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Summary of reviewsCaryńska Resort & SPA is celebrated for its exceptional location in the Bieszczady Mountains, providing a serene escape amidst picturesque natural landscapes. Its proximity to hiking trails makes it an ideal haven for nature enthusiasts and trekkers. The resort's tranquil environment, combined with beautifully designed rooms and top-notch facilities, enhances the overall experience.

Guests consistently praise the delicious and varied breakfast offerings, highlighting the fresh, hearty and diverse selection available each morning. The use of local products and friendly service further contribute to an enjoyable start to the day. Dinner, while generally commended for its excellent à la carte options and quality regional cuisine, occasionally receives feedback on the limited menu variety and portion sizes.

The rooms are generally well-received for their spaciousness, modern décor and luxurious amenities such as private Jacuzzis and saunas. However, some guests note minor maintenance issues and the need for better cleaning services in certain areas. Despite these occasional shortcomings, the rooms are mostly appreciated for their comfort and beautiful views.

Cleanliness throughout the resort garners mixed reviews. While many guests find the common areas well-maintained and the rooms tidy, others point out recurring issues such as dirty windows, undercleaned bathrooms and inadequate housekeeping. Addressing these concerns could enhance the overall guest experience.

The staff at Caryńska Resort & SPA are frequently praised for their friendliness, professionalism and dedication to guest satisfaction. The reception team, in particular, stands out for their helpfulness, contributing to a welcoming atmosphere throughout the resort.

WiFi service, however, is noted as a weak point with guests reporting unstable and slow connections, particularly in the rooms. This could be a concern for those requiring reliable internet access during their stay.

The spa facilities receive high marks for their comprehensive and tranquil offerings, including well-kept saunas, impressive massages and a relaxing pool area. The serene ambiance and high-quality treatments make the spa a standout feature of the resort.

The swimming pool and accompanying amenities are well-regarded, providing a modern, clean and inviting space for relaxation. Some minor suggestions for improvement include better towel availability and cleanliness, but overall, the pool area significantly enhances the resort's appeal.

The tennis court, while generally maintained, has received mixed feedback, indicating room for improvement in its provisions.

Parking is available, though availability can be limited during peak times. The convenience of on-site parking is appreciated, despite the occasional challenges with space.

Caryńska Resort & SPA is an excellent choice for family vacations, offering a range of activities and amenities tailored for children. The playground, indoor kids corner and family-friendly environment make it a reassuring and enjoyable destination for families.

Overall, Caryńska Resort & SPA impresses with its stunning location, excellent breakfast and spa facilities and friendly staff, making it a highly recommendable destination for relaxation and outdoor enthusiasts. Addressing some minor issues with cleanliness, WiFi and dinner variety could further enhance the guest experience.
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Room Types
Double Room This double room features a pool with a view. The double room provides air conditioning, a tea and coffee maker, a balcony with mountain views as well as a private bathroom featuring a shower.

Deluxe Apartment This luxurious apartment features a pool with a view, a hot tub and a sauna. The air-conditioned apartment has 1 bedroom and 1 bathroom with a bath and a shower. The apartment features carpeted floors, a seating area with a flat-screen TV, a tea and coffee maker, a wardrobe as well as mountain views. The unit has 1 bed.

Standard Studio This studio features a pool with a view. Featuring free toiletries, this studio includes a private bathroom with a shower, a hairdryer and slippers. The air-conditioned studio features a flat-screen TV, a tea and coffee maker, a seating area, a wardrobe as well as mountain views. The unit has 4 beds.

Studio The pool with a view is the standout feature of this studio. Featuring free toiletries, this studio includes a private bathroom with a shower, a hairdryer and slippers. The air-conditioned studio features a flat-screen TV, a tea and coffee maker, a seating area, a wardrobe as well as garden views.

Apartment Guests will have a special experience as this apartment offers a pool with a view, a hot tub and a sauna. This apartment comprises 1 living room, 1 separate bedroom and 1 bathroom with a bath and free toiletries. Featuring a terrace with garden views, this apartment also provides air conditioning and a flat-screen TV. The unit offers 2 beds.

Apartment Guests will have a special experience as this apartment provides a pool with a view, a hot tub and a sauna. This apartment is comprised of 1 living room, 1 separate bedroom and 1 bathroom with a bath and free toiletries. Featuring a terrace with garden views, this apartment also offers air conditioning and a flat-screen TV. The unit offers 2 beds.

Chalet The pool with a view is a top feature of this chalet. Boasting a private entrance, this air-conditioned chalet comes with 1 living room, 2 separate bedrooms and 1 bathroom with a shower and a hairdryer. Featuring a terrace with garden views, this chalet also features a tea and coffee maker and a flat-screen TV. The unit has 4 beds.

Guest Reviews
The Caryńska Resort & SPA is renowned for its exceptional location, making it an ideal haven for nature enthusiasts and trekkers exploring the scenic Bieszczady Mountains. Nestled in a picturesque, quiet and secluded part of Poland, the resort offers a serene escape from the hustle and bustle of urban life. Its proximity to popular hiking trails and mountain routes provides guests with convenient access to outdoor adventures, making it a perfect base for exploring the meadows and trails of the Bieszczady region.

Surrounded by beautiful natural landscapes, the resort boasts stunning views in a fairytale-like setting. Despite its remote location, the resort remains accessible by car and lies close to main routes, ensuring that guests can easily reach various attractions while still enjoying peace and tranquility. The combination of a tranquil environment and breathtaking scenery makes it an excellent spot for relaxation and rejuvenation after a day of hiking.

The well-kept grounds, beautifully designed rooms and top-notch facilities further enhance the overall experience. While some reviews note the absence of nearby shops, the charming and intimate atmosphere of the resort, along with its friendly and helpful staff, more than compensate for this. The location's natural beauty and quietness, coupled with excellent service and delicious breakfasts, create a truly delightful stay for all who visit.

Caryńska Resort & SPA is consistently praised for its exceptional breakfast offerings. Guests frequently highlight the delicious and varied selection of dishes available each morning. Breakfasts are described as hearty, fresh and featuring a wide array of options including regional delicacies, cheeses and cold cuts. The quality and diversity of the food ensure that there is something for everyone, from fresh fruits and French pastries to salads and warm dishes. The breakfast buffet is noted for its excellent quality and variety, making it a pleasurable start to the day. Despite some minor remarks about slow replenishment of certain items and occasional monotony, the overall impression is highly positive. The friendly service and the use of local products further enhance the breakfast experience, contributing to a successful and enjoyable stay at the resort.

Caryńska Resort & SPA's restaurant has garnered a mixture of commendations and critiques from its guests, particularly regarding its dinner offerings. On the positive side, many guests praised the excellent à la carte dining experience and delicious cuisine with several highlighting the superb quality and taste of the meals. Diners appreciated the wide selection of dishes from the menu, including delicious regional cuisine and local products. The food was often described as appetizing, aesthetically presented and prepared with fresh ingredients.

However, there were some recurring concerns about the limited variety of the menu with some guests finding the dinner options to be somewhat restricted. Despite the extensive praise for the food's quality, portion sizes were occasionally noted as too small. Additionally, a few reviews reflected disappointment with the dinner, describing the offerings as average or mediocre in comparison to previous experiences.

In summary, while Caryńska Resort & SPA's restaurant generally receives high marks for its delicious and well-prepared cuisine, some guests felt that the dinner menu could benefit from a broader selection and more substantial portions.

Caryńska Resort & SPA offers a mix of experiences when it comes to their rooms, but overall reviews highlight a generally positive impression. Guests appreciate the spacious, clean and modern décor of the rooms, which often include luxurious amenities such as private Jacuzzis, saunas and bio fireplaces in the deluxe options. The rooms are described as welcoming and cozy with several reviewers noting the high standard and stylish furnishings.

However, there are areas for improvement. Some guests found the surroundings and older parts of the resort poorly maintained and in need of refreshing. There are mentions of minor maintenance issues such as non-functional fridges, dirty curtains and slightly worn-out furniture. Additionally, some rooms were noted to be impractical in design or insufficiently cleaned during the stay, marking a disparity in the experience depending on the specific room or part of the resort.

Overall, despite the occasional complaint about noise or outdated bathrooms, the spacious and well-equipped rooms with nice views mostly leave guests satisfied, making Caryńska Resort & SPA a commendable choice for a relaxing stay with luxurious touches.

Caryńska Resort & SPA offers beds that receive mixed feedback from guests with many highlighting the comfort and quality of the mattresses and linens. Numerous reviews praise the beds as very comfortable with single and double bed options. Some guests found the mattresses a bit hard or too soft but still generally comfortable. However, the practice of combining two single mattresses to form a double bed was mentioned several times and not always favorably, as the separation between mattresses could be an issue. Clean linens were consistently noted, contributing to the overall positive sleeping experience. Despite a few comments about creaky beds and inadequately soundproofed rooms, the majority of reviews focus on the comfort of the bedding, providing a good night's rest for most visitors.

Caryńska Resort & SPA showcases a mixed bag of experiences when it comes to cleanliness. On one hand, guests frequently praise the hotel for its general cleanliness and well-decorated, modern rooms. Common areas are often described as clean and well-maintained, contributing to a relaxing and peaceful atmosphere. Reviews highlight that rooms, while sometimes a bit worn out, are generally tidy and equipped with fresh ingredients for a pleasant stay. High levels of cleanliness in certain areas of the hotel have been noted with some guests describing the service as very clean and the rooms as well-maintained.

However, there are frequent mentions of areas that need improvement. Recurring issues include cobwebs, dirty windows and inadequate cleaning services which often skip tasks such as thorough vacuuming and replacing essential items like towels and toilet paper. Specific complaints point to undercleaned bathrooms and dust accumulation, particularly under the beds and in the toilets, leading to a perception of general disorder in some rooms. Dirty curtains and poorly cleaned shower areas are additional concerns that have been highlighted by guests.

Overall, while Caryńska Resort & SPA does receive commendations for its cleanliness in many instances, there is a noticeable inconsistency that could affect one's stay. The resort might benefit from addressing these recurrent issues to ensure a more uniformly high standard of cleanliness throughout the property.

Caryńska Resort & SPA is notably distinguished for its friendly and dedicated staff, who go above and beyond to ensure guests feel welcomed and well-cared for. The reception staff are frequently highlighted for their exceptional helpfulness and professionalism, always ready to address any queries with a smile. Throughout the resort, the team maintains a high level of service, being both pleasant and unobtrusive.

Guests consistently praise the polite service they receive in the restaurant and spa, indicating a uniformly positive experience in all areas of the resort. The staff's commitment and willingness to assist is warmly recognized, making the overall atmosphere delightful and welcoming.

One particularly memorable staff member, Mrs. Weronika, is remembered fondly for her kindness and exceptional service. While the majority of interactions with the staff are positive, there are occasional mentions of minor lapses, such as waitstaff needing to be more helpful or instances of transient staff changes.

Overall, visitors can expect a high standard of service from a committed and friendly team that significantly enhances the enjoyment and comfort of their stay at Caryńska Resort & SPA.

At Caryńska Resort & SPA, guests widely appreciate the beautiful location deep in the Bieszczady, but there are noticeable issues with the WiFi service. While there is reasonable WiFi signal, many visitors have reported that the internet connection is often unstable and slow, particularly in the rooms. This can make it difficult for those needing a reliable connection for work, as the WiFi tends to drop every few minutes. Additionally, some areas like the -1 level reportedly lack internet coverage entirely. Despite its idyllic setting, the resort's WiFi limitations could be a consideration for those who depend on a strong and consistent internet connection.

At Caryńska Resort & SPA, guests have consistently lauded the comprehensive and tranquil spa facilities available. Reviewers frequently highlighted the spa area, praising its multiple zones, well-kept environment and serene ambiance. While the saunas, including a dry sauna and a communal sauna, were mentioned favorably, there were occasional suggestions for improvement in the sauna area.

The variety and quality of treatments available received commendations for their high standards with massages noted as particularly impressive and performed by professional masseuses. The swimming pool and communal jacuzzi added to the appeal, offering a relaxing dive and a cooling river water feature.

The spa area itself is described as both attractive and well-organized, ensuring guests experience a serene and silent atmosphere ideal for relaxation. The overall experience is likened to that of a five-star spa with a special mention of cool rituals and the appealing relaxation zones.

Dining at the resort also garnered high marks with the great cuisine being a standout feature. Guests repeatedly emphasized the excellent quality of meals and delightful breakfasts, enhancing their overall experience at Caryńska Resort & SPA.

In summary, the Caryńska Resort & SPA stands out for its impressive and serene spa area, diverse and high-quality treatments and excellent dining options, making it a highly recommendable destination for relaxation and culinary delight.

The Caryńska Resort & SPA has garnered positive feedback for its swimming pool and accompanying amenities. Guests frequently commend the pool area, along with its saunas and spa facilities, as excellent and perfect for relaxation, especially after a day of mountain hikes. The pool area is described as modern, clean and comfortable with an inviting atmosphere enhanced by the surrounding gardens.

Despite its modest size, the indoor pool is found to be well-maintained and suitable for swimming. The addition of a jacuzzi further elevates the experience, offering more ways to unwind. The outdoor pool has received some mixed comments regarding cleanliness and functionality with some guests noting that it was closed during their stay.

Guests appreciate the tranquility of the pool and play area and the service provided is highlighted as being nice and pleasant. The poolside drink bar and the spa's relaxing rituals contribute to an overall stress-free environment. There are suggestions for improvements, such as better towel availability and cleanliness in the pool area, but the ambiance and facilities largely make up for these minor drawbacks. The views from the pool and the seamless integration of leisure activities make it a central feature of the resort, making a stay at Caryńska Resort & SPA a relaxing and enjoyable experience.

Caryńska Resort & SPA offers a range of amenities, including a tennis court that has received mixed feedback from guests. Despite some comments about the court being unusable or lacking proper provision, many reviews highlight that the tennis court is accessible, neat and well-maintained. Overall, while there are areas for improvement, the tennis facilities at Caryńska Resort & SPA generally meet guests' expectations for cleanliness and utility.

Caryńska Resort & SPA offers a large parking lot, which includes both free and secure parking options. However, the availability of parking spaces can be limited, especially given the number of guests the resort accommodates. While some guests have found parking without any trouble, others have noted that the parking area is too small and often inadequate. The resort also allows for parking reservations which come with an additional fee. Despite the challenges with space, the convenience of parking right near the resort is appreciated by many visitors. Overall, while the resort provides parking facilities, its capacity may not always meet the demand during peak times.

Caryńska Resort & SPA is an ideal destination for a family vacation, boasting a variety of activities tailored specifically for younger guests. The resort features a playground and an indoor kids corner, providing a safe and engaging environment for children. Its well-thought-out outdoor ergonomics accommodate both children and adults, ensuring fun for everyone. Families particularly appreciate the fun amenities, such as the swimming pool and designated kids room, which add an extra layer of enjoyment to their stay.

The resort's no smoking policy, family restaurant and overall safe atmosphere make it a reassuring choice for parents. Though sometimes bustling with families, the environment is conducive to family relaxation and offers amenities like dry pools and the occasional treat of popcorn. Additionally, Caryńska Resort & SPA serves as a good starting point for those looking to explore nearby hiking trails, adding to its appeal for active families. Overall, guest reviews highlight their delight and satisfaction, making it a nice family resort for a memorable vacation.

3 Star
Caryńska Resort & SPA offers an impressive experience that surpasses the typical three-star expectations. Situated in the heart of the mountains, this hotel is perfectly accessible and serves as a wonderful starting point for various trails, making it a fantastic location for nature enthusiasts. Guests often find that the hotel exceeds their expectations with a quality that seems too high-end for a three-star rating. Despite the praise for its excellent management and overall service, there are some calls for the hotel to focus on renovation and thorough cleaning to maintain its appeal. Additionally, while the current facilities might appear rather luxurious, there have been some issues with missing towels and inadequate technical support. Nevertheless, the overall sentiment points to a positive experience that balances well between comfort and an unbeatable mountainous retreat.

Indoor Pool
The indoor pool area of Caryńska Resort & SPA is praised for its nice and cozy ambiance, complemented by a scenic view of the mountains. Guests appreciate the clean and heated saunas, which enhance the overall relaxing experience. The terrace adjacent to the pool is neatly maintained, adding to the aesthetic appeal of the space.

The pool itself is referred to as new and warm, contributing to a comfortable swim. However, some reviews mention the need for improvements and potential safety concerns due to bar stools in the water. Reservations for the indoor pool are required, indicating its popularity among guests.

Despite a few minor critiques, the indoor pool area remains a well-liked feature of the resort with the inclusion of a swimming pool, sauna and jacuzzi in the stay package adding significant value for guests.

Yes, Caryńska Resort & SPA has pool(s) that belong to one or more of the following categories: Indoor Pool.

Yes, a spa is available at Caryńska Resort & SPA.

Yes, Caryńska Resort & SPA welcomes dogs.

Yes, parking facilities are available at Caryńska Resort & SPA.

No, Caryńska Resort & SPA doesn't have a gym.

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