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Summary of reviewsHotel Dowhań receives positive acclaim for its strategic location, making it an ideal choice for various types of travelers, especially cyclists on the Wisła Cycling Route. Positioned centrally near key city attractions, it offers easy walking access to the historic center and significant landmarks, such as the Castles in Gniew and Kwidzyn. The hotel is set in a quiet, cozy neighborhood and provides a large, free parking lot, making it convenient for those traveling by car or bike.

The breakfast experience at Hotel Dowhań is largely appreciated for its freshness and taste with specially prepared scrambled eggs and freshly brewed coffee being significant highlights. The availability of breakfast from as early as 6 a.m. is a great convenience for early risers. Despite some occasional criticism, the breakfast is generally described as delicious and well-presented.

Dining at the hotel's restaurant receives commendable feedback with lunch options being notably tasty and of high quality. The pizzas are particularly praised and the option to have dinner delivered to the room adds to the convenience. Overall, guests enjoy reasonably priced and satisfying meals.

Hotel Dowhań's rooms are regularly praised for their spaciousness and cleanliness. Guests are often pleasantly surprised by the modern amenities and the luxurious feel of the large apartments, which include features like bathtubs and terraces. Despite some minor issues, such as the lack of air conditioning and noise concerns for ground floor rooms, the rooms offer a high standard of comfort and cleanliness.

The hotel's cleanliness is generally held in high regard with guests frequently noting the neat and well-kept condition of the rooms, fresh-smelling bedding and well-maintained bathrooms. Though a few instances of minor lapses in cleanliness are mentioned, the overall standard is commendable.

The staff at Hotel Dowhań contribute significantly to the positive guest experience. They are noted for their friendliness, professionalism and helpfulness, creating a welcoming atmosphere throughout the stay. The reception team, in particular, receives high praise for their warmth and efficiency.

Guests appreciate the ample and secure parking options available at Hotel Dowhań. The large parking lot features both general and private parking, the latter of which is closed at night for added security, enhancing the sense of safety and convenience.

The beds at Hotel Dowhań are frequently highlighted for their comfort, allowing guests to enjoy restful sleeps. While there are occasional mentions of less ideal mattresses, the overall response underscores the comfort and quality of the sleeping arrangements.

Overall, Hotel Dowhań delivers a positive experience with its excellent location, comfortable and clean accommodations, tasty dining options and friendly staff, making it a favored choice for many travelers.
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Room Types
Large Double Room This double room includes a flat-screen TV with cable channels, a private bathroom as well as a terrace with city views. The unit offers 2 beds.

Standard Double Suite This suite includes 1 living room, 1 separate bedroom and 1 bathroom with a bath. The suite has carpeted floors, a seating area with a flat-screen TV, executive lounge access, a dining area, as well as a wardrobe. The unit has 2 beds.

Guest Reviews
Very Good
Hotel Dowhań is praised for its strategic location, making it ideal for various travelers. Cyclists especially appreciate it as a perfect stopover on the Wisła Cycling Route. The hotel's placement serves well as an excellent starting point for tourists and those attending special occasions. Its central position and proximity to important city attractions ensure guests can easily explore on foot, while the large, free parking lot is a notable convenience for those driving.

Set in a quiet and cozy neighborhood, the hotel offers a peaceful retreat despite being close to the main road. It is a short distance from the historic city center and has good access to significant landmarks, including the Castles in Gniew and Kwidzyn. For those traveling further to Gdansk or Sopot, Hotel Dowhań proves to be a suitable stopover for an overnight stay. Whether traveling by bike, car or on foot, the hotel's location caters effectively to the needs of diverse visitors.

Hotel Dowhań offers a breakfast experience that garners mixed but mostly positive feedback. Guests frequently highlight the freshness and taste of the offerings with particular praise for the freshly prepared scrambled eggs and the availability of freshly brewed coffee. The breakfast selection, while modest and varied, often includes standard items like eggs, sausages, cold cuts, cheeses and fresh vegetables.

Individual portions are served instead of a buffet and many visitors find the quantities sufficient and the presentation appealing. There are commendations for the availability of breakfast from as early as 6 a.m., which is convenient for early risers.

Guests repeatedly describe the breakfast as good, delicious and very tasty with some noting the excellence of both the breakfast and the overall service. Although there are mentions of less favorable experiences, such as overcooked eggs and subpar coffee, the consensus leans towards a satisfactory morning meal that complements the hotel's fantastic atmosphere and helpful reception staff.

At Hotel Dowhań, guests generally have a positive dining experience. The restaurant is highly recommended for its lunch options, which are described as very tasty and of high quality. Breakfasts at the hotel are also varied and well-received. Pizza from the hotel kitchen has been highlighted as particularly great. Additionally, the option to have dinner delivered to the room is a convenient feature appreciated by guests. Despite one mention of the dinner being nothing special, the overall reception of the food, including reasonably priced soups and recommended liver, is favorable. Guests can enjoy good meals either in the restaurant or in the comfort of their rooms.

Hotel Dowhań offers a variety of rooms that are consistently praised for their spaciousness and cleanliness. Guests frequently highlight the large size of the rooms, noting that even those described as small are found sufficient for a comfortable stay. The hotel boasts several luxurious options, including beautiful large apartments with additional features like bathtubs and terraces, adding an extra touch of comfort and convenience.

Renovated rooms come with modern amenities and many visitors were pleasantly surprised with upgraded accommodations. Spacious balconies and terraces are a recurring highlight, providing guests with great outdoor spaces. The hotel also features comfortable carpets throughout the rooms, which contribute to the overall coziness.

The rooms are maintained to high standards of cleanliness, being described as neat, clean and well-kept. However, some drawbacks are noted, such as the lack of air conditioning and the absence of an elevator, particularly for those on higher floors. Additionally, ground floor rooms are mentioned to be acoustically transparent, which might be a consideration for light sleepers.

Conveniently located with a large parking area, Hotel Dowhań is often recommended for its quiet and comfortable atmosphere, making it a nice place to stay.

Hotel Dowhań is noted for its comfortable beds, ensuring a restful night's sleep for its guests. Many visitors appreciate the softness of the mattresses, often remarking on how comfortable and clean the sleeping arrangements are. Although there are occasional mentions of worn-out or creaky mattresses, the general consensus highlights the comfort and quality of the beds, making them a standout feature of the hotel.

Hotel Dowhań impresses with its overall cleanliness, offering guests clean and well-kept rooms that are both neat and comfortable. The rooms are praised for being clean with fresh-smelling bedding and towels and bathrooms that are spacious, clean and excellently maintained. Visitors also highlight the hotel's good value for money, especially considering its cleanliness standards. The friendly service provided further enhances the pleasant experience.

However, a few instances suggest room for improvement. Some guests mentioned issues such as an unpleasant odor in an unprepared room, dust in the closet and cigarette butts left by previous tenants. Despite these occasional lapses, the hotel's cleanliness generally receives positive remarks, making it a commendable option for travelers seeking a clean and comfortable stay.

Visitors to Hotel Dowhań consistently praise the exceptional service provided by the hotel's staff. Comments highlight the staff's friendliness, professionalism and helpfulness, lending a welcoming atmosphere to the establishment. The reception team receives special mention for their warmth and efficiency. Guests appreciate the staff's ability to provide assistance and attentive service throughout their stay. Despite occasional criticisms regarding cleanliness and speed, the overall impression is that the hotel's staff greatly contribute to a positive guest experience with their amiable and supportive demeanor. The combination of attentive service and beautiful surroundings makes Hotel Dowhań a favored choice for many travelers.

Hotel Dowhań offers ample and diverse parking options that guests find both convenient and secure. There is a large parking lot available, ensuring plenty of parking spaces for visitors. The parking facilities include general parking as well as a private lot that is closed at night, providing an added sense of security. Guests appreciate the free parking feature with areas positioned both in front and at the back of the hotel. The rear parking area boasts a direct entrance and a closed gate, enhancing safety. Overall, the parking facilities at Hotel Dowhań are well-received for their size, accessibility and security.

No, Hotel Dowhań doesn't have any pool.

No, a spa isn't available at Hotel Dowhań.

Yes, Hotel Dowhań welcomes dogs.

Yes, parking facilities are available at Hotel Dowhań.

No, Hotel Dowhań doesn't have a gym.

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