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Summary of reviewsCamana Veglia receives resounding praise from guests, particularly for its prime location just outside the bustling center of Livigno. Guests appreciate the hotel's convenient access to local attractions, pedestrian areas and ski slopes, all within a short walking distance. The proximity to the bus stop and gondola adds to the appeal, making it an ideal base for exploring. The added benefit of free parking further enhances its convenience.

The breakfast experience at Camana Veglia is highly acclaimed, described as excellent and memorable. Guests enjoy a rich variety of a la carte options, including gluten-free choices without the typical buffet waste. The staff's attentiveness and the option to dine on a large terrace contribute to a delightful morning start.

Dinner at the hotel is equally impressive with guests lauding the creative and high-quality dishes prepared by Chef Dionigi. The restaurant's ambiance and the culinary expertise contribute to a standout dining experience, often described as magnificent and wonderful.

Rooms at Camana Veglia reflect a blend of comfort and rustic elegance with wooden floors and characteristic details. While some rooms are noted for their spaciousness, others, though smaller, are well-equipped and thoughtfully furnished. Cleanliness is impeccable throughout with daily cleaning services ensuring a spotless environment. The mix of modern amenities and charming decor caters to a variety of preferences.

The staff consistently deliver excellent service marked by kindness, attentiveness and professionalism. The family-run atmosphere adds a personal touch with the team going above and beyond to ensure a memorable stay. Multilingual and service-minded, the staff receive accolades for their helpfulness and insightful local advice.

Parking solutions are practical with free options available nearby, making it convenient for guests. Although the parking is outdoors, it is well-suited for most travelers, ensuring easy access to the hotel.

Beds at Camana Veglia are celebrated for their exceptional comfort, contributing to restful nights. While some guests noted minor issues, the overall consensus is that the beds significantly enhance the relaxing experience.

Lastly, Camana Veglia stands out as a romantic destination, ideal for couples seeking a tranquil and intimate getaway. The warm and welcoming ambiance, combined with thoughtful decor and serene surroundings, creates a memorable and romantic retreat.

In summary, Camana Veglia offers an exceptional experience with its strategic location, outstanding breakfast and dinner, comfortable and clean rooms, excellent staff service, practical parking, cozy beds and romantic atmosphere. These elements collectively make it a highly recommended choice for travelers visiting Livigno.
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Room Types
Double Room This room has parquet floors and a private bathroom with shower or a bathtub. Each room is individually decorated and comes with a special feature. Most rooms come with a balcony, and some overlook the mountains. One of the rooms has an infrared cabin. Some are located in the attic. No extra beds can be added to this room type.

Deluxe Triple Room Featuring a shower with hydromassage, this room has parquet floors and a balcony. Soft blankets can be found on the balcony. Some rooms feature wood-beamed ceilings and are located in the attic. Features a single bed, available for an extra guest.

Comfort Double Room This room features a small bed, hydromassage shower and balcony. One of the rooms is in the attic, and features wood-beamed ceilings.

Guest Reviews
Camana Veglia boasts an enviable location that has garnered high praise from its guests. Nestled just outside the bustling center of Livigno, the hotel offers a peaceful retreat while maintaining close proximity to the town’s attractions. Its prime setting allows easy access to the pedestrian area, shopping streets and ski slopes, all within a short walking distance. Guests have noted the convenient access to the bus stop and gondola, making it an ideal starting point for exploring the area.

Situated on one of the main streets leading to the town center, the location is both central and serene, providing the perfect balance for those looking to enjoy Livigno’s vibrant atmosphere and quieter surroundings. The hotel’s positioning on the border of the pedestrian zone ensures that everything is within easy reach—whether it's cycling paths, shops or the bus station—while still offering a tranquil environment.

The availability of free parking is an added bonus, enhancing the overall convenience of staying at Camana Veglia. With such a strategic and appealing location, it’s clear why guests frequently highlight this aspect as a standout feature of their stay.

Camana Veglia offers a truly unforgettable breakfast experience that earns high praise from its guests. Described as excellent, exceptional and fantastic, the breakfast stands out for its quality and variety. It features abundant options served à la carte, allowing guests to enjoy a rich and sumptuous meal without the waste typically associated with buffets. The customizable menu also offers gluten-free options, ensuring that all dietary needs are met.

Guests consistently highlight the attentive and friendly staff who are always eager to fulfill every desire. The breakfast's impeccable service adds to its appeal with many guests enjoying their meals on the large terrace, basking in the fresh air while savoring quality products.

Even those who miss the traditional buffet do not leave disappointed, as the menu-based service allows for items to be reordered, meeting and often exceeding expectations with its rich and diverse selections. Clean rooms and comfortable beds complement the overall experience, making mornings at Camana Veglia genuinely special.

Camana Veglia's dining experience has garnered high praise from guests with many highlighting the quality and creativity of the dishes. Chef Dionigi's specialties have particularly stood out with guests thanking him for his culinary delights. The restaurant itself is described as magnificent and wonderful, adding to the overall dining experience. Patrons have consistently noted the high-end and creative nature of the menu with phrases such as "great food," "excellent dinner," and "fantastic restaurant" recurring frequently. The dining room atmosphere also receives commendations, making it a notable part of the hotel stay. Overall, the food at Camana Veglia's restaurant is exceptional and adds significant value to the hospitality offered.

Camana Veglia offers a variety of room experiences, each reflecting a blend of comfort and charm. Many guests have appreciated the cleanliness and organization of the rooms, noting features like wooden floors and characteristic details that add a touch of rustic elegance. The accommodations are praised for their comfort with mentions of cozy and well-heated spaces.

While some rooms are highlighted for their spaciousness, especially those with balconies or whirlpool baths, others are on the smaller side but make up for it with full equipment and thoughtful furnishings. These rooms, despite being compact, are equipped with modern amenities, ensuring a convenient stay. For those fortunate enough to receive an upgrade, the larger rooms and junior suites are particularly impressive, offering more space and tasteful decor.

The bathrooms also receive positive remarks with some featuring whirlpool tubs and spacious layouts. The use of reclaimed wood in some areas adds a modern yet homely feel to the hotel’s design. However, the size of some rooms and their beds can be a bit restrictive with a few guests mentioning the need for updates or feeling cramped.

Overall, the rooms at Camana Veglia are consistent in cleanliness and comfort with a mix of modern amenities and charming decor that caters to a variety of preferences, though the smaller room sizes might require adjustment for some.

Camana Veglia is renowned for its exceptionally comfortable beds, providing guests with cozy and restful nights. Reviewers frequently highlight the very comfortable bedding, often describing it as exceptional. The rooms are noted for being both comfortable and clean, contributing to the overall experience of relaxation. While a few guests mentioned the bed structure occasionally squeaked or found the beds too soft for their liking, the general consensus is that the comfortable and cozy beds at Camana Veglia significantly enhance the stay.

Camana Veglia consistently impresses with its impeccable cleanliness and top-notch cleaning services. The hotel ambiance is very clean and welcoming, often feeling new and modern. Guests frequently remark on the spotless condition of both the rooms and the common areas, highlighting the excellent and professional staff responsible for maintaining these high standards. Daily cleaning is consistently described as impeccable, ensuring a comfortable and hygienic stay. Moreover, the hotel's clean wooden floors and complimentary toiletries add to the guests' satisfaction. The overall feedback reflects a superb focus on cleanliness, making it a highly recommended choice for travelers seeking a well-maintained accommodation.

At Camana Veglia, the staff consistently deliver excellent service marked by kindness and attentiveness. Guests frequently praise the courteous and polite nature of the personnel, who go out of their way to ensure a memorable stay. The family-run atmosphere adds a personal touch with staff members being described as extremely friendly, competent and professional. The warm welcome starts right at the reception with multilingual greetings enhancing the experience.

Guests appreciate the helpful and service-minded approach of the entire team. The staff's ability to cater to individual needs, provide insightful advice on local activities and even arrange special surprises, such as birthday celebrations, is especially noted. Mrs. Carla and Silvia receive special mentions for their friendliness and attentiveness, while the owner’s enthusiasm for sharing local tips is highly valued.

From breakfast through dinner, the hospitality never wanes with the team ensuring a pleasant dining experience and professional service. The collective efforts of the staff, marked by courtesy, availability and a genuine desire to pamper guests, contribute to the hotel's reputation for extraordinary hospitality. Consistently, reviews highlight the staff's commitment to making everything perfect, including their efficient and competent service.

Camana Veglia offers practical parking solutions for its guests with free parking options and a nearby lot that ensures convenience. For those staying at the hotel, there is private parking available just a couple of minutes away on foot. While the parking is close and reserved for guests, it is outdoors and may not be ideal for motorcycles. Although there isn't covered parking, the on-site and nearby parking facilities meet the essential needs for most travelers, allowing for easy access to the hotel.

Camana Veglia stands out as a destination that expertly combines relaxation with romance. Guests consistently highlight the hotel's warm and welcoming ambiance, perfect for couples seeking a tranquil getaway. The romantic settings of the property contribute to its charm, creating a serene atmosphere for its visitors. From the room decor to the overall structure, the romantic style is evident, making every stay memorable and suggestive of intimacy. Renowned for its excellent service, the hotel ensures that every moment is infused with a touch of romance. Whether it's the quiet surroundings or the thoughtful details in the décor, Camana Veglia provides a romantic retreat that consistently delights its guests.

No, Camana Veglia doesn't have any pool.

No, a spa isn't available at Camana Veglia.

No, Camana Veglia doesn't allow dogs.

Yes, parking facilities are available at Camana Veglia.

No, Camana Veglia doesn't have a gym.

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