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Summary of reviewsHotel Paula Films Collection enjoys a prominent reputation, largely due to its strategic location in Mérida's city center. Guests consistently praise its proximity to major historical sites, shops, restaurants and public transportation. This central yet quiet location allows visitors to fully immerse themselves in local culture without needing extra transportation. The hotel’s aesthetically pleasing movie-themed decor and immaculately clean rooms enhance the overall guest experience.

The staff receives frequent accolades for their warmth and exceptional service. Reviewers often highlight the friendly, helpful attitudes of both receptionists and cleaning staff, who contribute to a welcoming atmosphere. Their professionalism and readiness to assist ensure a pleasant and hassle-free stay.

Although the hotel’s unique cinema-themed rooms are generally well-received for their cleanliness, comfort and decor, some reviews mention minor inconveniences such as room size and occasional acoustic issues. However, guests frequently commend the comfortable beds and modern amenities like large TVs and fridges, which help mitigate these minor drawbacks.

The breakfast experience, outsourced to a nearby café, garners mixed reviews. Guests often find the limited variety and portions somewhat underwhelming, leading many to venture to other local breakfast spots. In contrast, the in-house and nearby dining options are appreciated for their affordability and convenience.

Complimentary WiFi is another positive aspect, described as reliable and fast, adding to the hotel's modern amenities. Parking also receives favorable feedback due to its accessibility and reasonable pricing with the hotel having arrangements with nearby garages to ensure convenient and secure options for guests driving into the city.

Families particularly find Hotel Paula Films Collection appealing, thanks to its cozy, themed rooms and family-oriented amenities like movie nights. The hotel’s accessibility features, such as ramps and elevators, make it a suitable choice for guests with disabilities.

In summary, Hotel Paula Films Collection stands out for its exceptional location, cleanliness, unique decor and outstanding staff. Despite some minor critiques regarding breakfast and room size, the hotel delivers a memorable and comfortable stay, particularly for film enthusiasts looking to explore Mérida's rich heritage.
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Room Types
Triple Room This air-conditioned room has a TV, free Wi-Fi and a private bathroom.

Single Room This air-conditioned room has a TV, free Wi-Fi and a private bathroom.

Double or Twin Room This air-conditioned room has a TV, free Wi-Fi and a private bathroom.

Superior Single Room The double room features air conditioning, soundproof walls, as well as a private bathroom boasting a shower and a hairdryer. The unit has 1 bed.

Quadruple Room Featuring free toiletries, this quadruple room includes a private bathroom with a shower, a bidet and a hairdryer. The air-conditioned quadruple room features a flat-screen TV, soundproof walls, a wardrobe, a safe deposit box as well as city views. The unit has 2 beds.

Guest Reviews
Hotel Paula Films Collection boasts an ideal location for exploring Mérida, situated conveniently close to a plethora of historical sites and attractions. Guests consistently praise the hotel for its strategic position, enabling easy access on foot to the city's Roman theater, amphitheater and other significant points of interest. Nestled within the city center and only a short walk from the train station, the hotel allows visitors to immerse themselves in the local culture without needing extra transportation.

The centrality of the hotel is frequently highlighted with many noting that it sits right in the heart of Mérida, offering proximity to vibrant shops, restaurants, bars and museums. The convenience of nearby public parking facilities adds to its appeal, making it an excellent choice for those driving into the city.

Reviewers also appreciate the quietness of the hotel despite its central location, providing a restful atmosphere after a day of sightseeing. The hotel's cleanliness, unique movie-themed decor and welcoming staff further enhance the guest experience, making it a highly recommended stay for visitors seeking to explore Mérida's rich heritage comfortably and conveniently.

Nestled in an ideal location, 'Hotel Paula Films Collection' offers a memorable stay with one notable caveat—the breakfast experience. Guests have frequently mentioned that while the breakfast is generally served in a nearby café rather than within the hotel itself, it often falls short of expectations in both diversity and quantity.

For a fee of around 6 euros, guests typically receive a simple combination of coffee, juice and a slice of toast or a croissant. Many have found this offering to be too basic, often citing the limited variety, late start time of 8:30 am and insufficient portion sizes. Some felt that for the price, greater variety or even a buffet would be suitable with options possibly including pastries, fruits or more substantial fare.

Despite these concerns, a few visitors did highlight that the breakfast is decent, cozy and enjoyable—particularly praising the quality of the coffee and freshly squeezed orange juice. Those seeking more extensive options frequently turned to nearby cafes, which were noted by several guests as offering better value and more extensive menus.

Overall, while the hotel's breakfast service is seen as convenient, especially given its outsourced partnership with the adjoining café, it leaves much to be desired in terms of variety, portion size and starting time, prompting many guests to seek alternative breakfast spots in the neighborhood.

Hotel Paula Films Collection offers its guests an accessible dining experience with convenient options within and near the hotel. Guests appreciate the cafeteria's direct access from the hotel, making it easy to enjoy a meal without stepping out. The nearby catering services are noted for their good prices, providing affordable options for breakfast, lunch or dinner. The reception staff are helpful and readily recommend nearby restaurants and suggest where to have dinner, enhancing the dining experience. Those who chose to dine within the hotel noted that the restaurant's prices are very affordable and appreciated the attention from the hotel staff and breakfast bar. Overall, the dining experience is highly regarded for its convenience, affordability and excellent service.

Hotel Paula Films Collection offers a unique stay characterized by its cinema-themed decor and meticulously clean rooms. Guests frequently commend the spaciousness and cleanliness of the rooms with many highlighting the comfortable beds and modern amenities such as large TVs and fridges. The hotel manages to combine comfort and style, providing fully equipped rooms that cater to various needs.

The rooms are beautifully decorated with themes dedicated to famous directors like David Lynch, David Fincher and Tim Burton, which adds a unique touch to the ambiance. Despite some comments about the rooms being a bit small, the clever use of space and thoughtful decor make them cozy and functional. The bathrooms are also well-regarded, often noted for their cleanliness and recent renovations.

However, occasional issues such as room size, poor acoustics and minor inconveniences like inconsistent hot water have been mentioned. Despite these minor drawbacks, the overall satisfaction with the rooms remains high with many guests appreciating the thoughtful design, cleanliness and excellent location of the hotel. This hotel provides a distinctive and comfortable experience, particularly well-suited for film enthusiasts and travelers looking for a memorable stay in a central area.

Hotel Paula Films Collection is receiving praise for its remarkable comfort and emphasis on ensuring a restful stay for its guests. The beds, described in numerous ways as super comfortable, extremely comfortable and very comfortable, consistently stand out in the reviews. Guests can expect to sink into very good, new beds with impeccable comfort courtesy of high-quality mattresses and memory foam pillows, contributing to a splendid, all-around sleeping experience.

For families, the bunk beds are noted to be particularly comfortable, even for children. While some comments mentioned minor critiques about pillows being a bit hard or low for some, the overwhelming sentiment leans towards a positive sleeping experience with spacious and clean bedding further enhancing the guests' stay.

Overall, Hotel Paula Films Collection excels in providing a restful retreat where the comfort of the beds, along with clean and practical room amenities, ensures guests have a rejuvenating and enjoyable stay.

Hotel Paula Films Collection stands out as an exceptionally clean establishment, consistently praised for its spotless rooms, well-maintained facilities and immaculate common areas. Guests frequently highlight the high standard of hygiene throughout the hotel, describing it as "super clean," "spotless," and remarkably well-kept. The rooms are not only clean but also comfortable and inviting, adding to the overall pleasant experience.

Additionally, the hotel's unique decoration and pleasant odor contribute to the positive ambiance. While a few isolated incidents such as a musty smell or minor cleanliness issues were mentioned, they are clearly not the norm. The feedback overwhelmingly indicates that cleanliness is a top priority here, contributing largely to guest satisfaction.

Overall, Hotel Paula Films Collection merges an excellent location, friendly staff and various modern amenities, alongside extraordinary cleanliness, making it an ideal choice for travelers seeking a well-kept and hygienic place to stay.

Hotel Paula Films Collection has garnered immense praise for its exceptional staff. Reviews consistently highlight the warm and welcoming reception, emphasizing the friendliness and helpfulness of the personnel. Guests appreciate the staff's eagerness to assist at all times, coupled with their outstanding attitude. Both receptionists and cleaning staff are noted for their courteous and attentive demeanor, making visitors feel comfortable and well-cared for.

The professionalism and efficiency of the staff further enhance the overall experience, earning high marks for quick problem resolution and exceptional treatment. Both front desk and housekeeping staff are described as compassionate and accommodating, always ready to go the extra mile for the guests.

The hotel’s staff exudes a unique blend of friendliness and professionalism, ensuring a delightful stay. Their personal attention and genuine kindness create an atmosphere imbued with warmth and positivity, which resonates well with the guests. The commitment to excellent customer service is evident, making Hotel Paula Films Collection a standout choice for travelers seeking exceptional hospitality.

The wifi at Hotel Paula Films Collection generally receives positive feedback from guests. It is described as good with strong availability and speed throughout the hotel. Guests appreciate that it is free and included with their stay with many noting that it worked well without any issues. While there were occasional isolated comments about the wifi not working, the overall sentiment reflects a reliable and high-quality internet connection for guests.

Hotel Paula Films Collection offers a variety of convenient parking solutions for guests traveling by car. Many visitors appreciate that parking is located just a short distance from the hotel, ranging from 10 to 100 meters. The hotel has established agreements with nearby parking garages, making it easier for guests to find spots without hassle. These parking facilities are noted for being secure, public and reasonably priced, typically costing around €11 to €13 per day or night.

Guests frequently highlight the ease and accessibility of parking, describing it as great, perfect and very close to the hotel. Some even mention that parking arrangements are well-organized and that they had no problems parking due to the hotel's agreements with nearby garages. Even though parking in the area can sometimes be challenging, the hotel’s arrangements ensure that guests can park their cars conveniently.

In summary, Hotel Paula Films Collection makes parking straightforward, affordable and secure, allowing guests to enjoy their stay without worrying about their vehicles.

Hotel Paula Films Collection in Mérida stands out as a stellar choice for families looking for a memorable stay. The hotel is exceptionally family-friendly, offering a safe environment where parents can feel secure about their children. Themed around movies, the hotel's unique decor has captivated kids with many loving the movie settings and specific themes like the Star Wars room.

Accommodations cater well to family needs, featuring spacious rooms with suitable arrangements such as double beds paired with comfortable pull-out bunk beds, making it ideal for families of four or more. Every Friday, the hotel hosts a family movie night, further enhancing the hotel's appeal to children.

Guests have frequently praised the hotel's super cozy rooms, well-kept facilities and the original, cinema-themed decorations that both kids and adults find enchanting. The friendly and attentive staff enhance the family-friendly atmosphere, often going out of their way to make sure families feel welcome, including ordering cookies for younger guests.

In terms of convenience, the hotel's location is another plus point, making it easy for families to explore the surrounding area. Overall, Hotel Paula Films Collection comes highly recommended for families seeking a fun and accommodating place to stay in Mérida.

Hotel Paula Films Collection offers an interesting balance for those seeking proximity to nightlife without the accompanying noise often associated with such areas. While the hotel is strategically located right in the historic city center of Merida, allowing easy access to monuments, plazas, bars and a thriving nightlife, guests consistently highlight the hotel's surprising tranquility. Visitors have noted the absence of street noise and little disruption at night, making it a quiet retreat despite its central location.

Themed rooms and an excellent atmosphere further enhance the stay, creating an engaging environment for guests. However, it's worth noting that the hotel has its limitations in soundproofing, as some guests have reported occasional disturbances from ambient music and late-night activities. Parking conveniently located just steps away from the hotel is an additional advantage for those traveling by car. Overall, Hotel Paula Films Collection presents a compelling option for those desiring the dual experience of vibrant city life and peaceful accommodations.

Hotel Paula Films Collection is praised for its high level of accessibility, making it a suitable choice for guests with disabilities. The hotel is equipped with ramps and elevators, ensuring wheelchair users can navigate the premises with ease. Similarly, elderly guests benefit from the hotel's user-friendly layout. Accessible rooms and bathrooms are readily available, facilitating convenience for those with reduced mobility.

The hotel’s location adds to its appeal, situated near key landmarks, monuments, plazas, main stations and shopping centers. This central positioning allows for easy access to the surrounding attractions, including the Roman theater. The parking facilities are also noted for being highly accessible.

Guests appreciate the well-distributed and organized space within the hotel, which caters to both adults and children. The proximity to the city center and various accessible places around the hotel enhance the overall experience.

Adding to the charm is the original decoration and unique themes of the hotel, which provide a distinctive ambiance. The hotel is relatively new and the friendly staff contributes positively to the guests' stay. Overall, Hotel Paula Films Collection stands out as an accessible destination for travelers with diverse needs.

No, Hotel Paula Films Collection doesn't have any pool.

No, a spa isn't available at Hotel Paula Films Collection.

No, Hotel Paula Films Collection doesn't allow dogs.

Yes, parking facilities are available at Hotel Paula Films Collection.

No, Hotel Paula Films Collection doesn't have a gym.

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