Hôtel le Lion d'Or

Salbris , , 23 Boulevard De La République (Show on Map)

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Summary of reviewsHôtel le Lion d'Or, perfectly located in the heart of the city, provides travelers with both convenience and tranquility. Its central position, coupled with onsite parking, makes it a prime base for exploring local attractions and attending events like the MUSICALIES EN Sologne festival. Despite its proximity to the main road, guests appreciate the calm atmosphere the hotel offers.

The breakfast experience at the hotel is mostly positive, characterized as simple but satisfying. Guests commonly enjoy the typical French fare of croissants, baguette and jam, praising the quality of the croissants. Though some find the breakfast offerings limited, many appreciate its value and simplicity.

The hotel's restaurant receives high praise for its delicious cuisine, notably the 3-course menu, which is considered both tasty and reasonably priced at €19.50 per person. The fresh, home-cooked quality of the dishes, combined with regional flavors, provides guests with an excellent dining experience. Meals like croissants at breakfast and the simple yet exquisite dinner menu contribute to a well-rounded gastronomic delight.

Rooms at Hôtel le Lion d'Or generally meet guests’ expectations with their comfort and cleanliness. Many highlight the comfortable beds, quality showers and the immaculate condition of the rooms. While the rooms are described as small and sometimes noisy, particularly those facing the street or on upper floors without elevator access, they are deemed practical and beautiful by others. The lack of modern amenities like air conditioning is noted but does not significantly detract from the overall positive experience with a quiet environment and good WLAN service enhancing the stay.

The hotel's cleanliness standards are exemplary with guests frequently commenting on the spotless condition of both the rooms and bathrooms. The overall hygiene and the well-maintained condition of the older hotel structure are appreciated, contributing to a comfortable stay.

The service at Hôtel le Lion d'Or stands out distinctly due to the warm, friendly and professional staff. Guests consistently describe the reception as welcoming and efficient with the owner and staff noted for their helpfulness and kind demeanor. This high level of hospitality significantly enhances the overall guest experience, making the hotel a preferred choice for those seeking friendly and professional lodging.
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Double Room The double room provides a wardrobe and heating, as well as a private bathroom featuring a shower. The unit offers 1 bed.

Guest Reviews
Situated in the heart of the city, Hôtel le Lion d'Or boasts an ideal and convenient location for those wishing to explore the surroundings on foot. The hotel provides the added benefit of onsite parking, which makes it accessible and easy to find for travelers arriving by car. Its central position offers proximity to numerous city attractions, making it a perfect base for both day trips and peaceful retreats after events like the MUSICALIES EN Sologne festival in Pierrefitte. With its tranquil atmosphere despite being near the main road, Hôtel le Lion d'Or offers a perfect blend of accessibility and serene accommodation for an overnight stop or an extended stay.

The breakfast at Hôtel le Lion d'Or receives mixed reviews from its guests with most sentiment leaning towards a positive, though minimalist, experience. Many guests describe the breakfast as very good, simple but correct and sufficiently meeting expectations. The typical French fare generally consists of a croissant, a piece of baguette and plenty of jam, which many find economical yet limited in choice. Some guests laud the excellent croissants, noting that despite the simplicity, the quality is commendable. However, there are mentions of the breakfast being minimal and disappointing for some, particularly for those accustomed to more extensive offerings. Overall, while the breakfast is basic and typically French, it is appreciated for its value and simplicity by many visitors.

Hôtel le Lion d'Or offers a dining experience that garners widespread praise from its guests. The restaurant is frequently highlighted for its delicious and superb cuisine with many reviews noting how enjoyable their meals were. Guests commend the establishment for its fresh and divine dishes, often highlighting the home-cooked quality and local flavors that contribute to an exceptionally satisfying meal.

A particular highlight is the 3-course menu, which is considered not only delicious but also great value at only €19.50 per person. This offering is repeatedly described as a delight, reinforcing the hotel's commitment to providing excellent food at a reasonable price. The pleasant and typically regional setting of the restaurant adds to the overall dining experience.

While the simplicity of the dinner menu is noted by some, most guests appreciate the quality and the organic nature of the meals. Breakfast, featuring incredibly delicious croissants, complements the dinner well, making for a well-rounded gastronomic experience at Hôtel le Lion d'Or. The combination of great service, excellent food and good value for money makes the hotel's restaurant a notable and recommended stop for travelers.

Hôtel le Lion d'Or offers a mixed but generally positive experience regarding the comfort and cleanliness of its rooms. Guests frequently mention the comfortable beds and quality showers, which seem to consistently provide a pleasant experience. Many reviews highlight the cleanliness of the rooms with terms like "very clean" and "impeccable" being common. The overall simplicity of the décor is noted but does not seem to detract from the comfort.

However, several reviews point out that the rooms are on the smaller side with some guests finding them cramped, especially those on the upper floors where there is no elevator. Noise can also be an issue, particularly for rooms facing the street or those with thin dividing walls. A couple of specifics were mentioned about issues like steep stairs to some rooms and lack of air conditioning.

Despite these drawbacks, the rooms are described as practical and beautiful by some, fitting the needs of visitors looking for a basic and comfortable place to stay. The hotel provides a quiet environment with good WLAN service as well. For older travelers or those with mobility issues, the rooms on higher floors and without elevator access might pose a challenge. In essence, Hôtel le Lion d'Or seems to cater well to guests prioritizing comfort and cleanliness over spaciousness and modern amenities.

Hôtel le Lion d'Or has received numerous positive remarks regarding its cleanliness. Guests frequently commented on the spotlessly clean rooms and overall impeccable hygiene standards throughout the hotel. Despite the hotel not being particularly new, visitors were impressed by its perfect cleanliness and well-kept condition. The friendly reception staff also adds to the welcoming atmosphere. Additionally, the bathrooms maintained the same high level of cleanliness as the rest of the rooms. This commitment to hygiene ensures a comfortable and pleasant stay for all guests.

Hôtel le Lion d'Or is renowned for its exemplary service, as illustrated by numerous guest reviews emphasizing the warmth and friendliness of its staff. The atmosphere is consistently described as welcoming with staff and managers alike being attentive and exceptionally accommodating. Guests frequently note the professional demeanor and kindness of the personnel, including the owner, who is particularly highlighted for his helpfulness and genuine care.

The reception is often characterized as super friendly and efficient, ensuring that visitors feel comfortable from the moment they arrive. The overall hospitality at Hôtel le Lion d'Or is praised as impeccable, reflecting an ever-present commitment to making each guest's stay pleasant and memorable. The combination of courteous service and a genial environment significantly enhances the experience, making this hotel a standout choice for travelers seeking a friendly and professional lodging experience.

No, Hôtel le Lion d'Or doesn't have any pool.

No, a spa isn't available at Hôtel le Lion d'Or.

Yes, Hôtel le Lion d'Or welcomes dogs.

No, parking facilities aren't available at Hôtel le Lion d'Or.

No, Hôtel le Lion d'Or doesn't have a gym.

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