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Summary of reviewsAlpengasthof Filzstein consistently earns high praise from guests across various categories, making it a standout choice in its region. The hotel's exceptional location caters to both winter sports enthusiasts and summer travelers. Situated just 100 meters from a ski lift, it provides convenient access to skiing and beautiful panoramic views, including the Krimml Waterfalls. The tranquil environment is ideal for hiking during the warmer months, bolstered by a free, well-connected hiking bus service that enhances the experience.

Guests are particularly impressed with the breakfast, frequently described as excellent, delicious and offering a wide array of fresh and satisfying choices. The service is consistently top-notch, contributing to a great start to the day. Similarly, dinner at the hotel's restaurant receives glowing reviews for its meticulously prepared and very tasty dishes with many finding the à la carte menu particularly extraordinary. The overall dining experience is highly recommended.

The rooms at Alpengasthof Filzstein are lauded for their cleanliness, modern design and spaciousness, especially those in the panoramic wing which offer stunning views from expansive balconies. Visitors appreciate the clean and beautifully furnished accommodations. While the hotel includes modern facilities and updated décor, the high standards of cleanliness extend to the entire property, making for a comfortable and neat environment.

The superb guest experience is further enhanced by the exceptionally friendly and attentive staff. The Taxer family and their team are frequently highlighted for their warm hospitality and the innkeeper is often noted for being both a great host and an engaging conversationalist. This high level of service contributes to the inviting and pleasant atmosphere that guests consistently enjoy.

Overall, Alpengasthof Filzstein is celebrated for its prime location, excellent dining, meticulously clean and well-appointed rooms and outstanding customer service, ensuring a delightful stay for all who visit.
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Room Types
Double Room The allergy-free room features a flat-screen cable TV and a private bathroom with a shower.

Suite The bright and allergy-free suite features a seating area with a flat-screen cable TV and a private bathroom with a shower.

Single Room This room features a flat-screen cable TV and a private bathroom with shower and toilet.

Small Double Room This double room includes a flat-screen TV with cable channels, a private bathroom as well as a balcony with mountain views. The unit offers 1 bed.

Small Double Room This double room is comprised of a TV with cable channels and a private bathroom. The unit has 1 bed.

Guest Reviews
Alpengasthof Filzstein boasts an exceptional location that truly caters to both winter sports enthusiasts and summer travelers. Situated approximately 100 meters from a ski lift, the hotel is perfectly placed for skiers, offering the convenience of returning on skis right to the ski resort. In the winter, its prime positioning on the slopes and proximity to the ski school make it an ideal base for snow activities. Guests highlight the "great base for skiing" and appreciate the short path to the elevator.

Summer visitors are equally impressed, noting the quiet, tranquil environment perfect for hiking, thanks to a well-connected hiking bus service that is free with the summer card. The hotel's setting amidst an enchanting mountain landscape provides stunning views, including panoramas of the Krimml Waterfalls right from the rooms. Located just above the Gerlos Alpine Road and in the midst of the Hochkrimml reserve, the hotel is not only convenient but also offers a beautiful, panoramic position.

The superb, peaceful mountain location and beautiful setting make Alpengasthof Filzstein a fantastic choice all year round, whether it’s for winter sports or exploring the natural beauty in the warmer months. The excellent panoramic views and closeness to notable sights like the Krimml Waterfalls further enhance its appeal.

At Alpengasthof Filzstein, the breakfast experience consistently impresses guests with its excellence and variety. Multiple reviews highlight the perfect, mega delicious and very good meals, emphasizing an extensive and fresh selection. Visitors have praised the breakfast as both adequate and fulfilling, offering a wide array of choices on the buffet to suit every taste, making for a satisfying and delightful start to the day. The service accompanying the meal is excellent, further enhancing the overall experience. Whether described as amazing, fulfilling or simply very good and plentiful, the breakfast at Alpengasthof Filzstein stands out for its quality and variety.

The dinner experience at Alpengasthof Filzstein receives consistently high praise from guests. The dinners, often described as excellent and delicious, are prepared and presented meticulously by the chef. Reviewers highlight the very good food with many finding the à la carte menu particularly amazing. Guests frequently emphasize the super tasty dishes, noting that the evening meals are a satisfying and welcome event. The restaurant itself is highly recommended, noted for its great and finest cuisine, solidifying its reputation for providing delicious and warmly prepared dinners.

Alpengasthof Filzstein offers a range of room options praised for their cleanliness and modern design. The panoramic wing is particularly notable, featuring cool, well-appointed rooms with expansive balconies that provide stunning views. Many guests appreciate the spaciousness and modern ambiance of these accommodations. While some smaller rooms may show signs of age or have limited windows, most rooms are described as large, clean and beautifully furnished. The hotel consistently receives positive remarks for its updated, modern facilities and clean, spacious environments. Reviews frequently highlight the ample balconies and large windows that enhance the overall guest experience.

Alpengasthof Filzstein consistently impresses guests with its high standards of cleanliness. The entire facility is meticulously maintained with both the rooms and shared spaces described as very clean and beautifully clean. Visitors appreciate the comfort and neatness, noting everything is exceptionally well-kept. The hotel's family-friendly environment adds to its appeal, ensuring that all areas, including a beautiful sauna, meet the highest hygiene standards. Combined with its nice architecture, Alpengasthof Filzstein provides a welcoming and spotless setting for a pleasant stay.

The reviews for Alpengasthof Filzstein paint a picture of a hotel with exceptionally friendly and attentive staff. Guests consistently highlight the accommodating and high-level service provided by the hotel team. The innkeeper is noted as not only a great host but also an interesting conversation partner, adding a personal touch to the experience. The staff are described as extremely friendly with particular praise for the reception's welcoming demeanor. The Taxer family, along with their team, are frequently mentioned for their warm and engaging hospitality, creating a lovely and inviting atmosphere throughout the hotel.

No, Alpengasthof Filzstein doesn't have any pool.

Yes, a spa is available at Alpengasthof Filzstein.

No, Alpengasthof Filzstein doesn't allow dogs.

Yes, parking facilities are available at Alpengasthof Filzstein.

No, Alpengasthof Filzstein doesn't have a gym.

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