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Summary of reviewsH10 Roma Città offers a well-rounded and generally pleasant experience, catering to a variety of travelers, particularly those seeking a tranquil retreat slightly removed from the bustling heart of Rome. Located in a residential area, the hotel provides easy access to Trastevere Station, local shops and cafes with good transport options facilitating straightforward visits to Rome's main attractions. While some may find the hotel's distance from central Rome less convenient, its peaceful surroundings are ideal for those looking to unwind.

Breakfast at the hotel is typically well-received with guests enjoying an extensive and fresh buffet that includes gluten-free options and excellent coffee. However, a few guests found the variety lacking and occasionally noted issues with the food quality, particularly the egg dishes. Dinner experiences are mixed with praises for specific dishes like pizza and ribeye steak, alongside criticisms regarding the limited and sometimes inconsistent menu.

The rooms at H10 Roma Città are a highlight, frequently commended for their cleanliness, comfort and modern amenities. Guests appreciate the spacious, well-equipped rooms and the cleanliness maintained by the diligent housekeeping staff. Minor issues, such as poor soundproofing and occasional noise disturbances, were noted but did not significantly detract from the overall positive room experience.

Cleanliness is a standout feature across the entire hotel with many guests praising the spotless rooms, bathrooms and common areas. The high standards of hygiene contribute significantly to guest satisfaction and are complemented by the friendly, professional and multilingual staff who enhance the overall welcoming atmosphere of the hotel.

While the complimentary Wi-Fi service garners criticism for being unreliable, other amenities like the spa and gym offer additional conveniences, despite some remarks about their size and maintenance. The rooftop pool is particularly appreciated for providing a refreshing and relaxing space, even though its smaller size can lead to overcrowding.

Parking options at H10 Roma Città are regarded as convenient and secure with a private underground garage providing direct access to the hotel. Although some guests find the parking fees high, the overall convenience and security are valued.

The hotel also shines as a family-friendly destination, offering spacious family rooms and activities for children, including a child-friendly lobby and rooftop pool. The environment-friendly features in the bathrooms and amenities like large bathtubs add to the overall positive experience for families.

In summary, H10 Roma Città is an appealing choice for travelers seeking a clean, comfortable and tranquil stay with good connectivity to Rome's main attractions. Improvements in Wi-Fi connectivity and menu variety could enhance the experience further, but the hotel's strong points, including its cleanliness, friendly staff and family-friendly amenities, make it a solid option for many visitors.
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Hotel with Rooftop Pool
At the H10 Roma Città, guests can soak in the Roman sun in the rooftop pool. This elegant outdoor retreat features an ample area dotted with sun loungers and the added luxury of a soothing Jacuzzi. It's the perfect place for visitors to bask under the radiant sunlight, escape the city's hustle and achieve a state of utter relaxation. The atmosphere atop this rooftop is serene and tranquil, providing an incredible contrast to the vibrant energy of Rome below. As you rest, relax, or simply dive in the pool, you can experience Rome from a uniquely peaceful perspective.

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Room Types
Standard Double Room Air-conditioned room with free Wi-Fi, satellite TV, a minibar and a private bathroom with hairdryer.

Superior Double Room Air-conditioned room with an iPod docking station, a Nespresso coffee maker, free Wi-Fi, satellite TV and a minibar. The private bathroom includes bathrobes, slippers and a hairdryer.

Suite Guests will have a special experience as this suite features a rooftop pool. Featuring a private entrance, this air-conditioned suite is comprised of 1 living room, 1 separate bedroom and 1 bathroom with a bath and a shower. The suite offers a flat-screen TV with satellite channels, a minibar, a tea and coffee maker, a seating area as well as garden views. The unit offers 2 beds.

Premium Double or Twin Room with City View This twin/double room features a rooftop pool. Featuring free toiletries, this twin/double room includes a private bathroom with a bath, a shower and a bidet. The air-conditioned twin/double room features a flat-screen TV with satellite channels, a private entrance, a minibar, a tea and coffee maker as well as garden views.

Guest Reviews
Very Good
H10 Roma Città enjoys a convenient location that caters to diverse needs, particularly for travelers seeking a quieter stay away from the hustle and bustle of central Rome. Nestled in a residential area, the hotel benefits from its proximity to Trastevere Station and several local shops and cafes. Despite being somewhat off-center, the location is advantageous for those looking for a peaceful retreat while still being within a reasonable distance of the city's main attractions. The tranquil surroundings and accessibility to various transport options, including a regular bus service and reasonably priced taxis, ensure that guests can reach Rome's historic sites and the airport with ease.

However, the hotel's distance from the city center is a common concern among guests with many noting that it takes around 15-20 minutes by taxi or bus to reach central Rome. While the location was satisfactory for some, particularly those visiting nearby facilities like the Bambin Gesù hospital, others felt the area was less desirable, citing issues such as a lack of nearby restaurants and shops and an atmosphere that could feel a bit run-down or unsafe at times.

The hotel's quiet and peaceful environment makes it an ideal choice for those looking to unwind away from the tourist-heavy zones. However, for visitors prioritizing close proximity to Rome's iconic landmarks, the slight inconvenience of travel times and the somewhat remote neighborhood might be a drawback. Overall, H10 Roma Città offers a balanced option for travelers seeking comfort and tranquility with decent connectivity to the city's vibrant heart.

The breakfast experience at 'H10 Roma Città' hotel received mixed reviews from guests with a significant lean towards the positive. Many guests were delighted by the variety and abundance of options, highlighting the extensive buffet that included freshly baked pastries, croissants and other delicacies. The breakfast's quality and variety were often praised with many describing it as very good, delicious and featuring a wide selection of foods, including gluten-free options. Some reviews specifically noted the freshness and taste of the breakfast with others appreciating the excellent coffee served.

However, there were also mentions of areas needing improvement. Some guests found the breakfast to be average, lacking in variety and occasionally complained about cold and undercooked egg dishes. A few reviews highlighted that the selection could be broader and that certain items, like fruits and natural juices, were insufficient. Criticisms also included comments about the breakfast not meeting four-star standards and being somewhat overpriced.

Despite some negative feedback, the general sentiment indicates that the breakfast at 'H10 Roma Città' is varied and enjoyable for most guests, especially when booked in advance for a discount.

Dinner at H10 Roma Città offers a mixed culinary experience. Highlighting its strengths, many guests found the food delicious with particular praise for the flavorful pizza, ribeye steak and pasta. The bar area received commendations for its superb snacks and cocktails. Professional and friendly staff, including standout server Valério and Cristiane, added to the positive dining experience by providing excellent service. The hotel's breakfast buffet was also noted as varied and tasty, albeit with room for improvement on consistency.

However, there were several criticisms regarding the restaurant's limited dinner menu and inconsistent quality. Some guests reported greasy food and pointed out that the restaurant was occasionally closed, leaving minimal alternatives in the bar. Additionally, a few patrons felt the dinner options lacked variety and described the dining experience as merely average or even very bad at times.

Despite some setbacks, the overall sentiment leans towards a pleasant dining experience with highlights on specific dishes and service, yet with ample room for improvement in menu diversity and consistency.

The rooms at H10 Roma Città are consistently praised for their cleanliness, comfort and modern amenities. Guests frequently mention the spaciousness of the rooms, along with the size and comfort of the beds, which enhance the overall experience. The bathrooms are also highlighted for their modern style and cleanliness with many rooms featuring large bathtubs.

Many reviews note that the rooms are well-equipped, bright and cozy, making them suited for both short stays and business trips. People appreciate the daily cleaning services and the attention to detail in maintaining the rooms. However, a few reviews indicate that some rooms are in need of renovation with minor issues like poor soundproofing and occasional noise disturbances from external sources such as elevators and garbage disposal.

Overall, the rooms are described as functional, clean and inviting with modern decor and good facilities, contributing to a pleasant stay despite a few reported inconveniences.

H10 Roma Città offers guests exceptional bedding, repeatedly highlighted as a strong point in their reviews. Visitors commend the beds for their comfort with some describing the experience as having superb or overly comfortable beds accompanied by a great choice of pillows. Many appreciate the cleanliness with comments about clean and comfortable beddings enhancing the sleep experience. Several reviews mention the large and super comfortable mattresses with king and super king-sized beds often noted for their spaciousness and comfort.

Guests generally find the rooms themselves to be comfortable, contributing to an overall pleasant stay. The availability of both double beds and two single beds placed together caters to different preferences, although some found the latter less preferable due to the beds occasionally splitting in the middle during sleep.

Despite some mixed mentions about bed firmness and bed types, the consensus remains overwhelmingly positive. Many agree that the combination of comfy beds and high-quality bed linen significantly contributes to a restful and enjoyable stay at this hotel.

H10 Roma Città stands out notably for its outstanding cleanliness and well-maintained facilities. The hotel is consistently praised for being very clean with emphasis on clean rooms, bathrooms and common areas. Guests frequently noted that everything is nice and clean and the overall structure of the hotel is clean, modern and very well-maintained. Towels and bedding are clean and often refreshed daily, ensuring a comfortable stay.

Rooms are described as spotless, comfortable and functional, contributing to a pleasant experience. The cleaning staff receives high commendations for their meticulous attention to detail, ensuring that cleanliness is always up to standard. The cleanliness extends to the general hygiene of the entire hotel with exceptional cleanliness noted in both rooms and common areas.

The spotless rooms and general hotel hygiene are a significant highlight, demonstrating the high standard of cleanliness maintained throughout the hotel. While there were minor issues noted, such as occasional lapses in garbage disposal, the overall sentiment towards cleanliness remains highly positive. The hotel also receives high marks for its friendly and professional staff, who contribute significantly to maintaining such high standards.

In conclusion, H10 Roma Città delivers exceptional cleanliness, making it a highly recommended choice for those prioritizing hygiene and well-maintained facilities during their stay.

H10 Roma Città is frequently praised for its friendly, professional and multilingual staff. Guests often note the warm welcome and attentive assistance provided by the reception team, who are commended for their helpfulness and ability to manage early check-ins generously. The bar staff, in particular, receive high marks for their amiable service in the restaurants, bar and pool area.

The hotel's employees are described as courteous, well-organized and dedicated with many guests mentioning that they spoke good English and provided accurate information and support, especially regarding local taxis and city navigation. Despite a few isolated mentions of less favorable interactions, the overall sentiment towards the staff is overwhelmingly positive, highlighting their kindness, responsiveness and willingness to go the extra mile.

Cleanliness and helpfulness are consistently recognized, adding to a pleasant stay experience. The friendly demeanor of the entire team contributes significantly to the welcoming atmosphere of H10 Roma Città, making it a notable point of satisfaction for many guests.

H10 Roma Città offers complimentary Wi-Fi to its guests, but the overall feedback regarding the service is predominantly negative. Many guests found the internet connection to be poor, unstable and inconsistent with Wi-Fi signals often weak and unreliable in the rooms. Some noted that the connection would occasionally disappear or not work at all during certain times of the day, making it difficult to perform basic tasks like checking emails or loading webpages. Despite a few mentions of Wi-Fi being adequate or good, the general consensus is that the hotel's internet service needs significant improvement to meet guest expectations.

The H10 Roma Città offers a spa area as part of its facilities, complete with a clean environment and a functional jacuzzi. However, guests have noted that the spa is somewhat outdated and quite small. Access to the spa can be inconsistent with some visitors experiencing closures throughout their stay or being unable to enjoy the jacuzzi due to maintenance. Additionally, the spa's swimming pool is unheated and spa services are not available every day of the week. One unique policy at the hotel is the requirement to wear a cap with their logo when using the spa salon. Despite some guests negatively remarking on the cleanliness and condition of the spa equipment, when available, the spa provides a refreshing break within the hotel's array of amenities.

H10 Roma Città offers a gym as an additional amenity, providing guests with a convenient option for staying active during their stay. While some reviews mention that the fitness area is small and the equipment may not always match up to the photos, others appreciate the presence of gym facilities for a quick workout. The gym is described as being well maintained by some guests, although there are mixed opinions about the quality and maintenance of the equipment. Additionally, the presence of a swimming pool alongside the gym facilities is considered a nice bonus, enhancing the overall appeal for those looking to stay fit and relax. The helpful, multilingual staff further contributes to a positive experience at this hotel.

The rooftop pool at H10 Roma Città garners generally positive remarks from guests who enjoyed their experience. Many reviewers found the pool to be a pleasant and refreshing feature, especially after a hot day of sightseeing in Rome. The pool area on the rooftop terrace is noted as nice, elegant and well-equipped. The rooftop pool adds significant value to the facilities, providing a relaxing space with nice views.

However, there are some notable drawbacks. Several guests mentioned that the pool was significantly smaller than depicted in online photos and it often becomes crowded, limiting the availability of loungers. Additionally, some had concerns about cleanliness, particularly early in the morning. There were also instances where the pool was closed unexpectedly, leading to disappointment among guests who had chosen the hotel specifically for this amenity.

Despite these issues, the overall sentiment remains positive with many travelers appreciating the chance to cool down in the rooftop pool and considering it a great addition to their stay.

H10 Roma Città offers a range of parking options that many guests find convenient and accessible. Positive feedback highlights the hotel's private and secure underground garage, which provides direct access to the hotel and is particularly praised for its convenience. The location is deemed favorable for those traveling by car, making it a good choice for drivers.

Guests appreciate the availability of both outdoor and garage parking and some consider the cost of 12 euros per day to be reasonable, describing it as below average compared to other facilities. Secure parking is mentioned frequently, contributing to a sense of safety for guests' vehicles.

On the downside, some guests find the parking arrangement to be a bit tight with limited spaces. Additionally, the cost of parking has been noted by a few as excessive with prices varying from 5 euros per hour to 20 euros per day, depending on the service opted for. Despite these occasional complaints about the price, for many, the convenience and security of the parking facilities make it a significant asset of the hotel.

H10 Roma Città emerges as an excellent choice for families seeking a child-friendly environment on their travels. The hotel receives high praise for its accommodations, specifically designed to cater to families with spacious family rooms that add to the comfort of staying with children. Guests frequently highlight the variety of activities available for kids, mentioning a child-friendly lobby filled with games that kept their little ones entertained.

The environment-friendly multi-use soap bottles in the bathrooms and features such as a large bathtub also add to the overall family-friendly experience. The rooftop pool proves to be a popular spot, particularly during the hot hours of the day, providing an engaging activity even for babies. Some reviews hinted at minor issues, such as limited space when additional items like a travel cot are added to the rooms, but these did not significantly detract from the overall positive feedback.

H10 Roma Città successfully combines practicality with comfort, making it a pleasant choice for family visits. The hotel thoughtfully caters to both families and friends traveling together, ensuring that all guests enjoy a fulfilling stay.

4 Star
H10 Roma Città receives mixed reviews regarding its four-star rating with some guests finding that the facilities and service quality align well with the expected standards. The hotel boasts modern facilities and high-quality amenities, which some guests feel justify its four-star status. The cleanliness of the hotel is consistently praised.

However, other guests disagree, feeling that certain aspects, such as the room size and the bathroom quality, fall short of what a four-star hotel should offer. The breakfast, in particular, did not meet the expectations of some reviewers for a hotel of this rating. While some guests recommend H10 Roma Città for its four-star characteristics, others suggest that it is more comparable to lower-star accommodations and caution against expecting a fully four-star experience.

Overall, the hotel seems to deliver a satisfactory experience for many guests, but there are notable discrepancies that potential visitors might want to consider.

H10 Roma Città is an excellent choice for business travelers, offering a range of facilities and comforts tailored to those on work trips. This business hotel provides ample conference facilities, making it ideal for both individual business stays and larger business events. Rooms are equipped with spacious desks, catering well to guests needing a work-friendly environment. Many reviews highlight the hotel's capabilities in hosting conferences and emphasize its suitability for business purposes over family stays.

The hotel's structure supports the needs of business stays, providing a quiet place to rest after a busy day of work. Additionally, the availability of taxi vouchers at the reception desk offers a convenient and cost-effective travel option to the city center. However, some guests noted inconsistent and slow internet connectivity, which could hinder one's ability to get work done. Despite this drawback, the overall impression from guests is that H10 Roma Città effectively meets the needs of business travelers.

H10 Roma Città is well-regarded for its accessibility features, making it a suitable choice for guests with disabilities. With carefully designed direct access from the parking area to the hotel and accessible restrooms, the hotel ensures convenience and comfort. The staff are noted for being both helpful and accommodating, which enhances the overall accessible experience.

The hotel's location offers easy access to public transportation, as it is close to nearby taxi ranks and bus stops. This makes it accessible for first-time visitors to Rome. However, some planning may be required when relying on public transport, as delays can occur and the hotel location isn't very accessible without a car.

While the hotel excels in many aspects of accessibility, it's worth noting that the availability and speed of Wi-Fi received some criticism. Nevertheless, for guests prioritizing physical accessibility, H10 Roma Città stands out as a well-equipped and welcoming option.

Rooftop Pool
The rooftop pool at H10 Roma Città is often praised for providing a relaxing and elegant environment, making it a significant highlight of the hotel. Guests find it clean and well-equipped with the surrounding terrace area described as beautiful. Despite its small size, it offers a pleasant place to unwind, especially when the weather is good. The pool's bar service adds to the overall enjoyment, although it's only available from 10 am to 7 pm. Some reviews mention that the pool can get very crowded and loungers may be limited at times, suggesting that early arrival might be necessary to secure a spot. Overall, the rooftop pool remains a wonderful and relaxing feature of the hotel, enhancing the overall guest experience.

Outdoor Pool
H10 Roma Città boasts an appealing outdoor pool area that guests find particularly inviting during the summer season. The rooftop pool stands out as an elegant and well-equipped spot, ideal for a sunny afternoon and perfect for cooling off. Guests often describe it as wonderful, clean and stylish, adding that it offers a relaxing atmosphere. The rooftop setting, which includes a bar, also enhances the experience, making it a popular feature of the hotel.

However, some reviews mention that the pool can get very crowded and feels small, contrary to its appearance in photos. The operational hours of the rooftop pool, from 10am to 7pm, are also noted with some visitors feeling restricted by this schedule. Despite these minor drawbacks, the pool area remains a top highlight of the hotel, praised by many for being a key element of their enjoyable stay.

H10 Roma Città offers a blend of tranquility and romantic ambience, making it an ideal getaway for couples. Despite its location being a bit outside the city center, the hotel boasts excellent transport connections. The quiet surroundings contribute to a serene and emotive atmosphere, perfect for intimate moments. Guests appreciate the romantic touches, including romantic candles and well-thought-out romantic decor. The rooftop pool is a highlight, providing a beautiful and romantic scenery, especially at sunset. The pool's stunning shape and water add to the allure, making it a popular spot for guests seeking a picturesque and relaxing experience. The hotel's overall structure is praised as beautiful, suitable for families and couples alike with kind staff adding to the pleasant stay.

Yes, H10 Roma Città has pool(s) that belong to one or more of the following categories: Rooftop Pool, Panoramic View Pool, Outdoor Pool.

Yes, a spa is available at H10 Roma Città.

Yes, H10 Roma Città welcomes dogs.

Yes, parking facilities are available at H10 Roma Città.

Yes, H10 Roma Città has a gym.

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