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Summary of reviewsHotel VielHarmonie enjoys an exceptional central location in Jena, making it a prime spot for exploring the city's main attractions, shopping areas, bars and restaurants on foot. Although nestled in the city center, the hotel maintains a tranquil ambiance, providing a peaceful retreat amidst urban life. The scenic rooftop terraces offer beautiful views and the hotel's proximity to public transportation and cultural sites adds to the convenience.

Guests consistently praise the friendly and helpful service, complemented by clean, modern and spacious rooms equipped with all essential amenities. The modern decor and functional layout enhance the comfort, though it is noted that some single rooms can be quite small and noise from the street may occasionally be an issue.

Breakfast at Hotel VielHarmonie stands out with its delicious, varied and well-arranged offerings, featuring high-quality and fresh products. The extensive buffet, freshly prepared eggs and professional coffee machine are among the notable highlights. The breakfast experience is enriched by the friendly and attentive staff, ensuring guests start their day on a positive note.

The cleanliness of Hotel VielHarmonie is consistently commended with guests highlighting the immaculate and well-maintained condition of both rooms and hotel facilities. The hotel's overall clean environment, combined with friendly and accommodating staff, contributes significantly to a pleasant and problem-free stay.

Families traveling with children find the hotel particularly welcoming with spacious apartments and connecting rooms that provide comfort and convenience. The family-friendly atmosphere and personal service ensure a satisfying stay for all family members.

The vicinity of Hotel VielHarmonie to a vibrant nightlife scene adds an exciting dimension for those interested in experiencing local culture. However, it does come with increased noise levels, especially during weekends and festivals, which potential guests should consider based on their preferences for a quieter stay.

Beds at Hotel VielHarmonie receive significant praise for their comfort with many guests appreciating the plush and super soft mattresses. However, those who prefer firmer beds might find them a bit too soft for their liking.

While not traditionally luxurious, the hotel offers a modern, comfortable and well-furnished stay that feels quite refined, thanks to its attention to detail and pristine cleanliness. The exceptional location, high water pressure in the showers and charming rooftop terraces contribute to an overall highly satisfying experience at Hotel VielHarmonie.
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Room Types
Single Room with Shower This room has a flat-screen satellite TV and a private bathroom.

Double Room This room has a flat-screen satellite TV and a private bathroom.

Double Room with roof terrace This room has a flat-screen satellite TV and a private bathroom. Located on the 4th or 5th floors.

Apartment with Terrace The unit has 4 beds.

Guest Reviews
Very Good
Hotel VielHarmonie boasts an exceptionally central location in the heart of Jena, making it a prime spot for travelers wanting to explore the city. The hotel's proximity to the main attractions, shopping areas, bars and restaurants means guests can reach everything they need on foot. Despite being located right in the city center, the hotel maintains a quiet ambiance, offering a peaceful retreat amidst the hustle and bustle of urban life.

The views from the rooftop terraces are noteworthy, providing a scenic backdrop for a relaxing stay. The hotel's strategic position also makes it ideal for a city trip, allowing easy access to bus and tram services and the main market square within minutes. Guests have repeatedly praised the walking distance to cultural sites and pubs, further emphasizing the convenience of its location.

Service at Hotel VielHarmonie is frequently described as friendly and helpful, complementing the excellent location. The rooms are noted for their cleanliness, modern amenities and spaciousness, adding comfort to convenience. For those traveling for various purposes, whether business or leisure, the hotel provides a superb base. Noise from the street can occasionally be detected, but the benefits of the prime central position seem to outweigh this minor drawback. Overall, the unbeatable location, combined with excellent service and facilities, makes Hotel VielHarmonie an attractive choice for visitors to Jena.

Hotel VielHarmonie consistently receives high praise for its breakfast offerings. Guests frequently describe the breakfast as delicious, varied and well-arranged, often noting the quality and freshness of the products. The breakfast buffet is said to be extensive and beautifully presented with eggs freshly prepared to order and a good selection of food and drinks. Reviewers also appreciate the friendly and attentive staff who ensure a pleasant dining experience. The setup is often referred to as small but nice with some mentioning specific highlights such as freshly made scrambled eggs, a professional coffee machine and fresh fruit salad. While a few guests found the breakfast options limited or expensive, the overwhelming sentiment is that the breakfast at Hotel VielHarmonie is outstanding and more than sufficient to start the day. Overall, the breakfast is characterized by its variety, quality and attention to detail, making it a memorable aspect of guests' stays.

Hotel VielHarmonie offers a range of rooms that cater to different preferences with a general trend toward clean, modern and functional accommodations. Many guests appreciated the larger rooms and spacious holiday apartments, some of which include rooftop terraces and balconies that offer beautiful views. The rooms are described as cozy, stylishly decorated and equipped with modern amenities, ensuring a comfortable stay.

The cleanliness of the hotel is consistently praised with several reviews highlighting the tidy and well-maintained condition of both the rooms and the hotel's facilities. Guests found the decor tasteful with many rooms featuring beautiful details and a functional layout.

While many reviewers found the rooms to be comfortable and sufficiently spacious, it is worth noting that some guests felt certain rooms were quite small. This seemed particularly true for single rooms which were often described as extremely tiny. Additionally, a few rooms reportedly faced issues with noise from the street and staircase and lacked air conditioning, making them hot during warmer weather.

The hotel's annex rooms also received positive feedback for their modern and functional design. However, it’s important to be aware that some rooms, especially those on higher floors, are only accessible via stairs, as there is no elevator.

Overall, the Hotel VielHarmonie delivers a pleasant experience with clean, modern and well-equipped rooms, though potential visitors might want to confirm room sizes and features to ensure their expectations are met.

Hotel VielHarmonie receives significant praise for the comfort of its beds. Many guests describe the beds as very comfortable with adjectives such as super soft, superb and exceptionally comfortable frequently appearing. The quality of mattresses also garners positive remarks with terms like top mattress and comfy beds. Notably, the pillows also receive compliments, particularly those embroidered with notes.

Nonetheless, the softness of the beds is a recurring theme, which isn't universally appreciated. Some guests found the mattresses too soft for their liking, occasionally describing them as terrible or too soft. Overall, while the majority of guests enjoy the plush and comfortable bedding, those who prefer firmer mattresses might find the beds at Hotel VielHarmonie less to their taste.

Hotel VielHarmonie stands out for its impeccable cleanliness, garnering consistent praise from its guests. Reviewers frequently commend the hotel for its very clean, tidy and inviting atmosphere. The rooms are highlighted as being exceptionally clean, cozy and modern, providing a comfortable and well-equipped stay. From the spotlessly clean accommodations to the well-organized and maintained facilities, every corner of the hotel reflects a high standard of hygiene.

Guests are particularly fond of the clean and comfortable rooms, often noting the beautiful views and tasteful furnishings. The hotel's central location adds to its appeal, making it a convenient choice for travelers wanting to explore the city on foot. Beyond the cleanliness of the rooms, the hotel's overall clean environment and friendly, accommodating staff contribute to a pleasant and problem-free stay. Everything from the well-kept property to the functional amenities garnered high marks, underlining the hotel's commitment to maintaining an extraordinarily clean and inviting space for its guests.

Hotel VielHarmonie stands out for its exceptional staff, garnering widespread praise for their friendliness, attentiveness and professionalism. Guests consistently describe the hotel staff as super nice, extremely helpful and accommodating. The friendly and professional demeanor of the staff, whether at reception, the front desk or during breakfast, significantly enhances the guest experience. The reception staff, in particular, has been highlighted for being welcoming, courteous and efficient, ensuring an easy and pleasant check-in process.

The helpfulness and hospitality of the owners add a personal warmth to the stay, making guests feel especially welcome. The personalized service and attentive care provided by all members of the staff, including the reception desk and office personnel, receive high marks for creating extreme levels of comfort and hospitality. The hotel prides itself on personal touches that make stays memorable, consistently delivering exemplary customer service. Guests frequently note the superb service with the staff excelling in creating a welcoming and friendly atmosphere that leaves a lasting positive impression.

Hotel VielHarmonie stands out as a family-friendly destination, ideal for those traveling with children. Guests consistently mention the family-oriented atmosphere and the welcoming environment. The hotel offers spacious apartments, some with kitchens, making it convenient for families to prepare meals and settle in comfortably. The rooms are clean and cozy, providing a comfortable stay for all family members.

There are connecting rooms available, which are perfect for larger families or groups needing extra space. The spacious shower cabins in the apartments add an extra touch of comfort. While the hotel is only slightly handicap accessible, the personal service provided by the staff compensates for this, ensuring that guests feel well taken care of.

Overall, Hotel VielHarmonie offers a pleasant, family-friendly experience in a city known for its welcoming attitude towards families.

Hotel VielHarmonie is situated in a vibrant area that offers plenty of nightlife options, thanks to its proximity to a popular pub mile and various bars. This makes it a great destination for those looking to experience the local culture and nightlife, all within walking distance from the hotel. However, travelers seeking peace and quiet should be aware that the lively atmosphere comes with a certain level of noise, especially during weekends and festivals like the Spring Festival. The sounds of partygoers and the hustle and bustle of nearby pubs can be quite noticeable, particularly late at night. Visitors have reported that the street noise can be somewhat intrusive with long noise stretching into the night. Therefore, potential guests might want to consider whether they value a quieter stay or being at the heart of a lively nightlife scene.

Hotel VielHarmonie offers a stay that feels luxurious from start to finish. The hotel is lovingly furnished and tastefully decorated, providing a modern, comfortable yet functional environment. Guests appreciate the perfectly clean and tidy rooms, which are modern, spacious and well-equipped with soundproof windows and doors for a peaceful stay. The breakfast is noted for being fabulous and the presentation of everything reflects a great attention to detail. Additionally, the hotel’s rooftop terraces add a charming touch to the experience. Despite these positive remarks, the hotel is not generally described as luxurious in the traditional sense. Nonetheless, its central location, exceptional cleanliness and high water pressure in the showers contribute to a highly satisfying stay.

No, Hotel VielHarmonie doesn't have any pool.

No, a spa isn't available at Hotel VielHarmonie.

No, Hotel VielHarmonie doesn't allow dogs.

Yes, parking facilities are available at Hotel VielHarmonie.

No, Hotel VielHarmonie doesn't have a gym.

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