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Summary of reviewsBoutique Hotel Bellevue in Interlaken earns high praise for its prime riverside location, offering breathtaking views of the water and surrounding mountains. Its proximity to Interlaken West Station, the city center and numerous dining and shopping options further enhances its convenience for travelers. Guests appreciate the tranquil yet central setting, making it an ideal spot for both relaxation and exploration of popular tourist attractions like Harder Kulm and Jungfraujoch.

The breakfast buffet at Boutique Hotel Bellevue is frequently highlighted for its delicious and fresh offerings, including a variety of eggs, cheese, beans, fruits and a selection of breads. Guests value the friendly and helpful breakfast staff, which adds to the positive dining experience, especially when enjoyed on the terrace by the river or in the garden.

Despite the absence of an on-site restaurant, dining options nearby, such as the highly recommended Taj Mahal Indian restaurant, cater well to guests' evening meal needs. The downstairs bar also offers Swiss wine and light bites, providing additional choices.

The rooms at Boutique Hotel Bellevue capture a mix of positive and slightly critical feedback. Many guests are enamored with the stunning views from the balconies and the modern, clean and comfortable interiors. High-quality amenities like air conditioning and toiletries are appreciated. However, some guests note that room sizes can be smaller than expected with occasional issues related to room temperature, privacy on balconies and noise from nearby train lines.

Cleanliness generally receives commendation with rooms described as very clean and well-maintained, although isolated instances of inadequate cleaning and worn-out furnishings are mentioned. Daily mopping and a tidy environment contribute to a pleasant stay.

The staff at Boutique Hotel Bellevue are frequently commended for their friendliness, helpfulness and professionalism, significantly enhancing the guest experience. Particular staff members are highlighted for their exceptional service, creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

The free Wi-Fi, while mostly reliable and fast, has areas needing improvement, particularly on balconies and occasionally within some rooms. Nonetheless, the convenience of complimentary access is appreciated by many.

Parking at the hotel is described as convenient and safe, although not free, but reasonably priced. Spaces are ample but can be limited during peak times, so early reservation is advisable.

Families find the hotel accommodating with comfortable room options, easy access to local amenities and friendly staff, making it a great choice for family vacations. Additionally, the convenience of parking and family discounts add value.

While the beds at the hotel receive praise for cleanliness and quality linens, some guests find issues with comfort, particularly with twin mattresses pushed together and insufficient pillow support. Despite some dissatisfaction, many guests still find the bedding comfortable.

Regarding its four-star rating, opinions are mixed. Some guests believe the hotel deserves its rating, while others suggest it falls short in areas such as room quality, amenities and service, aligning more closely with a three-star experience in some aspects.

Overall, Boutique Hotel Bellevue is celebrated for its charming and stylish design, making it a delightful boutique option in Interlaken. The hotel offers a beautiful and clean environment, providing a generally luxurious and value-for-money experience, despite a few areas for improvement.
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Hotel with EV Charging Stations

Boutique-style Hotel

Luxury Hotel

Hotel near Golf Courses
Where is the golf course located? Outside the premises. Exact distance: 2950m (Golfclubs Interlaken-Unterseen)
Number of holes? 18
Who designed the course? Limburger
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Hotel near Ski Resorts

Family Friendly Hotel
What percentage of your guests are families? Under 50%
Family-Friendly room types:
Family rooms. Number: 3
Triple rooms. Number: 4
Two-bedroom apartments. Number: 2
Please suggest which room type a family with one child should choose and where the child will sleep:
Triple Room. The room is equipped with 3 single beds.
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Hotel with Parking

EV charging stations  

Cost of parking: Cost per night: Fr 15
Self parking or valet parking?
Self-parking: Guests find a parking space on their own.
Should the guests notify you about reserving a parking space before checking in? Yes:
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4-Star Hotel

Room Types
Boutique Single Jungfrau View Elegant single room with balcony, cable-TV and bathroom.

Boutique Triple - River View Elegant triple room with balcony facing the river, cable TV and a bathroom.

Boutique Family - Garden View Elegant and air-conditioned family room consisting of 2 interconnected double rooms. 1 room has a balcony with a view of the garden and river. There are 2 cable TVs and a bathroom with shower.

The River House - Apartment The river house in the garden of our Hotel Bellevue, directly at the river Aare. In the house you will find: - 1 living room with chimney and kitchen - 2 bed rooms, each with private bathroom - terrace on the bank at the river - big garden

Two-Bedroom Apartment This apartment comprises: - 2 bedrooms, each with its own bathroom - an open-plan kitchen - a spacious living room

Boutique Double - River View This room offers panoramic views of the river and the mountains.

Boutique Double - Garden & Jungfrau View This air-conditioned double room is comprised of a flat-screen TV with cable channels, a private bathroom as well as a balcony with garden views.

Boutique Double - Bathtub River View This air-conditioned double room includes a flat-screen TV with cable channels, a private bathroom as well as a balcony with mountain views.

Boutique Double - Top Floor River View This air-conditioned twin room includes a flat-screen TV with cable channels, a private bathroom as well as a balcony with mountain views. The unit offers 2 beds.

Deluxe Double Room The spacious double room provides air conditioning, a tea and coffee maker, a balcony with mountain views as well as a private bathroom featuring a walk-in shower.

Guest Reviews
Very Good
Boutique Hotel Bellevue in Interlaken boasts a prime location that guests consistently highlight as one of its strongest attributes. Nestled right along the beautiful river, the hotel offers stunning views of the water and nearby mountains, which many guests found breathtaking and peaceful. The hotel's proximity to Interlaken West Station makes it highly convenient for travelers arriving by train, as it’s only a few minutes' walk away.

The central location provides easy access to various facilities and attractions. Guests appreciated its closeness to the city center, shopping streets, restaurants, supermarkets, cafes and recreational areas. The serene yet central setting allows guests to enjoy tranquility while being steps away from the lively parts of town.

The location is also ideal for those looking to explore further afield with easy access to prominent tourist sites like Harder Kulm and Jungfraujoch. Overall, the hotel's picturesque riverside setting combined with its convenient access to transportation, dining and shopping options makes it a top choice for visitors seeking both relaxation and accessibility in Interlaken.

Guests at Boutique Hotel Bellevue frequently praise the breakfast offerings, which are repeatedly described as delicious, very good and wonderful. The breakfast buffet, often highlighted for its great variety and fresh products, features a selection of eggs, cheese, beans, fresh fruits and an impressive array of bread. Some guests noted standout items like the fresh and warm bread served every morning.

The service also receives high marks with several mentions of the friendly and helpful breakfast staff contributing to the positive dining experience. Breakfast can be enjoyed in various pleasant settings, including a terrace by the river and a lovely garden by the Aare river, adding to the overall ambiance.

However, there are a few mixed opinions. While many found the breakfast to be excellent and exceeding expectations, others described it as average or simple with a few highlighting specific issues like limited variety or undercooked items. Despite these occasional criticisms, the overall consensus points toward a satisfying start to the day at Boutique Hotel Bellevue, particularly for its hearty and diverse breakfast options.

Guests of Boutique Hotel Bellevue have mixed feelings about dinner options. The hotel itself lacks an on-site restaurant for evening meals, which some find a drawback. However, dining enthusiasts can still enjoy a meal at the downstairs bar, which serves Swiss wine and light bites. The surrounding area offers ample dining choices, including the highly recommended Taj Mahal Indian restaurant and other eateries inviting for a meal. Additionally, an exceptional restaurant is conveniently located nearby, adding to the diverse culinary landscape available beyond the hotel's premises.

Boutique Hotel Bellevue offers a mix of experiences when it comes to their rooms with several highlights and some areas of dissatisfaction. Many guests rave about the stunning views from balconies, particularly those overlooking the river or mountains. The rooms, when freshly renovated, are described as modern, clean and comfortable. A number of reviews appreciate aspects like cozy interiors, high-quality finishes and the presence of necessary amenities such as toiletries and air conditioning. Some rooms are spacious and come with a balcony, adding to the appeal.

However, numerous guests find the rooms to be smaller than expected, noting that the size may not align with the hotel's four-star rating. Issues such as fluctuating room temperature, insufficient privacy on balconies, basic or outdated furniture and noise from nearby train lines are mentioned. Another recurring complaint involves the worn-out or impractical furnishings, such as small wardrobes and subpar bedding.

Cleanliness generally receives positive remarks with many describing the rooms as very clean and well-maintained. Nevertheless, some guests have pointed out specific issues like loose parquet flooring, cobwebs and poorly cleaned floors.

Overall, while the picturesque views and certain modern amenities appeal to many, the limited room size and certain aspects of room maintenance might leave some guests expecting more from their stay at a four-star hotel.

The beds at Boutique Hotel Bellevue receive mixed reviews from guests. On the positive side, many guests found the beds comfortable, noting that they were very clean and the bed linens were of excellent quality. Some visitors appreciated the softness and comfort of the beds and bedding with phrases like "comfortable beds" and "nice and soft bed" appearing in reviews.

However, several guests expressed dissatisfaction with certain aspects of the bedding. The use of twin mattresses pushed together to form a double or queen bed was mentioned frequently, leading to discomfort. Complaints about the pillows were common with many describing them as too soft, flat or even wafer-thin. The small size of the duvets and some linens was also a point of contention. Additionally, the mattress quality was described as average with some guests finding the beds hard or uncomfortable.

Occasional issues with dirty pillows and lack of good daily cleaning were noted, detracting from the overall experience. For some, the noisy wooden floors and sharp edges of the beds added to their discomfort. Overall, while a segment of guests found the beds comfortable, others felt they fell short of expectations, particularly for a boutique hotel.

Boutique Hotel Bellevue generally receives high marks for its cleanliness with many guests noting the hotel's cleanliness as excellent. Rooms are frequently described as very clean and comfortable with regular cleaning practices ensuring a pleasant stay. Despite the modern amenities and well-maintained common areas, there are occasional mentions of average cleanliness and specific instances where cleaning was not up to par, such as unclean bathrooms and rooms not properly cleaned upon arrival.

Guests appreciate the daily mopping and tidying that contributes to the hotel's generally high standards of hygiene. Some also highlighted the clean and organized environment, which adds to the overall positive experience. The hotel's cleanliness extends to its apartments, which are regularly cleaned and well-maintained.

However, a few reviews point out that the furniture appears worn out and the overall room quality does not always match a four-star rating. Additionally, there is feedback on specific areas needing improvement, such as better cleaning of bathrooms and overall room upkeep.

Despite these occasional issues, the overarching sentiment is that Boutique Hotel Bellevue maintains a commendable level of cleanliness, contributing to its reputation as a great place for a comfortable and enjoyable stay.

Nestled in a serene location, Boutique Hotel Bellevue boasts a reputation for its exemplary staff that significantly enhances the guest experience. Numerous reviews highlight the hotel's friendly, helpful and professional staff, a testament to their dedication and commitment to providing quality service. Guests frequently mention the warm and welcoming atmosphere created by the staff, making travelers feel right at home upon arrival.

Particularly noteworthy figures include receptionists Monica and Salvatore Grassonelli and a porter named Akush, praised for their exceptional service and courteous demeanor. The front desk and overall hotel staff are often mentioned for their politeness, attentiveness and cooperative nature. Many guests felt well taken care of, pointing out the staff's willingness to go above and beyond, showcasing their professionalism and friendly behavior.

While the majority of experiences are positive, some feedback indicates a need for improvement in customer service, particularly at the reception. A few guests felt certain staff members, including the night shift receptionist and the owner, could be more accommodating and less dismissive of complaints.

Despite these isolated incidents, the general consensus points towards a commendable team making Boutique Hotel Bellevue a preferred choice for hospitality. The staff’s consistent friendliness and helpfulness, from housekeeping to the concierge, significantly contribute to the hotel's charm and desirability.

Travelers to Boutique Hotel Bellevue have had mixed experiences with the hotel's Wi-Fi service. On the brighter side, many guests have praised the Wi-Fi for being good, well-functioning and fast, making it easier for them to stay connected during their stay. This positive feedback suggests that the Wi-Fi works well enough for general use in most areas of the hotel.

However, there were also several mentions of weak Wi-Fi signals, spotty coverage and connectivity that could use improvement. Some guests noted that the Wi-Fi was unreliable at times and that it didn't work on the balcony or even within certain rooms. Despite these issues, the overall sentiment is that while the Wi-Fi may not be perfect everywhere within the hotel, it is generally adequate and offers free access, which adds to its convenience.

In summary, Boutique Hotel Bellevue provides free Wi-Fi that is mostly reliable and fast, although it may not be consistently strong in all areas, especially on the balcony and occasionally within the rooms.

Boutique Hotel Bellevue offers convenient and safe parking options for its guests. The hotel's parking facilities are located very close to the lobby and entry is seamless with the same hotel card used for room access. Although parking is not free, it is available for a reasonable fee of 12 Swiss Francs per night, which is considered affordable by many guests. The parking spaces are plentiful, though some guests noted that availability can be limited during peak times, making early reservation advisable. Despite the cost, the parking is described as great, ample and meeting European standards. Nearby parking spaces and hotel parking lots provide additional options for those who drive, ensuring that guests have a comfortable and hassle-free experience when it comes to parking their vehicles.

Boutique Hotel Bellevue offers a family-friendly environment with convenient accommodations for families of various sizes. Rooms and apartments comfortably house large groups with options such as two connected rooms and beds for up to six people. The hotel is well-maintained with good room quality and an accessible kitchen, enhancing the family travel experience. Its location provides easy walking distance access to restaurants and amusements for kids, making it an ideal choice for family vacations. The super friendly and cooperative staff further contribute to a pleasant stay. Additionally, the hotel features easy-to-access parking and offers family discounts, adding value for guests traveling with children.

4 Star
When considering the 'Boutique Hotel Bellevue', reviews regarding its four-star rating present a mixed picture. On a positive note, there are some reviewers who believe the hotel deserves a four-star rating and commend certain aspects. However, numerous guests expressed disappointment, indicating that the establishment often falls short of four-star expectations.

Common points of contention include room quality, which some describe as more befitting a three-star or even a two-star rating. Several guests feel that the price is too high for the level of service and amenities provided, suggesting that the hotel's value proposition does not align with its cost. Specific elements like room size, furniture quality, breakfast offerings and minibar also drew criticism with reviewers noting these features do not meet four-star standards.

In summary, while 'Boutique Hotel Bellevue' has certain merits, there is a consensus among several guests that it does not consistently deliver the experience expected of a four-star hotel.

Boutique Hotel Bellevue is a delightful property that offers a cozy and charming stay. Its location is conveniently close to the center and near the station, providing a charming view and ensuring accessibility. The hotel features cute balconies and parking, a functional elevator and a luggage carrier for added convenience. Despite being a smaller establishment, the rooms are well-furnished and good-sized, embodying the essence of a four-star boutique hotel. The design of the hotel is thoughtfully executed, making it a unique and stylish choice for travelers seeking a nice central hotel experience.

Guests of Boutique Hotel Bellevue describe their experience as luxurious, highlighting the establishment's very stylish and modern design throughout. Despite a few minor mentions of potentially more luxurious elements, the consensus portrays the hotel as a great boutique option. Patrons consistently commend the hotel's beautiful, clean and amazing environment, suggesting it offers good value and might even be worth a higher price. The overall sentiment points to a chic, contemporary stay that leaves a lasting impression of sophistication and comfort.

No, Boutique Hotel Bellevue doesn't have any pool.

No, a spa isn't available at Boutique Hotel Bellevue.

Yes, Boutique Hotel Bellevue welcomes dogs.

Yes, parking facilities are available at Boutique Hotel Bellevue. For more information, read the answers to the Parking questionnaire

No, Boutique Hotel Bellevue doesn't have a gym.

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