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Summary of reviewsNationalparkhotel Kranichrast, located in the serene and picturesque heart of Müritz National Park, serves as a tranquil retreat surrounded by lush greenery and tranquil forests. The hotel's prime location is particularly favored by cycling enthusiasts, hikers and nature lovers who appreciate the diverse trails and landscapes available. Guests frequently commend the peaceful atmosphere and the hotel’s seamless integration with the natural surroundings, making it ideal for both relaxation and outdoor activities.

Guests consistently praise the hotel's breakfast, which is often described as very good, rich and plentiful. The breakfast buffet offers a wide selection of delicious options, beautifully presented and often featuring regional products. The dining experience is further enhanced by pleasant views from the breakfast room or terrace. Similarly, the dinner offerings receive high marks for quality and taste with a diverse menu that includes excellent fish and fresh vegetables. Reviews highlight the sophisticated and well-prepared meals, noting the exceptional quality of the cuisine.

Rooms at the Nationalparkhotel Kranichrast are appreciated for their spaciousness, comfort and cleanliness. They are well-equipped with modern amenities and the daily cleaning services ensure high hygiene standards. Although some areas of the rooms could use renovation and minor updates, guests generally find them to be well-maintained and comfortable.

The staff is consistently praised for their friendliness, helpfulness and attentiveness. Guests note the team's willingness to assist with any questions or requests, contributing to a personalized and pleasant experience. The reception staff is particularly noted for their warm welcome and continuous support throughout guests' stays.

While the hotel excels in many areas, some guests have mentioned that the Wi-Fi connection could be improved. The connectivity is often weak or slow, particularly in certain rooms. Parking facilities are noted to be spacious, though the presence of parking fees has been a point of contention for some guests. Despite these minor concerns, the overall guest experience at Nationalparkhotel Kranichrast is highly positive with commendations for its excellent location, dining, cleanliness and exceptional staff.
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3-Star Hotel

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Double Room (1 Adult) This room has a flat-screen TV and a private bathroom. This room also comes with a private parking spot at the hotel.

Double Room Classic-style room featuring a TV and private bathroom.

Guest Reviews
Very Good
Nationalparkhotel Kranichrast is nestled in the heart of Müritz National Park, offering a serene and picturesque escape surrounded by lush greenery and tranquil forests. Its prime location makes it an excellent base for cycling enthusiasts, hikers and nature lovers eager to explore the diverse trails and landscapes of the national park. Guests repeatedly highlight the peace and quiet of the hotel's setting, appreciating the absolute tranquility that envelops the area.

This idyllic spot is not only perfect for outdoor activities but also for those seeking relaxation and a break from the busyness of everyday life. The hotel's proximity to the national park's numerous excursion destinations and the seamless integration with the natural surroundings make it a standout location for an immersive nature experience.

Whether it's for a bike tour, a leisurely walk through the forest or simply to enjoy the panoramic views, Nationalparkhotel Kranichrast's beautiful and strategically positioned location in the midst of pure nature consistently impresses its guests.

Guests of the Nationalparkhotel Kranichrast frequently highlight the hotel's breakfast as a remarkable feature of their stay. Described as very good, rich and plentiful, the breakfast buffet offers a wide selection to suit diverse tastes. Many appreciated the extensive variety, noting that it provided everything one could wish for with sufficient and delicious options. The breakfast is often referred to as fantastic, beautifully presented and incorporating regional products, ensuring guests can indulge in a delightful and satisfying morning meal. Moreover, the breakfast room allows diners to enjoy their meal with pleasant views, especially from the terrace, which enhances the overall experience. Though there are a few mentions of the breakfast being merely adequate, the majority of reviews emphasize the excellent quality and abundance of choices available. All in all, the breakfast at the Nationalparkhotel Kranichrast is consistently praised for its richness, diversity and the joy it brings to guests starting their day.

Nationalparkhotel Kranichrast consistently receives commendations for its dinner offerings. The hotel's restaurant serves food that is frequently described as excellent, delicious and appealing. Many guests highlight the diversity of the menu, which offers a good selection of dishes, including great fish and fresh vegetables. The cuisine is characterized by its sophistication and careful preparation with some patrons even considering the meals as star-worthy.

Visitors praise the quality and taste of the food, whether dining in the indoor restaurant or on the outdoor terrace. The dinner experience is often deemed plentiful and satisfying with some reviews specifically mentioning the top-notch and sensational nature of the evening meals. The kitchen's ability to provide well-cooked, fresh dishes leaves little to be desired, contributing to an overall very positive dining experience.

In addition, the hotel’s focus on regional cuisine and the lovingly arranged plates attract attention for their exceptional quality. With both dinner and breakfast being plentiful and delicious, the dining services at this hotel significantly enhance the overall guest experience.

Nationalparkhotel Kranichrast offers guests spacious and comfortable rooms that are consistently praised for their cleanliness. The rooms are equipped with modern amenities and are generally well-furnished, providing a pleasant stay for visitors. Many guests appreciate the simple yet spacious design, noting that the rooms are particularly well-suited for two people. The bathrooms are also noted to be of a good size, adding to the comfort of the accommodations.

While there are some areas in need of renovation and minor updates, such as the room furnishings and the lack of air conditioning in the dining room, guests commonly agree that the overall condition of the rooms is satisfactory. Occasional issues such as a strong dog smell, loud bathroom fans and cobwebs have been mentioned, but these seem to be exceptions rather than the rule.

Guests who prefer bright and clean rooms will find their needs met at the Nationalparkhotel Kranichrast, even though some may find the decor and style a bit outdated. The provision of daily cleaning services ensures that hygiene standards remain high throughout the stay. Despite minor drawbacks, the hotel's rooms generally provide a comfortable and enjoyable experience for travelers.

Nationalparkhotel Kranichrast generally offers comfortable beds, which are frequently highlighted as conducive to a good night's sleep. Many guests find the beds to be in good condition, ensuring a restful sleep and a pleasant stay. However, there are some points of improvement mentioned by visitors, such as the need for replacing the mattresses and the slight hardness of the beds. Additionally, a few guests noted that the bed boxes take some getting used to. Overall, while a few minor adjustments could enhance the sleeping experience, the beds are generally praised for their comfort.

Nationalparkhotel Kranichrast consistently impresses visitors with its high standards of cleanliness. Guests frequently describe the rooms as spacious, bright and exceptionally clean with daily thorough cleaning services ensuring a consistently pristine environment. The entire hotel, inside and out, is meticulously maintained, leaving a clear and positive overall impression. Although there were occasional mentions of areas needing improvement, such as cobwebs and a dirty carpet, the overwhelming majority of reviews highlight the spotless condition of both the rooms and the common areas. Travelers can expect a well-maintained hotel that prioritizes cleanliness and cleanliness throughout their stay.

The staff at Nationalparkhotel Kranichrast consistently receive high praise for their friendliness, helpfulness and attentiveness. Guests frequently mention the accommodating nature of the team, highlighting their willingness to assist with any questions or requests. Whether it's providing tips for planning the day's activities or catering to specific dietary needs, the staff ensures a personalized and pleasant experience for all visitors. Notably, the reception stands out for its warm welcome and continuous support throughout guests' stays. Overall, the exceptional hospitality and proactiveness of the staff significantly contribute to the hotel's positive reputation.

Guests of Nationalparkhotel Kranichrast have frequently mentioned the Wi-Fi in their reviews, indicating room for improvement in this area. Many visitors noted that the Wi-Fi connection was weak, slow or not consistently available, particularly in rooms located at the ends of hallways. The mobile network reception also appeared to be poor. While some found the Wi-Fi reception to be good, the consensus suggests that the internet connectivity is in significant need of enhancement to meet the expectations of modern travelers.

Nationalparkhotel Kranichrast offers a large and spacious parking lot with abundant parking spaces for guests. However, while some reviews mention free parking spaces, others note a parking fee of either €5 or €3 per night. The presence of these fees has been a point of contention for some, who feel that parking charges are unnecessary or not acceptable for hotel guests. Guests also have the convenience of free use of the Müritz bus, which could be an alternative to driving. Despite the mixed opinions on the fees, the availability of sufficient parking spots is generally appreciated.

No, Nationalparkhotel Kranichrast doesn't have any pool.

No, a spa isn't available at Nationalparkhotel Kranichrast.

No, Nationalparkhotel Kranichrast doesn't allow dogs.

Yes, parking facilities are available at Nationalparkhotel Kranichrast.

No, Nationalparkhotel Kranichrast doesn't have a gym.

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