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Santa Rita do Sapucai , , Rua Francisco Andrade Ribeiro, 99 (Show on Map)
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Summary of reviewsHotel Tadini garners mostly positive reviews with notable praise for various aspects of the guests' experience.

One of the most highlighted features is the hotel's exceptional location. Situated near the city center, it provides convenient access to bars, restaurants and city attractions. Its proximity to the central square enhances the appeal, allowing guests to easily explore the vibrant nightlife and dining options. The availability of parking further contributes to the convenience, making the location ideal for a wide range of travelers.

The breakfast offerings at Hotel Tadini stand out as a major highlight. Guests frequently commend the breakfast for being very good to truly exceptional with particular praise for the tastiness of the food and the top-notch coffee. The beautiful view while dining adds to the enjoyment and the pleasant, helpful and kind service during breakfast enhances the overall experience. While a few guests found the options sparse, the general sentiment leans towards satisfaction, providing a hearty and enjoyable start to the day.

Cleanliness is another strong point for Hotel Tadini, receiving high praise from guests who describe their rooms and facilities as consistently very clean and fragrant. The excellent cleaning service is noted despite the occasional mention of smaller rooms and bathrooms. This high standard of cleanliness contributes significantly to the positive overall impression.

The staff at Hotel Tadini is consistently recognized for their exceptional service. Guests highlight the politeness, helpfulness and friendliness of the employees, particularly the receptionists. Their charismatic and welcoming demeanor enhances the guest experience right from check-in. The addition of parking services and the staff's courteous and supportive nature often earn the hotel top marks for service.

Rooms at Hotel Tadini offer a mixed experience. Many guests appreciate their cleanliness, comfort and spaciousness, as well as beautiful views of the surrounding hills from higher floors. However, some guests have noted issues with the size of rooms and bathrooms, outdated or damaged furniture and practical inconveniences like the lack of bedside lamps or mini fridges requiring repositioning.

Bed comfort also receives mixed feedback. While some guests find the beds comfortable and the linens pleasant, others comment on the hardness or excessive softness of the mattresses and issues like noisy springs and improperly fitting sheets.

In summary, Hotel Tadini offers a convenient, clean and friendly stay with an excellent location and a highly praised breakfast experience. Although some room and bedding concerns exist, the positive aspects such as exceptional service and cleanliness make it a favorable option for many travelers.
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Hotel Tadini boasts an exceptional location, frequently praised for its convenience and accessibility. Situated near the city center, guests enjoy a short walk to numerous bars and restaurants, making it an ideal spot for exploring the local nightlife, dining options and city attractions. The hotel's proximity to the central square adds to its charm, offering a blend of convenience and vibrant city life just steps away.

The ease of access, including readily available parking, further enhances the hotel's appeal. The location is consistently described as excellent, well located and convenient, making it a favorable option for various types of travelers. Many reviews highlight the combination of a great location with other positive aspects such as good service, breakfast offerings, comfort and cleanliness, creating an overall satisfying experience for guests staying at Hotel Tadini.

Hotel Tadini offers a notable breakfast experience, which has garnered largely positive feedback from its guests. The consensus among reviewers is that the breakfast is very good with some guests describing it as excellent and even truly exceptional. Many praise the breakfast for its tastiness and the privilege of a beautiful view while dining. The coffee receives special mention as top-notch and the service is frequently highlighted for being pleasant, helpful and kind.

Guests have enjoyed a hearty, well-served and varied breakfast during their stays, making mornings at Hotel Tadini very pleasant. Although a few found the breakfast options to be on the sparse side and one mentioned it as terrible, the overarching sentiment leans towards satisfaction. The breakfast, whether simple or standard, ultimately met or exceeded the expectations of most guests, considering the value received.

Overall, the breakfast at Hotel Tadini is a major highlight, providing a consistent start to the day filled with quality, variety and excellent service.

Hotel Tadini presents a mixed experience according to guest reviews with a range of room features. Many visitors appreciate the cleanliness and comfort of the rooms, which are often mentioned as being spacious and providing a pleasant fragrance. The wide and beautiful views of the surrounding hills enhance the charm of certain accommodations, though guests in ground-floor rooms might miss out on this feature. The overall arrangement and physical structure of the suites, including accessibility options such as an elevator, are well-regarded.

However, some aspects of the rooms present challenges. A notable concern is the size with multiple guests commenting on small rooms and very small bathrooms. The double beds are also described as small and there is occasional dissatisfaction with room temperature on colder days. Practical inconveniences include the lack of a mini fridge in some rooms or issues such as having to reposition it to find an outlet. Additionally, there are mentions of outdated or damaged furniture and a lack of bedside lamps affecting overall convenience.

Despite these issues, the hotel's simple and cozy ambiance, coupled with clean and comfortable environments, seems to leave a generally favorable impression.

Hotel Tadini's beds receive mixed feedback from guests. Some find the beds comfortable and fragrant, offering a pleasant sleep experience. However, several guests comment on the hardness of the mattresses with some describing them as very hard or uncomfortable. In contrast, a few mention that the mattresses are too soft, lacking density and even appearing deformed at the edges. Additionally, there are mentions of bed sheets not fitting properly and springs making noise during movement. Despite these issues, a portion of guests find the beds to be comfortable.

Hotel Tadini receives high praise for its cleanliness from numerous guest reviews. Visitors frequently highlight the impeccable cleaning standards, noting that both rooms and facilities are consistently very clean. Guests describe their rooms as fragrant and spotless and many point out that the cleaning service is excellent. Although a few mention that the rooms and bathrooms are on the smaller side, they still commend the hotel's efforts to maintain a high level of cleanliness throughout. Additionally, consistent and varied breakfasts further contribute to a pleasant stay.

Hotel Tadini's staff consistently receives high praise for their exceptional service and dedication. Guests highlight the politeness and helpfulness of the employees, noting that the team is both super friendly and attentive. The receptionists are particularly commended for their charismatic and welcoming demeanor, enhancing the overall guest experience from check-in onward. Reviewers appreciate the courteous and supportive nature of the staff, often rating their service as ten out of ten. The availability of a parking service adds to the convenience, further contributing to the hotel’s favorable reputation. Overall, the staff at Hotel Tadini is recognized for their excellent service, kindness and unwavering professionalism.

No, Hotel Tadini doesn't have any pool.

No, a spa isn't available at Hotel Tadini.

No, Hotel Tadini doesn't allow dogs.

Yes, parking facilities are available at Hotel Tadini.

No, Hotel Tadini doesn't have a gym.

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