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Summary of reviewsHotel Grottamare receives high praise across several categories, creating a comprehensive and appealing experience for its guests. The hotel's excellent location near the beach and city center is the highlight, offering easy access to sandy shores and bustling city amenities without the need for a car. This accessibility makes it a perfect base for day trips, such as visits to Venice.

The culinary offerings at Hotel Grottamare are exceptional. Breakfast is highly commended for its abundant, varied and high-quality selection, including homemade pastries, cakes and diverse options catering to different dietary preferences. The dinner receives equal acclaim, noted for its delicious, high-quality dishes and impressive variety, ensuring guests leave satisfied after each meal.

In terms of rooms, cleanliness and modern decor are standout features with guests consistently praising the spotless and well-maintained conditions. While rooms are often described as small, they are equipped with necessary amenities and provide a cozy, comfortable stay. The compact size of the bathrooms and the lack of balconies in most rooms are minor points of critique, but overall satisfaction remains high due to the appealing modern touches and cleanliness maintained throughout.

Hotel Grottamare's staff significantly enhance the guest experience with their kindness, professionalism and consistently high standard of service. The friendly and attentive demeanor of the team, from reception to dining areas, fosters a welcoming and accommodating atmosphere, contributing to a family-friendly environment perfect for guests traveling with children.

The hotel's beach proximity is another notable feature with a clean, well-maintained private area equipped with sunbeds and parasols. The organized beach services ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience for guests looking to relax by the sea.

Parking is convenient and accessible with multiple options including free on-site parking and secure areas nearby. Despite minor mentions of some areas being slightly far, the general feedback is positive regarding the parking facilities available.

While feedback on the beds varies, many guests find them comfortable, though there are mentions of the beds being occasionally hard or too large. Nevertheless, the majority still enjoy a good night’s sleep on the hotel’s bedding.

Overall, Hotel Grottamare delivers an appealing stay with its strategic location, exceptional dining, consistent cleanliness, friendly staff and well-maintained beach amenities, making it an inviting choice for travelers seeking both comfort and convenience.
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Room Types
Double or Twin Room This air-conditioned room features satellite TV and an en suite bathroom. Please specify bed preference when booking.

Triple Room This air-conditioned room features satellite TV and an en suite bathroom. Please specify bed preference when booking.

Family Room (2 Adults + 2 Children) This air-conditioned room features satellite TV and an en suite bathroom.

Quadruple Room This air-conditioned room features satellite TV and an en suite bathroom. Please specify bed preference when booking.

Single Room with Balcony Boasting a balcony, this air-conditioned room features satellite TV and an en suite bathroom.

Single Room This air-conditioned single room includes a TV with satellite channels and a private bathroom. The unit offers 1 bed.

Flexible Room Please note that the room and bed type will be allocated at check-in according to availability. Guests may be asked to change rooms during the stay, and room types may vary.

Guest Reviews
Very Good
The Hotel Grottamare boasts an excellent location, consistently praised for its proximity to the beach. Just a few meters away from the sandy shores, this hotel offers guests quick and easy access to a beautiful, equipped beach. Additionally, its central position places visitors within a stone's throw from the vibrant city center with its bustling shops, cafes and main shopping street. This convenient placement allows for enjoyable strolls to both the beach and the heart of Jesolo without the need for a car.

Guests also highlight the quiet surroundings, providing a peaceful retreat while still being close to the action. The hotel's location makes it an ideal base for day trips, such as a visit to Venice. Whether it's the beach, city amenities or transportation links that travelers seek, the Hotel Grottamare stands out for its top-notch accessibility and strategic location.

Hotel Grottamare's breakfast offerings have consistently received high praise from guests, who describe it as abundant, varied and excellent. Visitors highlight the delicious and high-quality homemade products available, from pastries and cakes to a mix of sweet and savory options. The breakfast buffet is well-organized, always clean and frequently replenished, ensuring that a rich selection of fresh, tasty and healthy items is always available.

Guests appreciate the international variety and the special vegan/vegetarian menu, which cater to diverse dietary preferences. The breakfast room itself is reported to be welcoming, contributing to a satisfying overall dining experience. Multiple reviews mention that the breakfast not only meets but exceeds expectations in terms of quality and quantity, making it a standout feature of the hotel.

Hotel Grottamare's dinner offerings have received resounding praise from guests, highlighting the impressive quality and variety of their meals. Guests consistently describe the dinners as very good to excellent, featuring delicious food that includes simple yet high-quality dishes. The dinner menu often includes a well-rounded three-course meal with dessert, ensuring all who partake find something to enjoy.

Many reviews note the great portions and excellent quality of the dishes, making the hotel's dinner option a highly recommended choice. The variety on offer caters to different tastes with guests appreciating the ample selection and tasteful preparations. The breakfast, while described as adequate, is not without its merits with several guests noting delicious and complex breakfast options that provide a great start to the day.

Overall, the culinary experience at Hotel Grottamare is unanimously praised for its delightful flavors and excellent quality, making it a noteworthy aspect of any stay there.

Hotel Grottamare has received quite a range of reviews for its rooms, mostly highlighting cleanliness and modern decor. The rooms are frequently described as very clean, tidy and well-maintained. Guests appreciate the modern details and fresh renovations, noting that the rooms are cozy and nicely decorated. Multiple reviews highlight that the beds are soft and the rooms come with all the necessary amenities. Some rooms feature large TVs and spacious showers, adding to the comfort.

However, the rooms are commonly noted as being small or compact. Several mentions point out that the bathrooms, in particular, are very narrow and may feel tight for some guests. Although the rooms are described as small, many guests still find them sufficient and comfortable for their stay.

The lack of balconies in most rooms is another point brought up by guests with only a few rooms offering this feature. Additionally, the soundproofing could use improvement, as some guests report being able to hear noises from neighboring rooms.

Despite the compact size, the overall impression from the guest reviews is that Hotel Grottamare provides a clean, modern and comfortable stay with a few areas for potential improvement.

The beds at Hotel Grottamare have received mixed feedback from guests. Many have praised the new, simple beds for their comfort, mentioning very comfortable beds and excellent mattresses. Some reviews specifically highlighted their super comfortable beds and very good mattresses. However, there were also mentions of beds being pretty hard or uncomfortable with several guests noting uncomfortable mattresses and pillows. Additionally, a few guests remarked that the beds could be better or that they were too big for their liking and some noted the presence of different single bed sets or beds for two people that were not separate. Overall, while many guests found the beds to be comfortable, there were a few who felt there was room for improvement.

Hotel Grottamare stands out for its exceptional cleanliness with numerous reviewers praising the hotel's high standards of hygiene. Guests repeatedly highlight the spotless condition of both rooms and common areas with daily thorough cleaning ensuring everything remains fresh and tidy. The hotel's structure, including the recently remodeled rooms, is noted for being extremely clean and well-maintained.

While some mention that the bathrooms are on the smaller side, it does not overshadow the overall positive impression of cleanliness and order. The hotel's cleaning staff are commended for their professionalism and dedication, contributing to a consistently clean environment. The cleanliness is impeccable throughout the hotel with many guests feeling reassured by the frequent and thorough cleaning services provided.

Overall, Hotel Grottamare impresses with its immaculate appearance and attention to detail in maintaining a pristine atmosphere, making it a comfortable and inviting place to stay.

Hotel Grottamare is garnering high praise from guests, particularly for its exceptional staff. The staff members at the hotel are frequently described as very kind, friendly, courteous and professional. They are recognized for their consistent willingness to go above and beyond, ensuring that every guest feels welcomed and well-cared for. The warm and cheerful demeanor of the team, from the front desk to the lounge and dining areas, is a recurring positive highlight in the reviews.

Guests note the excellent service and attention to detail provided by the hotel personnel. The reception staff is especially commended for their friendliness and effectiveness with specific mentions of individuals who are fantastic at their roles. The waitstaff in the dining facilities are noted for their impeccable service, further enhancing the overall experience.

The ownership and management are not left out of the praise with guests appreciating the family atmosphere and the accommodating nature of the owners. This focus on hospitality extends throughout the hotel, creating a welcoming environment supported by a strong team effort. Whether it's assistance at the front desk or service in the dining area, the Hotel Grottamare staff appear to consistently deliver a high standard of guest care, making the stay both enjoyable and comfortable.

Hotel Grottamare boasts an exceptional beach experience with its prime location just 150 meters from the serene, sandy shore. Guests particularly praised the proximity to multiple swimming beaches, all within walking distance. The hotel's private beach area, equipped with umbrellas and loungers, is noted for being clean, calm and well-maintained, offering a tranquil retreat.

The included beach services stand out, featuring comfortable amenities like sunbeds, parasols and even a secure locker for personal belongings. Many reviews highlight the excellent and well-organized beach service, ensuring easy access and smooth experiences. Overall, the nearby beach with its organized recreation area and the hotel's reserved services, provides an inviting and pleasurable spot for relaxation.

Hotel Grottamare offers a range of parking options that add significant convenience to a stay. Guests consistently appreciate the free on-site parking and the secure parking area just steps away from the hotel. The availability of a large parking lot near the hotel and a covered parking lot adjacent to the building ensures that there are ample options to accommodate guests' vehicles safely. Some reviews highlight the small parking lot behind the hotel, which is private and directly accessible. Despite the presence of an affiliated parking option 500 meters away, which some find a bit far, the overall feedback emphasizes the convenience and efficiency of the parking services provided. Whether parking at the rear of the hotel or taking advantage of the included parking in the hotel’s price, guests find the parking situation generally satisfactory and beneficial.

Hotel Grottamare offers an inviting and cozy environment perfect for family getaways, particularly for those with young children. Its family-run management ensures a warm and familiar atmosphere, making guests feel at home. The hotel is described as having a serene and pleasant environment that is ideal for families. Child accommodations are thoughtfully addressed with rooms specifically designed to cater to families with small kids. The helpful and friendly staff, many of whom are family members of the owners, further enhance the hospitable and family-friendly atmosphere. This small family hotel excels in creating a space where both parents and children can enjoy a comfortable stay, making it an ideal destination for short trips.

No, Hotel Grottamare doesn't have any pool.

No, a spa isn't available at Hotel Grottamare.

Yes, Hotel Grottamare welcomes dogs.

Yes, parking facilities are available at Hotel Grottamare.

No, Hotel Grottamare doesn't have a gym.

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