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Summary of reviewsHotel Stari Grad, nestled in the heart of Jajce's historic old town, is a beloved destination for travelers seeking an immersive cultural experience and convenient access to local attractions. Its unparalleled location offers guests the charm of walking through quaint streets to visit major landmarks like the fortress, Pliva River Falls and nearby cafes and restaurants. The hotel's central, pedestrian-friendly position is further complemented by safe and accessible parking options, making it an ideal base for sightseeing.

Breakfast at Hotel Stari Grad is widely appreciated for its fresh and hearty options, including made-to-order omelettes and freshly brewed coffee. Guests enjoy the varied selection, friendly staff and cozy family atmosphere that create a pleasant start to their day. While there are occasional suggestions for more variety and quicker replenishment, the overall dining experience meets guests' expectations.

In the evenings, the hotel's restaurant shines with its authentic Bosnian cuisine, earning high marks for delicious and flavorful dishes. Guests recommend the à la carte dinners, noting the enjoyable ambiance and excellent value for money. Friendly service further enhances the dining experience, making it a memorable part of the stay.

The rooms at Hotel Stari Grad are praised for their cleanliness and comfort with many guests enjoying spacious and well-maintained accommodations. Though some rooms have older furnishings and limited storage, the cozy and charming decor adds to the hotel's character. Beautiful views from certain rooms and the welcoming atmosphere contribute to a positive guest experience.

Cleanliness is a standout feature at Hotel Stari Grad with numerous reviews highlighting spotless and meticulously maintained rooms. The hotel's commitment to maintaining high standards of cleanliness ensures a comfortable and inviting stay for all guests.

The staff at Hotel Stari Grad are often described as friendly, helpful and attentive with the receptionist Dino receiving special mention for his exceptional service. The team's professionalism and efficiency create a welcoming and family-like atmosphere, significantly enhancing the guest experience.

Parking options at the hotel are secure and convenient, accommodating cars and motorcycles with various safe spaces, including a free closed garage for motorcycles. The staff's efforts to assist with parking needs and provide additional solutions ensure a hassle-free stay for those traveling with vehicles.

Lastly, the beds in Hotel Stari Grad receive positive feedback for their comfort with guests generally enjoying restful sleep. Though there is a minor mention of a worn mattress and springiness, the consensus leans towards a comfortable bedding experience.

In summary, Hotel Stari Grad offers a charming and well-located stay with excellent dining options, high standards of cleanliness and a welcoming staff. This combination makes it a highly recommended choice for visitors to Jajce.
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Room Types
Standard Twin Room The twin room has a private bathroom, air conditioning, a private entrance, as well as a seating area with a flat-screen TV. The twin room features a minibar, a wardrobe, a carpeted floor, heating and a TV. The unit has 2 beds.

Standard Double Room The double room has a private bathroom, air conditioning, a private entrance, as well as a seating area with a flat-screen TV. The double room features a minibar, a wardrobe, a carpeted floor, heating, as well as a TV. The unit has 1 bed.

Executive Suite Providing free toiletries, this suite includes a private bathroom with a shower and a hairdryer. This suite is air-conditioned and features a seating area with a flat-screen TV, a private entrance, a minibar, a dining area, as well as a wardrobe. The unit offers 2 beds.

Guest Reviews
Very Good
Hotel Stari Grad boasts an unrivaled location in the very heart of Jajce's old town, making it an ideal choice for travelers keen on exploring the city's rich heritage and vibrant sights. Nestled in a beautiful, historic center, the hotel offers guests the unique advantage of being within walking distance to major attractions such as the fortress, the picturesque Pliva River Falls and an array of charming cafes and restaurants. The convenience of its central position extends to easy accessibility from the bus station, further enhanced by the availability of safe parking nearby.

The hotel's setting not only offers a strategic base for sightseeing but is also characterized by its own charm and tranquility, situated right in the pedestrian zone and next to notable landmarks like the mosque. Guests enjoy the quaint ambiance of this charming establishment while benefiting from its optimal location, which allows for an easy exploration on foot of the medieval town and its many points of interest. The favorable reviews highlight the clean and comfortable rooms, accommodating service and the beautiful views from the hotel windows, cementing its status as a superbly located and welcoming destination.

Hotel Stari Grad offers a breakfast experience that has garnered positive feedback from many guests. Highlighted for its freshly made eggs and coffee, the breakfast is described as delicious and hearty. The variety and richness of the food left many satisfied with guests appreciating the fresh omelettes made on the spot, spreads, cereals and other savory and sweet options. The ambiance is further enhanced by the friendly staff and family atmosphere, making for a pleasant start to the day.

While the breakfast is seen as tasty and filling with substantial and excellent offerings, some reviews noted that it could be more varied and abundant. There were occasional mentions of the breakfast being basic and the selection limited at times with slow replenishment of items. Despite these minor critiques, the overall consensus indicates that the breakfast meets expectations and is good value, especially since it is often included in the room rate.

In conclusion, Hotel Stari Grad’s breakfast is largely appreciated for its quality and freshness, even if there are areas for slight improvement. Its combination of a welcoming environment and tasty offerings makes it a commendable part of the hotel's experience.

Hotel Stari grad's dining experience, particularly dinner, consistently garners high praise from guests. The restaurant excels in serving authentic Bosnian cuisine with many describing the food as delicious, superb and top-notch. Among the highlights are the varied offerings, including traditional dishes and flavorful grills. The quality and quantity of food are frequently noted as excellent, providing good value for money.

Visitors often recommend dining at the hotel in the evening, mentioning the tasty à la carte dinner and the enjoyable atmosphere of the small yet pleasant ground-floor restaurant. The breakfast menu also receives commendations, further enhancing the overall dining experience. Friendly service and comfortable settings complement the exceptional cuisine, making dining at Hotel Stari grad a memorable aspect of the stay.

Hotel Stari Grad receives mixed feedback regarding room sizes, but there are numerous positive aspects worth highlighting. Many guests have praised the spaciousness of certain rooms, describing them as very large and comfortable. Several visitors appreciated the generous room upgrades, which further enhanced their stay. The cleanliness of the rooms is frequently noted with comments pointing out how the spaces are immaculate and reminiscent of being "clean as new."

Despite the older furnishings in some rooms, the charming and antique nature of the decor adds a touch of allure to the hotel. The rooms are generally well-appointed with air conditioning devices working well and featuring necessary amenities such as good shower pressure. The hotel manages to create a cozy atmosphere despite its smaller rooms being somewhat cramped.

Reviewers also mention that the hotel’s intimate and charming ambiance contributes positively to their experience. Beautiful views from some rooms and the hotel’s great location add to its appeal. Overall, the hotel provides a pleasant stay with comfortable, clean and generally spacious accommodations, though some guests suggest improvement in room storage options and modern equipment.

Hotel Stari grad features beds that have received consistent praise for their comfort. Many guests described the beds as very comfortable, comfy and good. Despite one mention of a slightly worn mattress, the overall impression remains positive with adjectives such as soft and springy used. Most visitors found the beds provided a good night's sleep, though there was one comment about the springiness leading to back pain. Generally, the consensus is that the hotel offers comfortable bedding to ensure restfulness during the stay.

Hotel Stari Grad excels in providing a high standard of cleanliness that has been consistently praised by guests. Rooms are described as clean, spotless and meticulously maintained with some reviews noting that everything appeared as clean as new. The overall cleanliness of the hotel, including well-appointed and tidy rooms, is a standout feature. Guests have appreciated the spacious and comfortable accommodations with rooms often highlighted as both spacious and exceptionally clean, complete with nicely cleaned bathrooms. The hotel's quiet area and proximity to the bus station and supermarket are additional perks for a convenient stay. While the general consensus is overwhelmingly positive, one review suggests there is slight room for improvement. Overall, the hotel's dedication to cleanliness and comfort contributes significantly to its inviting ambiance.

Hotel Stari Grad boasts an impressive track record when it comes to its staff, as highlighted in numerous guest reviews. The receptionist, Dino, emerges as a standout, consistently described as exceptionally friendly, helpful and attentive. He goes above and beyond to make guests feel comfortable, embodying the hotel's warm and welcoming service ethos.

The hotel's staff, in general, receives high praise for their friendliness, kindness and helpfulness. Many guests have applauded their delightful and respectful demeanor, highlighting the staff's efficiency and attentiveness to individual needs. The team is noted for creating a pleasant and family-like atmosphere, contributing significantly to a positive guest experience.

Moreover, guests found the staff to be professional and efficient, often going the extra mile to assist with parking and other needs, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable stay. The staff's flexibility and natural, courteous behavior are frequently mentioned, underpinning a well-functioning and accommodating service environment.

Overall, the reviews indicate that the staff at Hotel Stari Grad significantly enhance the guest experience through their exceptional service, making them a crucial element of the hotel's charm and appeal.

Hotel Stari Grad scores favorably when it comes to parking options for guests. The hotel offers a variety of safe parking solutions, making it particularly convenient for those traveling by car or motorcycle. Guests can find parking spaces right in front of the hotel, as well as around the corner or just outside. For motorcycle enthusiasts, there's the added perk of a free closed garage, ensuring their vehicles are secure.

The hotel staff goes the extra mile to accommodate parking needs, even securing additional garage space from neighboring properties when necessary. In addition to the secure parking, some guests appreciated the private parking options and the availability of spacious parking areas. Although parking can be somewhat limited and the car parking spots may be a bit tight, the hotel compensates with solutions like a free parking space and a garage.

In summary, Hotel Stari Grad provides a range of safe and convenient parking options, making it a reliable choice for travelers concerned about vehicle security and accessibility.

No, Hotel Stari grad doesn't have any pool.

No, a spa isn't available at Hotel Stari grad.

No, Hotel Stari grad doesn't allow dogs.

Yes, parking facilities are available at Hotel Stari grad.

No, Hotel Stari grad doesn't have a gym.

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