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Summary of reviewsHotel Nettuno has garnered overwhelmingly positive reviews across multiple categories, creating a general impression of a splendid seaside retreat. Located directly by the sea and in the city's vibrant pedestrian zone, the hotel offers guests stunning sea views, easy beach access and convenience to shops, bars and restaurants. This prime location creates an ideal blend of relaxation and vibrant city life, making it highly recommendable.

The breakfast experience at Hotel Nettuno is frequently praised for its extensive and varied buffet, which caters to diverse tastes with fresh and plentiful options. Guests enjoy their meal practically on the beach, contributing to the overall positive dining experience. Similarly, the dinner offerings are lauded for their richness and variety, augmented by excellent views from the restaurant.

Hotel rooms are described as clean and well-maintained with daily meticulous housekeeping services. While some rooms are modern and spacious, others are smaller or partially renovated. Despite occasional issues with noise and outdated furnishings, the overall cleanliness and comfort of the rooms are commended. The hotel provides necessary amenities such as fridges, safes, beach towels and umbrellas, ensuring a convenient stay.

The staff at Hotel Nettuno receive universal acclaim for their friendliness, professionalism and readiness to assist guests. From the reception to the bar and restaurant personnel, the team ensures a welcoming and well-cared-for environment, significantly enhancing the overall guest experience.

The spa and pool facilities have also received positive feedback with guests appreciating the well-organized and beautiful spa area, including a heated pool and whirlpool. The pool area is similarly praised for its cleanliness and suitability for families with features like a children's pool and additional amenities like a Jacuzzi.

The beachfront location is a major highlight, providing guests with direct access to a clean and often empty beach. Beach beds included in the price add to the convenience. Moreover, the hotel offers varied and convenient parking options, including private and underground garage parking, as well as valet services.

For families, Hotel Nettuno stands out with spacious family rooms, a heated pool, a children’s play area and a dedicated children's pool. These facilities contribute to a welcoming and enjoyable environment for family vacations. Despite mixed reviews about the beds' comfort, the provided fall protection adds a sense of security for families with young children.

While officially a three-star superior hotel, Hotel Nettuno offers many four-star features, although some aspects like the breakfast service might not meet every guest’s expectations for a higher star rating. Nonetheless, the beachfront location and excellent family-friendly amenities make Hotel Nettuno a top choice for a seaside getaway.
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Room Types
Double or Twin Room All double rooms are equipped with private bathroom and feature a balcony. Please select your bed preference when booking.

Triple Room All triple rooms feature a private bathroom and a balcony. Some triple rooms have been recently built and are larger in size than the standard triple room.

Quadruple Room All quadruple rooms are equipped with private bathroom and offer a balcony.

Superior Double Room This double room is equipped with private bathroom and offers a balcony.

Superior Triple Room This double room is equipped with private bathroom and offers a balcony.

Single Room This air-conditioned single room is comprised of a TV with satellite channels, a private bathroom as well as a balcony. The unit has 1 bed.

Studio The studio's kitchenette, which features kitchenware, is available for cooking and storing food. This air-conditioned studio includes a TV with satellite channels, a private bathroom as well as a balcony. The unit offers 3 beds.

One-Bedroom Apartment The apartment's kitchenette, which has kitchenware, is available for cooking and storing food. This air-conditioned apartment is comprised of a TV with satellite channels, a private bathroom as well as a balcony. The unit has 2 beds.

Superior Family Room This air-conditioned family room includes a TV with satellite channels, a private bathroom as well as a balcony.

Studio Apartment This air-conditioned apartment consists of 1 living room, 1 separate bedroom and 1 bathroom with a shower. Featuring a balcony, this apartment also provides a safe deposit box, heating and a TV with satellite channels. The unit offers 4 beds.

Guest Reviews
Very Good
Nestled directly by the sea, Hotel Nettuno boasts an unparalleled beachfront location that guests find simply ideal. The close proximity to both the beach and the city center provides a perfect blend of relaxation and convenience. Visitors rave about the stunning views of the sea from their rooms and the easy access to the sandy shores, making it a fantastic spot for a seaside retreat.

Centrally located in the pedestrian zone, guests appreciate the hotel’s proximity to numerous shops, bars and restaurants, offering a vibrant and enjoyable environment. The area is described as quiet yet superb, allowing for a peaceful escape without sacrificing the bustling city ambiance.

The location is consistently highlighted as amazing, great and highly recommendable, emphasizing its convenience and picturesque setting. With its direct beach access, superb city-center positioning and excellent facilities, Hotel Nettuno stands out as an excellent choice for those looking to enjoy the best of Lido di Jesolo.

Hotel Nettuno offers an exceptional breakfast experience that is frequently praised by guests. The breakfast buffet is described as extensive and varied, catering to a wide range of tastes with both sweet and savory options. Many guests highlight the large selection and continuous replenishment of items, ensuring a fresh and abundant meal. The quality is deemed very good and sufficient with offerings that include everything from standard continental fare to more diverse options, pleasing both local and international palates.

Guests also appreciate the picturesque setting, as breakfast can be enjoyed practically on the beach with a view of the sea. The buffet is described as appealing and rich with a sufficient and satisfying selection. While a few reviews mention areas for improvement, such as limited bread choices or occasional cold dishes, the overall consensus is overwhelmingly positive. The breakfast at Hotel Nettuno stands out for its variety, abundance and quality, making it a highlight of the stay.

Hotel Nettuno's dinner offerings receive generally positive feedback from guests with many highlighting the richness and variety of the buffet. The cuisine is praised for being excellent and delicious, offering a large selection that meets varied tastes. The dinner buffet stands out for its performance and is described as top-notch, plentiful and satisfying. Guests appreciate the great location and fantastic views from the restaurant, enhancing the dining experience. The internal restaurant, despite a less inviting dining room, impresses with its authentic and tasty dishes. A notable mention is the paid upstairs restaurant, which consistently delights diners with its delicious offerings. Negative comments include occasional reports of lukewarm food and limited variety. Overall, Hotel Nettuno is recognized for its great food throughout the day, making it a strong choice for culinary enthusiasts.

At Hotel Nettuno, guests can expect the rooms to be clean and well-maintained with numerous reviews highlighting the daily meticulous cleaning service. The accommodations vary significantly in size; some are large, spacious and equipped with balconies offering sea views, while others are noted to be rather small with particularly cramped bathrooms. The hotel provides modern amenities such as fridges, safes and even beach towels and umbrellas for a convenient and enjoyable stay. However, some rooms appear outdated or partially renovated, occasionally featuring broken tiles. Despite some noise issues and inconsistencies with the photos, families will find functional spaces that cater to their needs. Overall, guests commend the cleanliness and comfort of the rooms, appreciating both the beautiful modern designs and the practicality of older furnishings.

The reviews for the beds at Hotel Nettuno present a mixed picture. Some guests found the beds very comfortable, highlighting an aspect of relaxation and rest. However, there were frequent mentions of discomfort with many describing the beds as old, hard or too soft. The issue with mattress pads being broken was also noted. While the beds might be suitable for children, their low height and hard pillows posed additional concerns for some guests. Despite these mixed opinions, the beds with fall protection were appreciated, particularly for families traveling with young children.

Hotel Nettuno is consistently praised for its impeccable cleanliness. Guests frequently highlight the very clean and well-maintained facilities, from the park areas to the rooms. The rooms themselves are often described as clean and comfortable with many noting that they have everything one might need and a safe as an added security feature. Housekeeping is consistently reliable and attentive, ensuring rooms remain spotless throughout visitors' stays.

While some guests did point out issues with the restaurant's cleanliness and the enforcement of anti-Covid measures, the majority of the feedback points to a hotel where cleanliness is a priority. The furniture, although described as old by some, still meets cleanliness standards, emphasizing the hotel's commitment to maintaining a clean environment.

It's clear from the reviews that Hotel Nettuno excels in providing clean and comfortable accommodations, underscored by the numerous mentions of the superb cleanliness of both the rooms and other facilities.

Hotel Nettuno boasts an impressive reputation for its outstanding staff, consistently described as friendly, polite and exceptionally helpful. Visitors frequently highlight the team's accommodating nature with staff members readily available to resolve any minor issues and ensure a smooth experience for guests. The reception staff often receive praise for their professionalism and welcoming demeanor, creating a pleasant first impression upon arrival.

The bar and restaurant personnel stand out for their excellent service, contributing significantly to the hotel’s positive ambiance. The night porter and waiters are particularly noted for their politeness and kindness, further enhancing the overall guest experience.

Whether interacting with the ever-smiling front desk staff, the attentive employees working tirelessly behind the scenes or the very accommodating and polite team members, it's clear that Hotel Nettuno has struck a balance between friendliness and professionalism. This high level of service extends seamlessly across the entire hotel, making a stay at Hotel Nettuno feel both welcoming and well-cared-for.

Hotel Nettuno offers a spa experience that has received mostly positive feedback from its guests. The spa and wellness areas are described as lovely, well-organized and beautiful with amenities such as a heated pool and whirlpool contributing to the overall enjoyment. Many guests found the spa access to be very good and the area amazing, highlighting that it provided ample relaxation opportunities.

Despite the overwhelmingly positive comments, there are a few points to note. Access to the spa usually requires an extra payment and is sometimes limited to one person at a time. However, for those looking for an adult-oriented relaxation zone, the spa area does cater specifically to adults. Generally, the wellness area is praised for being simply great, although there was an occasional mention of it being mediocre. Overall, the spa services at Hotel Nettuno have satisfied many guests, making it a commendable feature of the hotel.

Hotel Nettuno's pool facilities receive commendable reviews with guests frequently noting their positive experiences. The pool area, described as both beautiful and well-maintained, stands out as a major attraction. Guests appreciate the availability of both indoor and outdoor pools, including a heated indoor pool, which enhances the comfort of the swimming experience. For families, the pool is particularly suitable, featuring a children's section that, while occasionally criticized for cleanliness, adds to the hotel's family-friendly appeal. The presence of sunbeds and additional features like a Jacuzzi and whirlpool further enrich the poolside experience. Overall, visitors consistently highlight the clean and inviting nature of the pools, making them a favored spot during their stay at Hotel Nettuno.

Hotel Nettuno boasts an ideal location directly on a beautiful, clean beach. Guests frequently highlight the amazing beachfront setting with direct access to the sea right next to the hotel. The beach itself is described as very clean, often empty and well-maintained, making it a perfect spot for relaxation. The inclusion of beach beds in the price is an appreciated convenience. The proximity to the sea and the seamless access to a private beach add to the overall appeal. For those seeking a picturesque seaside retreat, Hotel Nettuno delivers an exceptional beachfront experience.

Hotel Nettuno offers a variety of parking options for guests, ensuring convenience and accessibility. There is private parking available and for those seeking a more secure option, comfortable underground garage parking is also an option. Valet parking services add to the comfort, making the parking experience hassle-free. While the parking lot is small, it is conveniently located right next to the hotel. Despite occasional overcrowding and minor issues such as low tire air, the overall parking experience is positive with free parking included and plenty of spaces.

Hotel Nettuno is praised for its exceptional suitability for family holidays. Guests have highlighted the spacious and well-equipped family rooms that make it an excellent choice for families, especially those with young children. The hotel is described as family-oriented and welcoming, providing an ideal environment for family vacations.

Children seem to enjoy their stay immensely, particularly appreciating the heated pool and the dedicated children's pool. There is also a children’s play area, adding to the array of kid-friendly amenities. Overall, Hotel Nettuno stands out as a great child-friendly option, offering extensive facilities that cater specifically to the needs and comfort of families with kids.

4 Star
Hotel Nettuno, while officially rated as a three-star superior establishment, promotes itself as having four-star features. This dual characterization has led to varied expectations among guests. While some guests recognized the presence of four-star elements in the hotel offerings, others highlighted that certain aspects did not meet the anticipated standards.

The breakfast service was frequently noted as an area needing improvement with several guests expressing disappointment over its quality. The absence of a cook at the cooking station for fresh egg preparations in the morning, specifically, was mentioned as a shortfall for a hotel claiming a four-star status.

Despite these critiques, some reviews acknowledged that the hotel possesses several four-star qualities, suggesting a blend of higher-end features within the framework of a three-star superior hotel. Overall, while certain aspects of Hotel Nettuno were praised, there remains a consensus that the hotel does not fully align with a four-star rating.

Children's Pool
The children's pool area at Hotel Nettuno consistently receives positive feedback from guests. The area is described as excellent with the outdoor pool being particularly suited for children. Families find it to be a great facility, appreciating the heated pool and the provision of a separate pool specifically for little guests. Additional amenities, such as a trampoline, a playroom and an indoor pool with a slide, further enhance the experience for younger visitors. The overall atmosphere of the pool area is considered very nice, making it a perfect spot for families with children to enjoy their stay.

Indoor Pool
Hotel Nettuno offers an indoor pool that receives favorable feedback from guests. The pool is heated, which adds to the comfort and enjoyment, making it a popular feature even during cooler weather. The indoor pool area is well-maintained and noted for its cleanliness, providing a pleasant environment for visitors. Families particularly appreciate the indoor pool area, finding it great for children. Additionally, the wellness area includes a whirlpool, enhancing the overall relaxation experience. The pool consistently operates efficiently, ensuring guests can enjoy it throughout their stay.

Hotel Nettuno boasts an exceptional beachfront location, often described as absolutely amazing and ideal. Guests consistently highlight its direct access to the beach, praising the convenience and beauty of being right on the shore. The beachfront setting is frequently characterized as great with many noting the stunning views and the excellent placement that simply cannot be better. This prime positioning of Hotel Nettuno ensures that visitors enjoy an unforgettable experience directly on the beach.

Yes, Hotel Nettuno has pool(s) that belong to one or more of the following categories: Heated Pool, Indoor Pool, Children's Pool, Outdoor Pool.

Yes, a spa is available at Hotel Nettuno.

Yes, Hotel Nettuno welcomes dogs.

Yes, parking facilities are available at Hotel Nettuno.

No, Hotel Nettuno doesn't have a gym.

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