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Summary of reviewsSedona Pines Resort offers a serene and picturesque escape just outside the bustling heart of Sedona. Set in a tranquil environment, it provides easy access to Sedona’s attractions while maintaining a peaceful retreat away from the city's busy areas. Surrounded by beautiful landscapes and conveniently close to nature trails and Red Rock State Park, the resort is ideal for those seeking relaxation combined with exploration.

The accommodations at Sedona Pines Resort are a highlight, featuring individual, well-equipped cabins that ensure privacy and tranquility. Guests appreciate the spaciousness, cleanliness and the homey atmosphere of the units, which include full kitchens and comfortable beds. The well-maintained grounds, including private patios and convenient parking, add to the appeal, making it a perfect choice for families.

Dining at the resort is notably enhanced by the on-site Italian restaurant, Bella Vita Ristorante, which is frequently praised for its delicious cuisine and delightful atmosphere. While the restaurant serves as a popular dining option, guests also have the flexibility to prepare their own meals in the well-appointed kitchens found in the cabins.

Cleanliness is a key strength of Sedona Pines Resort with the pool, spa facilities and grounds consistently noted for their impeccable maintenance. Guests regularly commend the clean, spacious cabins and the resort’s commitment to providing a pristine environment.

The resort's staff is widely praised for their exceptional service. Guests highlight the friendly, helpful and professional demeanor of the team, which significantly enhances the guest experience. Many instances of staff going above and beyond, such as assisting with late-night amenities or early check-ins, are frequently mentioned.

The resort also offers several recreational amenities, including a large, heated saltwater pool, spa, mini-golf and playground, making it a fun-filled destination for guests of all ages. Despite some feedback on the limited and occasionally outdated fitness facilities, the resort’s proximity to hiking trails provides ample opportunities for outdoor exercise.

Parking at Sedona Pines Resort is convenient with guests able to park right outside their cottages, adding to the overall ease and comfort of their stay.

However, there are areas for improvement. The on-site Wi-Fi service needs enhancement, as guests often find it weak and unreliable. While the resort provides smart TVs and DVD borrowing options, the internet connectivity issues are notable. Feedback on the bed comfort varies with some guests finding the beds exceptionally comfortable, while others report needing improvements, particularly with sofa beds and mattress consistency.

In summary, Sedona Pines Resort delivers a delightful and relaxing stay with its serene environment, clean and well-equipped cabins, excellent dining options and a range of amenities. Despite some areas needing attention, the overall experience is positive, making it a highly recommended retreat for visitors seeking both relaxation and adventure in Sedona.
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Room Types
One-Bedroom Cottage Featuring free WiFi, this cottage also offers a private patio with pool views, a living room with a sofa and a flat-screen TV with premium cable channels and a kitchen with a stovetop, a microwave and a dishwasher. Other amenities include a en suite bathroom with a hairdryer and charcoal barbecue facilities.

Superior Single Room This room features a living room with a faux fireplace, a fully equipped kitchen and a washing machine and tumble dryer. A private patio and barbecue facilities are also included.

Two-Bedroom Cottage This chalet features a patio, a living room and a full kitchen. Please note that the 2nd bedroom is detached and located 20 feet from the shared deck with the main cottage.

Guest Reviews
Sedona Pines Resort offers a serene and picturesque escape just outside the bustling heart of Sedona. Guests appreciate the resort's quiet, tranquil setting, perfectly removed from the city's busy areas while still providing easy access to all of Sedona's attractions. The location is ideal for those seeking peace and relaxation, surrounded by beautiful landscapes and conveniently close to hiking trails and Red Rock State Park. Although slightly remote, the resort is only a short drive from downtown Sedona, making it convenient for both relaxation and exploration. Guests highlight its proximity to nature while avoiding the traffic and noise of central Sedona, creating a perfect balance for a peaceful retreat with all the comforts of a well-maintained resort.

Sedona Pines Resort offers a unique experience for guests who enjoy the flexibility of preparing their own meals. While the resort does not provide breakfast, it compensates with well-equipped kitchen facilities in the units, including a coffee maker, blender and toaster. This setup allows guests to enjoy breakfast in the comfort of their own space, adding to the cozy and self-sufficient vibe of the accommodations. For those who prefer not to cook, there is a nice breakfast area on-site, though some guests noted that a more formal cafe for breakfast would be a welcomed addition. The resort's setting makes it easy for guests to park right outside their cottage, adding to the overall convenience of their stay.

The Italian restaurant at Sedona Pines Resort has garnered largely positive feedback from guests, becoming a highlight of the property. Visitors frequently mention the delicious food and commend the on-site dining experience, labeling the restaurant as great, excellent and top-notch. The Bella Vita Ristorante, in particular, has been praised for its outstanding dishes, making dining on the premises a delightful experience. The convenience of having an Italian restaurant within the resort adds to the overall appeal, making it easier for guests to enjoy a hearty meal without needing to leave the grounds.

However, some reviews indicate that the restaurant's pricing can be quite steep with a few guests feeling the food was overpriced or mediocre. Additionally, there were mentions of the restaurant not being open long enough and some experiencing subpar service. Despite these critiques, the general consensus leans towards a positive dining experience characterized by good food and a beautiful atmosphere.

With elements like happy hours, mini-golf and a pool complementing the dining facilities, Sedona Pines Resort offers a well-rounded experience for families and visitors. While planning a visit, it's recommended to make reservations ahead of time to ensure a smooth dining experience at the resort's Italian restaurant.

Sedona Pines Resort offers a unique and charming stay with individual cabins that provide a sense of privacy and tranquility away from the hustle and bustle of downtown Sedona. Guests praised the spaciousness and cleanliness of these units with many noting they were well-equipped with full kitchens, comfortable beds and all necessary amenities for cooking and relaxing. The cabins, often referred to as cottages or tiny homes, exude a quaint and homey atmosphere while being functional and cozy.

The resort's grounds are described as beautiful and well-maintained, adding to the peaceful ambiance. Guests enjoyed the layout of the cabins, which include features like private patios and convenient parking. The resort’s amenities, such as the big heated pool, spa and playground, also received positive mentions, making it an excellent choice for families.

However, some reviews noted the compact size and occasional outdated feel of the units with specific mention of cramped bathrooms and small living spaces. Despite these minor drawbacks, the overall impression is that Sedona Pines Resort provides a delightful and comfortable stay, particularly for those seeking a quiet, well-appointed accommodation in a lovely setting.

At Sedona Pines Resort, guest experiences with the beds varied significantly. Many guests delighted in the comfort of the beds, describing them as comfy, oh-so-comfortable and very comfortable. The availability of plenty of comfortable beds also added to the positive experience for some.

However, there were inconsistencies in comfort levels reported. Some guests found their beds to be quite uncomfortable, citing issues like saggy mattresses, softness or being too small to accommodate two adults adequately. There were mentions of beds that were either too hard or unduly lumpy, indicating a need for mattress improvements.

The sofa beds, in particular, were a mixed bag. While some found the sofa bed comfort level to be good, others experienced moderate to poor comfort with complaints about thin, lumpy mattresses and the ability to feel springs. The pull-out couches often did not meet comfort expectations with a general consensus that they required updating.

Regarding bedding, some guests appreciated the sufficient and cozy coverings, though a few noted that the bedding felt thin and preferred a duvet over sheets and blankets. While additional blankets were available upon request, the quality of pillows received some criticism with several reviews pointing out their poor state.

In summary, Sedona Pines Resort offers a range of bed comfort experiences with many guests enjoying comfortable stays, but also presenting areas where improvements are needed in mattress quality and sofa bed comfort.

Nestled amidst the scenic beauty of Sedona, Sedona Pines Resort impresses guests with its outstanding commitment to cleanliness and maintenance. The pool and spa facilities, along with the well-kept grounds, are frequently highlighted as impeccable, providing a serene and pleasant environment. Guests repeatedly note their satisfaction with the clean, spacious and well-equipped cabins, which are described as adorable and cozy, ensuring a comfortable stay.

The resort's amenities, including the meticulously maintained mini-golf course, spotless laundry room and clean hot tubs, enhance the overall experience, making it an ideal getaway. The individual cabins and tiny homes receive praise for being clean, functional and well-organized, offering everything needed for a convenient stay.

Guests appreciate the pristine condition of the bathrooms with some describing them as impeccably clean. The resort's facilities—from kitchens to common areas—are consistently reported as clean and well-appointed, reflecting the staff's dedication to maintaining high standards.

The outdoor areas and landscape are beautifully maintained, adding to the property's charm. Despite a few isolated concerns about specific areas needing more frequent cleaning, such as carpets or some furniture, the consensus is clear: Sedona Pines Resort excels in providing a clean and tranquil retreat for its visitors.

Sedona Pines Resort is widely praised for its exceptional staff and professional service. Guests frequently mention the friendly, welcoming and helpful nature of the staff. The front desk, concierge and management teams are often described as courteous, approachable and efficient. Many reviewers highlight specific instances where staff went above and beyond, such as proactive check-ins, solving issues promptly, assisting with early check-ins and delivering amenities like towels late at night. The night security and valet staff also receive commendations for their courtesy and helpfulness.

Though the resort’s staff generally receives high marks, a few reviewers did note occasional instances of unfriendliness or lack of assistance from some front desk staff. Other isolated criticisms touch on the pushiness of timeshare salespeople and some Wi-Fi connectivity problems.

Overall, Sedona Pines Resort is appreciated for its amiable and diligent staff, contributing significantly to a positive guest experience.

Visitors to the Sedona Pines Resort have expressed notable dissatisfaction with the WiFi service during their stays. The predominant feedback highlights issues with weak, slow and often non-functional WiFi across the property. Many guests reported that the internet was not reliable enough for basic activities such as checking emails or streaming with some describing it as non-existent or unusable. Others mentioned that WiFi performed marginally better in specific areas like the reception, but it generally failed to meet their needs.

Despite these shortcomings, there were a few mentions of the resort providing smart TVs and DVD borrowing options, offering an alternative for entertainment. Additionally, some guests found the cell phone coverage spotty, further complicating their attempts to stay connected. Overall, while the resort may offer beautiful surroundings and amenities, it struggles to provide the reliable internet access that many modern travelers expect.

Sedona Pines Resort offers a small and adequate workout space on the property. However, guests have noted that the fitness area is somewhat dated and the equipment is limited with some pieces unfortunately broken or not in working condition. There have been mentions of the fitness center being closed during certain stays, which may be an inconvenience for some visitors. Despite these shortcomings, the resort is conveniently located a short drive away from many hiking trails, providing ample opportunities for outdoor exercise and exploration.

Nestled in the picturesque landscape of Sedona, 'Sedona Pines Resort' boasts a collection of inviting and well-maintained pools that cater to both families and adults seeking relaxation. The resort features a large, crystal-clear saltwater swimming pool acclaimed for its consistent cleanliness and comfortable, heated temperatures. Guests frequently praise the spacious and serene setting of the pool area, making it an ideal spot for unwinding and spending quality time.

There are multiple pools and hot tubs available, providing ample options for guests to choose their preferred spot. Families appreciate the well-maintained and spacious family pool area, which is appealing to children. For adults seeking a quieter experience, the exclusive adult-only pool and hot tub offer a peaceful retreat.

The pools and amenities at Sedona Pines Resort are continually highlighted for their cleanliness and lovely setting. Guests can enjoy the refreshing dip in the outdoor pool, benefit from the soothing warmth of the jacuzzi and relax in the heated spa pools that operate even in the evenings. The combination of expansive pool areas with beautiful surroundings makes it a favored highlight of the resort, perfect for guests of all ages seeking either activity or tranquility.

Parking at Sedona Pines Resort is incredibly convenient and well-received by guests. Many appreciate being able to park their vehicles right in front of their cottages or rooms, making for an easy and hassle-free experience. The resort offers ample and well-lit parking spaces with some reviews highlighting the security of the parking lot. Free private parking is available, often right next to or in front of the lodgings, which is seen as a significant advantage. Guests also mentioned that obtaining a parking pass at check-in was a straightforward process, further enhancing the convenience. Overall, parking at the resort is user-friendly, secure and contributes positively to the overall guest experience.

5 Star
Sedona Pines Resort stands out with a combination of positive attributes that provide a memorable experience for its guests. The majority of reviews highlight the great service and accommodations, indicating a high level of satisfaction. Descriptions such as perfect, beautiful resort and lovely property frequently appear, painting a picture of an inviting and aesthetically pleasing environment. Many guests also found exceptional value for money, making it a great choice for travelers seeking quality without breaking the bank.

The resort offers clean, spacious rooms that provide a very comfortable stay, described by some as the feeling of a tiny home. The exceptional amenities, including beautiful pools, hot tubs, a gym, mini-golf and basketball facilities, add to the overall appeal, ensuring there is plenty to do on-site. Guests appreciated the quiet and walkable nature of the property, which enhances the relaxing atmosphere.

Some reviews do point out that the resort may not align with the typical five-star rating seen on Booking with mentions of it being closer to a three-star experience according to Google ratings. Criticisms about the absence of typical five-star amenities and service have been noted. Despite this, the general consensus shows a high level of recommendation with many guests expressing a desire to return.

In summary, Sedona Pines Resort delivers a fantastic stay with exceptional service, great value and beautiful facilities, although not perfectly matching the absolute five-star standards some might expect.

Sedona Pines Resort offers accessibility and equipped facilities that cater well to families, ensuring that guests with disabilities can navigate the property without difficulty. While the resort provides accessible features, it should be noted that some reviews mentioned a lack of accessible features in specific contexts. Despite this, the available facilities generally support a comfortable stay for those needing accessibility accommodations. However, potential guests should be aware of minor issues such as hot water availability, which tends to run out after 8-10 minutes and the absence of towels being explicitly mentioned. Basic trash removal services are provided, but it appears the resort could improve its efforts in certain areas to enhance the overall guest experience.

Heated Pool
Sedona Pines Resort offers a range of heated pools that guests repeatedly praise for their comfort and appeal. The spacious and well-maintained heated pool area provides a relaxing atmosphere with a large, inviting space perfect for both morning and evening swims. Visitors frequently enjoy the pools after sunset, finding the temperature consistently comfortable. Aside from the main heated pool, the resort also features a heated jacuzzi and a salt-water pool, which many describe as absolutely wonderful. While some reviews mention occasional maintenance issues, the overall sentiment points to a great experience with the heated pool facilities on site. The addition of two spas and a heated lap pool further enhances the resort's appeal, contributing to a truly pleasurable stay for guests who enjoy aquatic relaxation.

Outdoor Pool
Sedona Pines Resort's outdoor pool facilities receive high praise from guests for their cleanliness, size and variety. Visitors repeatedly highlight the large swimming pool and well-kept pool area, describing it as peaceful and clean. The resort offers multiple swimming pool options, including a heated pool, a family pool and an adult-only pool, ensuring there's something for everyone. The lovely pool and hot tubs, including a lagoon hot tub, add to the resort's appeal. The mini-golf nearby is also cited as a wonderful addition to the outdoor amenities. Overall, the pool areas are a standout feature, contributing to the resort's relaxing and enjoyable atmosphere. However, a minor drawback noted is the occasional lack of towels in the spa area.

Sedona Pines Resort exudes a sense of luxury from the moment guests arrive, providing a stay that feels truly indulgent. The establishment boasts luxurious amenities that include a top-tier spa and upscale facilities, ensuring that every need is met with a touch of elegance. Visitors are impressed by the beautiful resort grounds, which create dreamlike surroundings ideal for relaxation and exploration.

Accommodations are described as first-class with luxury fittings and a charming aesthetic that guests find delightful. The resort's meticulous attention to detail and the quality of its services elevate the stay to a luxury experience. An on-site restaurant and excellent facilities, including a large washer, enhance the convenience and comfort for guests, making it an ideal option for long-term stays.

Furthermore, the resort offers great value for money, striking a balance between luxury and affordability. Its beautiful landscape and thoughtfully designed facilities contribute to its reputation as a luxury resort. While some may have a differing opinion on the exact classification of the establishment, the overall consensus underscores a luxurious and memorable experience.

Yes, Sedona Pines Resort has pool(s) that belong to one or more of the following categories: Heated Pool, Outdoor Pool.

No, a spa isn't available at Sedona Pines Resort.

No, Sedona Pines Resort doesn't allow dogs.

Yes, parking facilities are available at Sedona Pines Resort.

Yes, Sedona Pines Resort has a gym.

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