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Info A historic, family-run hotel in Montreux, built in 1904 offering free Wi-Fi in all of its spacious rooms.
Summary of reviewsHotel Splendid in Montreux stands out for its exceptional location, consistently praised by guests. Situated along the serene shores of Lake Geneva, the hotel offers breathtaking panoramic lake views from virtually every room, making it a prime spot for relaxation and sightseeing. Its central position allows easy access to key attractions, including the Montreux Jazz Festival, Christmas market and the Freddie Mercury statue, as well as shops, restaurants and entertainment options.

Breakfast at Hotel Splendid receives positive feedback for its variety and freshness, featuring items such as fresh rolls, pastries, cereals, yogurts, local ham and cheese and custom-made omelettes. Guests appreciate the pleasant ambiance of the breakfast room, especially those with views of the lake. While some suggest improvements in variety, the overall experience is marked as satisfying with an extensive selection of beverages and accommodating breakfast staff contributing to a delightful start to the day.

Dining at the hotel’s restaurant leaves a lasting impression with its excellent food quality and value for money. Guests particularly rave about the fondue and enjoy the nice ambiance of the restaurant and bar. The helpful staff enhance the experience by catering to specific dietary needs.

The rooms are notable for their spaciousness and stunning lake views, especially those with balconies. While the decor and some amenities are viewed as outdated, the comfort and cleanliness of the rooms are well-regarded. Guests appreciate the cozy and functional spaces despite occasional issues with worn carpets and older furniture. The quiet and convenient atmosphere adds to the overall positive experience.

Cleanliness at Hotel Splendid has mixed reviews. Generally, both rooms and bathrooms are noted for being very clean and well-maintained. Nevertheless, areas such as carpets, balconies and ventilation in showers show room for improvement, as some guests reported specific instances of dust, mold and dirt.

The hotel staff receive widespread acclaim for their politeness and attentiveness. The warm and welcoming atmosphere, attributed to the family-run nature of the establishment, is frequently highlighted. Guests particularly commend the owner, David and other team members like Davide and Claudia, for their exceptional hospitality and kindness.

Free WiFi at the hotel is broadly praised for its fast and consistent service, meeting most guests' needs effectively. While there were occasional reports of signal issues, the overall feedback indicates a reliable internet experience.

Beds at Hotel Splendid are generally applauded for their comfort with many guests appreciating the quality of mattresses and bedding, contributing to restful sleep. However, some guests found the beds to be too firm, suggesting a variation in comfort preferences and room maintenance.

Overall, Hotel Splendid is a commendable three-star hotel that delivers on expectations with its prime location, satisfying meals, impressive lake views and exceptional staff service. While there are areas for improvement, particularly regarding outdated decor and detailed cleanliness, the overall experience remains positive, promising guests a comfortable and memorable stay.
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3-Star Hotel

Room Types
Single Room with Courtyard View These rooms have views of the courtyard, and have a bathroom and a flat-screen TV with cable channels. Please note that there is no air conditioning.

Double Room with Courtyard View These rooms have views of the courtyard, and have a bathroom and a flat-screen TV with cable channels. Please note that there is no air conditioning.

Double Room with Lake View These rooms have views of the lake, and have a bathroom and a flat-screen TV with cable channels. Please note that there is no air conditioning.

Triple Room with Lake View with conservatory These rooms have views of the lake, and have a bathroom and a flat-screen TV with cable channels. Please note that there is no air conditioning.

Single Room with Lake View These rooms have views of the lake, and have a bathroom and a flat-screen TV with cable channels. Please note that there is no air conditioning.

Triple Room with with Courtyard View The unit has 2 beds.

Quadruple Room The unit offers 2 beds.

Guest Reviews
Very Good
Hotel Splendid in Montreux boasts a truly exceptional location, consistently praised by guests. Nestled right by the serene shores of Lake Geneva, this charming hotel offers panoramic lake views from virtually every room, making it a standout spot for both relaxation and sightseeing. Its central position places it just a short walk from the train station, ferry pier and bus stops, ensuring easy access for travelers.

The hotel's prime location is further highlighted by its proximity to the city's main attractions, including the renowned Montreux Jazz Festival, Christmas market and the iconic Freddie Mercury statue. The surrounding area is bustling with shops, restaurants and entertainment options, providing guests with a dynamic and convenient base for exploring the city.

Guests frequently laud the stunning lake views, especially from rooms with balconies and appreciate the hotel's situation along the picturesque beach promenade. This makes it an ideal spot for leisurely strolls, boat rides and enjoying the vibrant local culture.

In addition to the advantageous locale, the hotel itself is noted for its historical charm and friendly, helpful staff, enhancing the overall guest experience. Whether visiting for a festive event or simply to take in the scenic beauty of Montreux, Hotel Splendid's unmatched location makes it a preferred choice for many travelers.

Hotel Splendid's breakfast offerings have garnered overall positive feedback from guests with numerous reviews praising it as excellent, delicious and plentiful. The variety and fresh quality stand out with options including fresh rolls, an assortment of pastries, cereals, yogurts, local ham and cheese and custom-made omelettes. Some guests highlighted the abundance and tastiness of the scrambled eggs, referring to them as the best they've ever had. Reviews point to breakfasts being sufficient and hearty, often exceeding expectations for a three-star hotel.

The breakfast room itself has received compliments for its pleasant ambience with some guests appreciating the view of Lake Geneva while they enjoyed their meal. Despite the praise, a few reviews noted that the breakfast could benefit from more variety and pointed out its relatively basic nature at times. Nonetheless, the freshly prepared items and the availability of hot dishes like omelettes and scrambled eggs were repeatedly appreciated.

Guests also lauded the helpful and accommodating breakfast staff and the extensive selection of beverages available. While a few reviews suggested improvements such as more fruits, light products and plant-based milk, the overall experience was marked as satisfying, making for a delightful start to the day at Hotel Splendid.

Hotel Splendid's restaurant consistently impresses its guests with delectable dishes and excellent value for money. Diners rave about the incredible fondue, deeming it a standout experience. Quality and variety are evident, as the menu offers substantial options to cater to diverse palates.

Guests frequently highlight the nice ambiance of both the restaurant and bar, enhancing their overall dining experience. Additionally, the helpful staff add a personal touch, going so far as to assist with specific dietary needs with thoughtful provisions like an apple, yogurt or even a personal roll of bread.

Overall, it is clear that the hotel's commitment to excellent food and service makes dining at Hotel Splendid a thoroughly enjoyable and satisfying experience.

Hotel Splendid offers a variety of rooms that receive positive feedback primarily for their spaciousness and lake views. Guests frequently mention the large size of the rooms and balconies, many of which provide breathtaking views of Lake Geneva. The comfortable and clean rooms often include amenities like soft beds and functional furniture and some have been newly renovated, adding a contemporary touch to the classic French style.

The rooms are generally noted for being cozy and comfortable with a number of them featuring charming, well-kept decor. However, many guests point out that certain rooms and furniture are outdated or in need of renovation, mentioning issues like worn carpets, old-fashioned decor and limited modern amenities. Despite this, the overall room cleanliness and functionality receive appreciation.

Balconies facing the lake are a highlight, offering lovely views and enhancing the guest experience with outdoor space. The environment is typically quiet once windows are shut, though noise can be an issue for rooms with lake views due to street activity.

Bathrooms receive mixed reviews with some being small or lacking modern fixtures, yet they are generally clean and equipped with the necessary basics. The hotel’s location is convenient, allowing easy access to nearby attractions.

In summary, while the rooms at Hotel Splendid are spacious and provide scenic lake views that guests love, some may find the decor and amenities a bit outdated. Overall, the comfort and charm of the rooms prevail, making it a comfortable choice with beautiful vistas.

Hotel Splendid appears to have generally positive feedback regarding the comfort of its beds with many guests praising them for being comfortable and describing them as excellent, super comfortable and very comfy. Numerous reviewers mentioned sleeping well during their stay, appreciating both the quality of the mattresses and the bedding.

Multiple guests found the beds to be of a good size, spacious and soft, contributing to a positive sleeping experience. The bedding itself was often noted for being top quality, fresh and smelling good. Specifically, the pillows, mattresses and duvets received high marks for their softness and comfort.

However, some guests did express dissatisfaction with the beds, noting them to be firm or even extremely firm. Several reviews highlighted that the beds felt a bit too hard, which may not cater to everyone's comfort preferences. There were also isolated reports of beds being wobbly, decades old or having loose parts, suggesting that the quality of the beds can vary between rooms.

Overall, while the majority of guests found the beds at Hotel Splendid to be very comfortable, others felt they could be too firm, indicating a mixed experience that largely leans positive but has room for improvement in consistency and maintenance.

Hotel Splendid has mixed reviews regarding its cleanliness. On the positive side, guests frequently mention that the hotel and rooms, including the bathrooms, are very clean and well-maintained. Newly decorated rooms and daily cleaning services are highlighted, adding to the overall appeal. Guests also note the comfort of the beds and the availability of fresh croissants, contributing to a pleasant stay.

However, several areas require attention. Numerous reviews point out that while the hotel is generally clean, specific issues like dusty smells, old and stained carpets and mold in the bathrooms detract from the overall experience. Some guests encountered spiderwebs, flies and even dirty balcony window ledges. Additionally, room carpets often needed cleaning or replacement and there were instances where showers were dirty or suffered from inadequate ventilation.

In summary, while Hotel Splendid offers a largely clean and well-kept environment, particularly in the guest rooms, there are recurring issues with specific areas and items that need more thorough cleaning and attention to detail. Overall, while the stay is generally good, improvements in cleanliness could significantly enhance the guest experience.

Hotel Splendid enjoys widespread acclaim for its outstanding staff. Guests consistently describe the team as extremely polite, accommodating and attentive to every detail. Warm welcomes and a friendly atmosphere are a common theme with many reviewers singling out specific team members for praise. David, the owner, receives continuous accolades for his exceptional hospitality, kindness and informative assistance. He is frequently described as attentive, incredibly helpful and wonderfully welcoming.

The family-run nature of the hotel is highlighted by the friendly and supportive environment fostered by all staff members, including Davide and Claudia. The professionalism and dedication of the reception team, who are always ready with a friendly smile and helpful tips, make guests feel right at home. Attention to detail, from organizing early check-ins to providing local delicacies at no extra charge, further enhances the guest experience.

The positive impact of the staff extends beyond interpersonal interactions, reflecting in the overall quality of service. Whether it’s the efficient service, the kind receptionists or the attentive breakfast staff, guests repeatedly express their satisfaction with the high level of hospitality. It’s clear that at Hotel Splendid, every effort is made to ensure guests have a memorable and comfortable stay, thanks to a team that truly cares about their well-being.

The WiFi at Hotel Splendid receives generally positive feedback from guests. It is noted as being free and high-speed, meeting the needs of most users with excellent and fast connectivity. The WiFi is also reported to reach as far as the lake, providing consistent service throughout the premises. While some guests mentioned that the Wi-Fi signal could be improved and occasionally works so-so, the overall impression is that the hotel's Internet and TV operate flawlessly and efficiently.

3 Star
Hotel Splendid is reviewed as a solid choice within the three-star category with several comments noting that it perfectly suits the standard for such a rating. Guests generally found the rooms very good for a three-star and praised the overall value. The facilities provided are described as basic but sufficient. Additionally, the breakfast offerings exceeded expectations for a three-star establishment, noted as being very rich.

However, there were comments regarding the hotel's age with some pointing out that it is an old-fashioned structure and not new anymore, which may affect the perception of its value. Some also highlighted a disconnect in the price-performance ratio, finding it to be quite high compared to higher-rated hotels in the area. Despite these remarks, the overall consensus points to Hotel Splendid being a commendable option within its three-star category.

No, Hotel Splendid doesn't have any pool.

No, a spa isn't available at Hotel Splendid.

No, Hotel Splendid doesn't allow dogs.

No, parking facilities aren't available at Hotel Splendid.

No, Hotel Splendid doesn't have a gym.

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