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Summary of reviewsHotel La Spiaggia receives high praise for its exceptional location in Monterosso al Mare, serving as a prime base for exploring the Cinque Terre region. Positioned directly on the beachfront and near the train station, its convenient access to both sea and city amenities is repeatedly highlighted. Guests appreciate the proximity to hiking trails, the waterfront promenade and the old town’s charming streets and local restaurants.

The breakfast offerings are another standout with a well-stocked, varied buffet that includes fresh items like pancakes, pastries and Italian cold cuts. Freshly squeezed orange juice and a cappuccino machine add luxury to the morning meal. Many guests rave about the quality and diversity of the breakfast, citing it as one of the best they've had.

Dining around the hotel is made easy with numerous nearby restaurants. The hotel staff provide excellent recommendations, adding to the rich culinary experience around Monterosso.

The rooms are noted for being clean and comfortable with modern decor and thematic, sailor-inspired designs. Some rooms offer breathtaking sea views, enhancing the coastal experience. Although some guests find the rooms small, the cozy atmosphere and meticulous cleanliness receive consistent commendation.

Cleanliness across the hotel is upheld to a high standard with daily housekeeping ensuring that rooms are spotless and well-maintained. The attentiveness of the housekeeping staff contributes significantly to a pleasant and hygienic stay.

The hotel's staff are consistently praised for their kindness, friendliness and professionalism. Their helpfulness and genuine hospitality enhance the overall guest experience, ensuring visitors feel welcomed and well-cared-for throughout their stay.

While free WiFi is available, the signal strength and reliability are areas needing improvement. Some guests report slow and unstable connections, occasionally only working with the door open.

The beach access is another strong point with the hotel located just steps away from a beautiful beach. Guests appreciate the convenience of sun-bed rentals and beach towel services, as well as the proximity to other amenities like restaurants and markets.

Parking options, though not directly provided by the hotel, are clearly communicated with both free and paid parking available nearby. This convenience is particularly appreciated by guests with cars.

One area for improvement is the beds, which receive mixed reviews. Many guests find the mattresses too firm and uncomfortable, though there are a few positive mentions of comfortable bedding. There is a notable need for more consistent and softer mattress options to ensure greater guest comfort.

Overall, Hotel La Spiaggia excels with its unbeatable location, excellent breakfast, high standards of cleanliness and professional staff. While there are areas for improvement, such as WiFi reliability and bed comfort, the hotel remains a popular choice for travelers seeking a memorable beachside experience in Monterosso al Mare.
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Room Types
Standard Double Room Offering air conditioning and a flat-screen TV, this classic-style room features a safe, tiled floors and a private bathroom. Please specify bed preference when booking.

Small Double Room This room features a private bathroom and a small double bed, plus a flat-screen TV and air conditioning. This room cannot accommodate extra beds.

Double Room with Partial Sea View Offering partial views of the sea, this room features a flat-screen TV, air conditioning, and a private bathroom.

Double Room with Sea View This air-conditioned double room includes a flat-screen TV with satellite channels and a private bathroom. The unit offers 1 bed.

Guest Reviews
Hotel La Spiaggia enjoys rave reviews for its unbeatable location in Monterosso al Mare. Situated directly on the beachfront, the hotel offers guests immediate access to stunning sea views and a prime spot for beach activities. The convenience factor is high with the train station just a short stroll away, making travel around Cinque Terre a breeze. The location also provides easy access to the old town, perfect for exploring its quaint streets and local restaurants.

Guests repeatedly emphasize the hotel's perfect positioning for both relaxation and adventure, being close to hiking trails and the waterfront promenade. The location allows for a seamless transition from sea to city, catering to all types of travelers. The hotel's strategic placement at the beginning of a pedestrian area ensures that guests can easily access eateries, bars and other amenities within walking distance.

Noteworthy mentions include the hotel's proximity to parking facilities, making it easy for guests with cars. Clean and comfortable rooms, some with breathtaking sea views, along with friendly and helpful staff, further enhance the comfortable and welcoming atmosphere of the hotel.

In summary, Hotel La Spiaggia's location is its standout feature, providing a perfect base for a memorable stay in Monterosso and the greater Cinque Terre region.

Hotel La Spiaggia has garnered praise for its breakfast offerings with many guests highlighting the delicious and rich variety provided each morning. The breakfast buffet is described as well-stocked, generous and varied, featuring items such as pancakes, sautéed vegetables, bacon and eggs, pastries, fruit and a selection of Italian cold cuts and cheeses. Freshly squeezed orange juice and a cappuccino machine add a touch of luxury to the morning meal.

Several reviews commend the breakfast as being absolutely luxurious and the best they have had, emphasizing its quality and diversity. The inclusion of local cakes, homemade desserts and fresh products contribute to the overall positive experience. Guests appreciate the ability to order breakfast the day before as a COVID-19 precaution, noting that this system worked well and allowed for personalized choices served directly to the table.

The breakfast setting is also praised with opportunities to dine outdoors in a spacious and fresh room, enhancing the overall dining experience. While a few reviews mentioned limited or average breakfast experiences, the majority highlight the hotel’s efforts to provide a rich and delightful start to the day. The combination of great food and attentive service makes Hotel La Spiaggia’s breakfast a standout feature for many visitors.

Hotel La Spiaggia benefits from its advantageous location with immediate access to a plethora of dining options. Guests find themselves conveniently situated near numerous restaurants, making it easy to explore various culinary delights. The hotel staff provides excellent recommendations and suggestions for dinner, ensuring visitors experience some of the best local eateries.

The proximity to the train station is another plus with a great restaurant nearby that comes highly recommended. Additionally, the area surrounding the hotel includes a vibrant street filled with dining establishments. For those looking to enjoy an outdoor meal, options are readily available.

Moreover, a visit to the old town enriches the dining experience, offering a charming backdrop for a memorable evening out. With such a variety of restaurants within easy reach, Hotel La Spiaggia proves to be an ideal base for food enthusiasts looking to savor the local cuisine.

Hotel La Spiaggia boasts rooms that are consistently praised for their cleanliness and functionality. Many guests appreciate the fresh, modern decor and the thoughtful touches, such as thematic, sailor-inspired designs. Several rooms offer splendid sea views and spacious terraces, enhancing the coastal experience. Despite frequent mentions of the rooms' small size, guests often describe them as cozy and suitable for their needs.

Comfortable bedding and well-maintained facilities are recurring positives, contributing to an overall sense of coziness and charm. While some travelers note that rooms and bathrooms can be tight on space, the thoughtful use of space and functional furnishings make up for it. Many visitors highlight the significant cleanliness, emphasizing that rooms feel newly renovated and meticulously kept.

Rooms equipped with balconies are particularly popular with many offering breathtaking views of the beach and sea, adding a touch of romance and tranquility to stays. Though some areas, like bathrooms and showers, are described as narrow, the modern updates and beautiful sea-themed decor generally leave a positive impression.

Overall, the rooms at Hotel La Spiaggia, while compact, provide comfort, cleanliness and a touch of seaside charm, making it a pleasant choice for a beachside getaway.

At 'Hotel La Spiaggia', the reviews of the beds present a mixed yet telling picture. Guests consistently mention the firmness of the mattresses with many finding them too hard and uncomfortable for a restful night. Complaints of hard beds and stiff mattresses are frequent and some guests even describe the mattresses as saggy or suggest that the beds are in dire need of updating.

On the positive side, there are mentions of comfortable beds with some guests appreciating the firm bedding. Also highlighted are a few instances where the bedding, including pillows and sheets, is described as superb. There seems to be a split in satisfaction depending on personal preference for mattress firmness.

The variety in bed configurations, such as king-sized beds and real double beds, were noted, though some guests found issues with combinations of smaller beds to form larger ones. Comfort seems to be less consistent with a significant number of guests indicating that the bedding choices and conditions could use improvements for a universally satisfactory experience.

In summary, while some visitors find the beds at Hotel La Spiaggia comfortable, a considerable portion of reviews point to the need for new, less hard mattresses and more consistent bedding quality to enhance guest comfort.

Hotel La Spiaggia consistently impresses guests with its remarkable emphasis on cleanliness. The entire facility, including rooms and bathrooms, is very clean, often described as spotless and meticulously maintained. The rooms are not only modern and cozy but are also cleaned daily with clean towels provided every day. Spotlessly clean areas and disinfected bathrooms are a common theme across guest experiences, ensuring a safe and pleasant stay. Despite a few minor issues such as occasional hair on the floor, the overall cleanliness is upheld through regular housekeeping and attention to detail. Guests frequently highlight the excellent cleanliness, clean and spacious rooms and the well-maintained environment as standout features of their stay at this beachside hotel.

The reviews for 'Hotel La Spiaggia' overwhelmingly commend the hotel staff for their exceptional service. Descriptions such as kind, friendly and incredibly helpful are common threads throughout the feedback. Staff members are consistently noted for their attentiveness and availability, ensuring guests feel welcomed and well-cared for. Exemplary service includes providing excellent recommendations for local activities and dining and accommodating special requests with efficiency and warmth.

The reception desk frequently receives high praise for their courteous and knowledgeable approach, making the check-in and check-out processes smooth and pleasant. Guests repeatedly mention memorable interactions with specific staff, such as Sofia and Maria, highlighting their personal touch and dedication.

Overall, there is a strong emphasis on the staff’s professionalism and their ability to create a friendly and inviting atmosphere. Their readiness to assist and the genuine kindness shown contributes significantly to the positive experiences of those staying at the hotel.

Hotel La Spiaggia offers free WiFi to its guests, but there are mixed experiences regarding its quality. Some guests have found the WiFi to be good, while others have reported that the signal can be slow and unstable with issues particularly prevalent in the rooms. There are instances where the WiFi only works when the door is open and even then, it may disconnect frequently. Overall, while the hotel provides complimentary WiFi, the speed and reliability could use improvement to meet all guests' needs.

Hotel La Spiaggia boasts an enviable location, offering direct access to a stunning beach. Guests consistently highlight its prime beachfront setting, which ensures spectacular views of the sea and a relaxing seaside atmosphere. The hotel is merely steps away from the beach, providing convenience for beachgoers who appreciate the ease of simply walking across the road for a day in the sun.

The proximity to Monterosso and the train station is another frequently praised feature, making it an ideal base for exploring the Cinqueterre region. Travelers benefit from the short, easy walk to the train station, which involves no hills or steps. This convenience extends to nearby amenities with several restaurants and a market close to the hotel.

Facilities such as sun-bed rentals and beach towel lending services enhance the beach experience and guests appreciate the clean sea right in front of the property. The hotel's dedicated staff, along with its excellent breakfast offerings, contribute to a pleasant stay.

Overall, Hotel La Spiaggia shines due to its exceptional beachside location, making it a top choice for visitors looking to enjoy the best of Monterosso al Mare’s beach scene combined with the convenience of nearby transport and local attractions.

Hotel La Spiaggia offers several convenient parking options that guests find accommodating and satisfying. The hotel provides clear instructions for accessing nearby parking, making it easy for visitors to leave their cars securely, often free of charge. Some guests mention the availability of parking spaces very close to the hotel, typically less than 100 feet away, while others note the convenience of parking just a few meters away. Although the hotel does not have its own parking lot, it guides guests to both paid and free parking areas nearby.

The parking experience is enhanced by the provision of ample free parking, which is beneficial for travelers wishing to avoid additional costs. It's important to reserve parking in advance due to limited spaces that are suitable primarily for small cars. Overall, guests appreciate the safe, accessible parking options and the added convenience of being able to park their cars nearby and walk a short distance to the hotel.

No, Hotel La Spiaggia doesn't have any pool.

No, a spa isn't available at Hotel La Spiaggia.

No, Hotel La Spiaggia doesn't allow dogs.

No, parking facilities aren't available at Hotel La Spiaggia.

No, Hotel La Spiaggia doesn't have a gym.

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