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Summary of reviewsHotel Molino De Saydo offers a distinctive blend of tranquility and convenience, making it an excellent choice for travelers seeking a serene getaway. Located in a remote yet accessible area, it serves as a great base for exploring Andalusia, particularly close to Antequera train station and main roads leading to Malaga and Fuente de Piedra. Its charming, old Spanish interior and peaceful surroundings are highly appreciated by guests.

Breakfast at the hotel receives mixed feedback; although it isn't always included and the options can be limited, the availability of a tasty English breakfast and a prompt service by the owner stand out. Dinner options, however, are more limited with the restaurant often closed, leaving guests dependent on simple pool bar snacks. Despite this, the hotel staff's willingness to assist with alternative arrangements adds a layer of convenience.

The spacious rooms, equipped with efficient air conditioning and modernized bathrooms, are noted for their cleanliness and comfort. Though some furniture appears worn and in need of repair, the overall value for money is recognized. Cleanliness extends throughout the hotel with daily upkeep, although some areas require minor attention.

The highlight of Hotel Molino De Saydo is its friendly, attentive staff. The team's genuine hospitality, particularly that of the owner Don Fernando and cleaning staff like Ana, significantly enhances the guest experience. The impressive pool facilities, including an Olympic-sized swimming pool, further elevate the stay, though it’s important to note their seasonal availability.

The hotel's ample, secure parking facilities are convenient and meet various guest needs, adding to its appeal as a base for local explorations. While bed comfort receives mixed reviews with some finding them uncomfortable, the overall positive feedback on cleanliness and maintenance suggests a satisfactory experience for many visitors.

In summary, Hotel Molino De Saydo with its charming ambiance, accessible location, standout staff and excellent pool, offers a worthwhile, budget-friendly option for travelers seeking both tranquility and convenience.
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Room Types
Double or Twin Room Set around a bright interior courtyard, this room has traditional Spanish décor. It fetaures air conditioning, a flat-screen TV and free Wi-Fi.

Triple Room Set around a bright interior courtyard, this room has traditional Spanish décor. It features air conditioning, a flat-screen TV and free Wi-Fi.

Large Single Room This air-conditioned single room includes a flat-screen TV with cable channels, a private bathroom as well as a patio.

Guest Reviews
Hotel Molino De Saydo, tucked away in a remote area, offers a unique blend of tranquility and accessibility making it a great choice for travelers with specific needs. The hotel is only a 5-minute drive from the nearest village and enjoys easy access to main roads, making it a convenient base for exploring the wider Andalusian region by car. The location scores points for its proximity to various points of interest, including the Antequera train station, which is just 15 minutes away and the road leading to Malaga and Fuente de Piedra.

Guests appreciate the hotel’s quaint, old Spanish charm, featuring a beautiful interior and great water pressure with hot water. Its quiet and peaceful surroundings provide a perfect retreat for those seeking calm and an ideal setting for a serene getaway.

Hotel Molino De Saydo is particularly recommended for those looking to visit the Fuente de Piedra lagoon and for travelers passing through the area. While its remoteness may pose some challenges in terms of dining options, the isolation works in favor of those wanting a peaceful environment. This location has been attested by various guests as meeting their needs, whether for its tranquil setting or convenient proximity to family and attractions.

Guests have varied impressions of the breakfast at Hotel Molino De Saydo. While some highlight that breakfast is not included in the cost of the stay and others note the limited options available, such as toast and tea cakes, there are positive remarks as well. The breakfast offerings, when available, include tea, coffee, toast with jam and even an English breakfast that receives praise for its taste. On the downside, some reviews mention that breakfast options are not always available, especially on Sundays when breakfast starts later at 11 AM. Despite these limitations, guests who mentioned experiencing breakfast found it decent with one review specifically describing it as very good. Additionally, there's a bar where guests can get their morning meal and the owner was mentioned to be prompt in preparing breakfast for guests when needed.

Guest reviews of Hotel Molino De Saydo provide a mixed picture when it comes to dining options with more emphasis on the points of improvement. Many guests found the restaurant frequently closed or under renovation, significantly limiting their ability to have a proper meal at the hotel. Those looking for an evening meal were often left with only simple options such as toasties or cold sandwiches available at the pool bar. The unpredictability of the restaurant's schedule also proved to be a hassle, as some guests noted the need to search for an employee just to get a drink in the evening.

While the quality and range of the food left much to be desired with some noting an adaptation for English tastes, there were redeeming moments. For instance, the hotel did offer thoughtful services outside dining, such as arranging quick excursions and assisting with logistics for a rapid COVID test before departure. Nonetheless, potential visitors interested in dining should be prepared for limited on-site options and consider making alternative arrangements for their meals.

Hotel Molino De Saydo offers spacious accommodations with rooms that vary in their charm and upkeep. Several reviews highlight the expansive size of the rooms, often equipped with two single beds and efficient air conditioning that provides both cooling and heating. The recently renovated bathrooms stand out for their modern fixtures and ample hot water, contributing to a positive experience.

Cleanliness is consistently noted with all rooms being described as clean. The rooms, while undeniably roomy and comfortable, especially the beds and pillows, feature old-fashioned and worn-out furniture. Some guests have mentioned the need for repairs, including instances where air conditioning units and TV remotes did not function properly.

Despite the simplicity and basic nature of the rooms, as well as occasional issues like outdated décor and unpleasant pests, the value for the price is appreciated. The charming courtyard adds a touch of character to the stay. Overall, Hotel Molino De Saydo presents a mix of comfort and modesty, making it a humble yet acceptable choice for budget-conscious travelers.

Guests at Hotel Molino De Saydo have found the experience with the beds to be quite mixed. Many appreciated the cleanliness and daily maintenance of the rooms, where towels were refreshed regularly. Some travelers noted that their beds were super big and very comfortable, making for a pleasing stay. However, several reviews highlighted discomfort with both the beds and pillows, describing them as very uncomfortable and even super uncomfortable. While there were mentions of good beds, the frequency of feedback regarding discomfort suggests that improvements in bedding could enhance guest satisfaction.

Hotel Molino De Saydo presents a mixed impression regarding cleanliness based on guest reviews. On the positive side, many guests have consistently highlighted clean rooms and the overall cleanliness of the hotel. Rooms are maintained well with daily housekeeping, fresh towels and clean sheets. Guests have also noted that the hotel is quiet and clean, contributing to a pleasant atmosphere.

While general cleanliness and upkeep of the rooms are commendable, there are mentions that some areas require attention. The rooms, though clean, are described as old and in need of renovation with worn-out furniture and a basic, dated aesthetic. Additionally, improvements could be made in the cleanliness of specific items like sheets, towels and bathrooms. Despite these issues, the overarching sentiment points to a clean and well-maintained environment, making it suitable for those who prioritize cleanliness during their stay.

Hotel Molino De Saydo shines brightly due to its exceptional staff. Guests frequently note the friendliness and politeness of the team across all areas of the hotel, from reception to the bar and restaurant. The receptionist is praised for being not only nice but also proficient in English, enhancing the overall guest experience. Don Fernando, likely the hotel owner, is consistently mentioned as an extremely kind and helpful host, showing a level of hospitality that resonates deeply with visitors.

The service provided by the restaurant staff is particularly highlighted as attentive and excellent with employees demonstrating a genuine eagerness to assist and making guests feel well-cared-for during their meals. Similarly, the cleaning staff receives special recognition for their considerate and accommodating manner, especially a standout individual named Ana.

Across reviews, the reoccurring theme is the warm, friendly interactions with the staff, making the hotel a welcoming and pleasant place to stay. The level of care and kindness shown by every member of the team, from management to the waitstaff, contributes significantly to the hotel's positive reputation among its guests.

Hotel Molino De Saydo boasts a truly impressive array of pool facilities that have garnered much admiration from its guests. The hotel features a magnificent and enormous swimming pool, comparable in size to an Olympic pool, ensuring plenty of space for a refreshing dip. The pool areas are well-maintained and aesthetically pleasing, enhancing the overall appeal of the hotel's outdoor spaces.

Guests can enjoy multiple pool areas, including a heated pool, providing various options depending on their preferences. Despite being somewhat far from the main hotel building, these pools are easily accessible with just a short walk, making them a worthwhile visit for a leisurely swim.

Though the large swimming pool shares its space with a nearby camping residential area, it remains a popular highlight among guests. It's important to note that the pool has specific seasonal closures, operating from late May to mid-September, which may impact availability during off-peak times.

Overall, the pool at Hotel Molino De Saydo stands out as an excellent feature, contributing significantly to the hotel's charm and guest satisfaction.

Hotel Molino De Saydo offers exceptional parking facilities that meet the needs of all guests. The convenience of easy and abundant parking is frequently highlighted, making it hassle-free for visitors to arrive by car. The hotel provides free parking, which is both secure and monitored, ensuring peace of mind. Multiple reviews praise the availability of many parking spaces, including options for disabled guests. The proximity to local attractions, such as Camino del Rey, is an added benefit, making it a great base for exploring the area. However, it's important to note that the parking gate locks at midnight and the hotel itself closes at 11 pm, so late arrivals should plan accordingly. Overall, guests appreciate the ample and convenient parking options, which significantly enhance their stay at this remote yet well-equipped hotel.

Yes, Hotel Molino De Saydo has pool(s) that belong to one or more of the following categories: Heated Pool, Indoor Pool, Pool Lap Lanes, Outdoor Pool.

No, a spa isn't available at Hotel Molino De Saydo.

No, Hotel Molino De Saydo doesn't allow dogs.

No, parking facilities aren't available at Hotel Molino De Saydo.

No, Hotel Molino De Saydo doesn't have a gym.

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