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Summary of reviewsHotel Via Baltica emerges as an excellent choice for travelers, providing convenience, comfort and a peaceful retreat near the new highway. Its strategic location by the bypass road makes it an ideal stopover with easy access for those journeying between Latvia, Lithuania and Poland. Despite its proximity to major routes, the hotel maintains a tranquil environment, allowing guests to rest well.

The spacious, clean rooms are a standout feature, highly praised for their modern furnishings, soundproofing and comfortable beds. Family rooms and terraces enhance the experience, making it a practical option for families. The hotel maintains impeccable cleanliness throughout, from the rooms to the common areas, ensuring a fresh and inviting atmosphere.

Guests commend the dining experiences, particularly the varied and plentiful breakfast and the tasty, well-priced dinner options. The on-site restaurants and café receive high marks for their delicious cuisine and reasonable pricing with extended hours adding to the convenience.

The staff at Hotel Via Baltica are consistently described as friendly, helpful and professional, contributing significantly to a positive guest experience. The receptionists, in particular, are noted for their pleasant demeanor and effective communication.

Ample, free parking adds to the hotel's appeal with guests appreciating the spacious and secure parking facilities. The hotel also caters well to families, offering a playground and family-friendly amenities, including welcoming pets, which adds to its versatility.

For business travelers, the hotel offers spacious rooms and business facilities, supported by a 24-hour reception and efficient service. Despite some issues with Wi-Fi connectivity, the overall amenities and services meet the needs of business guests effectively.

The three-star rated property exceeds expectations with its high standards, modern amenities and excellent value for money. Its accessible features further enhance the appeal, catering to guests with disabilities through spacious layouts and convenient facilities.

In conclusion, Hotel Via Baltica offers a reliable and pleasant stay for a diverse range of travelers, combining strategic location, modern comfort and excellent service into a highly recommended lodging option.
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Room Types
Single Room with Bathroom This single room is comprised of a flat-screen TV with satellite channels and a private bathroom. The unit has 1 bed.

Standard Twin Room The twin room includes a private bathroom fitted with a shower, a hairdryer and slippers. The twin room offers a wardrobe, a carpeted floor, heating, as well as a flat-screen TV with satellite channels. The unit has 2 beds.

Triple Room with Private Bathroom The triple room includes a private bathroom equipped with a shower, a hairdryer and slippers. The triple room provides a flat-screen TV with satellite channels, a wardrobe, a carpeted floor and heating. The unit offers 3 beds.

Quadruple Room with Private Bathroom This quadruple room is comprised of a flat-screen TV with satellite channels and a private bathroom. The unit has 4 beds.

Standard Studio The studio includes a private bathroom, well-fitted with a bath, a shower, a hairdryer and slippers. The studio features a wardrobe, a sofa, a carpeted floor, heating and a flat-screen TV with satellite channels. The unit has 1 bed.

King Room Rooms on the upper floors are reachable by lift. The unit has 1 bed.

Guest Reviews
Nestled near the new highway, Hotel Via Baltica offers an exceptionally convenient location for travelers on the move. The hotel is strategically situated right by the new bypass road, making it an ideal stopover for those journeying between major cities and countries like Latvia, Lithuania and Poland. This roadside hotel, while close to the main route, maintains a peaceful atmosphere, providing a quiet retreat from the bustling highway.

Transit travelers will find the hotel’s 24-hour reception a particularly useful amenity, ensuring a seamless check-in regardless of arrival time. The proximity to the major road does not compromise tranquility, allowing guests to rest well during their trip. Located on the outskirts of Lomza and set in the countryside, it offers a serene escape without being too detached from urban conveniences.

Larger rooms, cleanliness and a sizeable guarded parking lot are notable features that enhance the stay at Hotel Via Baltica. Whether moving towards Warsaw or Suwalki, guests can navigate their journey smoothly from this well-positioned hotel. Those who have stayed here appreciated the ease of access, the overall quality above average for Polish standards and the calm environment, making it a perfect road trip stop or a transit haven.

For travelers seeking a break in their long drive, Hotel Via Baltica emerges as a reliable and pleasant surprise, combining convenience, comfort and tranquility in one package.

At Hotel Via Baltica, breakfast generally receives positive feedback from guests. Many reviewers highlight the morning meal as varied, delicious and plentiful. Guests appreciate the quality of the offerings and the attentiveness of the friendly service. Some specific mentions include tasty dishes like cottage cheese pancakes and individually-prepared meals. The breakfast buffet is often described as rich and satisfying with ample selection appreciated by many.

However, there are some recurring critiques. A few guests found the breakfast not worth the additional cost with some experiencing limited or not so fresh selections. Additionally, there have been mentions of the breakfast selection being ordinary, insufficient at times and occasionally not matching its price point.

Despite these occasional drawbacks, the general consensus points towards a positive breakfast experience with guests often recommending it for its variety and flavor. The inclusion of breakfast in certain room packages adds value, enhancing the overall stay at the hotel.

Hotel Via Baltica has garnered positive feedback for its dining options, especially at its on-site restaurants. Guests have frequently commented on the delicious and high-quality food available for dinner with many describing the dishes as tasty, excellent and superb. Both the main restaurant and the bistro have received praises for their delicious cuisine, good menu and reasonable pricing. Visitors appreciate the variety of dishes offered and the generous portion sizes served. The restaurant is noted for being open until 22:00, providing flexibility for evening meals. Additionally, the café has been highlighted for providing a nice meal and good coffee, adding to the overall positive dining experience at the hotel. Despite a few negative remarks, such as cold meals and occasional cleanliness issues, the general consensus points to a satisfying and enjoyable culinary experience at Hotel Via Baltica.

Hotel Via Baltica is remarkable for its incredibly spacious and comfortable rooms. Guests frequently praise the size of the rooms, describing them as large, spacious and suitable for families and groups of multiple people. Cleanliness is another standout feature with many reviews highlighting the meticulous upkeep of both the rooms and bathrooms. The rooms are not only clean but also modernly furnished, soundproofed and well-equipped for a comfortable stay.

Several reviews also mention appealing features like terraces, balconies and spacious bathrooms, enhancing the guest experience. The family rooms are particularly noted for their suitability, making them a practical choice for visitors with children. Modern amenities such as air conditioning (though inconsistently available) and adjustable room temperatures offer a haven during hotter days.

Furthermore, the hotel’s quiet and peaceful ambiance, despite its proximity to a major road, ensures a restful environment. Comfortable beds and clean bedding are consistently highlighted, contributing to a restful night’s sleep. The hotel’s modern and well-maintained facilities add to its charm, making it a very good place for travelers seeking comfort and convenience.

In essence, Hotel Via Baltica offers excellent accommodation with a focus on generous room sizes, cleanliness, modern amenities and a peaceful atmosphere, making it a strong choice for both short and extended stays.

Hotel Via Baltica is frequently praised for its comfortable beds, which are a highlight for many guests. The beds are described as clean and featuring proper bedding, which adds to the overall comfort. Many guests specifically mention that the mattresses are soft and contribute to a good night's sleep. There are even pillows of different sizes available on the beds, catering to various preferences. While some reviews note that the beds are separate or refer to two separate beds, the general consensus remains positive regarding the comfort level. Despite a few mentions of beds being broken or too soft, the majority of guests find the accommodations to be comfortably satisfying. Additionally, the rooms maintain a modern and clean ambiance with hardly any noise from outside, further enhancing the restful experience at the hotel.

Hotel Via Baltica stands out impressively in terms of cleanliness, earning consistent praise from its guests. The rooms are frequently described as very clean, spacious and modern, contributing to a comfortable and relaxing stay. The bathrooms maintain a high standard of cleanliness, matching the meticulous upkeep seen throughout the hotel.

Guests appreciate the hotel’s fresh and fragrant bedding and the spotless rooms which are always in top condition. Reviewers mentioned the cleanliness is at the highest level with numerous mentions of the rooms being thoroughly cleaned and well-maintained. The hotel itself, from the lobby to the individual rooms, is consistently described as inviting and well-cared for.

Modern furnishings and clean, cozy atmospheres further enhance the guest experience. Visitors particularly noted the large rooms with sizeable, immaculate bathrooms. The entire facility upholds a fresh and pristine environment, making it a reliable choice for a restful stay. Whether stopping by for a night or a longer duration, guests can expect impeccable surroundings and a pleasant ambiance at Hotel Via Baltica.

Hotel Via Baltica boasts a team of exceptionally friendly, helpful and professional staff who have gained much admiration from guests. The receptionists are particularly noted for their pleasant demeanor and English-speaking abilities, ensuring smooth communication. Many reviews highlight the staff’s politeness and competency with several guests appreciating the prompt and efficient service at various points of their stay.

Despite occasional mentions of slow service, the overall guest sentiment towards the staff remains overwhelmingly positive. The staff’s responsiveness and willingness to assist contribute significantly to an enjoyable stay. Collectively, the team is praised for their professionalism and ability to maintain a pleasant atmosphere with the reception area frequently highlighted for its courteous service. In summary, the warm and welcoming nature of the staff at Hotel Via Baltica stands out as a key component of the positive guest experience.

Hotel Via Baltica's Wi-Fi service has garnered mixed reviews from its guests. While some visitors noted that the Wi-Fi was good and worked well in certain areas, others frequently highlighted significant issues, particularly with the connectivity in the rooms. Many guests experienced weak signals and frequently disconnecting connections, making the internet practically unusable at times. Problems included limited coverage, no signal in some locations and overall poor network management. Despite occasional praise for fast speeds, the overall sentiment suggests that improvements, such as the installation of additional signal boosters, are necessary to ensure a more reliable and consistent internet experience throughout the hotel.

Hotel Via Baltica offers a highly praised parking experience, highlighted for its convenience and ample space. Guests have consistently commented on the large and spacious parking areas, ensuring that there is always a spot available. The parking facilities include both an outdoor parking lot and secure underground options, catering to all needs with guarded and private spaces. The ease of access and generous availability of spots make it a stress-free aspect of staying at the hotel. Whether arriving late at night or with large vehicles, the ample, safe and free parking is a standout feature, adding significant value to the hotel's overall offering.

Hotel Via Baltica stands out as an ideal stopover for families traveling through Europe. The hotel offers a variety of accommodations suitable for families, including spacious rooms for four people, family rooms and even rooms with a terrace, ensuring comfort for all members, whether it's a small group or three adults. Guests have frequently highlighted the family-friendly atmosphere of the hotel.

One of the star features is the children's playground located behind the hotel building, which provides a convenient and enjoyable space for young travelers to stretch their legs and burn off some energy. Moreover, the staff is attentive and responsive to specific family needs, as illustrated by their prompt provision of a kettle upon request for those traveling with young children.

In summary, Hotel Via Baltica caters well to families, offering comfortable, well-designed rooms and amenities that make it a practical and pleasant overnight stopover for those exploring Europe. Even pets are welcomed, adding to the family-friendly appeal of the hotel.

3 Star
Hotel Via Baltica with its official three-star rating, offers a surprisingly high standard of service and amenities, consistently earning praise for its cleanliness and modern facilities. Many guests feel the hotel is deserving of more stars, highlighting its excellent rooms and spotless bathrooms, which far exceed typical three-star expectations. The hotel provides great value for money, boasting a large parking area and an easily accessible location. Visitors often comment on the comfortable accommodations with some noting that, while the baby’s bed could be improved, the overall experience is commendable for its category. This establishment stands out as a very good option for those seeking quality three-star lodging.

Hotel Via Baltica offers excellent accommodations for business travelers, boasting spacious and comfortable rooms that are ideal for both individual stays and larger business groups. The hotel's business-oriented facilities include well-equipped conference rooms and triple business rooms, ensuring a convenient stay for all types of corporate needs.

Accessibility is a key feature with handicap accessible rooms available. The 24-hour reception and friendly English-speaking staff add to the convenience, making late check-ins and early departures hassle-free. Guests consistently commend the hotel for its good quality and great value for money, highlighting it as an excellent choice for the price.

The rooms are described as quiet and spacious, offering a peaceful environment conducive to rest and productivity. Additionally, the Wi-Fi service, although basic, fulfills essential connectivity requirements. Whether for a brief business trip or a more extended stay, travelers find the overall service at Hotel Via Baltica thoroughly satisfying.

In summary, Hotel Via Baltica is highly recommended for business stays, offering the right mix of comfort, accessibility and value with amenities that cater perfectly to business travelers and conference attendees alike.

Hotel Via Baltica offers a comfortable and accessible experience for guests with disabilities. The hotel itself is described as easy to reach and features a spacious layout, including large rooms and terraces that contribute to a sense of openness. Guests can expect handicap-accessible facilities, including ample parking spaces that accommodate wheelchairs. The rooms not only provide plenty of space to move around but also feature large terraces and some even have huge ones, offering additional comfort and convenience. The bathrooms are equipped with heated floors, adding a touch of luxury. The hotel also offers a 24/7 reception, ensuring assistance is always available. Additionally, the property is well connected by nearby roads and even offers an airport shuttle service, enhancing its accessibility.

No, Hotel Via Baltica doesn't have any pool.

No, a spa isn't available at Hotel Via Baltica.

No, Hotel Via Baltica doesn't allow dogs.

Yes, parking facilities are available at Hotel Via Baltica.

No, Hotel Via Baltica doesn't have a gym.

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