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Summary of reviewsThe Miracle Resort Hotel offers a top-notch experience for all of its guests. The hotel's extensive facilities and amenities truly make it a luxurious destination. The spa is especially noteworthy with many guests raving about the relaxing treatments it offers. Additionally, the food is another standout feature with visitors praising the quality of the dishes served. While some reviewers felt the hotel didn't quite reach five-star standards, many others assert that it is one of the best options in the area - especially since it comes with reasonable prices. Overall, the Miracle Resort Hotel is a fantastic choice for anyone seeking a high-end experience without breaking the bank.
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Luxury Resort

Beachfront Resort
What is between the hotel and the beach?
Nothing. The beach is directly accessible from the hotel
What is the name of the beach? LARA BEACH
What is the type of the beach? Sand
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Room Types
Standard Double Room Carpeted room with air conditioning, satellite TV and a balcony. Bathroom includes a bath and a hairdryer. Most of the rooms have sea views.

Standard Triple Room Carpeted room with air conditioning, satellite TV and a balcony. Bathroom includes a bath and a hairdryer. Most of the rooms have sea views.

Junior Suite (2 Adults) This spacious suite features a bedroom, living room and a terrace with panoramic sea views. There are 2 bathrooms with a bath and a hairdryer.

Family Room (4 Adults) Interconnected rooms with air conditioning, satellite TV and a balcony. Bathroom includes a bath and a hairdryer.

Family Room (3 Adults) Interconnected rooms with air conditioning, satellite TV and a balcony. Bathroom includes a bath and a hairdryer.

Guest Reviews
Very Good
The Miracle Resort Hotel boasts a beautiful location near the beach with easy access to shops, restaurants and supermarkets. Guests can enjoy unique access to the beach and a stunning lateral sea view from their rooms. The hotel is conveniently located close to both the airport and the city centre, making it an ideal resort for families. Despite some noise from nearby concerts and discos, guests rave about the fantastic location and views from the hotel. Some note that the hotel is not very new and some outdated constructions are present but overall, the location is highly recommended. For those looking to explore the surrounding attractions, the hotel's concierge can easily arrange for taxis to be on-site in no time.

Guests at the Miracle Resort Hotel raved about the breakfast options available to them. With a huge variety of food and drink, including unlimited ice cream and a fruit stand in the afternoon, there was something for everyone at all hours of the day. Reviewers commented on the high quality and deliciousness of the food, as well as the variety of options on offer. From snacks like pizza after midnight to pastries and desserts that were excellent, the buffet was described as fantastic, excellent and amazing. Moreover, guests were pleased with the cleanliness and hygiene of the breakfast area and some even appreciated the healthy meal options available. Overall, guests were impressed by the quality, variety and all-inclusive nature of the breakfast at Miracle Resort Hotel.

The dinner at Miracle Resort Hotel received mixed reviews from guests. Some praised the varied and good quality food, as well as the top-notch spa and great options for kids. However, others found the food to be average or poor in quality with limited options and no improvements in menu variety over the years. Some also noted the smell of cigarettes in their room. Despite this, there were still plenty of activities to enjoy within the resort. Overall, while the dinner may not have been perfect, there were still positive aspects to be found.

The Miracle Resort Hotel boasts of spacious and clean rooms with breathtaking views of the mountains and sea. Guests have praised the hotel for its good condition and comfortable interiors. The rooms are equipped with everything you need, including a comfortable shower and a balcony overlooking the sea. Families can enjoy the family room, which is enormous in size or the connecting rooms with a huge terrace. The hotel is spotless and well-maintained with housekeeping replenishing the minibar every day. However, some guests experienced issues with room cleanliness and lack of view. The hotel could also update some rooms for a more modern feel. Nonetheless, the bed is very comfortable and the rooms are soundproof. While some guests say the outdoor pools are too cold, children can still enjoy watching them. All in all, the Miracle Resort Hotel provides a lovely and spacious stay that's perfect for families.

The Miracle Resort Hotel offers guests a comfortable stay in a clean and well-maintained environment. While some guests noted that the beds and pillows could be of better quality, others found them to be very comfortable. The rooms feature big beds and the hotel is accommodating to guests' needs with room changes and extra bedding. Although some guests complained about the air conditioning, others were pleased with the facilities. Unfortunately, on some occasions, there were no sun beds available. Nevertheless, guests enjoyed the hotel with one guest even mentioning their three-year-old daughter loved it.

If you are looking for a hotel that prioritizes cleanliness, Miracle Resort Hotel is definitely worth considering. Reviewers consistently praised the cleanliness of the facilities, including the rooms, spa and all other areas. There were also positive comments about the hotel staff, who were noted for being helpful and friendly. Guests appreciated the attention to hygiene and many mentioned that the hotel's facilities were always clean and well-maintained. Even the bar and cocktails were highlighted as being good and clean. Those who stayed in rooms that were not up to standard seemed to be in the minority. The food was also praised as being excellent with some comparing it to gourmet restaurants. If you're looking for a downside, it's that some guests felt that the outdoor pools were too cold. Nonetheless, the beach and pool areas were noted for being clean. Overall, reviewers had very few negative things to say about this hotel and couldn't recommend it highly enough.

The staff at the Miracle Resort Hotel are generally outstanding, providing exceptional service and going above and beyond to ensure guests have a great stay. Many are friendly, polite and speak good English with some even being described as wonderful. Most of the food and cleaning staff are friendly and thorough, while the entertainment staff are smiling and fun. However, some guests note that not all members of staff speak English fluently, which can make communication difficult. Despite this, the staff are described by many guests as attentive, reacting promptly to requests and eager to help. A few guests had negative experiences with certain members of staff, particularly at the reception, but these were in the minority. Overall, the majority of guests found the staff to be kind, accommodating and professional with several individuals even being singled out for special thanks for their excellent service. The hotel could benefit from hiring more staff, particularly in the restaurant and bar, to alleviate the long lines and waiting times for drinks. Nevertheless, guests with families found the hotel to be child-friendly with staff accommodating and helpful towards children. All in all, the staff at the Miracle Resort Hotel receive high praise for their friendliness, professionalism and dedication to exceptional customer service.

Miracle Resort Hotel boasts of comfortable accommodations, excellent dining options, friendly staff and a wide range of amenities to offer its guests. However, some have mentioned a mixed experience with its wifi services. While some guests found the wifi perfect at the reception, it was less than satisfactory in their rooms on the fifth floor. Others have encountered poor connections, overtakenly bad networks, or weak signals during their stays. Nevertheless, the hotel promises to provide free internet services and judging from the overall positive reviews, it's a minor issue that does not overshadow the other fantastic features of the hotel.

If you're looking for a relaxing and rejuvenating experience, the Miracle Resort Hotel's spa is definitely worth checking out. Many guests raved about the spa, saying they especially loved it. The installations were super and some even had a therapist fix their back in just one session! Additionally, the Turkish hammam received favorable reviews. While the prices for the spa and wellness services were high, guests found the experience to be worth the cost. However, there were a few negative reviews mentioning that the spa was small and dinghy and one guest did not have a pleasant experience during their hammam and massage. But overall, the spa at Miracle Resort Hotel was praised by many of its guests.

The Miracle Resort Hotel boasts a huge pool area with clean and clear pools, enough sun chairs and umbrellas and amazing facilities for both adults and children including water slides, heated indoor and outdoor pools and children's pools. The hotel also has a private beach with clean water and a lot of space. While some reviewers expressed disappointment with the large depth of most pools, not enough lifeguards and slippery pool floors, the poolside activities and games kept the kids entertained all day. Some guests complained about the inconsistent temperature of the water in different pools. However, most guests enjoyed the beautiful pools and exterior design of the pool area. The hotel staff was criticized for not being supportive of the sun bed issue. Overall, the pool area provides loads of fun for kids and adults alike with plenty of activities, games and delicious food at the pool bar. If beach time is what you're looking for, the hotel's huge and clean private beach is sure to make your stay even better.

The Miracle Resort Hotel boasts breathtaking views of the mountains and sea from its spacious rooms. Guests have unique and easy access to the beautiful, clean and private beachfront, which is perfect for swimming in the warm sea. The exclusivity of the beach is desirable, even though there may be a search for a comfortable place to lay at times due to its popularity. Nevertheless, the beach offers everything necessary for a wonderful vacation, including loungers, umbrellas and sand. Although the pontoon was under renovation during one season, guests were still able to enjoy the beach and the friendly staff were always on hand to help. The beach is also suitable for children with a variety of activities to keep them entertained. Overall, the beach is a highlight of the hotel and makes for an enjoyable and relaxing stay.

Miracle Resort Hotel is the perfect family-friendly vacation spot, as confirmed by numerous positive guest reviews. The hotel is well-maintained and clean with a great selection of food. The children's activities are particularly noteworthy with a kids disco, splash pad, water park and daily shows for both kids and adults. The swimming pool facilities are ideal for families with children of all ages, including multiple children's pools and slides. The kids mini club is a brilliant place to keep children entertained with a variety of activities and the friendly staff are always there to help. Families can stay together in interconnected rooms or family rooms, making it an ideal resort for big families. Overall, Miracle Resort Hotel is an excellent choice for a relaxing family vacation with everything you need under one roof. Recommended for families looking for a fun-filled holiday!

Miracle Resort Hotel offers a lively atmosphere for guests looking for a fun night out. With entertaining evening shows and the option to dine until 6am for party-goers, this hotel is a great choice for those seeking a vibrant nightlife. Guests also enjoyed the nearby resorts, which added to the excitement of the area. However, noise levels may not be suitable for families with young children as the night shows sometimes featured crude jokes and raunchy dance routines. While some felt there could be more activities during the night shows, others found the evening shows to be enjoyable. Though some guests were disappointed that the parties ended early with no program after 9pm, citing COVID-19 as the reason. Overall, the hotel is well-regarded though slightly below a 5-star rating and is a good choice for those seeking a good value for their budget.

5 Star
The Miracle Resort Hotel boasts a great selection of facilities and amenities, making it a true luxury hotel. The spa in particular receives high praise from guests. The food is also a standout feature with many guests commenting on its quality. While some reviewers felt the hotel fell short of five-star standards, others found it to be one of the best in the area, especially considering its reasonable prices. Overall, the hotel is a great option for those looking for a high-end experience without breaking the bank.

Miracle Resort Hotel is a great destination for travelers with disabilities. The hotel is incredibly spacious, accommodating a large number of guests without feeling crowded or uncomfortable. Although some customers mention long wait times for elevators, the facilities are generally accessible and accommodating. In fact, accessibility is a feature of this hotel, making it an ideal choice for travelers with disabilities. The rooms and pools are kept clean and maintained, providing a comfortable and welcoming environment. While some customers had trouble exploring the hotel due to its size, overall the quality of the facility was impressive, especially for the price. The hotel could provide more options specifically for guests with disabilities, but still a highly recommended destination overall.

Pool Water Slide
When it comes to family-friendly fun in Antalya, the Miracle Resort Hotel is hard to beat. One of the standout features of this hotel is the impressive pool complex, which includes multiple pools and even a water park for children. Despite its size, the pool area never feels overcrowded and you're sure to find a spot to cool off and relax. Whether you're in search of some adrenaline-pumping fun on the water slides or just want to float lazily in the pool, the Miracle Resort Hotel has you covered. With so many options to choose from, you can tailor your pool experience to your mood, whether that's sliding down the thrilling toboggans or finding a quiet spot to unwind. Guests rave about the pool area with many describing how much fun they had trying out the different water slides. Whether you're traveling with kids or just feeling like a kid yourself, the pool at the Miracle Resort Hotel is a must-visit!

Children's Pool
The Miracle Resort Hotel is a massive place that accommodates a lot of people all at once, yet it never feels crowded at all! Families with children will be delighted to know that the hotel has an excellent selection of equipped pools just for kids, complete with exciting water slides that will keep them entertained all day. In addition to the children's pool, there is also a good children's club with lots of fun activities for kids to participate in. With several pools to choose from, families can relax and enjoy their vacation in style!

Outdoor Pool
The Miracle Resort Hotel boasts a huge outdoor pool area with plenty of space for all guests without any feeling of overcrowding. There are also different pools available depending on your preferences - from slides for the kids to quiet areas for relaxation. The pools are well-equipped with enough sun chairs and umbrellas and are also well-maintained and very clean. Although some guests felt that the outdoor area could use a little improvement, overall the pools received high praise from visitors who enjoyed spending time in the refreshing waters.

Water Park
The water park at Miracle Resort Hotel is a massive and spacious area that can accommodate a lot of people without feeling crowded. It is a great place for families with children as there are excellent pools and water splash options for kids to enjoy. The park has several toboggans and pool water slides for both kids and adults to have fun. However, some reviews suggest that the slides could be slightly improved. Despite this, the majority of reviews are positive and praise the water park as a fun and enjoyable experience for children. Additionally, the hotel is located near Dudeni Waterfall and is easily accessible by bus.

The Miracle Resort Hotel is an exceptional, luxurious resort that exceeds 5-star standards. Guests rave about the top-notch spa services and delectable cuisine offered on the premises. Reviewers agree that the hotel provides great value for money, making it one of the top resorts to stay in. Some even called it the number 1 resort they've stayed in. Overall, the hotel offers a level of luxury that competition can hardly match, making it a must-visit destination for travelers seeking remarkable stay experiences.

Yes, Miracle Resort Hotel has pool(s) that belong to one or more of the following categories: Heated Pool, Indoor Pool, Children's Pool, Pool Water Slide, Outdoor Pool, Water Park.

Yes, a spa is available at Miracle Resort Hotel.

No, Miracle Resort Hotel doesn't allow dogs.

No, parking facilities aren't available at Miracle Resort Hotel.

Yes, Miracle Resort Hotel has a gym.

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