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Summary of reviewsHaus Marquet stands out as a top choice for travelers due to its exceptional location in the heart of the city center. Guests appreciate the easy access to various restaurants, cafes and guesthouses, along with a quiet atmosphere thanks to reduced traffic. Cyclists find the hotel's proximity to the Vennbahn route and dedicated bike parking especially appealing. Additionally, free nearby parking and the scenic views, including from rooms with garden-view balconies, add to its charm. The strategic location also serves as a great starting point for car trips and nature exploration.

While Haus Marquet does not offer on-site breakfast, guests benefit from several nearby bakeries and cafes within a 50-meter radius. The convenient proximity of these quality alternatives ensures guests can begin their mornings well-fed with many enjoying breakfast at local spots or using the in-room coffee maker to complement self-bought pastries.

The rooms at Haus Marquet are consistently praised for their cleanliness, spaciousness and modern furnishings. Guests particularly enjoy the bright, comfortable atmosphere, secure bicycle storage and lovely showers. Despite some noting that the bathrooms are slightly dated, the overall cleanliness and comfort exceed expectations.

Exceptional cleanliness is a hallmark of Haus Marquet with guests consistently highlighting the clean, well-organized and smoke-free environment. Friendly service enhances this experience, ensuring top-notch hospitality.

The staff are commended for their friendliness and helpfulness, contributing to a highly positive guest experience. The seamless check-in process, facilitated by a numeric code system and the welcoming atmosphere created by the hosts ensure an inviting stay. Host and staff interactions are often highlighted as being particularly pleasant, adding a personal touch to the hospitality.

Haus Marquet also garners high praise for the comfort of its beds. Guests frequently describe the beds as very comfortable and appreciate the quality bedding, leading to restful nights. Although some mention occasional bed creaks, the overall consensus is that the bedding contributes significantly to a pleasant stay.

Overall, Haus Marquet offers a combination of convenient location, comfort, cleanliness and exceptional service, making it an excellent choice for travelers looking for a cozy retreat in a charming town.
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Room Types
Standard Double Room Featuring free toiletries, this double room includes a private bathroom with a shower and a hairdryer. The double room features a flat-screen TV with cable channels, a tea and coffee maker, executive lounge access, a seating area as well as city views. The unit has 1 bed.

Standard Twin Room Offering free toiletries, this twin room includes a private bathroom with a shower and a hairdryer. The twin room offers a tea and coffee maker, executive lounge access, a seating area, a flat-screen TV with cable channels, as well as city views. The unit offers 2 beds.

Guest Reviews
'Haus Marquet' boasts an exceptional location that has garnered positive feedback from guests. Nestled right in the heart of the city center, the hotel offers the perfect blend of centrality and tranquility. Visitors appreciate its convenient proximity to various restaurants, cafes and guesthouses, making dining out a breeze. The geographical location is noted for its ease of access and the reduced traffic in the inner city center offers a quieter atmosphere despite being so central.

Cyclists find the hotel particularly appealing due to its closeness to the Vennbahn route and dedicated bike parking facilities. Additionally, guests have commended the availability of nearby free parking, simplifying their stay. For those looking to explore nature, the location also serves as a good starting point for car trips.

The picturesque setting of 'Haus Marquet' with a view opposite the town hall and the fountain, adds to its charm. Rooms often come with balconies featuring garden views, heightening the overall experience. Cleanliness, comfort and friendly service further enhance the stay, making it a well-rounded choice for travelers.

At Haus Marquet, while breakfast is not provided on-site, the guests have several nearby options to ensure a pleasant start to their day. Although there is no breakfast room or service available at the hotel, a note in the rooms clearly communicates addresses of nearby bakeries and cafes. Conveniently located within walking distance, there are at least three bakeries and several cafes within a 50-meter radius that offer delicious breakfast options. Many guests enjoyed having breakfast at these local spots, such as a nearby bakery or pastry shop and some even made use of the in-room coffee maker to complement their self-bought croissants. Though the absence of an on-site breakfast might be seen as a slight inconvenience, the proximity of quality alternatives ensures that guests can still begin their mornings well-fed and ready for the day.

Haus Marquet offers visitors a pleasant stay with rooms that are regularly praised for their cleanliness and spaciousness. Guests often describe the accommodations as bright, comfortably furnished and well-maintained. Many travelers appreciate the modern look of both the rooms and bathrooms, highlighting features like lovely showers and secure bicycle storage. The comfort of the beds consistently receives high marks, making for a restful night's sleep. While some mention that the bathrooms are a bit dated, they are invariably described as very clean. Overall, the rooms at Haus Marquet meet expectations for comfort and cleanliness, offering a cozy retreat in a charming town.

Haus Marquet receives high praise for the comfort of its beds, which are frequently described as very comfortable and awesome. Guests also note that the bedding is clean and of great quality, contributing to a good night's sleep. While some reviews mention that the beds creaked, the overall consensus is that the beds are reasonably good for sleeping. The rooms themselves—spacious, well-kept and clean—further enhance the experience, making short stays convenient and pleasant.

Haus Marquet impresses with its impeccable standards of cleanliness. Guests consistently highlight the clean and bright atmosphere, noting that the rooms are not only tidy but also comfortable and well-organized. The house itself is well-kept and smoke-free, contributing to an overall pleasant experience. The location adds to the appeal, making it convenient for guests without any inconvenience. Friendly service further enhances the stay, ensuring that cleanliness and hospitality are top-notch features of Haus Marquet.

Haus Marquet boasts exceptional service with a focus on friendly and helpful interactions. Guests consistently commend the hosts and staff for being very friendly, super helpful and always willing to assist. The check-in process is notably convenient, thanks to a well-organized system using a numeric code. The associated restaurant's staff also receive praise for their helpfulness. Visitors feel warmly welcomed, often mentioning a friendly reception and good hospitality. The overall experience is described as well-organized and wonderfully pleasant, highlighted by moments like being greeted with a good coffee. The atmosphere created by the friendly hosts ensures an inviting and comfortable stay.

No, Haus Marquet doesn't have any pool.

No, a spa isn't available at Haus Marquet.

No, Haus Marquet doesn't allow dogs.

No, parking facilities aren't available at Haus Marquet.

No, Haus Marquet doesn't have a gym.

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