Oberstein offers a comfortable, clean and neat environment, presenting itself as a great mid-range hotel for a stay. Despite its three-star grading, the hotel is highly praised for its excellent price-performance ratio, making it a superb choice for travelers seeking good value for money.

Guests frequently highlight the hotel's commendable cleanliness and comfort, suggesting it meets the expectations for a mid-range accommodation. The restaurant has received positive feedback for the quality of its food, although some reviews note that the service could be improved and the opening hours are limited.

Overall, Diamanthotel Idar-Oberstein is highly recommended for those looking for a budget-friendly yet comfortable option with a great balance between price and quality.

Diamanthotel Idar-Oberstein stands out as a strong choice for business travelers, offering good facilities and practical, comprehensive amenities that cater well to professional needs. The flexible facilities make it suitable for various business-related activities, while cozy spaces to eat add a touch of comfort to the overall experience. The presence of a beer garden provides a pleasant environment for relaxation after a busy day. The hotel has been notably recommended for business stays, signaling its reliability and suitability for frequent travelers.

Diamanthotel Idar-Oberstein offers commendable accessibility features that cater to guests with disabilities. The property boasts convenient access options with a bus stop located directly in front of the door, making transportation straightforward. Rooms and the entire property are described as easy to access and an elevator is available to facilitate movement between floors. The hotel provides wheelchair accessible rooms and bathrooms upon request, ensuring that all guests can enjoy a comfortable stay. Although there is no air conditioning, the emphasis on accessibility makes Diamanthotel Idar-Oberstein a practical choice for travelers with mobility needs.

No, Diamanthotel Idar-Oberstein doesn't have any pool.

No, a spa isn't available at Diamanthotel Idar-Oberstein.

No, Diamanthotel Idar-Oberstein doesn't allow dogs.

Yes, parking facilities are available at Diamanthotel Idar-Oberstein.

No, Diamanthotel Idar-Oberstein doesn't have a gym.

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