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Summary of reviewsHotel Murat has garnered positive reviews across various categories, making it a favored choice for travelers, especially those en route to or from Croatia. Its prime location near the highway ensures easy accessibility, ideal for a quick overnight stop. Guests appreciate the convenience of being able to resume their journeys swiftly and the quiet surroundings provide a restful break without the disturbances typical of urban centers. The proximity to Ptuj with just a 15-minute metro ride to the city center, adds to its appeal, allowing travelers to explore the local area effortlessly.

The rooms at Hotel Murat are frequently praised for their cleanliness, modernity and comfort. Despite some being on the smaller side, guests find them tidy, well-maintained and equipped with comfortable beds and air conditioning. The renovated rooms, featuring new and aesthetically pleasing furnishings, add to the overall comfort and convenience, making it a perfect spot for an overnight stay.

Cleanliness stands out as a defining feature with guests consistently mentioning the spotless conditions of the rooms and bathrooms. The hotel's modern and practical design combined with its immaculate upkeep creates a welcoming and high-quality environment for visitors.

The staff at Hotel Murat receive commendations for their exceptional service. Described as friendly, helpful and accommodating, the team enhances the guest experience considerably. The efficient and flexible reception staff, along with the helpful owner, contribute to a supportive and pleasant stay.

The comfortable beds further enhance the restful experience at Hotel Murat. Guests highlight the quality of the mattresses and the overall comfort, which, coupled with the quiet ambiance, ensures a good night's sleep. Although some minor adjustments might be needed occasionally, the overall sentiment is that the hotel provides a cozy and serene sleeping environment.

In summary, Hotel Murat offers a combination of convenience, cleanliness, comfort and exceptional service, making it a highly recommended stopover for travelers seeking a peaceful and rejuvenating break on their journey.
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Room Types
Double Room with Extra Bed Air-conditioned room offering a small seating area, a TV and a private bathroom with a shower.

Single Room This air-conditioned single room includes a flat-screen TV with cable channels and a private bathroom. The unit offers 1 bed.

Twin Room with Extra Bed This air-conditioned twin room is comprised of a flat-screen TV with cable channels and a private bathroom. The unit has 3 beds.

Guest Reviews
Very Good
Hotel Murat boasts an excellent and convenient location for travelers, particularly those journeying to or from Croatia. Situated right off the highway, it offers easy accessibility and is perfect for an overnight stop during a long trip. The proximity to the motorway ensures guests can quickly resume their journey the next day without hassle. Many reviews highlight the hotel’s advantageous placement, making it an ideal spot for rest and rejuvenation while on a holiday route.

Despite not being in the city center, the hotel’s position near the highway exit provides quick access to the surrounding areas, including a 15-minute metro ride to the city center of Ptuj. Guests find it easy to locate and appreciate the many free parking spaces available. The hotel's surroundings are quiet and peaceful, allowing for a restful stay without the usual urban noise.

Additionally, the scenic location near Ptuj offers guests a chance to explore the local area easily. This combination of tranquility and accessibility makes Hotel Murat a highly recommended stopover for those traveling to the Adriatic or seeking a convenient break on a longer journey.

Hotel Murat offers a variety of rooms that are generally described as clean, comfortable and modern. Guests frequently mention the rooms being tidy, well-taken care of and equipped with comfortable beds and air conditioning. Some reviews highlight that the rooms, though on the smaller side, were sufficient and aesthetically pleasing. Several rooms have been renovated, boasting nice and new furnishings, making for a pleasant and convenient stay. Though a few guests found the rooms to be basic or small, the overall sentiment points to a positive experience marked by cleanliness and comfort, suitable for a quick overnight stay during a journey.

Hotel Murat offers guests a restful experience with its notably comfortable beds. Multiple reviews highlight the comfort of the beds with some mentioning a quality mattress that enhances the sleeping experience. Guests frequently describe the beds as very comfortable, clean and conducive to a peaceful night's sleep. The ambiance is complemented by a quiet environment, ensuring that the comfortable bedding contributes to a serene stay. While there is a minor note indicating that beds might occasionally need to be pulled out, the overall sentiment is that the hotel excels in providing a cozy and restful sleeping environment.

The reviews for Hotel Murat consistently praise the establishment for its impressive cleanliness. Guests often highlight the spotlessly clean rooms and bathrooms, making particular mention of the tidy and comfortable accommodations. The hotel is described as modern and practical with a welcoming atmosphere enhanced by its tidy and well-maintained facilities. Overall, visitors report a pleasant and high-quality stay, largely attributed to the immaculate conditions throughout the hotel. Whether discussing the condition of the beds, the freshness of the air or the general upkeep, cleanliness stands out as a defining feature of Hotel Murat.

Hotel Murat is frequently praised by guests for its exceptional staff. The team is often described as nice, friendly and helpful with many reviewers highlighting the accommodating and pleasant nature of the service provided. The reception staff receives special mention for their flexibility and efficient service, particularly during check-in and check-out processes. Guests also appreciate the clean environment maintained by the friendly and approachable receptionists. The owner of the hotel is noted for being both helpful and kind. Overall, the consistent emphasis on the staff's friendliness and helpfulness suggests that Hotel Murat ensures a welcoming and supportive experience for its guests.

No, Hotel Murat doesn't have any pool.

No, a spa isn't available at Hotel Murat.

No, Hotel Murat doesn't allow dogs.

No, parking facilities aren't available at Hotel Murat.

No, Hotel Murat doesn't have a gym.

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