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Summary of reviewsCasa del Infanzón, located in the heart of the picturesque village of Sos del Rey Católico, captivates guests with its prime and historic setting. Nestled in the Jewish quarter, it offers an authentic and immersive experience, allowing easy exploration of medieval streets and nearby landmarks. The peaceful surroundings and central position make it an ideal retreat, enhanced by convenient nearby parking facilities.

Guests are particularly impressed with the delightful breakfast offerings, which feature homemade cakes, pastries and a variety of fresh, hearty options. The attentive and hospitable service elevates the morning meal experience with many visitors recommending it as a highlight of their stay. Despite occasional pricing concerns, the quality and freshness of the breakfast justify the cost.

The rooms at Casa del Infanzón receive high praise for their coziness, comfort and cleanliness. Visitors appreciate the blend of traditional charm and modern comforts with the rustic, tastefully decorated spaces featuring comfortable beds and lovely views, especially from the attic rooms. The decor, combining authentic medieval elements with modern cleanliness, enhances the overall ambiance.

Impeccable cleanliness stands out as a hallmark of the hotel. Guests consistently note the spotless accommodations, super clean bed sheets and tidy surroundings, contributing to a comfortable and pleasant stay.

The staff at Casa del Infanzón are frequently highlighted for their exceptional attentiveness and kindness with specific mentions of the warm hospitality provided by the owners and hostesses. The personalized, friendly service makes guests feel welcome and valued, significantly contributing to the hotel's charm.

Casa del Infanzón offers a warm, family-like atmosphere, making it an ideal choice for those seeking a cozy and inviting stay. The comfortable beds further enhance the restful sleep experience with high praise for the quality of mattresses and pillows.

For those seeking a romantic getaway, Casa del Infanzón's charming village setting and cozy decor create an inviting and historically rich environment. Overall, Casa del Infanzón offers a memorable experience with its excellent location, delightful breakfasts, comfortable rooms, impeccable cleanliness, friendly staff and cozy, romantic ambiance.
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Room Types
Suite This spacious, air-conditioned suite has country-style décor and includes free Wi-Fi and a plasma-screen TV. Toiletries are provided in the private bathroom.

Double Room with View This air-conditioned room has country-style décor and panoramic views of the valley and the Torreón de la Reina tower. It includes free Wi-Fi and a TV. Toiletries are provided in the private bathroom. Books are also provided.

Double or Twin Room The twin/double room features air conditioning, a wardrobe, as well as a private bathroom boasting a shower and a hairdryer.

Guest Reviews
Casa del Infanzón boasts a prime location, nestled in the heart of the picturesque village of Sos del Rey Católico. Guests are delighted with its central positioning within the historic and monumental areas, often describing it as a charming village reminiscent of a novel. The hotel is situated in the Jewish quarter, adding to the allure and historical ambiance of the stay.

Visitors find the hotel easily accessible and appreciate its proximity to local attractions and amenities. The peaceful surroundings and quiet atmosphere enhance the overall experience, making it an ideal retreat. The location's intrinsic beauty, set amidst medieval streets and architecture, transports guests back in time, offering an authentic and immersive experience.

The hotel's central location allows easy exploration of Sos del Rey Católico's scenic streets and nearby landmarks. Guests also commend the added convenience of nearby parking facilities. The allure of Casa del Infanzón extends beyond its location, as many reviews highlight the excellent hospitality and charming décor, adding to its appeal as a perfect getaway in a historically rich and endearing town.

Casa del Infanzón has garnered praise for its delightful breakfast offerings. Reviews consistently highlight the deliciousness and high quality of the morning meals. Guests commend the homemade nature of many items with cakes and pastries being standout mentions. The breakfast is described as fresh, varied and hearty, often including both sweet and savory options such as freshly cut cold cuts and homemade pastries. Service is noted to be attentive and hospitable, making guests feel welcomed and valued.

Dining in a cozy setting, patrons appreciate the completeness and value for money of the breakfast, often recommending it as a must-have experience. The plentiful portions are prepared with care and the inclusion of local products elevates the dining experience. Despite a few mentions of pricing concerns, most agree the quality justifies the cost.

Overall, the breakfast at Casa del Infanzón promises a satisfying start to the day with its exceptional homemade offerings and friendly service, leaving a lasting impression on its guests.

Casa del Infanzón receives high praise for its rooms from its guests. The majority of the reviews highlight the coziness and comfort of the rooms, noting that they are well-maintained, clean and spacious. Guests enjoy the authentic charm of the hotel with tastefully decorated rooms that retain a traditional yet updated feel. Many visitors appreciate the rustic, cozy style along with modern comforts such as air conditioning and comfortable beds.

Several rooms stand out for their lovely views, especially those on the upper floors and attics. The attic rooms, in particular, are frequently mentioned for their charm and beautiful vistas, though a few guests find them a bit dark. The suites are often described as very comfortable and spacious, making them perfect for couples.

The decor throughout the hotel receives admiration for its care and attention with lovely white bedding and towels adding to the pleasant ambiance. The authenticity of the building, a renovated medieval house, is a significant highlight, giving guests a unique and memorable lodging experience.

Even though some rooms are described as small or dark, these are outliers compared to the general positive feedback regarding cleanliness, tasteful decoration and overall comfort. Rooms match their photos, ensuring guests get what they expect upon booking.

Overall, Casa del Infanzón’s rooms offer a blend of traditional charm and modern comfort, providing a delightful stay for visitors in a cozy and serene environment.

At Casa del Infanzón, the beds have garnered consistent praise from guests for their exceptional comfort. The majority of reviews highlight the high-quality mattresses and pillows with many describing the beds as very comfortable or super comfortable. Guests also appreciated the generous size of the beds, contributing to an overall restful sleep experience. The consistency in positive feedback points to Casa del Infanzón's commitment to providing an excellent sleep environment, ensuring that comfort is woven into every stay.

Casa del Infanzón stands out for its impeccable cleanliness and meticulous upkeep, garnering high praise from guests for its clean rooms, spotless accommodations and tidy decor. Nestled in a charming Spanish medieval village, the stone house not only boasts a delightful historic appeal but also ensures an extremely clean and comfortable stay. Guests consistently highlight the super clean bed sheets, spacious and cozy rooms and the tranquil, clean surroundings. Additionally, the authentically renovated building offers both character and modern cleanliness, making it a pleasant place to stay. Overall, the establishment wins acclaim for maintaining exceptional standards of cleanliness throughout the property.

The staff at Casa del Infanzón consistently impress guests with their exceptional attentiveness and kindness. Reviews highlight the personalized and friendly service provided by the owners and hostesses, such as Mari José, Concha and Charo, who are frequently mentioned for their warm hospitality. The team is described as attentive, helpful and cooperative, always ready with a smile and eager to assist. Guests appreciate not only the excellent service and welcoming atmosphere but also the thorough attention to detail. The pleasant demeanor and professionalism of the staff contribute significantly to the charm of Casa del Infanzón, making a stay at this accommodation feel like being among friends. Overall, the outstanding and friendly service, coupled with delicious breakfasts and an inviting environment, ensures a memorable experience for all who visit.

Casa del Infanzón offers a welcoming atmosphere characterized by its warm, family-like environment. Guests often highlight the familiar warmth and comfort that make one feel like part of the family, especially during breakfast. The hotel, described as small and family-oriented, is praised as an ideal place for families, ensuring a cozy and inviting stay. The family treatment provided by the staff enhances the overall experience, making it a top choice for those seeking a homely and intimate getaway.

Casa del Infanzón, nestled in a charming village that feels straight out of a novel, offers a truly romantic experience in every detail. The hotel's cozy Mexican decor and rustic style create an inviting atmosphere that enhances the romance. As a medieval renovated place, it exudes historical charm, allowing guests to feel part of the picturesque environment. With cozy common areas and a romantic scenic setting, the hotel successfully integrates into the endearing town, providing a lively and delightful stay. Overall, Casa del Infanzón is an ideal destination for those seeking a romantic and cozy getaway.

No, Casa del Infanzón doesn't have any pool.

No, a spa isn't available at Casa del Infanzón.

No, Casa del Infanzón doesn't allow dogs.

No, parking facilities aren't available at Casa del Infanzón.

No, Casa del Infanzón doesn't have a gym.

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