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Summary of reviewsMeyers Hofcafe is highly lauded across various aspects, making it a preferred choice for many travelers.

Situated in an optimal and tranquil location in a picturesque small town, Meyers Hofcafe offers easy access to local attractions such as Tankumsee, Gifhorn's open-air theater at the Mühlenmuseum and Fallersleben. Its central yet peaceful setting ensures a restful stay, making it an excellent stopover for cyclers and travelers alike. The serene village ambiance, complemented by a beautiful courtyard, creates an inviting environment ideal for relaxation.

The breakfast experience at Meyers Hofcafe is a standout feature, receiving rave reviews for its quality and variety. Guests enjoy a diverse buffet with homemade, local products such as breads, jams and freshly prepared eggs. The cozy atmosphere, friendly staff and attention to detail further enhance the breakfast experience, establishing it as a highlight of the stay.

While the café does not serve dinner, it offers delicious homemade cakes in the afternoon and a quick, affordable lunch service on weekends. Nearby restaurants and a snack bar provide ample dinner options, ensuring guests have a range of dining choices.

Accommodations at Meyers Hofcafe are praised for being spacious, clean and well-furnished. The rooms blend modern amenities with rustic charm, catering to various preferences with features such as balconies, comfortable beds and well-equipped bathrooms. Despite minor mentions of outdated decor in some rooms, the overall cleanliness and tidiness are highly appreciated. Families find the guesthouse particularly accommodating with spacious rooms and amenities suitable for larger groups.

Cleanliness is a hallmark of Meyers Hofcafe with guests consistently highlighting the immaculate condition of the property. The attention to detail extends to the bathrooms and overall facilities, which are well-maintained and hygienic. The friendly and professional staff contribute significantly to the welcoming atmosphere, ensuring a pleasant stay for all guests.

The beds at Meyers Hofcafe are generally praised for comfort and quality, though opinions on mattress firmness vary. The large, clean rooms and good mattresses contribute positively to the sleeping experience.

For business travelers, the guesthouse offers practical amenities and a seamless check-in and check-out process, making it an ideal choice for professional needs. Accessibility is another strong point with features such as an elevator, ground floor access and wheelchair-friendly rooms enhancing convenience for all guests.

Lastly, Meyers Hofcafe is accommodating to pet owners, offering dog-friendly amenities and a welcoming atmosphere for pets.

In summary, Meyers Hofcafe excels in providing a clean, comfortable and charming retreat with outstanding hospitality, making it a highly recommended choice for leisure and business travelers alike.
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Room Types
Double Room Classically furnished room with a flat-screen satellite TV and a private bathroom.

One-Bedroom Apartment Classically furnished room with a kitchen, a flat-screen satellite TV and a private bathroom.

One-Bedroom Apartment This apartment features 1 living room, 1 separate bedroom and 1 bathroom with a shower and free toiletries. Meals can be prepared in the well-fitted kitchen, which has a stovetop, a refrigerator, kitchenware and an oven. The apartment features a seating area, a dining area, a wardrobe, a flat-screen TV with satellite channels, as well as garden views. The unit has 3 beds.

Budget Double Room Featuring free toiletries, this double room includes a private bathroom with a shower and a hairdryer. This double room has a minibar, flat-screen TV with satellite channels, garden views, as well as wine/champagne for guests.

Guest Reviews
Very Good
Meyers Hofcafe boasts an optimal and peaceful location that has garnered numerous positive reviews from guests. Situated in a beautiful and quiet small town, the guesthouse is conveniently positioned near the central village area, offering the perfect blend of tranquility and accessibility. Guests appreciate the easy access to restaurants, shopping and notable attractions such as the Tankumsee, Gifhorn's open-air theater at the Mühlenmuseum and the scenic town of Fallersleben.

The property is praised for being both centrally located and incredibly quiet, ensuring a restful stay without traffic noise. It's an ideal stopover destination, whether traveling or embarking on bike tours, thanks to its strategic placement near major travel routes and cycling paths that wind through the idyllic landscape. Visitors also highlight the property's proximity to Wolfsburg, making it a great base for excursions to nearby cities.

The charming village setting provides a pleasant, rural atmosphere where guests can enjoy evening walks and peaceful surroundings. This quiet location, combined with the guesthouse's beautiful courtyard and well-maintained facilities, creates an inviting and serene environment ideal for relaxation or as a break on longer journeys.

Meyers Hofcafe's breakfast offerings have garnered overwhelmingly positive reviews from guests, highlighting both the quality and variety available. Guests consistently praise its excellent, delicious and balanced options. The buffet-style breakfast is described as varied, abundant and rich with ample choices to satisfy all tastes. Many reviewers commend the use of local, homemade products, including breads, jams, spreads and freshly prepared egg dishes, adding a unique and flavorful touch.

The atmosphere during breakfast is often referred to as cozy and pleasant, complemented by friendly and attentive staff. The breakfast room is mentioned as well-organized and welcoming, contributing to an overall enjoyable experience. Guests appreciate the attention to detail, such as portion-sized servings and the fresh fruit salad, which enhance the meal's quality.

Meyers Hofcafe seems to go the extra mile to ensure a diverse and satisfying breakfast experience, meeting specific guest requests and maintaining high standards. Special mentions include homemade honey, delicious coffee and rolls, regional products and the best scrambled eggs, making the meal a standout feature of the stay. Overall, the breakfast at Meyers Hofcafe consistently exceeds guest expectations with its exceptional taste, variety and ambiance.

Meyers Hofcafe provides a delightful café experience, particularly in the afternoons with fresh, homemade cakes that are highly appreciated by guests. The cafe is open throughout the weekend and offers a quick and affordable lunch service. Although the establishment does not serve dinner, guests can find several restaurants and a snack bar within walking distance, ensuring good alternatives for an evening meal. Moreover, the courtyard café itself is worth a visit, accommodating both lunch and mid-day snack needs. For those who prefer to cook, facilities are available, adding to the flexibility of dining options for guests. The storage options for e-bikes are also commendable, catering well to cycling enthusiasts.

Nestled in a serene and picturesque location, Meyers Hofcafe offers guests a pleasant and comfortable retreat with spacious and clean accommodations. The rooms are notably large and modernly furnished, providing all the necessary amenities for a hassle-free stay. Many visitors appreciate the modern decor, comfortable beds and well-equipped bathrooms, some of which boast a balcony or terrace that is perfect for enjoying the peaceful surroundings.

The establishment features both rustic, functional rooms and newly renovated, modern ones, offering options that cater to different preferences. Despite a few mentions of rooms that are outdated or simple in design, the overall cleanliness and tidiness receive high praise. Specific highlights include cozy and bright rooms, fair-sized bathrooms and great room layouts. Families especially find the accommodations suitable with ample space and practical facilities.

Guests also note the ease of check-in and check-out processes, contributing to a seamless stay. Additionally, the property includes rooms accessible by elevator, making it convenient for all visitors.

While some guests reflect that the room standards align with a youth hostel, the positive aspects such as large windows, quiet environment and well-maintained facilities stand out. The breakfast offerings, although with room for improvement in lighting, are enjoyed by many with delicious jams and overall good reviews.

Overall, Meyers Hofcafe provides value for money, making it a solid choice for travelers seeking a quiet, clean and comfortable place to stay. The combination of friendly staff, peaceful location and well-maintained rooms ensures a restful experience.

Meyers Hofcafe receives praise for its beds, frequently described as comfortable and of good quality. Many guests appreciate the very comfortable beds, the clean rooms and the generally good mattresses. There are positive remarks about the size of the beds with several reviews highlighting large or big beds that contribute to a pleasant sleeping experience. Functional rooms and individual bedside lamps also add to the convenience and comfort noted by guests.

However, there are mixed opinions regarding the firmness of the mattresses. While some guests find them slightly firm yet acceptable, others report that the mattresses are too hard, affecting overall comfort. There is a specific mention of an extra bed for a child being unstable and some discomfort with big pillows.

In summary, guests at Meyers Hofcafe generally find the beds comfortable and of good quality, though some prefer softer mattresses. The cleanliness and functionality of the rooms, combined with the comfort of large beds, contribute positively to guests' stays.

Meyers Hofcafe stands out as an epitome of cleanliness and coziness, making it a top pick for discerning travelers. Guests consistently praise the immaculate state of the property, describing it as very clean with rooms that are regularly cleaned and maintained to a high standard. The bathrooms echo this sentiment, exuding spotless hygiene and boasting modern amenities like walk-in showers.

The rooms are simple, down-to-earth, yet beautifully decorated, combining functionality with a welcoming atmosphere. They feature thoughtful additions such as wooden hangers and ample wardrobe space, enhancing the overall comfort. The spacious family rooms with separate sleeping areas, cater well to the needs of larger groups.

Visitors appreciate the seamless blend of cleanliness and country charm at this hotel. The balconies adorned with geraniums add a touch of rustic beauty, while the well-maintained facility underscores the establishment's commitment to hygiene. Clearly, every detail—from mold-free silicone seals in the bathrooms to meticulously clean rooms—reflects this dedication.

Despite a few minor setbacks, such as occasional delays in warm water and some maintenance issues with the glass and mirrors, the overall experience remains overwhelmingly positive. The friendly staff, even under stress, contribute significantly to a pleasant stay, further enhancing the welcoming ambiance of this countryside retreat.

In sum, Meyers Hofcafe excels in providing a clean, comfortable and charming environment, epitomizing a quintessential country hotel experience.

Guest reviews of Meyers Hofcafe consistently praise the staff for their exceptional friendliness and accommodating nature. Visitors describe the staff as very friendly, always in good spirits and highly committed to ensuring a positive experience. The reception at the hotel is noted for being warm and welcoming, setting a pleasant tone from the beginning of the stay. Service is frequently described as top-notch, efficient and professional.

The staff's helpfulness stands out in many reviews with guests highlighting the team's dedication, attentiveness and prompt communication. The atmosphere created by the staff is one of all-round comfort, making visitors feel right at home. Guests appreciate the hassle-free check-in and check-out processes, alongside the willingness of the staff to assist with any needs promptly.

Overall, the staff's exceptional service, friendly demeanor and commitment to guest satisfaction make Meyers Hofcafe a highly recommended accommodation option. Despite any operational challenges, the team handles everything with a positive and professional approach, ensuring a consistently pleasant experience for all guests.

Meyers Hofcafe offers complimentary Wi-Fi to its guests, but there are a few areas where improvements could enhance the user experience. While free Wi-Fi is available, some guests noted that the connection speed was disappointingly slow, sometimes almost non-existent. Additionally, the Wi-Fi service is not accessible in the auxiliary building and is limited to indoor areas, meaning it cannot be used in the courtyard. Some users found the login process outdated with an excessive number of passwords required, which could be streamlined for easier access. Enhancing Wi-Fi speed and simplifying the login process could make the stay even more enjoyable.

Meyers Hofcafe offers an excellent experience for guests arriving by car. The property boasts a large and convenient parking lot, ensuring that there are always ample parking spaces available. Guests consistently note the ease of parking directly in front of the accommodation or within the courtyard. The abundance of parking spaces—many of which are quite spacious—makes it hassle-free, even for larger vehicles. Additionally, electric car drivers will appreciate the available charging stations. With free parking options readily accessible and well-maintained, visitors can enjoy their stay without any concerns about vehicle security or finding a spot.

Meyers Hofcafe presents itself as an idyllic retreat for families, offering a perfect blend of hospitality and comfort. This family-run guesthouse is consistently praised for its friendly and accommodating staff who go the extra mile to ensure a welcoming experience. Guests appreciate the spacious and clean family rooms, ideal for short trips or as a convenient stopover during longer journeys.

Families find the atmosphere particularly inviting with many highlighting the family-friendly environment. The courtyard, often described as a dream, features a small playground and various play equipment that delight younger guests, including electric vehicles that provide endless entertainment. The availability of a baby cot and other toddler amenities speaks to the considerate nature of the service, making it easier for parents to relax and enjoy their stay.

Meyers Hofcafe's location also makes it a good choice for a family vacation with plenty of space for children to romp around and good storage facilities for bicycles, catering to more active visitors. Guests often have pleasant moments on the terrace, enhancing their overall experience.

In summary, Meyers Hofcafe is a charming guesthouse that caters well to the needs of families, ensuring both parents and children have a memorable and enjoyable stay.

Meyers Hofcafe stands out as a convenient choice for business travelers, praised for its accessibility and proximity to public transport. Guests consistently noted the seamless and efficient check-in and check-out processes, even when arriving late with the staff showing friendly and responsive communication. The facility is well-maintained, which is crucial for professional work with rooms equipped to meet business needs. The business-friendly atmosphere coupled with practical amenities like a lockable garage for bicycles and comfortable beds enhances the overall experience for those traveling for work. This makes it an ideal location for anyone with business in Gifhorn, where the combination of practical services and strategic location proves beneficial.

Meyers Hofcafe has been highly praised for its accessibility features, making it a convenient choice for guests with disabilities. The hotel is within walking distance to restaurants and supermarkets, adding to its ease of access. Guests appreciated the lockable room for e-bikes, ground floor access and a wheelchair user friendly room. An elevator is available, which is especially helpful for those avoiding the hassle of carrying suitcases to upper floors. The bathrooms are equipped with walk-in showers, enhancing comfort and accessibility.

Despite one review mentioning the elevator was partially broken, no significant accessibility issues were reported. Additionally, the hotel's proximity to a good playground and park and easy check-in and check-out process contribute to a smoothly organized stay. Overall, Meyers Hofcafe offers a well-connected, accessible environment suitable for all guests.

Dog Friendly
Meyers Hofcafe offers a welcoming atmosphere for dog owners with pets being allowed on the premises for an additional charge. Guests have noted the hotel’s dog-friendly nature, highlighting specific amenities such as dog-friendly rooms and friendly staff willing to accommodate pets. The property features scenic walking paths ideal for dog walks, providing enjoyable short-distance walks for pets. Additionally, there is a sweet dog on the premises, adding to the pet-friendly ambiance. It is worth noting that while dogs are permitted, caution is advised when leaving doors open if accompanied by dogs. Parking with a dog incurs a fee, but overall, it remains a pleasant stay for those traveling with pets.

No, Meyers Hofcafe doesn't have any pool.

No, a spa isn't available at Meyers Hofcafe.

Yes, Meyers Hofcafe welcomes dogs.

Yes, parking facilities are available at Meyers Hofcafe.

No, Meyers Hofcafe doesn't have a gym.

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